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Official Congress stance










Nitish Kumar-ji


Delhi cocktail circuit




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Internet “Hindus”




85 thoughts on “Reactions On Modi Becoming BJP’s PM Candidate

  1. The problem is getting bills past parliament would be as difficult as it is today. I don’t think much will change as far as the economy goes.

    Hope the voters give him a somewhat clear majority.

    BTW by “damad” if you are indicating Rob Vadra then it is spelt as “damaat”.

  2. Vintage Greatbong, as someone said in a previous post. Loved the idea of using GIFs. You are adding newer dimensions to your style of humor. Like Dravid adapting to T20 or SRT playing the role of sheet anchor. Keep more such posts coming. All the GIFs were very apt.

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  4. Hahaha, Modiji’s reaction as Daniel Bryan’s “Yes Yes Yes” is awesome!!!
    But Rahul Pappu’s reaction takes the cake πŸ˜€
    But does everyone know that Daniel Bryan copied his “Yes Yes” chant from UFC Fighter Diego “The Dream” Sanchez? πŸ™‚

    My reaction will be the same as Diego’s reaction in the above gif hahahahaha πŸ˜€

  5. I like the caption Internet β€œHindus” πŸ˜€ but Mr.Modi also requires clear majority to fulfill his promises….. alliance government will pull him back in case of decision making…..

    • true! Bt if BJP is consistent in their projection of him as their candidate, without the in-party disagreements being leaked out, it could make the cut.

  6. ROFL….Superb! Have been howling with laughter, showed to others in family :)) Brilliant. And yes, GreatBong, I also want to acknowledge your courage; because in India it takes courage to express!

  7. Well you missed the left….they would give some priceless reactions as well!
    And as far as the common men in India are concerned (the kind who don’t watch NDTV and Barkha’s rants or are blissfully distanced from the zillions of Modi fanboys on the internet, by virtue of not having access to internet)….probably they should shrug their shoulders and say “Who dafaqq is Modi??”

  8. You missed the RSS. For an unelected, unrepresentative, regressive organization that is not accountable to a single citizen of the “World’s Largest Democracy”, getting this close to lording over the fortunes, not to forget the morals, of 1 billion people, this must be a pretty big day. Too bad you couldn’t find an animated gif of the dancing chaddhis!

    Motor mouth Manish Tiwary seems to have woken up to this fact only today though!

    Arguably, Modi Fanboys will turn into ardent saviors of democracy if the Darul Uloom Deoband pulls the same power-behind-the-throne stunt in some hypothetical future government though…for now, their time would be better spend wondering whether twitter and facebook warriors can win an election for their man. Someone called Imran Khan from our friendly neighborhood to the west may beg to differ.

    • if you have read “Breaking India” by Rajivji, you would be surprised that the power-behind-the-throne stunt is already being pulled in Kerala, Tamilnadu, Andhra etc . by the clergy and imams. Not to mention the vatican is active with its politics in most countries specially can be seen in Africa.

      • Wonderful. So I guess the solution is to have RSS at the center and show these suckers! Always looking out for Indian democracy, the cream of today’s youth…:-)

      • Add West Bengal to it. When Imam Barkati and Ghutiyari Sharif says “jump”, both Trinamool Congress and Communists say “how High?”.

        Pseudo-seculars like Shubs are case in point.

    • Whew! Couldn’t restrain the outburst of your bile, could you? Try considering this if & when you cool down & manage to get rid of your blinkers…
      Almost all of your ‘criticism’ of the RSS applies to the NAC as well..

      Hand-picked acolytes? Check. Pseudo-secularists? Check. Majority community-bashers? Check. Vatican agents? Check. Closet Deoband supporters? Check. G-family boot-lickers? Check.

      All that you say of the RSS applies to NAC – unelected, unrepresentative, unconstitutional, unaccountable to the nation & gets to decide which commission/study’s findings are correct (read acceptable. In essence, gets to “decide” what the facts are), frame arbitrary laws & provide policy-making ‘advice’ to the elected representatives.

      You accuse RSS of lording over the morals of the nation.. And you conveniently fail to notice that the NAC gets to lord over the nation’s perception of reality itself?!!! (The NAC ‘decides’ who the needy sections of the society are & who deserves the government’s largesse.)

      • So congratulations on replacing one set of mai-baaps with another! Ultimately, people always get the government they deserve. Till date, I’ve seen very very few constructive
        arguments about why this set of sycophants surrounding Modi Baba is better than those surrounding Rahul Baba. If one has the patience to wade through the tired and familiar
        fanboy slurs about “paid congress agent”, “pseudo-secular”, “vatican agent”, etc., all one finds is an argument about how the Congress was even worse. It’s sad really, this very
        Indira Gandhi’ish cult of personality around this man.
        Apparently the “best administrator” India has today, in the words of his fanboys, stood by helplessly (and completely innocently of course) as one of the darker events in modern Indian history took place under his watch. Apparently, a man who has ruled virtually unopposed for multiple terms, surrounded by yes-men in his political circles and even in his bureaucracy, will miraculously make the deserts bloom and milk and honey flow, while in charge of a fractious, unpredictable coalition government at the center, with mercurial regional satraps looking for the next hundred crores to loot and the next political ladder to climb.

  9. My reaction (And hopefully most balanced Indians’ reaction): At least, we have an option. Far from ideal, but pragmatic and workable. An option whose possible dangers are known and containable, unlike congress’, off which we don’t even know to what hidden depths they can fall.

  10. As a neutral observer, would like to see some third party data on Gujarat’s key performance indicators before and after Modi.

    Data on healthcare, education, infrastructure, GDP, corruption, crime, environmental performance etc. before and after Modi, and its comparison against some benchmarks would be a wise idea to evaluate Modi government’s performance.

    If the net result is positive, can his policy be extrapolated to national level?

    Any takers?

  11. Indians wants development, job creation,education & growth. We also want good governance. We do not want corruption, scams & misrule.Congress failed on all these fronts. It has tried to divide & rule on basis of religion, caste , language & regions.
    We must now vote for leaders/Party who can give us clean Government, has development as main agenda. I think I can bet on Narendra Modi, who has proved himself in Gujrat.

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  13. It’s been almost a month, GB. Pappu has had a “nonsense” moment, Besharam has tanked, Chennai Express has broken all BO records and the rupee has been on a roller coaster ride. Where are you?

  14. @Kumar
    Adding to your list –
    – Sachin/Dravid retire from T20. Sachin get 50K runs. MI win CLT20.
    – US gov shutdown.
    – Sensex rebounding

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