May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss Delhi Launch Event

Caption 1: Since neither Gulshan (jo ladkiyon ke saath shaadi karta hai par honeymoon naheen manata) from Gunda nor Gul Panag showed up at my launch, the only Gul that khila-ed was “Gulmohar”, the hall in India Habitat Center where the event was held

Arriving an hour before the event, with a broom and a bottle of phenyl, I waited a while before meeting panelist no 1 Jai Arjun Singh, who would later on in the evening prove that siring babies is incontrovertible proof of a rocking sex life. He would be  soon joined by panelist no 2 Sidin Vadukut, the Shakeela of English writing and best-selling author, who greeted me with a “Long time no see” before we both came to the realization that we have never actually met before. At least in this life.

Presently we had people trickling in, among which included a person who asked me if the MD of Harper Collins was going to be there. Scratching my head, I thought for a second whether I should try to pretend to be the MD of Harper Collins but then I saw my commissioning editor Saugata Mukherjee standing close by which is why I let the opportunity pass. Presently Nilanjana Ray Roy, the moderator of the panel , the Sachin Tendulkar resident expert on book launches and famous for once blogging under a male nom de plume (Hurree Babu, brother of Pakachika Raja Babu) [Yes you heard that right.  A woman taking name of a man. You see, the world of blogs is very different from the world of chat, where 100% of the men are men and 99% of the women are men] arrived and immediately we went into a huddle laying down the ground rules.

Which actually were none.

The photographer from Harper Collins called me to one side and took some photographs which was the longest I had posed for pictures since I got married. The only pose I was not captured in was the Deepika Padukone Liril-wannabe pose from Phir Mile Sur but that I suppose wasn’t a bad thing.

Caption 2:  Signing books at event.Very sign-tific.

After signing a few books (there was a table outside where books were stocked), I took my position on the stage. The urge to deliver a speech in Mamata Rail Budget style was immense.

Caption 3: My editor dispels all doubts as to my position in the management hierarchy of Harper Collins

The panel started with a book reading. A book reading is dreadfully difficult to pull off unless you have the voice of Obama and the facial expressions of Rakhi Sawant. Since I have not been so blessed, I kept my reading short. As a precautionary measure, I had told my parents beforehand to laugh periodically after two minutes, preferably when I was speaking in order to gently nudge the crowd in the proper direction. The reading being finished, after a rather generous or perhaps polite audience response, the group discussion started in right earnest.

Caption 4: Making a point

The discussion of course was highly intellectual and abstruse, even more dense and pedantic than is the norm in literary book releases with post-modernism, Dada-ism, Pakistani zombie movies, Zahereelay, trolls, freedom of expression and the divinity of Shahrukh Khan being topics of active discourse. In the middle, Sidin did that thing which has become de-rigeur in most literary launch events— he asked the audience if there was anyone there who had unprotected sex. Not a hand went up which confirmed my worst suspicions. Everybody in the audience believed in “protection”. In other words, not a single libertarian in the whole crowd of close to a hundred people. Sigh.

Caption 5: There were times the panel stopped to listen.

The audience had in its ranks multiple book authors like Gulu Ezekiel and of course the redoubtable Samit Basu, who is fast emerging as a male mother hen ( technical term: father cock) for first-time authors. Needless to say, the audience had  many things to say and frequently jumped right in. I enjoyed the questions a lot though I believe someone missed a trick by not asking for an Ipod for asking the first question.

So intense was general participation and sawaal-jawab that after about 2 hours into the event, Saugata had to ring the bell and stop the fight.

I hung around for some time (or as they say well-hung) signing books. Quite a few of them. While I loved doing this, what I didn’t so much enjoy was the fact that I couldn’t spend any time with many members of the audience whom I had really wanted to meet for long. Apologies for that, especially to those who took time off from work on an office day to come out to support a friend. Much appreciate the gesture.

Caption 6: A warm thank you

And so final words. Thanks to everyone who attended.  You get double thanks if you bought the book at the venue or have already pre-ordered. There are a number of online stores selling the book (links on left side-bar of blog) out of which one is shipping to 50 countries. There is one more book event, this time in the land where all trains run to i.e. West Bengal, in the fair city of Kolkata at Crossword, March 19th. Hope to see several of you there.

