The Joy of Flying Home To Kolkata

Flying to Kolkata from the US is an awesome adventure. First of all, there are very few flights to the city (For some reasons, international carriers, after a few years stop serving this city  (British and KLM being two examples) even though I have never seen a flight from a European city to Kolkata empty in all these ten years I have been doing this route). Which not only severely limits your options but always makes the flights packed to the rafters. Second, more often than not, the companies put their oldest planes to this route—if there was a possibility of giving a box-rickshaw (the kind that takes toddlers to school) with wings for their Kolkata bound passengers, I am sure they would have.

But then, what truly makes it such an enriching and life-changing experience are the people.

Waiting at an European airport with fellow Kolkata passengers for the 5-6 hours layover between the flight from the US and of that to Kolkata is what I most keenly look forward to, as it brings back happy memories of being stuck in a railway waiting room. A Bengali man, wearing a sendo genji (a  type of baniyan), whose face I vaguely remember from a CPM michil (morcha) throwing stones at a state transport bus, walks out of the restroom with toothpaste flowing down from his mouth, shouting at his wife and kids. Another Bengali handsome hunk with an upturned pot of misti doi as his stomach, getting comfortable after he had missed his last connecting flight, has changed into a lungi and is reading a newspaper while propped up on a seat in London. A pudgy looking woman, walks about self-contentedly, telling till-5-minutes-ago total strangers “Amader na upgrade hoye geche…or to anek frequent flier miles ache” (We got upgraded, he has so many frequent flier miles), working from the assumption that people whom she befriended, for the express purpose of telling them her good fortune and how “high-fly” her husband is, care a flying eff whether she is traveling in economy or business. What’s unique however is that they do, as they mill about her, their congratulatory Baah baahs doing nothing to hide their “Oooh I wish my husband had gone to IIT instead of Titagarh Polytechnic” writ large on their faces.

An aged couple, obviously returning from having visited their son or daughter, have a passionate conversation; the lady looking out at the window and giving her husband a running commentary of the planes as they taxi about on the runway, occasionally throwing in an Arun-Lalian expert observation like “They have given a big plane”.  The gentleman’s morbid interest are the passengers in the waiting list as it scrolls down the large monitor, as he relays his judgment on whether the Banerjees (of course total strangers) will “get in” or not.

It seems everyone in the plane is traveling with small kids and one wonders whether there will be even more kids coming out at Kolkata then those going in.

And then the flight is announced. Immediately everyone gets up and starts approaching the turnstiles like an army of zombies moving towards fresh meat, as the harried flight attendants try to hold them back. Feet are stepped on, suitcases bang against knees, but the crowd pushes on inexorably.

First class and business class passengers please.

Immediately, our “Moulali-r Mala” (reference to old Anjan Dutt song where Mala from Moulali ditches her poor boyfriend and marries rich) stomps past the masses of the dis-privileged, smiling triumphantly at everyone else, brandishing her business-class boarding pass like a baby does a colorful rattle.

Next the call is for those who need pre-boarding and traveling with small kids.

Another rush since almost everyone there is traveling with “small kids”. Or so they think. One air attendant gets into a fruitless argument with a lady who insists that her eleven year old boy qualifies as a “small kid”. A lady pulls up a gentleman for cutting into the line of pre-boarders. He argues that his kid is smaller and hence he deserves to go first.

Hell breaks out among the minority who do not have small children. Namely between uncle and aunt who are both standing at the turnstiles, watching everyone boarding before them. The attendant keeps repeating “Small children please. We will board in order of zone numbers.” much to the dismay of those without children who had hoped to rush the plane once pre-boarding was over.

Then she says  “Zone number 4 please board.”

Aunt pushes uncle—-“What’s our zone number? I told you to read the ticket well.”  Hassled uncle fiddles with his glasses trying to read the small print. He shouts out “34C”. Aunt does not get the unintentional humor. “No…..that doesn’t sound right..look again you…” to which uncle immediately responds “Ooooh we are in Zone 4.” Right on cue, the attendant announces “Zone 3”. Aunt spits out “You and your glasses. Now we are too late. Everyone is going ahead of us. Ufff….” as she clutches her purse and elbows a peaceful looking European Vaishnav (in a coat and dhoti) in his ribs to cut into the line.

And then you get onto the plane. The passages are of course clogged with people conversing with each other while they try to fit their gigantic bags into the overhead bin while everyone else standing behind, fret and fume, only to do the same thing once they get to their seats. Moulalir Mala, sitting in business class, makes a point to make eye contact with everyone who passes by her to the rear of the plane;  as she occasionally exclaims “Amra seat-ta peye gechi” (We got out seat) like a cat who has eaten the cream, as if anyone had any doubt.

Then the flight begins. Babies cry in-tune. The mother behind me decides to use the back of my seat to teach her 5 year old how to do Thai-boxing, making sure that every time I doze off, I am awakened by a thump on the seat and a cry of “Haha ki mauja” (Haha what fun !). Not that I complain. I dare not. Unlike the poor man who tells a father “Sir please ask your son not to pull at my hair” which the father dismisses with a lazy smile, as he studies intently the  coloring book his son was given so that he does not pull at the hair of other passengers. Unable to take all this inflight entertainment, I try to watch a movie but am instantly enveloped by a foul ghostly smell, right as the aunty tells uncle in a hushed voice that three rows up and down can hear—- “I told you not to eat so many cashews on the last flight”.

Trying to shut off my olfactory and auditory senses as much as possible, I try to look within. I know that there will still be many an obstacle—–the lengthy lines at immigration, the over-eager porters, the one hour spent at the conveyor belt but in the end it will be all worth it.

All for the joy of being home.

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  1. First… ipod pls… 🙂

  2. Second!!

    And welcome back home 🙂

  3. Lol! Is it really that bad? 😀 Though I have had the dubious pleasure of traveling with busloads and trainloads and flightloads of bangali…but this sounds absolutely brilliant! Better than any in-flight movie! Especially the moulalir mala 🙂

  4. “All for the joy of being home.” …so true GB..awesome post!!!

  5. Top 5.. ipad please

  6. never had it this bad.
    Though, always prefer travelling to Delhi or Mumbai first.

  7. Hi GB, Just a suggestion. May be next time you can try to fly Emirates. You will get the same joy but maybe lesser grief as regards waiting time or old planes! Cheers

  8. Killer of a line- “Oooh I wish my husband had gone to IIT instead of Titagarh Polytechnic”

    Welcome home. 😛

  9. Hilarious read GB…every flight coming to India is like this let alone those going to Kolkata.

  10. “an European”???? Shouldn’t it be “a European”?

  11. ROFL

    Well, my experience of flying home from Mumbai is similar. A few years ago we were flying back to Cal for Pujos. I think it was Chaturthi or Panchami, so there I was with a horde of Bongs strutting around like cocks in the security area. Mostly Bongs from Bombay going back home along with a few who were in Mumbai for work. Incidentally, there was also an ODI match on that night. So there we were watching the the last few overs with India in a position to win. Unfortunately, boarding was announced and we slowly made our way to the gate. Just then we hear, a Poltuda sitting tight on a chair in front of the lounge TV set. He yells to Babuda, his co-passenger who has started to walk towards, “Daraan, daraan, khela-r shesh ta dekhe jaabo. Boarding pass diye diyeche. Amader chaara plane chaarbena!”

  12. Absolutely bang on. Reminds me of all the times I have returned from Germany. And you should see the chaos while boarding from places like Dubai. Believe me, when the announcement was made that all first class passengers were to board first and the entire group of passengers got up, I got the shock of my life – apparently the entire plane was full of first class passengers except for myself 😀

  13. ” brandishing her economy-class boarding pass like a baby does a colorful rattle.”

    will it not be business class boarding pass? … i thot mala-di just upgraded from economy to business with her high fly husband’s fly-on points … 🙂

  14. Don Ayan de Marco February 8, 2011 — 8:12 am

    the 34C part was the best? does that man blog too?

  15. this was really funny and I can relate to this. In case u ever take emirates , u have to add another character to this melee- the quintessential Kol Maru!

  16. Great post…

  17. To substantiate Chulbul’s point:

    “An” goes before all words that begin with vowels:

    * an apricot
    * an egg
    * an Indian
    * an orbit
    * an uprising

    With two exceptions: When u makes the same sound as the y in you, or o makes the same sound as w in won, then a is used.

    * a union
    * a united front
    * a unicorn
    * a used napkin
    * a U.S. ship
    * a one-legged man

  18. fantablous!!!!

  19. lols! this is hilarious!

  20. I didn’t get the ‘will the Banerjees be able to get in’ part. What does that mean?

  21. So true. Around turn of the century, I used to fly to India (Kolkata) using KLM. Small observations:

    1) Every Kaku and Jethu would try to sneak in at least three videos of scandinavian porn bought at a premium from Kastrup airport. Order of purchasing usually went Scotch, porn, “scent” and “cadbury”.

    2) One of the rear toilets in every flight operated by KLM to India had an “out of order” sign posted on it. This was by far the cleanest toilet “reserved” for the flight crew for reasons I shall let you guess.

    3) Nothing comes close to covering the smells emanating from a hefty Sardarji taking off his shirt and shoes and lifting his feet up in the air.

    4) A close second was always the erudite “bhodrolok” ordering French wines he could not pronounce and holding the knife with his left hand (or a similar incident).

