Postcards From The Edge

Here are a few photos during my random wanderings around Delhi.

I have always wondered why there has never been a store that sells aquariums, leather belt, ladies purse and dog food all together. Well now I know there is one.

For those of us who have always wanted a desi meat czar like Colonel Sanders of KFC, the wait is over. Say hello to our very own Dadu (grandfather) whose cutlets I have been told are to die for.

The three inescapable things of life. Birthday, marriage and of course kitty parties.

Gour chicken. Named after Gouranga, the Vaishnavite saint, this charming shop has its logo —chickens fighting each other, one with a gun and the other with a knife. Or perhaps the shop is named after Mithunda (whose original name is Gouranga) and that explains the “mujhe cheel chaal ke chicken bana de” violent imagery.

I swear allegiance to the Republic. I think I saw Jedi knights of the Old Republic taking orders and lightsabers being used as tubelights.

For those of you who remember their history, Dr. Shiva’s Shiv Shakti was a secret society that tried to lay ruin the world with their evil designs but was stopped dead in their tracks by Gunmaster G9. Since then however, taking advantage of the fact that Gunmaster is presently busy judging dance reality shows, the sly men have started opening branches across the nation. Selling tea.

What Shiv Shakti is to world peace, the word (railways) station(ary)  “Mamta” is to “enterprise”. Spine-chilling.

On the subject of spine-chilling subjects. Taken by Magnificent Maami Neha Viswanathan at United Coffee House.

48 thoughts on “Postcards From The Edge

  1. @GB – You are looking less geeky than last time.

  2. Awesome Pics and even better comments !! BTW whats the fun in typing First..Second ..Third on comments segments … is this the surface of moon by any chance?

  3. Didn’t find anything “good/decent” in Delhi to click?

  4. The only good pic i see is that of yours. That’s unfair.

  5. Gour chicken too good. I must have seen you in college is what I believe (3 years your junior).

  6. Nice pictures. Liked the dadu-r cutlet shop. Everyone everywhere looks for the eateries that remind them of home.

    My favorite experience visiting New York City was discovering Biriyani Cart with awesome (for North American standards) chicken kathi roll on the corner of Fifth Avenue only a few steps from Times Square.

    Those pictures more than anything else are the reason I like taking the train up to NYC for a few days. Enjoy your trip. 🙂

  7. Took a closer look at the Gour Chicken sign. That is hilarious. I take it on of the Chickens is Gour and the other is Nitai. Or could it be Jogai and Madhai? :))

  8. Wonderful 🙂

  9. Damn, that chicken is not chickening out, even though he brought a knife to the gunfight?

  10. arre you are in CR Park? i live close by. do you know CR Park was called EPDP colony earlier?

  11. Oh! You remind me of my time spent in Dilli. Explore more, you will have a lot to write.

    Did you eat the *Chowmin* at Dadu’r shop? Jesus all the changrami we did in good ol’ CR Park. (I never lived there. I had to clarify.)

  12. Why do we not have a Jihad chicken…. We could have a chicken wearing a bomb suit (Vest).. and saying “jeehhadd”

  13. Yes I am in CR Park. And no chowmin eaten.

  14. I earched for ur book in landmark , bangalore. Its not there.

  15. No it wont be. Wait till end of first week of March please.

  16. Don Ayan de Marco March 1, 2010 — 5:01 am

    Looking cool in the last pic…

  17. BalalSangh Parivar March 1, 2010 — 8:34 am

    Any of these from Chittaranjan Park? 🙂
    I lived smack on the disputed border between GK-II and Little Bengal-on-Yamuna for a cpl of years. Man…. the Egg Chops, Chingri Malai and Meeti Dhois were awesome. Sigh.
    PS: The shop boards/hoardings here were not as grammar/spelling challenged as rest of Delhi.

    BTW, if you are really daring do venture to the “Edge of Delhi”, viz. Ajmeri Gate, Juma Masjid, Paharganj and G.B. Road. The latter is world infamous and the funniest thing there are the kothas on top floor and pumping machinery/general hardware companies at ground floor. Oh yes, I went reconn… though not deep penetration mission, kasam! Bosslog, it was Kafkaesque… grizzled old Sardarji yelling choicest expletives to some poor agent in Madras downstairs and catcalls, giggles and whistles from the ladies upstairs. At least there’s no flesh on public display like Mumbai/Kolkata red light areas!

    PPS: Hold that suggestion on Paharganj. That place was Seedy, capital ‘S’. I am pretty tough/world weary Delhiwaala myself but this is one place I fear to freely venture. Especially at night.

  18. BalalSangh Parivar March 1, 2010 — 8:35 am

    Oops…just saw the comments on CR Park! 🙂

  19. I have a problem with this post. Too much chicken and zero chicks. Rectify in the next post please. Oops. Pliss.

  20. Funniest sign I ever saw was in a railway station : “Toilet & Cum Bath”
    I never laughed so hard in my life!

  21. k your headers are awesome..and as for the name boards..well funny I guess 😛

  22. kartik krishnan March 1, 2010 — 1:48 pm

    nice pics …. miss delhi 😦
    Will reccomend shawarma center in New Friends Colony Comunity Center in Delhi. 25 bucks for a Lebanese shawarma – ahhhhhhh pure bliss …

    on an unrelated comment – did you manage to catch Teen patti ? Waiting for your review. I know you felt Shabd was kind of underrated. Eager to see what you think of this one

  23. arre u were in my para… did u have cha with apu in the market.. tea to die for.