Till then, stay khulla.

[Uploading the video for full event (it was recorded on AVHCD and needs conversion using 5-min-free video converters) is a pain given the net speeds here. And so I have the first 15 minutes (Video 1, Video 2, Video 3) which includes my small reading section.]

Update: A picture of Sidin (holding a copy of my book May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss) is henceforth attached.

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  1. first time first 🙂
    best of luck arnob

  2. Funny meeting post-mortem.

    Wife will be bringing back the book from India for me. We really need to get you to do a signing event here in DC. 😉

  3. I was THERE!!!


  4. It’s “Jai Arjun”. Two words. Not Jaiarjun.

    Also Nilanjana is Roy, not Ray – she only moderated the session, she didn’t marry you.

    These two things apart, the post is completely factual.

  5. Jai Arjun,

    Ok correction to be made. But Roy Ray same difference. Or perhaps not.

  6. I know you are having trouble with video conversion, but would be wonderful if you could post more clips. The session just came alive when I saw them.


  7. whr is my book…?

  8. Trew,

    In case you ordered it online, wont be next week before it gets delivered. With regards to exact dates, varies from online merchant to merchant.

  9. I have noted how my face has been comprehensively blocked, misplaced in these pictures.

    I am heart-broken.

    On the other hand…


  10. Dear Sidin,

    A picture of you, unblocked and unmisplaced and in Full technicolor, has been added.

  11. Congratulations on the launch GB… still wish you were coming to Bangalore though!
    I tried ordering MIHYAP online from landmark, but they said it will ship in 30-45 working days… which online store would you suggest is the best one for ordering in bangalore?
    @Sidin: just bought Dork, and started reading it. Super fun. Great job 🙂

  12. way to go!
    I wish I could have attended this. I would have loved to put my hand up on that question about unprotected sex.Will definetly buy the book.

  13. Looking forward to the Kolkata event

  14. @Saurabh,

    Flipkart has already delivered to pre-orderers today.

  15. A bit unconnected but given your scholarly zeal in pursuance of these issues of historic significance couldn’t help sharing this Good News by a man called Vivek from the Bible of our times.. i.e Times of India!!

  16. Who is the cameraman. my god the way he was paning the camere just awful. i know it is not the main thing in book launch but can’t help because i work in a news channal. not a single shot of panal from front, not a single close up of your face even during your book reading. Is it just co-incidence or there is any complex in yourself as far as your face is concern. And one more thing i know nowadays chetan bhagat is undisputed king in english novel (not in quality but in sales, though i feel his ‘two states’ is superb)there is no need tio quote him so many times. i know you have some problem with kings either it is king of english novel sale or king of bollywood. don’t take it as a complain it is just a few observation watching the video.

  17. again while book reading i feel you should take some pauses and punches. you are reading the book just like a boy read in class three when he learn reading fluintely.

  18. dada, i couldn’t make it to book launching and i feed little sad. i thought there would be more dash and glamour bit it was little dull. I hope the book reading session in kolkata will be huge.

  19. visit my blog.
    and comment.
    then i will buy ur book.
    lets share the damage that way.
    isn’t dat fair?

  20. GB,

    Change your specs. Looks like u have inherited it from Dadamoni (Ashok Kumar).

  21. Congrats
    Hope many more books come from you in future….

  22. Sharmistha Guha March 7, 2010 — 2:42 pm

    Too Good 🙂 Cleaning up the place with phenyl helped…….see… many people came

  23. I have to agree with Dj that the pics were rather poorly taken. No composition, horrible angles. Made you look several years older. Also, you seem to have had a haircut from an Indian barber, with scissors and not the machine, and the symmetry of your hairstyle, which captivated millions during the course of the webchat we had earlier is totally screwed. Also you look a bit mojoless in the pics- it happens to me too when I go to India- lose weight and it seems that the fluids in my face are sucked out at the airport customs. Looks like the airhostesses in your Flight GB 714 which took you to Delhi did not have enough orange juice or do their “due diligence”. Maybe Vijay Mallya was not informed that were coming. Or maybe you were just too lethargic after consuming too many kebabs.

