On the News Hour Tonight


[Parody. No vocal chords were harmed in the making of this post.]

Arnab G:  Ladies and gentlemen, we have broken many stories here on the News Hour over the years. But nothing, ladies and gentlemen, nothing will have prepared you for the story we will be breaking here today, exclusively on Times Now, something that will dwarf the 2G scandal, Gujarat 2002, Coalgate, Coffingate, Commonwealthgate, Bill Gate, Seagate and Stargate.

I have, in my hand, (brandishing papers in front of the camera), conclusive, CONCLUSIVE, proof that I have been impersonated on Twitter. I have this impersonator today with me here in the studio, now, at the top of the hour, a man who goes by the name of Arnab and runs a blog called “Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind”. I will be asking him a simple question. A simple question, because I am a simple person.

And that question today, is

“Will you apologize to the nation now or will you apologize later?”


[Split screen comes up. ]

ArnabG: Mr. Arnab, I have asked you  a most simple question. Will you apologize to the nation now or will you apologize later?

ArnabR: I have not impersonated you in any way and so I do not…

ArnabG: Since you will not answer my straight question, I shall ask it in a different way. Do you deny that your name is Arnab?

ArnabR: Just because my name is Arnab does not…

ArnabG: I have in my hands here, your birth certificate, your higher secondary exam certificate, print out of your Facebook profile. Do you want me to read the name on them out to you? Or for that matter what you got on your Bengali second paper?

ArnabR: I am not denying my name is Arnab. All I am saying is..

ArnabG : [Smug smile] There, I have exposed you.

ArnabR: But I have not impersonated you. My name may be Arnab but…

ArnabG [Looking towards the camera]: Ladies and gentleman, I have in my hands the proof. The exact proof. Which I shall now show and ask my guest to answer.

Now please tell me, do you have a program on any TV channel? Do you? I watch television, Mr. Arnab, and I do not recollect having seen you there, correct me if I am wrong. Of course since I am never wrong, I will not give you a chance to correct me. It is evident, from this document which Times Now is in exclusive possession of, that people think you are me and you are trying to make them think that.

ArnabR: I know about that tweet. Yes.  Not people. Just one person mistook me  for you. How is that my responsibility? How can you say on the basis of that…

ArnabG: Crib as you may, cry as you might, I have exposed you.

ArnabR (smiling): No, you haven’t.

ArnabG:  You are smiling, which means you know I am right.

ArnabR: No. I have never tried to claim I am you in any way. My last name is different from yours, as you can see.

ArnabG (now smiling): Last name? So you accept, on tape, that this is your last name? Which means you have had other names before, and this is just the name you have now. The last name. The latest name. [More smiles and turning face away]. Resistance is futile. I come back to my original question. Is it time you apologized?

ArnabR (throwing up arms): Why don’t you let me explain? I have never, even once claimed to be…

ArnabG: Don’t look so exasperated just because you have painted yourself in a corner . I am sorry to have to say this but what you are doing is what we call, passing the parcel, passing the buck, trying to divert attention. I will open the floor up now for a seven-way debate [Camera pans away to show seven squares]. We have with us Sanjay Jha of the Congress, Mahesh Jethmalani from the BJP, some person from AAP who I think stays here in the studio only, and three other people whose names I am not bothering to give you, because I have no idea who they are, nor do I intend to let them speak.

Now, my question is for you Mr. Sanjay Jha, will your party ask this man to apologize now or will you make this an election issue?

Sanjay Jha: Arnab, may I make a request?

Arnab G: You may.

Sanjay Jha: Can I have a bit more time? Because I have been unable to link this issue to Modi. Give me twenty more seconds, and I will have something in the form of a feature comparison grid.

ArnabG: [Turning front to camera]: Ladies and gentlemen, we have guests asking for time to speak. This is the first time I have seen someone asking for time to be silent.

And now, Mr. Mahesh Jethmalani, will you respond to Mr. Jha’s allegations? Or shall I interpret your white kurta as a flag of surrender?

Mahesh Jethmalani: First of all, I would like to ask a question to my esteemed Congress colleague. Do you…

Arnab R [shouting]: STOP IT. STOP IT ALL OF YOU. Will you let me speak for God’s sake? I HAVE NOT IMPERSONATED ANYONE. My name is Arnab and there is nothing I can do about it. If you make a mistake confusing me with someone else, that’s NOT my problem. Not MY responsibility.

Arnab G [smiling again]: Ladies and gentlemen, by interrupting Mr. Jethmalani  as he was going to speak and by shouting INTO THE MIC, this man has shown, on network TV, in your living rooms, that he indeed is trying to impersonate me. I stand vindicated. The nation demanded an answer. Now it has it. Your apology is accepted.

Coming up, we have another debate on yet another outrage and what exactly that outrage is, I am so outraged now that I cannot remember. ON THE NEWS HOUR TONIGHT.

45 thoughts on “On the News Hour Tonight

  1. if there was a prize to convincingly mimic the visual/ vocal experience of News Hour in a non-visual/vocal medium – you have achieved the impossible and have done it:-)

    1. Hahahaha. Exactly. This guy achieved brilliance just now. xD

    2. Yes this was a truly splendid post!! literally could imagine Arnab bellowing away these lines!

  2. Ha Ha Ha HA ….. introspective silence…….. chuckle…… hahahahaha…… second glum introspection, the truth of it…… chuckle on the “last name”……. hahahahahaha…… sad state of our media……… long drawn sigh!…. excellent post as ever!

