The Greatbong Rain Song List

[Updated with an 11th song that just had to be put in (thanks Tejas)]

11.Lagi Aaj Sawan Ke Phir Woh [Video]: Statistics show that when a man cheats on his wife and gets caught, 64% of the time he says “But darling, when I did it with the other woman, I was thinking only of you. Only your chehra was in my mind.” This song captures that excuse perfectly. Lalit (played by Vinod Khanna), feels the hots for employee Chandni (Sridevi) and that transparent yellow sari she wears isnt helping matters any. But since he is a virtuous hero, he cannot show lust.  And so we have him reminiscing sadly of his “dead wife” (Juhi Chawla) dancing sexily in the rains, as a surrogate for the person he really wants to see getting wet.   How noble. Water I tell you. Plays so many tricks with your eyes. And your morals.

10. Aa Jaa Jaane Ja [Video]: Salman Khan has always been the patron saint for heroines and beauty queens looking to make their mark in Bollywood. At one point of time,  Pakistani import Somy Ali was his..err…muse. In this sensual song, she combines with wind, enormous quantities of water  and Sunil Shetty’s  ” Is that a dumb belle to romance or a  dumbell to lift?” ferociously confounded expression to create a classic. Film students study it in class, repeatedly and with frequent pauses of the VCR buttons, for the artistically back-lit shots of Somi Ali in a window, a technique of silhouetting that would be applied in many rain songs sometimes called the “Anth effect”.

9. Bheegi Hui Hain Raat Magar Jal Rahe Hain Hum [Video]: The night is drenched and yet we are burning. Only two things can make you feel like this. Having too much to spicy food for dinner in July. Or  when Ayesha Jhulka gets up close and personal.

8. Aa Raha Hain Maza [Video]: Normally in a rain song, it’s the woman who catches your attention. There are some exceptions to that rule. In this song from “Sapne Sajan Ke” Rahul Roy totally steals the thunder from Karishma Kapoor. Not that she doesn’t try with her old “Prem Qaidi” lusty expressions. But she is no match for the Roy. He is a force of God. Okay so he has reed-thin arms, a pigeon high-body-fat-per-centage chest and even a slight paunch. But that does not prevent him from taking off his shirt, such is his Dada-ian spirit. I don’t know about you but a lot of men would be quite insecure making love in a room full of galloping horses, considering that whole “hung like a horse” thing. But so much “maza” has been brought on by the rains that the man here does not care even if he comes second best in the comparison. Respect.

7.Its Raining [Video]: Anu Malik once tried to go international. He made an English version of “Kaali Kaali Aankhein” whose lyrics “You look to me a virgin, a virgin, a virgin,..Outside you are a woman, inside you are a child” made the song allegedly a favorite of Roman Polanski. But he will most fondly be remembered for the iconic “It’s raining” with its austerely simple “Dekho baarish ho rahi hai, It’s raining, it’s raining, it’s raining, Mera dil ro ra hai, My heart is paining, it’s paining, it’s paining.” which has become an anthem of people afflicted with ischemic  pain in the rainy season.

6. Sawan Ka Mahina: [Video] “Sawan ka maheena, shaadi bina muskil hai jeena, We want girl beautiful, beautiful, charming tiptop beautiful, beautiful, Julie Noorie Bobby ya phir chalegi apni gali ki Meena.” Rarely has the pining for sexual contact (euphemistically referred to as “shaadi” ) been so adroitly expressed in words, a desperation that makes men make do with even gaali ki Meena, no matter how she looks like. So powerful are the lyrics, so tasteful Ajay Devgun and Kajol’s “wannabe Mohra” outfits, so graceful Kader Khan’s steps and so enchanting is the flylike Haunnn Haunnnn refrain that this song makes my list, though there be not a drop of water in it.