    Jairarjun looks like a typical Delhi goonda in one pic and like a drunk Jitendra from the 70s in the other. There were some hot women in some pics. But I feel you should not wear a shirt. Looks at JAS. His short sleeved shirt makes him look tremendously young. You should borrow it for your Kolkata book launch. Or you can even go shirtless like Sallu. Also, there was a little bit of tenseness in your face. My suggestion would be to go to Olypub and get a bit drunk before going to the Kolkata book launch. Now I will watch the videos.

  24. Hey no book at crossword mumbai.

  25. Jairarjun looks like a typical Delhi goonda in one pic and like a drunk Jitendra from the 70s in the other.

    yourfan2: very pleased by the Jeetendra reference. I was aiming for his look in the classic 1987 film Jaan Hatheli Pe (also starring Dharam paaji, Hema Malini, Rekha and, in a “friendly appearance”, Raj Babbar). Was a bit worried that no one seemed to have noticed.

  26. All the Best Greatbong!!!!!
    Will get my pre ordered copy delivered in office on Monday and am sure to finish it on the same day.. Cant wait now 🙂

  27. Wish you all the best GB. I pray that ur book be a great success. If possible, please conduct a launch in Hyderabad. Can u get it translated into Telugu, Tamil, and Kannada? That way, u can increase the reach of the book.

  28. crosswords?!?
    i intend to be there.
    but what good if you do not meet the aam janta!

    later, will there be a t3 session?

  29. Rock on Dada!!!

  30. Arnab, Congrats on the book launch! Btw, how abt a book launch in DC? I am in fairfax even if it means I am the only person to attend it I will be there.. OR I can buy you coffee and you can sign my copy. what say you?

  31. I am yet to receive your book…Pliss help!!!

    P.S. Ordered on Flipkart

  32. HICKORY DICKORY March 8, 2010 — 3:53 am

    We wish you all the best,I bet your book sure will hebb a lot of attention, itching to lay my hand on your book to discover the new born siblings of Mithun Da,Desi Baba and Khomota Di.
    Hickory Dickory

  33. RahulK, I think Flipkart would be the right persons to talk to regarding shipping issues. Sorry but I cant help much there

  34. congratulations on the book. Can’t wait for the reviews.

  35. Mate, why are you not coming to Mumbai?? Unlike certain idiots, most Maharashtrians welcome outsiders esp. those who are awesome.

    Has the book hit the bookstores?

  36. Hi GB. Had planned even before a month to attend the launch. But had to miss it at the proverbial eleventh hour. feeling a great sense of remorse which i hope would be overcome by reading your book. BTW, flipkart is amazing. I placed the order on saturday evening and today morning at nine an autographed copy your magnum opus is at my door. I will give my unsolicited comments after reading it 😉

  37. Rahulk, Sent FlipK your complaint. They said it will be delivered today

  38. Hey Arnab, congrats for the successful book launch. Imagine on Fri 7 pm , I zipped past India Habitat but due to some urgent work could not attend the launch. 😦

    Anyways, just got my copy from Flipcart- can’t wait to lay my hands into it.

    PS: Do you mind signing it for me if you are still in Delhi/C R Park ?
    (Do lemme knw – I guess you have my contact details)

  39. Aaila! Just opened the book, it is signed by the author himself.
    Khub bhaalo. All the best for Kolkata launch!

  40. Got it, with autograph and photograph.

  41. Ardent fan and devotee, am terribly excited about the Cal book launch and intend to attend it come work or family issues. I also volunteer to help with more cleaning stuff, laugh hysterically every three minutes and demand an ipod.

    Also, to calm any possible jitters, do watch this:

    Absolutely hilarious!

  42. congrats….flipkart however has still not delivered.. will broom and phenyl them shortly..

  43. Hello GB,
    Congratulations on your book release.
    Eager to get hold of your book to read. Hope there are online stores which can send it to Switzerland.




  45. GB, you should have warned…

    My six year old daughter picks up the book as soon as I get it out of the packing. Flips over to a random page and starts to read out aloud..