  22. Just coming back from Kolkata, I am surprised that this is a city that is still stuck in the past while the rest of India seems to have moved forward. It truly is India’s most backward major city.

  23. Awesome Dada! Welcome back!
    “…Oooh I wish my husband had gone to IIT instead of Titagarh Polytechnic…” — Very Well put!

  24. GB,

    Flying out of heathrow, I have found Bengali passengers to be quite considerate and organized. Its always been a hassle-free flight to Kolkata. On the other hand, Hell is flying out of Bangkok to Kolkata with the daily wares traders, it makes me want to denounce my nationality.

  25. Has anyone seen the video of UP Police DSP Padam singh cleaning the jooties of Mayawati with his hanky ? Guess he is now eligible for padam awards. Also cabinet Secy. of UP Shanshank Shekhar singh says that he would have done the same given the chance.

  26. @Mezba One query: Can you kindly explain inspite of the shortcomings, why does your fellow countrymen/women(BD) keep pouring into the city as well as WB and never go back????

  27. @RM,
    go to hell, who cares if somebody holds their knife with their left hand, we are supposed to eat with our hands

    More Binayak Sen news, GB.
    You were the one who questioned the man’s sympathies, and upheld the verdict, proffering the weak “let the courts take their course”.
    Any comments now?

  29. Ha.. about the comments above.
    If you seen that ch-tiya movie ‘Fashion’ carefully, the P.Chopra character goes upscale.
    Then at a restaurant scene, she is seen eating with two forks.
    Can any Unkall beat that??
    Also a lot of americans prefer the fork in the right.

  30. Ha ha ha!!! What a delightfully written post. Brought some of the joy I got reading your May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss.

    Cheers Arnab!

  31. You have surpassed FELUDA in the art of observing human behavior/acts. Enjoy your stay.

  32. @ free binayak,

    It will be interesting to see if the self-proclaimed GREAT bong does condescend to reply to your question.
    Like a lot of other Bengalis living in the US, GB’s political views tend to be lean right of centre.
    The above phenomenon itself can be a topic for a blogpost!

  33. Yeah.. I experience the same things in Frankfurt and Dubai. The standard of aircraft degrades severely between Frankfurt > Dubai and Dubai > Kolkata. And then the chaos at Dubai airport where Emirates manage to collect ‘bongs’ from all over the world to be transported in their Kolkata bound flight 🙂
    The condition of Kolkata Airport needs a special mention here. Where as most of the other airports in the country has undergone upgrade/modernization, NSCB aiport is like the govt of WB, ancient and still running! The last time I was there, one of the ‘over eager’ porter was offering help to pull my trolley suitcase past the customs check for just ’10 ta EURO diye deben sir’. Since you are in India, you are eligible to multiply that with the exchange rate 🙂
    But yes, as you finally manage to get out of the gate, the sight of the yellow cabs and happy faces of family members makes you feel ‘at HOME’.

  34. You know, one thing that always strikes me first while flying back to my home, my city, is the dismal conditions of our airports.. wish the govt did sumthing bout these…as “first impression is often the last impression”

  35. Pres. Patil was appointed because she cooked food for Ghandi clan

  36. @ Swarup and free Binayak

    There is also a campaign to free Swami Aseemananda, by academicians, rights activists and professionals from around the world. If you go to the site , you will see the open letter addressed to the President of India.
    You can also see the sacrifices and sufferings, Swami Aseemanand (who is the son of a freedom fighter who spent his life in cellular jail, Andaman) went through to serve the tribals all over India for the past three decades.

    If I go by your measurements of “justice”, Swami Aseemananda has not even been convicted, and he is a much much bigger hero to the millions of tribals in India for more than 30 years of work in vanavasi areas, than Binayak sen can ever be.

    As Swami Aseemananda is shunted from prison to prison in judicial custody, and as every word he says, every word he is forced to say and every word he does not say, is selectively reported in the media, civil society’s anguish will hopefully give an opportunity to both the investigators and the political forces behind them, to introspect.

    Yet I never see you people even utter a word in support of this hero of the downtrodden.

    @ GB
    I was not going to post this here nor am I trying to establish a moral equivalence, to expose the double standards of people who support Binayak Sen or even write about him. But since you did allow off topic comments to stay, I hoped to have some space too for a similar “cause”.

  37. I burst out laughing between words. I have traveled with Gujjus (from Canada). They come close to being notoriously hilarious on board. I have never traveled with Bengalis. Your post needs to be shared with all Bongs, us the mere subset of Probashi Bengalis.

  38. @ Utsav: What is your point? Because Swami Aseemananda is being held in custody, everyone who appeals for justice in the Binayak Sen case has double standards?
    When does that even begin to make any sense?

  39. And, Utsav, “You People”?
    What kind of person does that make me and Swaroop? Tell me! The revelation will be really helpful to me.

  40. @ free….
    read my will figure it out.

  41. @ Free binayak

    Sorry – why does a signature by a few dozen Nobel laureates petitioning to free Binayak Sen change the fact that the law must take its own course. Do the nobel winners have any deeper insights into the Maoist movement than GOI?

    Or should their views be obeyed without question – just because they have won the Nobel prize? After all Nobel Prize winners also include such lumineries such as Kissinger and Churchill.

    These gentlemen who have won the nobel prize are very good at what they do – so let them stick to their area of expertise – no? After all would you want Dr Amartya Sen to write on the ‘sanctity of a friend’s wife’? 🙂

  42. I will get 22 Noble scientists to say that Dada should have been in IPL 4 and maybe then Free Binayak will change to “Include Dada or Else”…

  43. @ Anonymous

    Nice to know that there are still people (even among these right-leaning NRI bongs who seem to hang on to every word uttered by GB) who still believe Dada has any cricket left in him!
    Anyway, best of luck with your signature campaign :o)

  44. @ Sambit

    Sir yeh ‘right leaning’ ‘left leaning’ kya hai? Can’t you debate the arguments? rather than throwing a hissy fit and rushing to classify folks 🙂 After all we don’t call you ‘Resident Non indians’ (RNIs) do we?

    As for hanging on to GBs word, I’m sure if you can come up with a cogent argument, we would be happy to hang on to your words as well 🙂 but ain’t holding my breath.

  45. Well when people fly out of tiny village airports like Dulles they are bound to have problems with options ….no 🙂

  46. I have noticed similar things while taking international flights in and out of kolkata..

    Both a experience .. I have seen very little things change in the Kolkata airport over time .. even the “jharu” in the toilet remains constant in location and order.

    Leave apart the world class conversations ..which after name and introduction end up as a question straight to “so ..what is ur salary ?”..

    Off bangkok/dubai, interesting new additions are honeymooners who just cant get over each other ..or 1 kid – small family .. very interesting breed of people..who have just notched up their status symbol in the flat community by couple of marks…

    As soon as you step into boarding lounge..there is a feeling of comfort ..of having people strangers but you know share your journey back home..

  47. all good. posts are sounding increasingly like funny movie plot with all the stereotypes squeezed in for laughs..very funny but looks a little forced.

    a film script in the offing, GB?

  48. Since some posters here mentioned Dr. Binayak Sen, this may not be irrelevant:

    If one’s blood boiled at all the crooks ranging from Olympic class plunderers of the country to gutter-class rapists and murderers out on bail all the time and rarely, if ever, contained behind bars, one’s blood seems to have run dry at Dr. Binayak Sen’s bail plea being rejected by the Chattisgarh High Court. Being no lawyer, I do not know the legal nuances of the good Doctor’s crime. To me as a lay man, it is strange that possession of some Maoist letters or literature should be tantamount to sedition, when Supreme Court seems to be of the view, albeit in a different context, that mere membership of a banned organization cannot be a crime. And this view of Supreme Court’s is not something dug out from the woodwork, but what it pronounced as recently as last week, in the context of an appeal filed by Arup Bhuyan, an alleged activist of ULFA – a banned organization, challenging his conviction by a TADA court in Guwhati.

    Well, didn’t Charles Dickens say something about law being Equus Asinus (Latin mine)? But here I refer to the equine adjective in the sense of dogged or rather asinine perseverance. Yes, a whole lot of crooks may get away from the clutches of law for any number of reasons. But when a rule book is thrown at you by the legal machinery itself, well, it is nearly impossible even for the innocent, leave alone the guilty, to shed the consequences of such legalese in a hurry. It seems it is in this position that Dr. Binayak Sen finds himself. Not that all is lost. The matter is bound to be challenged in the Supreme Court, and we will then know whether he is truly what he is being made out to be in the lesser courts.

    Of course, I am no sympathizer of Maoists. To truly understand their demonic deeds, imagine being the kith or kin of the many who have been slaughtered by them in cold blood. But even theN, one is unable to see the acts of Maoists as something entirely independent of our state policies, which have denied the most basic human rights dignities to a large crossection of masses, especially in the more interior parts of the country.

    Niether am I a big sympathizer of those who break the law and do believe that those who do, must face the majesty of law. But in a country where law is not as majestic as one would like it to, is Binayak Sen the best example (say over Ramalinga Raju) to be made an example of? Well I am not very sure.

    All I can say is that even if Binayak Sen is guilty of being a Maoist sympathizer technically, if I were the State, I would perhaps worry that if a man of Binayak Sen’s background and standing is a Maoist symapthizer, could it be that there is something to deeply ponder about? Instead, if the State goes hammer and tongs at him, awarding him the maximum sentence of life for sedition for allegedly being a courier of seditious literature, and even go to the extent of persecuting his wife, while zillions of mega crooks from national leaders to military generals literally sell out the country, we do have something seriously to worry about, as we may well be snuffing out the few sane links available as a line of dialogue with the Maoists. To site evidence in support of his guilt that no medical equipment like stethescope were found in his residence even though he is a doctor is laughable! I have personally any number of friends who are qualified doctors, but last they wielded a stethescope was probably decades ago.