  24. Hi,

    Everything in dadu’s dokan is amazing. Its great you visited C R Park, would have been glad to invite you for tea at my place if I had an idea about your coming.

    BTW this is my first comment in your blog but I m one of those silent admirers who go thru every post and comments.

    Like many others I have booked my copy of your book on flipcart too

  25. Wow! You won indiblogies award twice. People hardly promote my post. Nice blog. 🙂

  26. Hey the last pic was taken in United Coffee House at CP, right? Been there once…Nice place to spend hours chatting to your bestie!

  27. Anyone else think Republic of Chicken would make a cool designer brand of clothing (especially with that logo)? Banana Republic is sooo 2009. Republic of Chicken is the new black. 🙂

    Off-topic: Echoing Arunabh. Ordered the book from Flipkart. Wife to bring back to DC from India next month.

  28. Sorry for being off the topic but just a few days back TOI and most of news media were filled up with reports and views by famous personalities on this painter guy after he was awarded an Islamic country’s citizenship and how Hindu’s should be more tolerant towards artistic freedom and how we bemeaned this great artist…
    Yesterday a crowd of violent 1500 people of a particular community ransacked 3 districts in Karnataka protesting against some article by Taslima Nasreen.
    I am yet to see any of the above “personalities” coming out in support of Taslima and how this community should be more tolerant. Any idea when such reports and views will start coming in TOI and news channels?

  29. @ gb

    too much cr park there….best place ever though. a bong can easily disappear there forever. Check out Lodhi gardens to perv on pretty chicks making out on a weekend. Also scrounge an invite from Military Farms and visit Mughal gardens to see some amazing landscaping/gardens. Teksons bookshop at south ex 2 is a pretty cool place too.

    @ ssk

    To answer your question…never. Our media is sold out to a combination of Nehruvian secularism as well as mid-east money. I call them “Saudi-Seculars”

  30. Ahhh, in market 2 i see! Hope you’ve enjoyed sopme of the savories at Dadu’s (the mutton cutlet is good, there’s a better version at the shop behind the magazinewallah at Mkt 1). Do tell if you’re holed up in li’l bengal and we can meet for some cha and adda (lot’s of GB readers in CRP and neighbouring GKII)….

  31. wow..I just found out we are neighbours 🙂

    Is there a chance that I get to meet the famous GB venturing into Market No 2 on one evening looking for “Dadur Alur Chop” (no pun intended btw)? 😛

  32. Once book release gets done, we can have a evening meeting at Market 2 next week—-what say?

  33. I am hoping that because of excellent pre-sales, they expand your trip to include Bombay! That’d be great!

  34. GB did you go to GB Road? Winks:)

  35. GB u must visit GB road. man just standing there is a lot fun. The way salesmen (or i say dalal not prabhu ji) approcehes you is one heluva fun.

  36. BalalSangh Parivar March 2, 2010 — 3:14 pm

    Egad! What have I unleashed? All patrons of GB Road crawling out of the woodwork? 😛
    JK onlee!

    PS: Mayank Sufi of the DelhiWaala photo blog has a great account of the place. Well, same ol’ same ol’ hoary stories but still disturbing…..

  37. The very familiar CR Park. don’t forget to have that amazing mutton ghugni near market no.1. and all the best for the book launch 🙂

  38. Hi GB,

    Your pics and comments reminded me of a shop in Lajpat Nagar market. The signboard read “National Rubber Stamp” and everytime I saw it I had Manmohan Singh’s face pop up in my head 😀


  39. GB, are we getting the signed copies online?

  40. GB, meeting at Mkt 2 post book launch sounds good, do inform about time etc. am sure a lot of us will turn up…

  41. Congratulations!

    Say a hi to Jai, will you? Tell him I still love his eyes and his acid tongue. 🙂

  42. I sympathize with Swami Nityanand, and detest media filthy minded guys. …….He was trying to test his control, how long he can survive the temptation. If u see the video…he is just lying, where as Menkaas’s of Tollywood femme-fatale types…is making him drink milk mixed with Viagra, even then I see a firm calmness on the great swami Nityanada’s face! If this was not enough, that white salwar claded oh-so lithe lady puts on the TV….and guess what, she plays a pondy to excite the celibacy conqueror Swami Nitya nanda! Again, no change in posture of leta-hua-aasan of the great saadhu.
    But then …not satisfied with her repeated attempts, this sex-starved svelte buxom form Chennai, jumps on the bed and tries to use her force on him. It is almost like raping our great Nityanad. I tell you..these aggressive female….. Jai ho Great Nityanad!! U succeeded and valiantly saved your izzat!!

  43. Hey C.R. Park recommendation if you havent already tried it…Shankar-da’s phees phry…A-block mkt…almost kolkata!

  44. I am a complete fan now. really! saha aquarium is classic.

    Thanks for making me laugh so much on a somewhat blue saturday.

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