    “… give this idea to your sister you bas.. bas.. bastard”

    I still don’t know what page or passage she was reading. This is the part I remember hearing.

    This is going to be a fun book, it seems 🙂

  46. AlphaQ: that passage is towards the end, and is followed very closely by the sentence “I shall twist your little thingie out and leave it among the green chillies to dry.” Keep the book out of your daughter’s reach!

  47. I read the first five chapters at one go- stopped just to relish it over the week and boy its so well written. The chapter on future generations dissecting Bollywood seems the funniest to me.

    A must buy for everyone, I am already recommending it to people thru my facebook wall.

    All the best Arnie Da, Hope you have started working on MIHYAP-II! 🙂

  48. I am in the classroom with androids and cyborgs. You write like PG Wodehouse and Joseph Heller rolled into one. Would be so good as to upload the video of Q & A session from the New Delhi launch. If you are having trouble converting m2ts files into xvid then I can upload Xilisoft Video Converter with serial and send you a link, that is only if you promise not to set the anti-piracy hounds on my trail.

  49. MIHYAP delivered today through Flipkart. Exactly what I had expected. It is after a lonnnnng time I am reading a book with a permanent grin pasted on my face.

    Just one thing though… Pardes did not have Atul Agnihotri; ’twas Apoorva Agnihotri. (Ref: pg 17).


  50. Thanks for liking my book. And Rahul. Yes. I made that mistake.

  51. Saw those videos on youtube. The introduction was rather dull but on the bright side Nilanjona brought a certain ‘hotness’ to the rather geeky panel.

  52. @GB : Thanks, I got my book yesterday and till page 60 ….People are looking at me as if I am hebbing an epilepsy attack

    149 rs well spent…

  53. Got the book..autographed. Read on till the “Pyramid scheme uncle” section. It has been a hillarious journey so far.

  54. Ojas Purandare March 9, 2010 — 7:49 am

    Hi I got a copy of your book through they delivered it quicker than I thought.

    Arnab, have you autographed the book on the first page? Just wanted to confirm that as it looks printed.

    In any case, good job! I’m just on Page 71 and I’m already having a stomach ache
    laughing all day.

  55. @Jabberwock,

    Thanks for the update.

    She took one look at the cover and thought it was a funny book for her and started reading. Now that I am wiser by experience I am making sure it stays out of reach of my daughter. :))

  56. Hi All
    I request all readers of MIHYAP not to disclose spoilers, not even chapter headings – for at least 1 month. U r the lucky ones who got early copies. Now at least dont compound the misery of non receipients. I also request request Kishor to add some southy angle. Where is “SRK is Krishna” fellow ?Where are the Rishis, HHBB, Shans of the virtual world gone ??? Mostly new commentators who are starry eyed.

  57. Arnab,

    Congratulations on what looked like a very successful book launch event at Delhi. Do you have any more videos other than the short 15 min you have uploaded? Seriously any event that had on the panel three of India’s best bloggers should have been recorded at least, if not telecast live…Two of them I have been following for about 3 years now (yours & Jai’s) and was introduced to Sidin’s book ( & his blog consequently..) by one of your posts. Sidin’s book is hilarious and something I totally related to (being a fellow MBA).

    A helpful suggestion… why don’t you do chapter- specific posts in the coming days which has two advantages.

    -It would create a feedback mechanism & debate on your book which otherwise is a one-way street.
    -Since your blog is currently more famous than the book, having posts on the actual book content could hopefully influence more people to buy…

    I am also hoping your book would motivate more people on this forum to pick up the proverbial pen – yourfan2- are you listening?

    Finally , I did order the book on Infibeam. My left brain noticed that the transaction costs were roughly 5 times the actual cost of the book, but was quickly overruled by my right brain which wanted the book NOW (realistically 10 days away).

  58. Flipkart is amazing. Book arrived at home yesterday. Now I have to wait two weeks for wife to arrive stateside.

  59. @Ravi, As you can see people do not want any kind of spoilers.

    @Ojas: Yes it is my signature. It was made by me holding a pen :-).