    There is something else that is disturbing. For example, Binayak Sen or rather his symaptizers may be regarded guilty of overplaying their hand by enlisting the support of international media, Nobel Laureates and such. But if so, are the Nobel Laureates fools who would jump into a cause without seeing any merit in the matter? Besides, what do you expect the Doctor or his supporters to do? Allow the law to take its own course, if that course is going to last a couple of decades, as it usually does in this country? It is not as if our courts in their normal course have been a paragon of efficiency and speed. Perhaps our judiciary would have to lift its act a lot higher before we expect people to fight their case strictly in the corridors of law courts.

    If I were to choose for a friend, between Dr. Binayak Sen inside the prison (even if guilty) and a great many of the plunderers of the country outside the prisons – seditious or not – I would unhesitatingly choose Dr. Sen and be proud of the fact.

  49. “If I were to choose for a friend, between Dr. Binayak Sen inside the prison (even if guilty) and a great many of the plunderers of the country outside the prisons – seditious or not – I would unhesitatingly choose Dr. Sen and be proud of the fact.”

    @ Selvakumar
    How about not choosing a friend in either of them. Because however hard your propaganda tries to potray them as opposing forces, they are the same side of the coin. They both represent exploitative forces arising out of utopian idealism, that always tend to achieve the “utopian” part on the dead body of millions, who always happen to be the downtrodden.

    As opposed to that, your search for rationalism may be somewhere else. Just maybe, we can find a new narrative.

  50. @ selvakumar

    Try to send this petition to the same media and “big names” that supports Binayak Sen.

    Then let us see
    1) what their reaction is?
    2) what rationale they use to jsutify that reaction?

  51. Hilarious!
    I am a “madrasi” married to a bong. My wife gets all misty-eyed and nostalgic whenever we visit Durga Puja pandals in Bangalore, and promptly, just as if to prove her BONGNESS, will get into a heated argument with the Chicken Roll shop owner for serving another customer first though she would have ordered only 15 secs before the other guy!!!
    Once in a flight from Bangalore to Kolkata (full of bongs of course) she had our two year-old daughter sleeping on her lap, and my kids feet were towards “Ghosh-babu” sitting next to her. A typical Bong argument was waiting to happen, and it did!!!
    “Please move your kid. Her feet are very close to my shirt”
    “So what? Has it even slightly touched you??
    Now it was my turn to get misty-eyed, as I remembered similar arguments “Jodi hoye jaye, tahole??” in the mini-buses/ roads of Kolkata!!

  52. we travel all the time, is it really that bad?

  53. Vasabjit Banerjee February 13, 2011 — 7:37 pm

    I last flew directly to Calcutta in 2000. The lack of flights usually makes direct tickets too expensive for my taste, so, I go via Delhi these days. However, I would love to read an article on how the International Terminal looks like at present. It used to remind me of pictures of the Pyongyang Airport.

    On this note: they just have to improve the pre-paid taxi stand outside, which is inefficient, dirty, and filled with touts.


  54. Hilarious post.

  55. Great read once again! How true and how hilarious!

    The state of Calcutta airport is appalling, bus stands looks better than this airport.Then there are touts pimping to get you into an out-of-turn taxi in exchange of a few bucks. The scene is no better when you get out of the airport, unruly pedestrian and ugly, crawling traffic mars the very “joy” of one is trying to get “home” after so many months or years.

    Had it not been for my mother staying back in this city, I would have severed my ties with this place long ago.

  56. May be the lungi bit went too far, but overall it is a very cogent, perceptive caricature.

  57. Baba Utsav,

    Please peddle your sympathies for a hardcore terrorist like Aseemananda elsewhere. We’re not fools. General public aur Nobel-wala keya chutiya hai keya that they will support that guy…rubbish!

  58. I traveled just a month ago to Kolkata, and things weren’t bad. Or that bad. More importantly, our worst stretch was from Chicago to Frankfurt. That plane was so old, there were no personal screens for each passenger; only 2 CRT sets in each aisle! CRT??!! Unbelievable!

    Immigration and customs at Kolkata were a breeze though.

    Hope you have a great time in Kolkata!

  59. ah welcome to india !!

  60. Congratulations Kutsav!
    You seem to have effectively shut up the “hate-brigade”!

    You should post some more right-wing stuff immediately to rescue your chelas who suck up every sentence you dish out, as if they were written by Chetan Bhagat , i.e. the man you envy so much 🙂

  61. Hahahha! Too much this was 🙂 Very entertaining too

  62. @kutsav who barked: “General public aur Nobel-wala keya chutiya hai keya”

    Public ka to pata nahin, lekin tu zaroor hai. 😉

  63. @Senthil

    It appears that frequent thrashings by Goundamani left you brain-damaged. I bet they are still looking for you at Kilpauk.

  64. @ the ‘free binayak’ lobby 🙂

    Don’t know whether ‘general public’ chutiye hain ki nahi (depends on whether you count yourselves as members of the general public). Don’t know whether nobel prize winners chutiye hain ya nahi – but are they lawyers? The simple matter is this – This is a legal issue. Dr Binayak Sen is accused of supporting terrorism in India. He is not an Indian Idol contestent that popular votes will decide whether he is in or out of jail – So it does not matter a whit whether nobel winners, martians, vulcans and general public ‘feel’ that he is an all round nice guy.

    Second, the case against him is that he possessed maoist propaganda material and incited violence against the state. Prima facie it goes something like this – if I find pictures of naked children in your computer, I will conclude that you are a paedophile. If I find jehadi literature in your computer -I would conclude that you are a jehadi (or at least a sympathiser), so if I find maoist propaganda and hate material, I will….get the idea? 🙂

    Third the weakest case that the ‘free binayak’ lobby seems to be making runs along the lines of ‘let he who has not sinned cast the first stone’. Does it really matter that there are countless politicians, businessmen, general public who lie and cheat in India every day? Some get caught, some don’t – those who are caught must jump through the legal hoops.

    So my brave (er..leftist) friends – who would have indubitably kept bravely silent when Tasleema Nasreen was hounded out of bengal by the same administration, get a perspective yaar 🙂

  65. @ free binayak lobby (contd)

    Some folks have undoubtedly tried to draw a distinction between Binayak the peaceful and the Maoists the violent (by saying they hate the latter but undoubtedly Binayak does not carry a gun). To them, look at it this way – Hafiz Sayeed of the LeT may not carry a gun – but he sure as hel incited those ten people to murder 170 indian citizens (including women and children) on that fateful day in November in Mumbai. The courts / prosecution are trying to find out what is it that Binayak Sen does (apart from charity). Afterall L-eT does a lot of charity work too.

  66. The New Airport terminal should be ready by the end of 2011

  67. @ senthil/kutsav.selvakumar/(the ‘free binayak’ lobby)

    Apparently, you guys are not a regular reader here.
    The open petition regarding Swami Aseemananda, shows the amount of service that man has done to the upliftment of the poor and the marginalized, over the past 30 years. And unlike your Naxal heroes who have butchered thousands and plundered millions, Swami Aseemananda served without shedding a drop of blood for 30 years. From Nagaland to Andamans to Gujarat.

    And yet, you are not only oblivious to his plight, but are actually cheering his trial by media.

    It is this double standard and moral bankruptcy that has caused the downfall of the Left ideology. In reality, you are not even Leftists. You people are nothing but wannabes, who love to wear Che Guevara T-shirts and talk of “revolution”.

  68. Hi all,

    I’m back after a while, and I hope that everyone`s well. Belated Happy New Year. My father fell ill in late December & had to undergo heart bypass surgery. That, coupled with my work, took up all my time. By the grace of God he is recuperating well.

    GB’ post is hilarious. I can fully identify with GB`s experience. India has many faults, but many virtues as well, and a large and warm heart is certainly one of them. I observe the interaction of peoples on trips, which is colourful and entertaining.
    – Ozzies try to dominate & hog arm room.
    – Pakistanis gripe about the number of Indians on the plane, yet are surprisingly polite in conversation.
    – Iranians are exceptionally hospitable and try to fit in.
    – Arabs try to exceptionally fit out.
    – Africans look down upon one another and on the Indians.
    – NZs and Germans look disdainfully at everyone else.
    – The French huddle together and crack French jokes while smack staring at you.
    – The Nordics, bless them, cast sideways glances at upir bag to see if any wires are sticking out. While everyone else casts sideways glances at the very protruding bosoms on their Wagnerian 6 feet women.
    – And the Americans narrate non-stop stories of their one visit to Europe.

    I noted Utsav`s points on Swami Aseemanand with a great deal of interest. Thanks very much for posting them. I exactly remember the similat character assasination they tried to strangle the Shankaracharya with. About his admittance of collusion to murder. About his breaking down in jail and confessing. All proved to be a load of undiluted rubbish.

    If there were strong facts about Assemanand, they would be paraded and plastered triumphantly by the idiot brigade (media, politicians, tweeters etc) by now. The fact that a bombastic claim is followed by a deafening silence while `evidence` is obviously being manufactured and fabricated, is a resounding verdict in itself.