5. Na Jaane Ladki Kahaan Se Aayi Hain: [Video] A shop selling “Bush” stereo systems. Dancing guys in white baniyaans, black rain coats, suspenders and sombreros playing violin. A broken steering wheel. A statue with a light which flickers when kissed. There goes a transparent umbrella. And oh skeleton umbrellas too. A tire swings by. Sunny Deol, without remnants of human skulls on his shirt, rushes by the camera doing the chicken dance. Sridevi making expressions to be copied later by Shilpa Shetty and I believe Kate Perry.  Women. Not. Coming to hand. Supremely surreal this song is. Makes you wonder—Why would anyone do LSD when one has 90s Bollywood?

4. Mere Chhatri Ke Neeche Aja [Video]: Many boys of our generation, and they may deny it today in their old age, felt the chivalrous urge to wantonly shout “Aila Ailaa” and then sing “Mere Chhatri Ke Neeche Aja” on observing some Kamla, Vimla or Salma caught in the rains without an umbrella. Such was the impact of this iconic song wherein Naseerruddin Shah, Javed Jaffrey and Aditya Pancholi (all playing killer commandoes in the service of the country) offer their umbrellas to an assortment of beauties including the slender Guddi Maruti and some “laddies” of doubtful gender.  Why “was” impactful? It still “is”. Because even now men use the line “Tu mujko de de tujhe lakh dega rabba” (If you give it up to me. God will give you lacs) to draw women to their brollies. While experts debate endlessly whether Rihanna’s “Ella Ella Ay Ay” in “Under My Umbrella” is a hat-tip to “Ailaa Ailaa” of this song, there is no doubt that it has inspired many inspired knockoffs, two of which are presented here [Video1, Video2].

3. Aaj Rapat Jaaye [Video]: What would happen if mainstream Bollywood met the alternative Hindi movie industry of the 80s?  Commercial would immediately start unfurling the sari of  art. That’s exactly what happens as two giants of the two parallel worlds, Amitabh Bachchan and Smita Patil, meet in “Aaj Rapat”. Not that we are complaining as the screen sizzles with raw sensuality with Kishore Kumar’s voice providing the pleasure-magnifying lubricant. This is the stuff of legends.

2. Tip Tip Barsa [Video]: In “Mohra” Raveena Tandon tells Akshay Kumar that a girl will commit suicide from an abandoned building at a certain time and only he can come and save her. Acting on the tip, he walks into the song “Tip Tip”. And oh what a song it is. Raveena Tandon throws everything at the camera and I mean everything. The Anth effect is liberally used, the waters of the Bhakra Nangal are let loose on the heroine, Akshay Kumar (this was when he was Master Chief and not the Master Chef that he is today) runs the gamut of emotions—from befuddlement, annoyance to final acquiescence till he, like the audience, becomes khada main saahil par.

1. Chhatri Na Khol [Video]: Some of you will be surprised to see this as my number one. There is something about this song that just does it for me. Maybe it is because it has Shilpa Shirodhkar, my undisputed dream queen growing up, more woman than anyone else (literally), churning the waters like only she can. Maybe it is because from “Gopi Kishen”, an exceptional work of art most famous for making Sunil Shetty dance in a Tshirt that said “SODA” and a scene with Shilpa Shirodhkar and bananas. Maybe it is because it has one of my all-time favorite lines “Main bhakt hoon Hanuman ka, ayoonga na tere haath mein”. Maybe because Poornima and Kumar Sanu were created by God to sing such songs.

I don’t know what it is. But every time I hear “Chhatri Na Khol”, it suffuses me in pleasant melancholia, like a good drink does on a night when the rains beat on the window pane with their million nervous fingers.

“Maza ayega mulakaton mein, bheeg jaane de bheegi raaton mein”.

It will be fun getting together, so let me get wet on a wet night.

Yes madam. Isn’t that just what the rains are for?

78 thoughts on “The Greatbong Rain Song List

  1. List is too good,but still I believe the no.1 song should be Tip Tip Barsa pani

  2. Sumukh Herlekar July 9, 2011 — 4:03 am

    you forgotthe classi where sunn ypaaji dances like there is no tomw..dil mera churane laga from angrakhshak

  3. Two Sunil Shetty songs….that too about rain & wet nights. Thanks 🙂

  4. Oh…feeling nostalgic…
    surprsied someone else also noticed the “SODA” on Suni”e”l Shettys t shirt. He was a rage then, my cousins literally used to worship the man.