  60. Hi GB,
    Pls give book distribution theka to Kripaluji Maharaj also he is expert in distributing.

  61. Congrats GB. Can you bring along some copies of your book and I promise to drive all the way to DC to get a copy and to meet you in person.

  62. O GB,

    Aiee Sa La Tussi Gr8 ho! Ma iiree! Tofu Cobol Korun!

    We made it to MIHYAP Book Launch!

    Inspite of the Phenyl attack by GB & his gang (like some moraal – phoraal Polich, dunno why the khundak on Dilli ke makkhi like me & my wifey)
    We Flies on the High-Tea Plate survived… & we sneaked in late…. Saw it all – and live to give my aakhon dekha kamantri.

    Arrived just before your bland recital of the Excerpt from the book. But after that slow start the event just rocked.
    Hat’s off to the panel. Nilanjana was well supported by Sidin “wit-a-minute” Vat-a-Name! They twined the panel with the crowd – after a while the high priests & common plebians seemed like there’s no aisle between them.
    Jabberjock seemed a bit matter-of-fact though. Hopefully he’s keeping his best for the sequel to MIHYAP.

    GB was full of his GB-ism, wordsmithing like only he can, and, just like his magical placement of funny links at exactly the right place on his posts, his verbal imagery brought Prabhu-ji’s versatility, his Gunda masterpiece etc to life.

    Like in his blog – he skated the thin-ice on political in-correctness here. No spoiler this i hope for those planning to attend the Kolkata & other *under public demand* launch appearances. but i admire GB for unabashedly declare words — I am quoting from memory here, so it may not be exact — but to the affect that… “… Most of my blog’s followers are Males. Very few females. i know why. People come to my blog for the testerterone!”

    Wow! I was shocked!
    I peered nervously around the room. At least 10-15 femme fetale’s , or actually more, not to mention the moderator Ray “same difference” Roy.
    But… nothing happened!
    I was expecting a rebellion from the distaff side. Was Bhabhi in the crowd? Was Twilight Fairy? The lady with the camcorder – was she SurekhaPillai? or any of the other ones – were they newbies or as GB mentioned once – some of his celebrity commenters with feminine monickers? Well – I don’t know. No one as much purred, and I still wonder why.
    Well GB – I envy you but love you still. Don’t try your luck in Kolkata. The Ma Kali’s, Ma Durga’s, Ma Mamataa’s ( & Ma Mansa’s) of Kolkata are quite a bunch. i will pray for you on your Ides of march. Don’t push your luck too hard.
    and let me add, GB, in Delhi’s defense, if you are feeling very vain about this escape. My wife at least gave you a back-handed complement ” Please Sign this, actually my husband is your fan, not me!” Touche! No repartee from the master!

    @Kishor – my bidda, even though you may be considered by your detractors here to be an incessant troll, you found an honorable mention by his GBness, so hope the full video is finally posted & you can see or hear it on your own. But the other panelists rained on the Southie Parade. So keep your knives sharp for them.

    You dodged a bullet that had my name on it too!
    I almost brought my kids to the launch. Little one – not yet ten – wants to become an author, and so why not bring her along. That way at least i am sure I can make it to the event & not be shunted for some silly errand. I did have a sneaky feeling that, like GB’s defense of Savita & other NSFW posts, this may have some sauce. I tweeted to GB who only assured there’d likely be no nudity, or at least none planned. And I believed him. Luckily, at the last minute, Mom told the kid this is a “Big-guy” book,so no book to buy there for the lil’ bookworm, and so they didn’t eventually join. if they ever publish the up-to-now censored videos of the rest of the event, you’ll know that Jabberjock’s quote from the book wasn’t anywhere near the ribald fun the panelists unleashed. I am reading the personally-signed book surreptitiously with torch under the blanket.
    Kolkatans – enjoy the event!

  63. “Jabberjock”?!!!

  64. @jabberwock
    Oops! While my mind said “W” as in George Bush’s middle name, but the fat finger – of the lib-left hand to boot – couldn’t get to that key as fast as the middle finger of the high-and-to-the-right other hand touching the “J” key.