    Keep up the good work Utsav.

    There was a post called King Kongress where I was having a good discussion with BalaSangh Parivaar, and had to leave when my father fell ill. On my return I re-opened it in expectation, and was amazed to find post after post after post of .. basically … rancid, putrid and berserk postings unleashed by BSP. Ov er Christmas no less!!

    I shall not try to answer fire with fire (or in this case f*rts with f*rts), but, time permitting, I will take the opportunity of carefully answering some of BSP`s more bizarre and startling hypotheses, like :

    1. How Hindu terror (whatever that is) is a far greater threat than Islamic terror which has already claimed victims past count.

    2. What really went on in the Mumbai riots (as opposed to BSPs obviously cut & paste comments from the first 2 googled pages)

    3. Why the UN indicators he posts are completely irrelevant to the argument. I mean, it supports our argument. That we have been led by self-proclaimed secular personages of such sheer moronic quality that we are wallowing at the bottom of the cess-pit. That is not the fault of the Indians. That is the fault of the idiots foisted on us as leaders. That is the whole point. That is why we want to get rid of them. And replace them with the forgers of the great Gujarat success story that is surging ahead from a once abysmal base in those very same UN estimates.

    4. I don`t know whether I`ll wade in to BSPs jaw-dropping comment on how Indian leaders favoured Hindus by stealing their temples and betrayed Muslims by leaving Muslim customs and institutions untouched out of hallowed respect. This is like saying that a crocodile attacked me and let my friend go. Crocky chewed away my whole left leg, which has now been replaced by a good artifical limb that is a more powerful load bearer. My friend is complaining that the crocodile is partial to me as it left him with the baggage of his normal human legs on which he can develop arthritis. While my artifical leg never will!! Is this an argument??

    5. I noted with particular disgust BSP`s free employment of invectives and …. literally an*l jeers. I will coin a few points on why such rantings may be counter-productive when people start mangling his name in retort. Balal Sangh may be forced into Ball Sang. and whenever he opens his gob, he risks people responding with “look, the Singing BALLs are here … or MUSICAL BALLs, or smelly b*lls, or stinking b*lls”. He will find that if people wish to pay him back in his coinage, they have very good windows of opportunity to do so.

    But of course we are not like that. We are trying in our humble way to exchange facts and apprise people of the real situation lurking beneath the facade of daily life. To educate ourselves, as well as enable others to make intelligent decisions that affect not only their well-being, but ours`, and ultimately humanity`s as well. In this vein, I urge you to check out The thing that will make you cringe most is that it is pure undiluted fact.

    I may have to respond to BSP’s BSPs in a few weeks as work is very busy, but we`ll see. If I do, it will be in the thread King Kongress.

    I bear some sympathy with Binayak Sen and his supporters. Especially if it is true that he has embraced evil to do a greater good. However, his gamut of actions do not uncritically support this hypothesis. And further the extent of the evil advanced vs the marginal good gained does not seem to be a strong point of the Maoist model.

    Remember, Maoism is responsbile for the murder of 40-50 million people in China in Mao`s GLF & CR. It reduced vast tranches of the nation to cannibalism. In Szechuan, people were indicted, executed, and summarily chopped up with their liver and kidneys being passed out and consumed raw in maddening hunger. The sympathisers of Maoism have no idea of the horrors perpetrated by its name, yet presume to hector principled opposition to this terror.

    Remember that it was the NDA who strived the most for tribal progress. Whether through grassroots education or micro-schemes via Vanvasi Kalyan Ashram. Isn’t it ironic that the seculars champion the cause of forces like the Congress which are inimical to the nation against the BJP under the argument of non-violence, and in the next breadth claim that the Indian system is corrupt and needs to be done away through a violent Maoist catharsis (read genocide). Wouldn’t it be infinitely better to
    (a) keep highlighting the plight of tribals (very easy with mass media, internet),
    (b) embarrass the wretched political forces responsible for it (by taking it to the UN if required), and
    (c) vote in a government that will do something about it? Which the NDA, even at it’s lowest attributed denominator, is a far lesser evil than the Congress?

    But no. Hindutva must be strangled at source even though it is the ONLY force defending against the frenzied and systematic genocide that has claimed millions and millions and millions of Hindu lives. That is secularism. And Maoist torture and murder of cops and villagers is to be applauded as it is against the Indian state. And that is also secularism.

    And this is why I am not exactly losing sleep over Binayak Sen.

  69. My experience is same with all the flights returning to different cities in India…Worst is the Emirates flight from Dubai to Kolkata…full of people from Bangladesh returning home in group and carrying as much luggages as possible……All the IT guys returning from USA with wife are also very close to them
    I could remember a Bangla deshi guy at Rome airport asking me “Dada Apni ki Bangladesh jaben, amar luggage kichu beshi hoye geche, aaapne jodi ektu help koren”,and then pointing to something packed with some threads and a Lungi…

  70. @ Senthil
    You do realize, what “kustav” (or whatever the person’s name was) wrote was outright abusive. I guess all you need is a plethora of expletives to make the “Maoist revolution” happen.

    And you guys still havnt asnwered my question-

    After all that Swami Aseemananda has done for the millions of vanavasis, from Andamans to Nagaland to Gujarat, over the past 30 years, as mentioned here ( :

    1. What is it that stops people who support Binayak Sen from supporting Swami Aseemananda?
    Unlike Binayak Sen, Aseemananda has not even been convicted.

    2. Why shouldnt Arundhati Roy have seminars and articles in support of mobilizing support for the release of Swami Aseemananda?

    3. Why shouldnt mainstream media run op-eds and targeted programs questioning the “sham democracy” that has vcitimized Swami Aseemananda.

    Please read through the petition letter to the President, verify (or question) the facts provided, and then respond.

  71. Arnie dada,

    Thanks for the loooong lecture on why Binayak Sen is guilty, which you copied from Greatbong dada’s lombaaaa post.

    Good luck with defending the hardcore Hindu terrorist bomber Aseemanand-ji. How come you righties never get Nobel Laureates to sign your petitions? Probably they remember that last time you guys were in power you were lobbying for astrology.

    Cholo dada – at least you guys won’t be coming back for a long time to drag this country back to the middle ages. Entire national debate became about freakin Hindu religion due to you fogeys.

    Fringe fighters like Aseeemanand will be weeded out by law and order of the land – SORRY!

  72. @ Kutsav … to be very short…
    The same “law and order of the land ” convicted Dr.Binayak Sen.

  73. @ Kutsav,

    “Probably they remember that last time you guys were in power you were lobbying for astrology”

    Hahahahaha, Kutsav, that reminded me of Dr. Manmohan Singh’s classic comment to Advani when the self-styled “Loh Purush” (who didn’t have the backbone to own up to his actions during the Kandahar plane hijack episode!) tried to topple the UPA government in July 2008: “At his ripe old age, I do not expect Advani to change his thinking, but for his sake and India’s sake, I urge him to change his astrologers.” 🙂

    It is indeed an interesting phenomena : after years of posing as well-balanced ( if occasionally a little too jingoistic which is cute!) “nationalism”, Greatbong and his coterie of equally right-wing chamchas (Arnie, Utsav, Rishi, etc.) have finally come crawling out of the woodwork ! After your bookfair debacle, GB, are you thinking of joining BJP ? 🙂 Or are you content to remain in USA and keep trying to prove your “patriotism” through your blog?

  74. @ pro-baal
    “Greatbong and his coterie of equally right-wing chamchas (Arnie, Utsav, Rishi, etc.) have finally come crawling out of the woodwork !”

    Thanks for finally including me in the exalted company of The Greatbong (even as a chancha). I have been commenting here for 4 years (as rishi khujur until a couple of months back), with the only hope that one day people like you (self-styled pseudo-secularists, maoist sympathisers, anti- Hindus, whatever other stereotypes are used to call you guys); would call out my name and Greatbongs’ name in the same sentence as a “Hindutva activist”.

    You know, I used to be a pseudo-secular like you guys, until Greatbong waylaid me into a 15 minutes conversation at a bar in downtown DC. His erudite and cogent presentation on the Hindu revivalist movement’s efforts in the cause of humanity opened my eyes.

    My mission from there onwards was to be his Chamcha and give my best to the service of humanity.

    I feel fulfilled today that it has been acknowledged.

  75. arnie dada aur utsav dada aur baki bhailog,

    tum log champion ho. whenever you get chance you call everybody from Binayak to Arjun Singh to Rahul Gandhi as a Mao-vadi. and then you parade woh terrorists like Aseemanand-ji as national treasures.

    Bhai, maine kab Binayak ke baare mein kuch kaha? Aami kichhu bolechhi Binayak-er byapare? I’m just saying – don’t take us as chutiyas and try to raise Hindu terrorists belonging to your fringe armed units to national icons. We won’t stand it – we will fight you guys. Because of you right-wing nuts this country was dragged into debating the birthplace of Ram and faltu bakwaas arbit things like that. And now you’re again playing with fire very mischievously, like nutjobs. What you want…another riot? Another danga??

    Taking this country back to middle ages… Faltu bakwaaas…petition marachchhe….

  76. this time while boarding from cal to sydney i got into a fight with a marwari family who insisted on getting all their friends in line in front of me at immigration…i created quite a scene abusing them…i was moved to top of the line and straight through immigration…no one else said if breaking in line ahead of others is the most natural thing in the world…

  77. Hi Kutsav and Pro-ball,

    You have raised points which merit some good answers.

