Come One Come All


Pliss try to attend. And bring friends. More the heppier.


49 thoughts on “Come One Come All

  1. I have ordered your book, too bad you are not coming to launch it in Bangalore else would be present! How faithful a reader am I eh? All the best!!

  2. Nischaya,

    Extracted from

    “The decision regarding which cities to have events in is one that is taken by my publisher. Here is a secret though: greater the number of books sold, more extensive are author book tours. You get what I am hinting atβ€”don’t you?”

  3. I am ordering it today through Flipcart.
    How soon do you think i will be able to lay my hands on it?
    Is it in stores already?


  4. Yeh angrez log high hoke tea kyun peete hain?

    Aargh… I’m getting too predictable. Need to watch Akhri Badla, Daanav, Jaani Dushman, or something of that class again.

  5. high tea!?!
    menu chai!

    how many kinds of cakes and sandwiches?
    was the tea oolong, darjeeling or earl grey?

    in bkp, high tea means luchi-mangsho, tea being highly optional.

  6. Hi Arnab.. Im trying to buy the book from the url you have given but due to technical fault or whatever im not able to do so. Please tell me where can I buy…Book store I mean. Same is the case with two of my friends. We all are facing the same thing for past one week. DO reply. Thanks

  7. Hi GB, Is anyone going to review the book? Probably you can ask some of the other popular bloggers to do so. Genuine review will definitely help the sale of the book. If the book is good it will definitely sell.
    I am pre-ordereding my copy of the book to India’s address. So I have to wait for few months before I can read the book but if anyone can review the book once they get their copy then I guess many prospective readers will really appreciate it (also, then I can ask my friends to bring my copy when they visit India)

  8. have already ordered the book but will still try to come to be a part of the panel discussions (as a listener)! all the best !

  9. GB,
    Not done! why is it that the launch dates are scheduled on fridays! expecting us to skip office do u? πŸ˜›

    really wanted to go for the 19th march launch @kolkata, but wont be able 2 make it.

    will be buying the book though.

    good wishes πŸ™‚

  10. Wrong place to ask for this … but really looking forward to a post on what Arundhati Ray had to say at a public meeting about the Maoists.

  11. Congratulations!!

    When will the book be available at regular book stores in India? I am planning to ask my folks to buy it and mail it to me here in US

  12. hi GB, good event at the IHC yesterday. congrats. thanks for signing my copy. just started reading, will give you some feedback soon!
    i had a few questions i wanted to ask you, but time did not permit.
    1) whats your relationship with Alok Nath?
    2) how did you manage the interview with FIP? 2.2) who is FIP?

    great to see you family at the event too, see you later.


  13. Rohan, Indiaplaza and Infibeam ships to US.

    Nikhil, My relationship with Alok Nath is Ganga se punya. I managed the interview with FIP through Indibloggies. And no I cannot say who FIP is.

  14. Damn. IHC, GB, Jabberwock and other greats….. I’m disturbed Delhi didn’t collapse into a Singularity with all that cosmic intellect and wit in one place. πŸ™‚

    Too bad I left Delhi for foreign shores a few months back. I always wanted a lock of your hair or body fluid sample for my superhuman breeding project. Already nicked Dev Anand’s false teeth, scooped a bit of Himmesh’s primordial nasal mucous from a microphone, pinto of Payal Rohatgi’s ectoplasm from an underground Mumbai silicon refill center and trace amounts of Mithun-da’s triple helix DNA from the mangled corpse of Rami Reddy….. but thou are the genetic glue that would bind them all.

    Eastern seaboard, here I come.

    PS: Getting your book from Indiaplaza soon!

  15. GB,

    Is there gonna be a webcast (or youtube) of some sort of these events online for the benefit of those of us who are not in India?

    – Akshay

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