    What to do now? This being GB’s blog, i can’t do a strike-through and shrug “Same difference or perhaps not”. Will keep fingers on a tight leash.

  65. Jai Arjun Singh- This is the first time I am seeing your pics, and I must say that you are totally opposite to what I thought you be. I expected a bearded intellectual who washed himself once a year, but I see a suave svelte guy with lady killer looks; whose eyes manifest avarice and selflessness, lust and sainthood, storm and calm in equal measure. Also, you have a tremendous nose. If I had a nose like that, I would have been banging left and right. Bal Gangadhar Tilak was of the opinion that Aryans came from Antarctica. You sure seem to have some Antarctic blood. Maybe some Irish. Maybe Scottish. You have the kind of looks which chicks living on the east of the Carpathian mountains justttt love to dig. Now I am intrigued- and want to see more of you! More pictures, I mean.

    Ravi- I feel the same way about you too man! :)But I will start writing someday. GB has inspired us all!

    GB- I demand an autographed copy as soon as you return to the states! Also a suggestion: how about a dramatic jack-in-the-box type entry for the Kolkata launch, like that cover design?

  66. Hi, came to your book launch in Delhi and enjoyed every bit of it…you definitely speak as well as you write……yours was the only blog that I used to read but now I also know about the blogs of Sidin & Jaiarjun…infact after finishing your book i am now reading DORK… I had to leave my office almost 03 hour earlier than the usual time but it was worth it… I had already ordered the book before coming to the launch party but still bought another book there as waiting for another 3-4 days for the book would have been too much…once I reached my home I wondered why the hell I didn’t ask for a signed copy…anyway now the other copy has reached me by courier ( and I am really glad to note that it has your signature with a famous line of your god…Aiyee Sala….
    Nice book…have reviewed same in few of the websites as below…..

    If you are a regular reader of Arnab’s Blog you will obviously like it…but if you have never read his blog earlier, you will be hooked to it from now on…the book is thoroughly witty and humorous…very interesting chapters, especially with the professor in a class in the 24th century explaining his pupils about the concept of Bait & Switch in the memorable songs like “Hum to Tambu mein Bambu lagaye baithe” or like “Padosan apni murgi to rakha sambhal mera murga hua hai deewana”, the amazing experience of Poltu when he went to watch a movie (Charlie Chaplin’s)….The Grand Indian Bengali Wedding (Arnab’s), and you think only you suffered in your wedding …the best chapters as expected were the ones based on Bollywood…you will know more about Gunda – the best creation in the celluloid history of Indian Cinema (or rather World cinema)…about the avant-garde film like Aatish which explored the concept of “you now what” long before Brokeback mountain was released…your child doesn’t listen to you and care a damn to your warning when you tell him that he will become a good for nothing clerk if he doesn’t mend his ways, well either show him the Manoj Kumar’s chef-d’oeuvre ‘Clerk’ but if it is too difficult to find a VCD for that then make him read this book in which Arnab has explained his own metamorphosis from a careless student to a diligent one after watching this Gem…
    How to start your own business school, how to write Hindi TV serials, NRI Aunties…these are also interesting satires but I would desist using adjectives like Superb, extraordinary for these as I am not a paid reviewer of Great Bong…
    And ofcourse you don’t want me to tell you more about the chapters of this book…after all as Kulbhusan Kharbanda has uttered in a super duper hit movie and which Arnab has also used in the book, “kuch baatein (pause) gupt rahnee chaiye”

  67. Hmmmm. Flipkart and Indiaplaza are killing each other and luring me with heavy discounts. Have ordered 3 books in 3 weeks by 3 great bloggers – Sidin, GB and the Fake guy (Gamechangers)

    Finished Dork and provided feedback to Sidin, would write a detailed mail to you as well. Completed few initial chapters and honestly the first one and the facebook stuff wasn’t quintessential GB. Yay, the sexual starvation and the KLPD stuff was extremely hilarious and since I too grew up in the 80’s, I could relate to each word of it. That was a big toast! Can’t wait to finish off rest of the stuff.