    You have used BJP’s proposed astrology courses in unis. to suggest the BJP is obscurantist. Yes, the courses were a highly embarrassing episode in BJP’s bumbling tenure!! :-). Yet please note that :

    – they were introduced as optional, not compulsory (like hamfisted Mandal)

    – they were the brainchild of MM Joshi & many in BJP were not only opposed to them, but aghast (Arun Shourie, Yashwant Sinha, Jaswant Singh),

    – the aim was not to foist pseudo-science (if that!!), but revive traditional learning. MM Joshi later admitted he should have proposed it as an arts discipline (like historical study of traditional wisdom). But the damage was done. Too late MM.

    – it is far less lethal than what passes as learning at some institutes :

    To conclude, it is more miniscule than general, innocuous than fanatic, and bumbling rather than criminal. Though it is a HUGE bumble. But sending India back to the middle ages? Come on. Speak facts. It is the same BJP in Gujarat where growth rates rival or exceed China’s, where progress has been phenomenal and rate of development rapid. India has sustained its 20th century growth for 22nd century states like Gujarat & Karnataka, hobbled by 15th century states like UP which are ruled by everyone’s beloved secular governments.

    Thus you contention is wrong.

    The apparent case between Aseemanand and Sen is different. The former is being blackened as a terrorist, the latter a supporter of a populist revolution.

    That’s the apparent case. IF this were true, there are no grey areas here. Hang the former, garland the latter.

    The issue is that this is NOT true. The evidence against Aseemanand seems to be completely fabricated. High-falutin sky-high claims are broadcast over loudspeakers. And then complete silence. As if this is a part of a set piece drama. Fabricate steps 1-10. Screaming headlines. Then silence. The fabricate steps 11-20. Further screaming headlines. Silence.

    This is ridiculous. If Aseemanand was truly gulity, knowing the complete inability of the Hindu make-up to withold information (as opposed to their Muslim counterparts who still claim to deny that Pakistan surrendered to India after the 1971 war), everything would have come pouring out by now.

    And Sen is a supporter of forces who murder innocent children, decapitate people, rape, pillage, torture and murder.

    But this is the narrative. Not the headline. What Nobel laureates see are the screaming headlines. Not the narrative. And it should not matter what laureates say if the facts of the matter clearly speak for themselves.

    When Deepa Mehta’s ‘Fire’ was released, there was an Indian outcry against her for denigrating Hinduism. A storm in a thimble, far less a tea-cup. Yet it moved personages as esteemed as George Lucas and Salman Rushdie to conflate the issue and spring to the defence of freedom of expression, plastering their outrage in paper after paper after paper.

    But what happens when freedom of expression is REALLY compromised? When a Tasleema Nasrin has to flee for her life from her country of birth for expressing the horrors perpetrated on hapless Hindus in Bangladesh today? When she quivers in fear from real and tangible threats to her life? What then? Deafening silence from the likes of Lukas, even when contacted. That Mehta used to work for Lucas is econdary. He should have the guts to stand up against real tyranny.

    It is ‘fashionable’ to take a stand against India. It is ‘all the rage’ to denounce Hinduism. You get your names in the papers. The same media industry that confabulates minor Hindu issues to elicit far higher disproportionate outcries. The same media industry will glorify you for your next shot of 15 minutes fame.

    Everyone can be a martyr for an anti-Hindu cause. The Hindu targets will not respond. So you become a hero without shedding a drop of blood. Who knows, if you swear at non-responding Hindus long enough, you may be exalted to the hoary status of a Periyar or Karve or Albright !!

    Wendy Doniger has become an anti-Hindu martyr. Touted as a ‘target of the fanatic Hindu far right’. Why? Because she had a measly egg thrown at her. And even that allegedly!!

    The view of Nobel laureates do not count for much if they contradict plain and irrefutable facts.

    I assure you that GB tries to be perfectly neutral. Far more ‘right wing’ posts are deleted and rigorously edited than ‘left wing’ ones. So what you are saying is nonsence.

    And why would Arnie, Utsav et al be chamchas of GB? How do you know they know each other? How do you know they collude and conspire as is the standard feature of chamchagiri?

    Your posts today are high on rhetoric yet weak on facts.

    I certainly think so. The follwoign esteemed people held in in extremely high regard :
    – The Blairs
    – The Reagens
    – Mitterand
    – Thatcher (I’ve heard)
    – Indira Gandhi
    – George Washington
    – ISAAC NEWTON (who often defending it in debates)

    Franklin and Newton claimed that there were very few competent astrologers around. Bur a good astrologer can tap in to a body of knowledge that current 5-sense science cannot even dream of.

    This does not make it a science. I certainly don’t believe in it at all (Vivekananda was opposed to it). But when Newton AND Franklin believed it had some truth in it, I cannot completely dismiss it.

    I would not introduce it as a University Science subject though !!!! 🙂

    A completely hapless and non-plussed Manmohan Singh on the raging and uncontrollable inflation engulfing the country “I am not an astrologer. But I am confident that the price situation would be brought under control (20 Jan 2011).

    Yes Mr Manmohan. You are not an astrologer. But you would have certainly made a far better astrologer than a PM.

  78. Oye H2B2,

    Tor answer keu porchhe na. Nobody is reading your big long answer. Because we read all that craptrap when you guys were trying to sell astrology, vedic mathematics, Upanishad-based physics, and all that. You guys are a blot on the face of the country. Laughing stock. Always up to trouble, trying to kill and bomb and create tension for faltu religion-based things. And now you dare to sell your home-grown terrorists like Asemanand?? Chal bhag! Petition marano hochchhe…

  79. oh my gosh! I guess moderation from India is a bit of a problem?

  80. Oye H2B2,

    Just to let you know – there are people (like me) who are silently reading your interesting posts and valuable perspectives therein. To say the least, its invigorating. So, thank you and please don’t get distracted by your detractors who are intellectually (!) impotent to understand the glory of Hindu heritage (as well as discourses on them … vedic maths to astrology)

    The current discourse on Swamiji and others remind me of Sir Vidiadhar Naipaul and his writing on the under-current and churning of Hindu sentiments from the lowest levels of Hindu society – something unheard of before as most uprisings are lead from the top. That the Hindu society is utterly frustrated is best illustrated in his writings as well as others like Nirad Chaudhuri.

    As for Swamiji, honestly, I’m not sure who’s playing whom. But I read this interesting write up in Vijayvani that I wanted to share with the interested readers.

    Good luck to you and keep writing!

  81. lo aa gaye aur ek hindu talibani. didi, we are intellectually too stupid to appreciate astrology as a science, but we do recognise alumni of Hindu Madrasahs when we see them. hain na utsav, h2b2, arnie sirji, aur others…

    anyway you all are busy typing in blogs these days, having been rejected by the voters. that’s why you’re trying to create votebanks by bombing and other conspiracies, selling terrorists like asseemiandna-ji etc.

    typist-er dol…

  82. @ Kutsav,

    I find your fear telling (‘tomra ki daanga chao?’ and ‘aa gaye hindu Talibani’). Sir shara jibon bhoye bhoye matha nichu korey crawl korle ke cholbe? So you actually fear the real talibanis or the maoists in and around west bengal – but rather than confront or name the true evil, you exhort us not to rock the boat – noy to daanga hoye jabe 🙂 Denial of evil is not going to save you.

    Ektu meru-dondo ta shoja korey haathtey shikhun – bhalo laagbe 🙂

  83. arnie dada,

    meru-dondo shoja achhe. mathatao porishkar achhe.

    you hindu madrassah guys are creating petitions for hardcore terrorists which are signed by few dozen people, writing on blogs etc. you’re a group of typists now…you will be liquidated within the decade…so keep typing…it won’t save your terrorits from hanging…bujhli!

  84. @ kutsav,

    er..if ‘hindu madrassah’ guys like us are so few in number that we would be ‘liquidated’ within a decade then why don’t you turn your attention to the real problem 🙂 Why so scared sir? Afterall you do use terms like ‘madarassas’ and ‘taliban’ but preface them with the word ‘hindu’ – so you are aware of certain problems which you must be really scared to spell out. Not asking you to do anything really courageous out here are we? 🙂

  85. @ kutsav (contd)

    Unless of course you desire to ‘liquidate’ us (your words) because you come from an original madrassah (as opposed to a ‘hindu’ one)? In which case I must congratulate you – for you have learnt your lesson well 🙂

  86. H2B2/arnie,
    If this genius “kutsav” has the ability to think then he would read your response and think. But the problem is that he can not think, he can only go for a personal abuse when he reads something that he does not like. Remember, fear psychosis yields weird behavior pattern and stockholm syndrome as long term consequence. Most chhhecular bengalees become chhecular because that helps them forget their incompetence of overcoming their fear psychosis.
    When talibanis are burning the house of his neighbors, Kutsav can continue to dream about “hindu talibani” and their upcoming “liquidation”. I guess if this supposed “hindu taliban” is so insignificant then their liquidation would not be prayed for so eagerly.
    Is it the word “Salaat” more applicable than “pray”?