  3. Indeed, i am really outraged right now. Really, Did anybody ever mistook you..LOL..really funny.

  4. very good, the show which started on a serious note is now more a comedy with Arnab G’s loyalty towards THE DYNASTY is an open secret

  5. Oh, First ? Yesssss!

  6. Superb, superb.
    Media is the biggest joker now a days.
    May I recommend a blog (if you are not aware already): http://www.mediacrooks.com

  7. “Shall I interpret your white kurta as a flag of surrender?” – I was chuckling, smiling and all of a sudden at that line I couldn’t help myself and burst into a Rakhsas-style laughter.. incredibly funny, but at the same time it very much depicts our media..

  8. Hahahahaha. Now, reading this was definitely a great start to the day.

  9. I read it through without realizing that I was impersonating Arnab G’s voice.

  10. “some person from AAP who I think stays here in the studio only”


    I believe this person is Shazia Ilmi who acts as ArnabG’s sidekick in bashing all political parties.

  11. Too Good .. thumbs up … nowadays media is rubbish .. never interested in NEWS rather imposing their own VIEWPOINT… bunch of jokers milking millions…. SHAME!!

  12. way awesome! the nation (or at least me – part signifying the whole and all that!) demands to know, where is mr lalani whose tweet opened these gates to arnab-town?

  13. Is it a compliment or an insult o_O
    You have a way of silencing people too,Arnab.

  14. Hilariously true depiction of the media, today!

  15. Hillarious!! 😀

    Surprisingly everyone who is commenting on the sad state of media, and Arnab Goswami’s shouting and screaming on the TV’s is a regular viewer of the show!! Including me.

    I don’t know whether to feel happy or sad about it.

    1. Exception please.
      I have heard so much ABOUT ArnabG, but never had the misfortune of actually hearing him.
      It is because Tata-sky charges some amount for the english news channels. I will never forgive myself if I dish out one paisa to watch these hyperventilating anchors.
      However, after this gem of a post, I was forced to go to youtube to watch one. Great entertainment this.

  16. vintage GB …. what a read !!!

  17. i am sharing a link to this article on FB .. just can’t resist

  18. I don’t know what is funnier, the person on twitter thinking you are Arnab G or this post….in fact, both of them are equally funny…..and the ending EPIC 😀

  19. sanjay jha ne to kuch bola hi nahi … ye to aise hi hua jaise crime master gogo bina ankhein nikale gotiyan khele

  20. Simple superb. To be honest, i am able to visualize the entire show along with its theatrics when reading this post.

  21. ROFLable piece (if i may use that word). But as every point mentioned about people somehow connects to the way they talk/behave, I failed to connect the point that “some person from AAP who I think stays here in the studio only” to any person. I have seen a lady member representing the party in almost all talks though 😉 But why would you say that (s)he stays in the studio only?

    1. Maybe because I never see AAP people on any other program. Mainly because they are very marginal in their influence.

  22. Imagine your namesake yelling on live TV: “Zalzala jaag utha hai! ab laashen aise girengi jaise chhote bachche ki …”

  23. Wow.. Hilarious, you captured the perfect tune in a sarcastic way. great work Arbanda.

  24. Utterly butterly brilliant! This is what ROFL posts are all about 🙂 Superb !

  25. This post should be called “Return of the Great Bong, as we knew him”

  26. @”Ladies and gentlemen, by interrupting Mr. Jethmalani as he was going to speak and by shouting INTO THE MIC, this man has shown, on network TV, in your living rooms, that he indeed is trying to impersonate me”

    Great ending. The only reason why Arnab is more populer the Barkha’s and Rajdeep’s becasue He is not that open boot licker of either CONgress or Pakistan. Though TOI run a pethetic campaign called Aman ki Asha still during Discussion on Indo-Pak Arnab come across as a Indian Army soilder.

    1. I think his father’s army background might be one of the reasons for his pro-Indian-armed-forces stance. And TOI surely has a business agenda in Aman ki Aasha. Nothing else can explain how the media house can continue with the strong anti-Pak stance on Times Now and also support creepy Aman’s obsession with gullible Asha.

  27. That was hilarious! I’ve been going through a tough time and your posts and tweets always make me smile. Thanks for that.

  28. Wondering if you replied to the tweet

  29. Hahaha too funny!! Made my day!

  30. The parody is of fox news. A successful business model replicated in true rd burman style and pritamian spirit. Arnab, as always, is loudly correct! Selusion of grandeur anyone?!

  31. delusion moderator!

  32. I read the whole post in your infamous namesake’s voice.

  33. haha brilliant, you have taken on the roaring lion of Indian media..but don’t you think he is the one impartial chap out there? ‘My Name is Arnab and I am not an ArnabG’ 😉

  34. As usual, very nice. Yes, he surely is a drama king and does get carried away during the debates but in all fairness, he is unbiased, a quality almost extinct among Indian journalists…

  35. Wonderful post! A good take on AG’s ways 🙂

  36. “I have in my hands here, your birth certificate, your higher secondary exam certificate, print out of your Facebook profile. Do you want me to read the name on them out to you? Or for that matter what you got on your Bengali second paper?”
    Too good…….

  37. and How I loved this post !!! Been long havent had a good laugh 🙂 Thankyou so much

  38. Man you are awesome………
    Such a hilarious post, had a great laugh…….
    Sarcasm at its best…..:D

  39. Ha ha–ArnabG’s show is itself a parody of news debate. So here we have a parody of a parody. Good stuff. I think people miss the fact that ArnabG is a good performer who can consistently deliver a laugh. I mean he competes with other prime time entertainment–you’re not supposed to take it seriously.

  40. you have outarnabed the clown!

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