    One more thing – Based on your signatures, your handwriting seems to be way better than Sidin’s.
    Sidin perhaps signed my copy after gulping a pint 😉

  68. ‘????’ ?? ??? ?????, ????? ?????? ???
    10 Mar 2010, 1523 hrs IST,?????? ????? ???????
    ??????? ?? ?????? ?? ???? ?? ????? ??? ????? ?? ???? ??? ???? ????? ????? ?? ??? ?????????? ?? ?????? ???? ??? ??…

    Can it get worse than that ??? Shame on Police and politicians.

  69. Sorry looks like Hindi font problem
    The news item in Navbharat times reports that 4 students of Army Public School, Lucknow arrested by Police for putting colour on Mayawati poster. School terms it act of vendetta by police SI whose candidate was not given admission.

  70. yourfan2: that’s a penetrating analysis, and I must employ you to write my authorised biography when the time comes. One clarification:

    I expected a bearded intellectual who washed himself once a year…

    I shaved especially for Arnab’s launch, though I used to gel the beard carefully, even when it grew to over two feet.

    And a question.

    …you have a tremendous nose. If I had a nose like that, I would have been banging left and right.

    What would you have been banging exactly? The nose, or something else?

  71. jai arjun calls himself jabberwock, arnab is greatbong, nilanjana is haree babu. the funny thing is that the only panelist who could really use a pseudonym, mr.sidin sunny vadukut, never made up one for himself.
    but ‘that’ blog post gave him his career, so it counts for something.

  72. nilanjana is hot. she is by far the prettiest person on the panel. like i said, she is hot….very hot.

  73. Did a round of the bookstores in Bangalore- Landmark, Crossword, Blossom. The book is not in stock yet. My friend ordered on Flipkart. He has also not got it yet.

    I know that the bookstores have not given it Harry Potter status (not yet at least), but almost a week after the release, they should have got their act together.

    Or maybe it is an ingenious plot by the bookstores to get people to buy books they were’nt planning to buy (bought 3 books- one from each store).
    Not that I mind buying books, but GB’s book is now going to cost me much more than what it is priced at.

    Also as a side note- Dork is pretty well displayed in all the places I went to.

  74. @Tau,

    Dork released a good two weeks before me. So comparisons with Dork at this junction should not be done. Give the book next week to hit stores everywhere. I was just told it is already in Om book stores in Delhi, well displayed and face up.

    Now even after that, the book may not be available at your favorite store (I sincerely hope that doesnt happen and its available everywhere). The possible reasons:

    1. The book store in question does not want to stock it. It could be they have too much inventory of well-selling books and they dont want to give shelf-space to anyone right now.

    2. The book store in question has outstanding balances with the distributor. So distributor doesnt supply books till dues are met. This is a very common problem.

    With respect to placement, it is often a function of the relationship between distributor and the retailer.

  75. to greatbong – bought the book .reading it is genuinely enjoyable and leads to occasional loud snorts in public places,to the mystification of passers-by.shaabaash.
    to jabberwock – the nose is truly beautiful.i can’t offer yourfan2’s elegant advice to ‘banging right and left’ but it should be placed prominently in all your photos.

  76. Flipkart delivered the book yesterday.

    I believe mine must be the longest journey the book has traveled in India. Kannur, Kerala.


  77. Got the book 2 hours back. still wont get to read it. cousin will be back in jersey after two weeks… so still have to wait.
    pls ask/moderate comments disclosing material from books… things have its own charm you know…

  78. Forgot to add… Flipkart is genuinely fast.. got the book delivered in two days… thats pretty fast… maybe US has set my mind to different time zone… and i was underestimating the indian speed 🙂

  79. Jai Arjun is really very hot. Looks like he is a descendent of a noble family.

  80. page 17 of your book….pardes character should have been apoorva agnihotri & not atul agnihotri as mentioned….:)

  81. @ Jai Arjun Singh:

    And a question.

    …you have a tremendous nose. If I had a nose like that, I would have been banging left and right.

    What would you have been banging exactly? The nose, or something else?

    Heh Jai. Missed your question. Of course you know I meant bitches and broads. Sometimes the banging gets a bit infrequent like a storeroom door. With a nose like yours, it would have been like a screendoor in a hurricane.

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