  87. liquidation is already afoot and electoral reality and rejection of obscurantist politics is already there for all to see, except the few like you who have undergone mogoj-dholai. more dawai is coming…consult your astrologers…ostrich-like mode will not save you extremist terrorist hindutavas…good luck with the petition…this swami/terrorist will hang…

  88. @ kutsav,

    You seem to avoiding the questions by weakly pointing to elections. I assume you believe that BJP supports Swami Asimanand and by extension we should assume that you are a CPI-ML maoist supporter who supports Dr Sen 🙂 (I know you didn’t say anything about Binayak Sen, but you did ask a rhetorical question whether Nobel Prize winners were ‘chutiyas’ to sign such petitions so we can assume that you have sympathy for their views). Now I don’t really follow indian electoral statistics as I used to, but I believe that BJP is doing fairly better than the CPIML?

    However, BJPs electoral chances do not really interest me – it is you who keep making this fallacious correlation that anybody who claims Aseemananda may be innocent must by default be a BJP supporter. If you grow up a little and read a bit, you will probably learn that the world is really not black and white like that (but I guess 30 years of party rule has taken its toll on education. Your english is certainly an indicator as is your powers of comprehension).

    My dear sir, let Aseemananda be first charged by the courts just like Binayak Sen has been, then I’m quite happy to accept the courts verdict on the matter. I do not really need the crutches of Nobel prize winners to decide for me whether a person is guilty or innocent 🙂

    I notice you have now given up your freudian slip of ‘hindu taliban’ and ‘hindu madrassah’ and have opted for a more generic ‘hindutvas’ – what happenned? the ‘party’ or your alumni were annoyed? 🙂

  89. Kutsav,

    Thank you for saving us from the right wing ranting.

  90. arnie dada, thanks for the long post which unfortunately i didn’t read.

    the only thing i can say is that failure leads to confusion, and confusion leads to lengthy explanations and posts. the math, on the other hand, is very clear.

    Even the parent party sees the electoral trends and tries to distance itself from terrorist elements which disgust the voters. Elements like you, utsav, h2b2, debadrita etc. who are still playing astrology politics and petitioning for terrorists are commiting political suicide. We actually encourage you – keep going.

    This Swami Aseemanand/terrorist will hang for his attacks.

  91. @kutsav and fellows

    Using words like “liquidation” of Hindutva supporters will not help your cause, whatever it is.
    Hindus are waking up, and you have to learn to live with it. I know it hurts people like you, to see Hindus wake up after a thousand years, but hey! there are a billion of us here, so learn to live with it, and move over when asked to.

    We ought to keep the discussion civil, and try to understand each other.

    First, please see the content of the letter in support of Swami Aseemananda

    If you disagree with the content (which you seem to have made obvious quite abusively), then tell me why you support Binayak Sen?
    It would be prudent to suggest, that you do so based on the content of the petition rather than just spew hate against Hindu revivalists (and Hindu women, as you did once).

    And please do not use words like “liquidation”. The last time that word was used, just 30 years back, Jihadi Pakistani Army soldiers killed more than two and half million Bengali Hindus in Bangladesh (1971).

    Yes, that many Hindu Bengalis were “liquidated” by the real Jihadis just 30 years back.

    So, those of us Hindus who have woken up after a thousand years are serious people, and that will not bode well for you or people who believe and think like you.

  92. Hi Kutsav,

    You seem very determined to completely miss the point, time & again & again. It is being clearly outlined to you by 4-5 people, in plain English, yet you fanatically refuse to even open a single eye-lid.

    We are repeatedly saying is that if Aseemanad is truly a murderor, by all means he should hang, so hang him, and the lakhs of other religious mass terrorists.

    Yet our key point is that there is NO evidence yet to suggest he is one. There are no chilling tapings of mobile convesations like the libraries of Pak-LTTE valentine whispers to their Indian sleeper cells. There are no photos of an ugly Kassab wallowing around in blutlust picking off hapless childrenn in true ghazi fashion.

    What we have against Aseemanand are a few straggling pathetic confessors with broken limbs and puffy faces. In any other country such baseless trumped up charges would be thrown out of court. But only in a seethingly Hindu-hating India can such flimsy evidence be used to not only incarcerate people, but stage their indictment.

    They tried doing the same against Shankaracharya. It became so embarrassing then that they had to silently withdraw ALL charges and slink away like a cheat caught red-handed.

    That is the point. And you are not getting it beecause you refuse to read? You have called Arnie’s short post of 3 paras LONG and refuse to read it!! There seems to be something seriously wrong with your ability; that is why you always have to run away from the issue under discussion and harp on the same three things ad nauseum :
    “Your posts are long so I won’t read them”
    “Aseemanad will hang and ohh what larks”.
    “You are all a bunch of fanatics playing obscurantist politics”

    Nothing new. Nothing else. Balal’s points may have been completely off the mark but at least he was trying to say something. The issue was he couldn’t write more than 2 paras before jumping in glee in to a cesspool of an*l imagery. And he was saying his few points 30 times over in the span of 2 Xmas days.

    But in your case it’s even worse than that. Belching out you screeching ruckus Like a broken record. I recommend you go back to being Balal, and dispense with the embarrasingly obvious Ls and pro-baals.

    India under the BJP is EVIDENTly enjoying unprecedented success in Gujarat and Karnataka. While the true face of secular forces is open for all to see in UP & the Bihar opposition. A bunch iof evil, corrupt, stealing, inept, obnoxious bloodsuckers. These are plain facts.

    Your complete inability to deal with the overwhelmingly plain facts of the situation are not only forcing you to run away from the issue, harp on your pathetic 3 line theory (sic) again and again and again, adopt a srting of pseudonyms as frequently as Berlusconi has bunga-bungas, but also having to resort to false soundbytes too. Thus we are all jyotish-politicans even though most of us, and the BJP, do not even believe in astrology, and the episode was an irrelevant issue even when MM Joshi toyed with the idea for a short while. Well how’s this then?
    – You support the Congress and ‘secular’ forces.
    – These forces are partial to Pak-Islumic terrorist activities in India, even protecting them from scrutiny by framing Hindus if it suits their dirty politicking,
    – A key facet of Pak-Islumic terrorism is widespread baccha-bazee / baccha-bareesh.
    – So your cascading support makes you a supporter of baccha-bazee as well.

    So you are evidently playing p*dophile politics. Of my jyotish politics and your p*dophile politics, it is plain to all (except you) which is preferable. Infinitely.

    And to boot the Congress is a criminal organosation which has been exposed as looting the country of BILLIONs. No wonder they are jumping up and down trying to frame others to divert attention.

    The BJP has failed in the ballot box because
    (a) BJP are not savvy, just a bunch of good intentioned people who have no idea of how to deal with seasoned hardcore veteran criminals like the Congress and its goons.

    (b) Congress have kept the country in the ignorance of illeteracy so they can continue their plunder, leaving BJP states like Gujarat to blaze the torch of female education, &

    (c) the entire anti-India lobby has played a seasoned game of collusion, bribery, sleaze, corruption and betrayal to enable the perpetuation of mass loot and plunder. The pathetic revelations about the media-kepts have exposed the audacity of the charade.

    Well guess what? You continue to pine away for the murder of people like Aseemanand even before any proper shred of evidence ahs been produced. While monumental changes are slowly taking place as evident in the Bihar elections.

    Monumental changes.

  93. H2B2,

    Probably megalomania is your issue – longer the post, the better your Party’s prospects appear to be. Actually, longer the post, longer the excuses of failure. When you lose, you over-analyse. Facing innings defeat, you’re thinking of how many sixers you’re gonna hit! Ostrich-like behavior…sticking head in the ground…

    Bhai, let me give you a piece of sound advice. Forget this terrorist Aseemanand, distance yourself. Don’t go down with a sinking ship for your own Party’s sake. Jah – free-te gyan diye dilam! 🙂

  94. Hi Kutsav, Let my type out your response for you to save you the trouble. If you find it difficult to read, it must be infinitely more difficult for you to write.

    “Ore H2B2 haramjaada. Keu porche na tor post. Aami to ekta line-o porchi naa. Even though aami tomaar protiti line-ke quote korte paari.
    – Your days of peddling ayurveda & jyotich are numbered.
    – You’ve lost in the ballot box (Bihar? Sheta aabar kothay?)
    – Hee hee hee. Assemanad swami/terrorist/BJP/RSS/H2B2’s chacha all rolled in to one is goint to hang. Aha kee anondo akkashe bataashe. Gache gaache, paakhi daake … Goldar orderta to diye rekheichi.

    H2B2. Tor lombaaaaaaaaaaaaaa post keu porche na”.

    This summarises it, yes?

    Sorry for the length of THIS post. You remind me of someone who attended an interview.

    Interviewer – “Oh. It says here you can do 30 words a minute. That’s good. 30 words in shorthand or typing?”

    Interviewee “No, sir. Reading”. 🙂

  95. @ kutsav

    Sir, we even gave Ajmal Kasab (from your neck of the madarassa?) a fair trial and a right to appeal. What you are advocating for Aseemananda is what a Taliban shura would do to a kafir (or a Maoist kangaroo court will do). So yes – you have learnt your lessons well 🙂

  96. arnie syar, all of these diatribes against popular media evaluation of aseemanand wil not get you far – the man is guilty, everybody except the fundamentalist brigade accepts it. he will get his due – you may think that the media and the courts of the country are like kangaroo courts, but those are the ravings of fringe fundamentalists.

    think about it – except for a handful of fellow Hindu fundamentalists and a string of pseudonyms, who else supported aseemanand or signed some arbit petition? boss….time to wake up…raving against the legal system and calling it names is laughable 🙂

  97. Sir,

    Petitions mean nothing – like I said it is not an indian idol contest where the most votes count (specially ‘voters’ like you) 🙂

    Ah – hindu fundamentalist now? not hindu taliban? 🙂

    (if you could point out to where we have ‘raved against the legal system’ – is this taquiya?

