The Mine Launch Event Is Today

If you are in the NCR, please do try to be there for the official launch event of “The Mine” at India International Center Conference Room III and Lawns from 6:30 pm where I shall be in conversation with noted critic Jaiarjun Singh to be followed by a open QA session involving the audience. The book, or blog and/or anything else will be discussed.

No invitation cards are required. Please walk right in. [IBN review of “The Mine”]



28 thoughts on “The Mine Launch Event Is Today

  1. Will Chetan Bhagat be the chief guest?

  2. As you can see, Jaiarjun Singh is the chief guest.

  3. Best wishes!!! After the discussion and drinks, drive safely!!

  4. dada,is the book being autographed by you at the center?

  5. Will be there! Already have the book though πŸ™‚

  6. Satyendra, Yes of course. For those who want it autographed.

  7. All the best for your new book. Will I be able to buy a kindle version?

  8. Kindle release in February end for non-Indian territories.

  9. Utsav Chakrabarti January 27, 2012 — 2:28 pm

    Good luck with your release.

  10. Any dates on the availability on Amazon (in US, actual book, not kindle)?

  11. When done with the launch, a review of Agneepath- part Deux should be on tap.

  12. Krishanu,

    The actual book wont be available in the US. No US publisher. Only Kindle version.

  13. Read the book in two sittings. Even though there are a few loose ends – it had a great number of twists and turns, esp at the end – even more than an Abbas-Mustan thriller!!! But there was too much gore and sex – not suitable for kids!

    But a great addition to the “lomharshan” series – like Pritish Nandy, I feel, it has the makings of a great horror movie! I only hope it is not Vikram Bhatt who makes it (in 3D)!

    All in all, for the readers of this column, I would say – Grab your copy now!!

  14. please update about the event

  15. Have read good reviews about the book. Looking forward to lay my hands on this one. When will it be available in

  16. Sorry, its already there at Indiaplaza. Just ordered it….

  17. It was great to finally meet you in person.wish you all the success.will eagerly wait for the sequel of your ‘ekdom nongra boi’.. πŸ™‚

  18. I read your first book.. February 2, 2012 — 11:11 am

    and it was horrifying.. So I guess this will be hilarious. Good Luck

  19. Just ordered the book on flipkart !! Looking forward to it…reviews are excellent, so hope it meets my expectations.

  20. couldn’t come to Delhi book launch 😦
    but fantastic going GB…wish you all the luck

  21. GL W Y Release

    @Utsab, Bengal Voice and H2B2- Happy New Year

  22. thanks yourfan2

  23. Preordered the book. Recieved it sometime in mid Jan and finished it in a day. Sadly though it felt like a rushed book, half baked at places and left me disappointed.Like most of your writing and so i guess expectations were a little higher.

  24. @Arnab
    Best of Luck with the Mine launch events in different cities.

    Thank you, my friend. Happy New Year to you too !!

  25. Loved the discussion that I got to have with you at the Chancery Hotel. It is always an interesting experience to get to know the author’s thought process and view points of episodes in his own book.

    Great Book. and Great meeting you!!


  26. @GB: Thanks for yesterday’s event and thanks for signing the books.

    However, what I didn’t remember to ask yesterday was a follow-up to Shreyashi_di’s question about the iPad/iPhone books.

    Now, not to sound like a fanboy (again) I would like to say that Kindle is fine but would eventually lose out to the mighty iBookstore (you know how mighty they are). What’s more important is the number of people using an iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad for various things vs the number of people who would be buying the Kindle *only* for reading books. And, that is pre iBooks Author data .
    Hence, for your next book an iBooks version is what many of us (people outside India) would like to see (it adds a bit of glamour, you see πŸ˜‰ ) or better still, both iBooks as well as Kindle.

    It’s a shame though that neither could be signed upon … 😦

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