  5. Love the list and the pics.. Love all of them.. Apart from these I like Is Baat Ka Bahana Achha Hai (Platform), Bhaage Re Mann, Barsaat Ke Mausam Mein (Najayaz), Dekho Zara Dekho Barsaat Ki Ladi (Yeh Dillagi), Rimjhim Gire Sawan, Boodon Se Baatein (Thakshak), Dil Mera Churane Laga… The only one I can think of that I don’t like is Barso Re Megha (Guru). Nostalgic post. Thanks 🙂

  6. ROFL! The post supplies every bit of humor. Had I been in your shoes, I would have added one more to this list. Anu Malik at his best . “Let’s play Holi”. I agree it isn’t a rain song but getting drenched such awfully and Priyanka’s diaphanous attire does give any typical “rain song” a run for money 😀 😀

  7. shaktikapoorfan July 9, 2011 — 4:13 am

    “Maybe because Poornima and Kumar Sanu were created by God to sing such songs.”
    Being a Kumar Sanu fan I am hurt. 😦

  8. I gather the criteria for this list disqualifies Ek Ladki Bheegi Bhagi Si featuring Madhubala.

  9. @Anannya: Yes then I would have to have “Rimjhim Gire Sawan” and suchlike. But you can, in any case, find them on all “decent lists”.

  10. 🙂 Loved it as always 🙂
    Super-Like 🙂 🙂

  11. That’s vintage greatbong…and after a long time 🙂
    absolutely loved it..

  12. I’m surprised “Rain is Falling Chama Cham Cham” didn’t make your list

  13. Alas there was just 10 spots. It was a tough decision.

  14. Amazing article. But then, Suniel (or is it Suneil) did not wear a t-shirt saying SODA. He actually wore a proper shirt.

  15. ha ha ha ha…this is too good 🙂 ohh the SODA on suniel shetty (which btw i think was in the siong ‘Shehar ki Ladki’ ? ohh, my all time ‘random fav song’..
    Cult !

  16. the humour.
    “such is the dada-ian spirit”
    *cough cough*

  17. As far as women and rain songs go, I doubt if anyone can hold a candle to Zeenat acting out – teri do takiye ki naukri mein mere laakhon ka sawan jaaye. Seriously, watch that one again, from Roti Kapda aur Makan is memory serves me right.

  18. @Payoshni, the Soda Suneil Shetty song is ‘Hai huku hai’ not Sheher ki ladki.

  19. Another Great July 9, 2011 — 8:47 am

    Too good GB ….. glad that vintage GB is back, enjoyed thoroughly your last three posts 🙂

  20. No “kaate nahi kat-te ye din ye raat” from MR India ???????

  21. Oops , sorry it was a wind song not a rain song I guess!! 🙂

  22. khub bhalo Greatbong! 🙂

  23. It hurts me immensely to see Yalgaar’s ‘Baarish ka bahana hai’ not included in the list.

  24. “But so much “maza” has been brought on by the rains that the man here does not care even if he comes second best in the comparison. Respect.”

    “What would happen if mainstream Bollywood met the alternative Hindi movie industry of the 80s? Commercial would immediately start unfurling the sari of art.”
    How do you come up with such lines :)…Mind Blowing GB.Thats one of your best posts I have read in a long time.Classic GB.

  25. “What would happen if mainstream Bollywood met the alternative Hindi movie industry of the 80s? Commercial would immediately start unfurling the sari of art….” ..thats legendary..classic gb.. …..
    few of the songs which did not make to the list wud be… mere khwaabo me… kajol’s thunder thighs.and SRK racing a plane.. and dekho zara dekho barsaat ki jhadi.. a total ripoff of na jane kahaan se aayi hai albeit more suggestive….and yes some1 can send this link to Suniel shetty… for once he has beaten akki at something…

  26. on a foot note : was watchin Waqt hamara hai today and realized nothing looks more handsome than Suniel Shetty with red lipstick….