  98. @ kutsav (contd)

    Infact you are the one who seems to be pre-empting the courts by stating that Aseemanand will be hanged (‘will be hanged’ mind you – not even ‘should be hanged’) 🙂 Like I said – that is how the taliban or Maoists operate – not civilised folks 🙂

  99. @arnie,
    Give it up. Why would you need anti-Hindu chronic abusers to sign anything for Aseemananda? No matter what you are going to say is not going to change his (or her) views because he is talking to you to abuse you. That is his objective. When he can not answer he would tell you that he is not reading your response.

    If you are still looking at your blog, then here is a confusion. When people like Rishi or H2B2 leave certain links that can direct people to “right-wing” propaganda, then you find inspiration to edit them out because the links do not strengthen your secular-liberal cause. I am somewhat amused to see that you consider words like “haramjada” as helpful to your cause. Or is it the case of that famous freedom of expression where only certain expressions are permitted?

  100. @ Siddhartha

    Thats all right. Our friend kutsav is not particularly bright and possibly suffers from Attention Deficit Disorder. This combined with a deeprooted inferiority complex has led him to outsource his thinking to his ‘superiors’ – the ‘popular media’ (as he puts it) and the nobel prize winners. His ‘group think’ actually makes him a victim not a perpetrator. He can probably assimilate one thought at a time – so we need to break up our points into separate posts to help him digest facts 🙂

    I wonder how he felt about the Babri Masjid verdict by the Courts. The ‘popular media’ was certainly disappointed. They called it a ‘Panchayati’ verdict 🙂

  101. cholo to discussion khatam. maan liya. high court supreme court all are kangaroo courts. astrology is a science. newspapers tv channels all are spouting anti-hindu talibani propaganda. aseemanand-ji ko bharat ratna de dao.

    good luck in the next elections 🙂

  102. @ Siddharth

    As you can see – a perfect example proving correct my conjecture about Kutsav’s ADD (attention deficit disorder problem).

    The issue started with the Binayak Sen lobbys petition to overturn an Indian court ruling (so presumably it is this lobby which believes that India’s courts are a Kangaroo court and cannot be trusted). I’m not sure what standing petitions have on a court judgement, but presumably the court ruling must be wrong because nobel prize winners have signed a petition!! 🙂

    Then a statement is made that Aseemanand WILL be hanged because not enough people are signing his petition – besides he MUST be guilty because the ‘popular media’ is saying so.

    When gently reminded that the courts are yet to charge Aseemanand of anything (unlike Binayak Sen) and if indeed he is found guilty by the courts then so be it – we are told that we are ‘hindu taliban’ who do not believe the ‘popular media’ (that paragaon of virtue as evidenced by the Radia tapes) who have already pronounced him guilty (and so this must be true):)

    This diatribe finally ends with – BJP will lose the elections no matter what happens! So I don’t blame people for feeling slightly nonplussed 🙂

  103. @ Arnie
    You sound a lot like Greatbong. One day all you Hindu losers will have to stand in front of the Lord and his Son, the Christ.

    Tokhon dacha Jaabe.

  104. Ahha, the holy ghost has finally shown his true face. A bong-speaking Jesus lover heh!!! Now, opposition to petition for Swamy Aseemananda is very clear, after all it was Aseemananda who was engaged in anti-conversion activity.

    Seculars in this blog, you actually need to declare how many of you are lovers of Jesus or Mahammad before you assert your “secular” credentials and put your “logical” quest to hang criminal “hindoos”.

  105. jallabra fake baniye chhere dilo…dhur morugge jak chaddir bachchha katlam

  106. Dear Kutsav, why are you fleeing and leaving a trail of invectives? At least grant us the privilege of your brilliant mind’s verdict on the Godhra train carnage? How those black magician BJP wallahs have now falsely convicted 31 completely innocent members of the arch religion of peace?

    Those BJP wretches must have used occult jyotish spells.

    Kutsav batso, gaali diye palaao keno? Godhraar bhardicter montobyota to diye jao. Ki bhaabhe jyotishi kele-jadugor BJP 31’ti niriho shantir-dharmo-baadider khooni baniye dilo. Shallara nischoi kaalo-jyoitch abolambon koreche.


  107. arnie da, montobyo dite khoti nei. rss-er shonge onek discuss korechhi. akdin orkut piwb comm-a chole esho, nijer naame debate korbo. right-reformist congress, tobe tomader shonge alochona korte amar khoti nei.

    tomra mass base harachchho. generational kaaje adventurism-er jaiga thaka uchit noy. mass is not ready for pro-active violence – reactive violence kichhuta holeo chole. amra nijeder ichchha moto ain pash koriye nilam 26/11-er pore. karon sheta reactive.

    tai aseemanand type-er anarchist pro-active terror element tomader mass base-a aghat korbe. beshirbhag media tomader haate nei – amader haate. distance koro oishob element theke…

  108. @ H2B2, Arnie, Utsav …

    Mitras, Hindus, Swadeshis!

    Plz don’t waste your time and effort on people of c-grade intellect such as Kutsav … here he is simply following the hit and run tactic … a time-tested tactics of his ilk.

  109. H2B2-

    Happy New year! Firstly, I am glad that the bypass surgery of your dad went well. Secondly, thanks for your long comments. Millions of people worldwide wait with bated breath to read your comments, which are characterized, as always, by lucidity, logic, Italo Calvino like magical prose, cogent arguments and thrilling ripostes. In an indirect way, you, Utsav and Hujur have been responsible for the Egypt revolution. Yes, there is still dangerous scepter of I hanging, but trust me, your messages hit home even the most radical I’s.

    Notice the discomfiture some of your comments have caused amongst the sick left-liberals. Their recourse to personal attack is a vindication of you and your views. You must have said something right! I envy your painstaking efforts to cure these mentally ill retards. You are actually doing them a favor by trying to drive home a message. You must understand the contrarian psychology of a left-lib and the reason for his I ass-licking and ass-sniffing. The left-lib likes delusion and mind-control. He loves communism. In I he sees a similar closed system model, which he unconsciously admires and respects. By the same token, he frowns upon Hinduism. Seen from this viewpoint, his apparently irrational reasoning now makes perfect sense. Thus, in a hypothetical situation like the one described, this is how he will behave:

    In a dark alley, a man is trying to rape a woman while another man tries to prevent him. They hustle and grapple and eventually someone pulls out a gun, which falls on the ground and is kicked towards the left-lib, till now a mere spectator. He picks up the gun and breaks the fight with threats of shooting. He learns that the perpetrator is an I who is trying to rape an H woman while the man who came to her rescue is also an H. At that moment, the I man shouts out, “I am a H. I am a H.” Left-lib sees red mist and uses the pistol butt to break the nose of the man, shouting “Sale H, you are more dangerous than an I, with whom I philosophically and emotionally connect with!.” Now then man will plead, “Sir I am actually an M.” The left-lib will repel in disgust. This is something that cannot happen. This fact must be changed. Reality must be distorted to reflect the intended perception. So he will shoot the H guy and girl. They are now silenced. They will not say in any court of law what is uncomfortable for the left-lib to hear, that an M did something bad based on I. Breathing heavily, the M guy will say, “Sir, will you shoot me in the head now?”. Left-lib bends on his knees and gives him a mouth-to-mouth kiss which will move just about anybody by its emotion and reverence. Then he will wipe the bloody nose of the M and smile and say, “Jao. Go home.” Incredulous, the guy will whisper, “But why are you doing this Sir? ” Left-lib, while leaving, will turn around, wink and say, “Because you are an M. Bye!”
    Does this hypothetical left-lib seem like the typical Indian pseudo-secular?

  110. @yourfan2,

    Does this hypothetical left-lib seem like the typical Indian pseudo-secular?

    Nope. He is the real secular. The behavior is not particular Indian or Hindu, blaming the victim when Islam is involved in the crime is similar across the world. It does not matter if the victim is a Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard (his comment to a blogger – “One of my old friends from the left, he said last year to me ‘There are many who say that if something happens to [you], you were asking for it’ — that it would be my own fault.”) or French commoners who can not drive on certain roads during Muslim prayer time (French lefty leader Olivier Besançonneau’s defense: ‘Are these not the new slaves? Is it not natural they should unite with the working class to destroy the capitalist system?’).

    It is left who, for years, have defined how secularism would look like in academia and media. If few ‘secular’ people decide that they have different ideas from this dominating left, then they will quickly loose their reputation, example – Christopher Hitchens, one time darling of the left, now accused of being a neo-con.

    The concept of war has long moved from field of war and border. The war of twenty-first century have to be fought at all fronts: academia, media, books, movies, seminars, skyscrapers and government policies. War for dominating these fronts are going on in the west, in India, we have already lost these fronts to a coalition of Islam apologists and left. Since we have lost them, there does not exist a voice of dissent in our public discourse and left-Islamic coalition is doing everything to take down only institutions that are still not within their reach – army and to a large extent judiciary.

    The ‘free Binayak’ movement needs to be placed in this context. Left thinks that it has grown so powerful in this country that their influence can trump the judicial process of this country. This is not just a one-off incidence. This is going to be a template if it’s successful. The forgery case against Teesta let-us-burnsome-kar-sevaks-alive Bibi and sedition case against genocide Suzy will eventually come to the court. What to do about them?