  27. I just saw Aaa raha hai mazaa song and realised what Rahul Roy is doing in this song… its jus becoz he is soo huge that his XXXL size shirt is like a gown for karishma…..I guess we know y likes of aamir khan were not casted… If only…sigh…..

  28. What about that mellifluous ode to Satyam (Raju awara barsaat mein)?

  29. Two more songs I completely missed out but love from the 90s – Sawan Barse ( and Jo Haal Dilka ( :))

  30. Surya,

    Please do not confuse “rain songs” with “waterfall songs”.:-) “Jo Hal Dilka” is of the latter type.

  31. Hmm.. wasn’t there a bit of rain there as well? Ok, may be not. I guess I went by the whole ‘get the woman wet’ line of thought 🙂

  32. I remember Sunil Shetty used to be a bigger star than Akshay when both started out in the 90s action flicks. It was only when Akshay switched to comedy that he pulled ahead while Shetty was left in the sidelines.

    Anyway, very entertaining post, brought back a lot of memories from the 90s. And thanks for taking the effort to get those awesome screenshots … they add 4 moons to the post!

  33. Women and water….they make the world go around.

  34. Still can’t get over this. Suniel was wearing a shirt with SODA on it, not a t-shirt. This is almost blasphemy. Almost made me utter “boka soda”.

  35. You have criminally ignored one of the greatest and most subtle rain songs – Meri Chhatri ke neeche aaja…

  36. Baarish ka bahana from Yalgaar is missing. Did it slip off your mind? 🙂
    Its also a great song!

  37. Thank you thank you thank you! While reading the list I was hoping Chatri na Khol is num 1. Gopi Kishan will always be a classic, just like Suniel Shetty’s SODA shirt and the dialogue “Mere do do Baap!”

  38. @tejas/GB
    which one is it?
    c)none of the above?

  39. Nice one…But you missed a song from Saif Ali khan and akshay kumars movie from ye dillagi “Dekho Dekho barsat ki ladi” don’t remember the lyrics

  40. @ Kushal
    you mean “Dekho zara dekho…”

    This one is one of my fav songs from my school days.

  41. Karthik Krishnan July 11, 2011 — 5:13 am

    What happened to the Deepti Bhatnagar Song from CObra , VCR head after VCR head had been lost pausing it on the precise moment

  42. @Aditi,
    yes yes…that one..another of my fav !!!

    somedays, when am totally delirious at work, that is what i sing to keep myself awake 🙂
    Hai huku Hai haiiii !!!

  43. @Utsav
    yes thats the one I am talking about.Thanks for sharing link.I like that song very much.

  44. Brilliant stuff..but now u need to do a piece on Shetty Anna..please??

  45. Rajesh Shankaran July 11, 2011 — 7:43 am

    GB – there was one song with Kishen Kumar, Kanchan and an NRI actress which went “Saawan jo aag lagaye, aag woh kaun bujaye”….I really think that is a big time miss in this series.

  46. Man, what memories. Soda shirt-Hai Hukku-South Point girls teasing me with Hi Subbu Hi Subbu Hi Hi (I swear it was Hi and not Hai Hai!). And me trying my best to walk with the Shetty-Swagger but failing miserably!! Boss, woh bhi kya din the!!!!

  47. The most memorable one for me would be Tip Tip Barsa Paani … I still remember the Solo Song Competition on 15th August when I was in Class 3 or 4 … We were expected to sing patriotic songs or suchlike … But such was the effect of the song on me that I rebelled against my song teacher and went completely ballistic singing this song … Ah!! The chaos that ensued after was classic and memorable!!!

  48. Here is one huge list of 109 Bollywood rain songs titled Ek post Bheegi Bhaagi si.

  49. Absolutely howlarious!

    Our version of the Hollywood beach bikini scenes, the wet sari rainsong was one of the basic ingredients of the formulaic films made in the 80s & 90s…And it would somehow manage to crop up when the situation would be absolutely tense and the hero was about to bash an army of henchmen into submission! Wonder how you missed out the Manoj Kumar/Hema Malini which was in Kranti was it?

  50. Our version of the Hollywood beach bikini scenes, the wet sari rainsong was one of the basic ingredients of the formulaic films made in the 80s & 90s…And it would somehow manage to crop up when the situation would be absolutely tense and the hero was about to bash an army of henchmen into submission! Wonder how you missed out the Manoj Kumar/Hema Malini which was in Kranti was it?

  51. What about “Chup Gaye Sare Nazare?” featuring Mumtaz/Rajesh Khanna ?
    It cant go wrong 🙂

  52. What about this one:

  53. Where do you get these amazing pictures from ???
    Sunil Shetty in red lipstick has a fatal fascination ……
    Great work Arnab !!!!

  54. LOL lol. Ironically, I have a latent desire of being in a hot rain song with one of RTDM’s commentators!

  55. Sweet Jeebus. I am going to visit Kolkata during Durga Pooja after 19 long years and I “God promise” …if Aaj rapat jaye comes on the “mike”, I will jump up and start dancing no matter what!

    Wonderful list.

  56. @yourfan2

    I only wish you would also have a latent desire to join Utsav and moi in defending what is left of Bengal. Time is running out for the land of your ancestors. Do you wish to be part of a stateless people, like the Hindu Sindhis or Kashmiris?

    You cannot claim that you do not know the facts and statistics and extrapolate it to see where we are headed. You are too well-enlightened, erudite and intelligent. Yet you would like to limit yourself to playing golf, plugging Shan BBQ masala and fantasizing about hot rain songs (not that there is anything wrong with that). But I am sure you can do better than that ! 😀

    “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

  57. AWESOME LIST!!!!
    Point number 8 had me laughing so hard, my colleagues wondered what was up 😀
    Obviously, since they are guys, I didn’t bother to show them Rahul Roy’s torso !
    As usual, a wonderful read.

    BTW, waiting for The Mine to reach Indian shores.

  58. Praveen Manchal July 13, 2011 — 6:54 pm

    Hilarious ! Loved the list,”But since he is a virtuous hero, he cannot show lust”, this was like laughter riot !..

  59. dude… brilliant work. super super super writing 🙂
    do visit us

  60. Hilarious. Unfortunately you haven’t included a single son honouring my dream queen when I was growing up, viz. the unbearably luscious & buxom Madhuri Dixit 😛

  61. lol…rotfl…i am in heaven…my innermost feelings and fantasies have been exposed on this post

  62. the Suniel Shetty “SODA” episoda and hai huku are national treasures which secretly keep indians alive…Suniel Shetty is the soul of India

  63. what about dekho zara dekho barsaath ghadi? from yeh dillagi
    fairly entertaining

  64. By the way it’s raining cats & dogs in Chicago at the moment and this list is playing on my laptop. Perfection!

  65. Arnab da, did you consider: “Barsaat mein jab aayega saawan ka mahina”
    Movie: Maa starring Jeetu & Jaya!

  66. How come you don’t have Raju Awara Barsaat Mein..the classic song from Gunda Mawali? Unfair..

  67. The list of good rain songs can be big, but 2 which i like are:
    1)Barsaat ke mausam mein from ‘najayaz’
    2)gore rang pe itna na gumaan kar.

  68. What about “kuch mere dil ne kaha”from tere mere sapne??? Surprised to see no one mentioning it?? Something about the melody that just makes me want to let my sheer curtains fly as it throws pearls of water on my face on a rainy day! Find this song so sexy!!!


  70. there was one song on vinod khana (yes you read it right) and anu agrawal. lord. it was some rain song 🙂

  71. Classic post. I missed most of the movies and these songs or maybe they didn’t make such huge impression on me (even) if I watched them? (pride and prejudice was the ‘sexiest’ book I read growing up) and I consider myself a huge on bollywood even though my family would fast forward all the songs in hindi movies..heheh. I do still have tendency to “ff” most songs. Must be a ‘coming of age’ boy thing to watch and get impressed by these hugely ‘impactful’ songs LMAO. I still cannot get the “Soda” reference of Suneil Shetty.

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