    Left also thinks that it can use it’s disproportionate influence to punish every opposing ground worker using state power. The opposition, abuses and ad-hominems to those who demand a fair trial to Aseemananda exactly reflects their impatient intolerance to any voice of dissent. But then why would not anybody demand a fair trial to Aseemananda? Every Indian including Sen, Teesta Bibi and genocide Suzy has a right to it. But do the likes of Jatin Chatterjee stand a chance of fair trial. If the three-year long detention of a certain Pragya Thakur without trial does not give us a clue, then nothing will.

  111. Mana, desi bahut gandh machate hai waiting areas par. I have also been victim of Thai boxing… But lungi and toothpaste wala stuff I guess is exaggeration, India ko itna bhi backward mat samajhiye sir.

    Anyone has noticed, while flying away from India… All the bachelor’s would be constantly moving their heads in all possible direction to look for the hotest babe on the flight and then expecting her to be seated next to him. Unfortunately, that doesnt happen. But, if happens, ladki ki lag jati hai

  112. H2B2 dada said “BJP are not savvy”. Going by the above posts, I would say he is right – too much emotion, and too little tactics.

    See – even after foaming at the mouth about it for thirty odd years, you haven’t been able to make the word “secular” dirty in popular discourse. Why? Probably because you’re foaming at the mouth. And see on the opposite side – we have already managed to make the word “Hindu” somewhat dirty – at least more dirty than it was twenty years ago…

  113. Very well said Sid! All very valid points!

  114. @kutsav.. i have been following this blog for quite some time now. This is the first time i found something really stupid(your posts). can you please cut the tripe and stop stinking.

  115. @ Kutsav,

    Sorry boss I don’t believe you have the intellectual capacity to debate with me. You are just full of bluster (‘media amader haathe’, I think Shekhar Gupta of IE tried some of that stunt once and kind of fell flat on his face), and I don’t think you know much. Incidentally amra ki ain pash korlam after 26/11? 🙂
    And what do you mean by a ‘right reformist congress’? 🙂 I thought congress was the closest thing to prostitution in the country. They will sleep with anybody for the right price – Muslim league in kerala for e.g 🙂

    But, ultimately the political discourse will be determined by economic management and not by how ‘secular’ one is (as Laloo Prasad found out to his cost). Which is why MMS is PM at the Centre and the fastest growing states have CMs from BJP / NDA. If MMS cannot manage the economy and the perception of corruption facing his govt, the NDA will come to power and no amount of ‘media amader haathe’ will change that 🙂

  116. Sure, political discourse will be decided by economics. If good governance, economic management, and anti-corruption are the planks, why are certain urbane sections among your ranks still harping on the dog-eared campaign against secularism?

    After all, we’re not the ones who playing variations on the theme (chhecular, pseudo-secular, etc.) 🙂

    Anyway boss – forget it. This thread’s old now. Sorry for the bluster 🙂

  117. Kutsav,

    Eat your heart out !! It appears that your bête noire (BJP) is growing from strength to strength, in spite of your wishful thinking. Looks like you need to pray harder and go easy on the Jishu Juice.
    Enjoy the videos, pictures and articles:
    Narendra Modi popular with Bohra Shia Muslims
    Narendra Modi finds popular support amongst Sunnis and Ismaili Shia Muslims

  118. @ Kutsav,

    Sorry boss the only one who has been harping on secularism at the expense of logic on this forum has been you 🙂 Now why aren’t I surprised you couldn’t get it? Secularism isn’t an issue in India. It is our way of life – it wasn’t bestowed on indians by the congress or left parties and it can’t be taken away by BJP even if it tried. So the only ones who bring up the . importance of ‘secularism’ are the ones who are trying to fool the people. Like Laloo Prasad. Sooner or later – the system vomits them out 🙂

  119. Hi anon, that’s a curious reversal of cases. Secularism certainly isn’t an issue to me – I thought it might be an issue to people who float petitions for terrorists like Aseemanand.

    Anyway – if secularism isn’t an issue for the right, I don’t have anything more to say – good luck with campaigns based on good governance etc.

  120. kustav,

    Lets talk about the Sharia law, shall we? If India is a secular country, why the hell should a certain group of people get that kind of privilege? Can you tell me why your so called secular party is so against the Uniform Code?

  121. @yourfan2

    Kutsav is not a Shariah-follower. He’s a Bible-thumping Jesus-freak (like his godmother Sarah Palin). So you may want to rephrase your question to him.

  122. @ Kutsav

    Sorry – that previous Anon was me.

    Again with the ‘terrorist’ tag for Aseemanand 🙂 You seem very quick to dispense verdict. Presumably this is based on your belief in the ‘popular media’ 🙂

    I don’t suppose you see the delicious irony between your these two statements: ‘Do you think popular media who are calling Aseemanand a terrorist are fools?’ and ‘media amader haathe’. The problem with folks who retain useful idiots like you is that unless they have you on a short leash, you end up invariably damaging their cause 🙂

    And incidentally – when pondering about secularism (I though it WAS an issue to you though now you claim it wasnt). Do notice that historically all genocides have been caused by the abrahamic religions or the leftists. So maybe you should start wondering whether it is India’s hindu ethos which preserves secularism in India rather than the other way around.

  123. Arnie da,

    In a democracy with “free media”, one of the first jobs of a party that wants power is to embed itself deeply into the media landscape. That way, power structures determine what passes as acceptable, and what passes as laughable or dangerous (or even insane, if you’re into Foucault – it’s amusing how the Western Left, after its retreat in the last few decades, has given us very sophisticated theories of power structures). It also determines what passes as “national debate”.

    The fact is, we have done a far better job at this than anybody else. Just a fact.

    There is a huge scramble to appropriate the word “terrorism” across the spectrum – “Muslim terrorist”, “Maoist terrorist”, “Hindu terrorist”, “developmental terrorist”. The basic theme is – label a disruptive anti-establishment force as terrorism, and you’ve won half the perception battle just by a name and an association.

    Trust me – as a running dog of the establishment, I’ll continue to call Aseemanand and his ilk terrorists, the irony notwithstanding. I’ll blare it from rooftops at the drop of a hat.

    Not sure why you’re surprised…isn’t this what you guys should be expecting?

  124. just loved the way the blog comments moved from bongs on planes (perhaps more dangerous than snakes on planes)…to aseemanand, terrorism, binay sen, maoist movement, sharia law et al. we are amazing!

    GB, i loved your post and totally empathize with you. being a non-bong kolkatan by birth and subsequently by choice, the ciruit i well known to me…but yes – the cal-bangkok flites with the “daily passengers” is absolutely the worst flight I have taken anywhere in the world. ANYWHERE includes small planes on domestic circuits in Indonesia, Myanmar, africa and bangladesh amonst others!

    We can never ever respect a line. we just dont know the concept of standing in a que without cutting through.. but to be honest, it is not just bongs but indians as a whole…we Indians find out strenght in numbers and hence most international flights to India face this scenario. Rude, obnoxious and overbearing and often racist – Indians are the worst kind of fliers. BUT, take the same poltu da and maladi and chinna thambi and make them a small minority on a flight (especially one where there are lots of caucasians) and see them behave themselves.. that time not a bloody squeak will come out..

    lovely post…really liked it

  125. @ Kutsav

    Good – at least now your motives are transparent 🙂 No I’m not surprised but just curious why you would continue to try to run down that particulae route when interacting with a broadly logical/ liberal set of interacters on this forum. Now if you were making this case at JNU, it would be a different story and I would applaud your methods 🙂 Here we try to be dispassionate.

    The problem with embedding yourself with the media too much is that soon you find that the ‘tail starts to wag the dog’ (Fox news and the Republicans for instance). And often that gets the public to react rather differently to what they want (e.g Obama elections). In an Indian context, think of the media expectation built up around Babri Masjid verdict or the Godhra verdict. You find that the ‘secular’ media is running around licking its wounds. Now if only they had stuck to facts rather than annointing themselves the role of dispensing justice – they would have remained more credible – no?

  126. Hara hara bom bom March 2, 2011 — 8:32 am

    Hi kutsav da,

    I know that many can and will leverage all the unholy benefits the Congress has criminally accumulated for them in its 60 years of misrule, jerrymandering, deception and nation-wrecking.

    They will utilise, at least temporarily while the arbitrage lasts, the benefits of a pliable and disinformative media.

    They will drink deeply from the well of an established India-hate lobby masquerading as foreign critique.

    They will continue to perpetuate the misery of farmer suicides to busily rocket their purloined funds in Swiss accounts.

    They are amazing people on a daily basis only by the deepening nadir of turpitude they can sink to.

    But that does not make it right.

    There are many who shall continue to speak up for what is noble, what is right, and what is true. Irrespective of the sheer weight of unholy advantages their opposition musters.

    They are the nation builders. They are the preservers of civilisation.

    And they shall prevail.

  127. hehehehehe…this is so funny…the humor in the article is lost in this endless debate on binayak sen…completely wasted..
    last time i flew back to kolkata via lufthansa there was this old bengali couple sitting behind me. when the hostess asked them if they wanted a drink the uncle kept saying spirit spirit…which i finally deciphered to be sprite…but the air hostess thought he was asking for ‘spirits’. the auntie kept scolding him afterwards saying….’tumi spirit spirit korcho keno…ki chai ta ki…’ i could hardly suppress my giggles…

  128. I don’t believe the bit about the guy in the baniyan with toothpaste :-).

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