Ragini MMS 2—The Review

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One of the many things I do not understand about the world is why people would pay money in a theater to see Sunny Leone  in a half state of undress doing tepid things that would pass through the sieve of Indian censors when they can see her fully RTI-ed online doing bahoot hi krantikaari stuff for free.

It’s like someone getting a business class upgrade and then sitting coach-class right next to the lavatories, where the seats don’t even go back.

I never get it.

Because that’s all Ragini MMS 2 is.

Sunny Leone in lingerie and baby dolls and a song that has the words “baby doll”.

The first Ragini MMS was a passably good horror Hindi movie, given the severe restrictions of the Indian horror genre, stuck as it is in the scantily-clad lass in peril mode since the days of Ramsays. There were some nicely done moments, Rajkummar Rao is always good in whatever crappy role he is put in, and Kainaz Motivala’s demurely voluptuous charms captured through strategically-placed cams I at least understood the artistic reason for.

But Ragini MMS 2, with Sunny Leone playing a character called Sunny in the same way Himesh Reshammiya plays characters called Himesh (Himesh’s gratuitous cleavage being a horror movie in itself), is a disaster in every sense of the term.

The story? A bunch of to-be-dead-meat stereotypes go to the haunted bungalow in the center of the woods, the only massive bungalow in India that Kejriwal would not ask the governor for. The Marathi Manoos chudail of the first part returns and she not only hates North Indians but also North Americans like Sunny, as she ends up entering and then possessing her, but not in the way we are used to seeing Sunny entered and possessed.

The standard shit then happens.


It’s not that Ragini MMS 2 does not have horror. It does. The movie is a hit. That’s terrifying in itself. There are dialogs like “Yeh porno se Rituporno kaise ban gaye”. The actors seem to have been paid by expression, so over-the-top they are. There is a sequence where Sunny Leone simulates an orgasm to show how difficult it is to act in pornographic movies. There are deep-throating scenes. No not what you think. Literal deep-throating. The camera focusses down onto Sunny Leone’s tonsils and a finger is shown inside her, and no once again, it is not the Bulli ki ungli type. Tanmay Bhatt, one of India’s most famous stand-up comedians, has a one-some scene in the dark with very little connection to the main plot. And finally the first screen that comes up, the very first screen, says “The film does not encourage any illegal action of girl kissing or anti scientific activity”.

Yes ladies and gentlemen. It does not support blind superstition nor does it condone the “illegal action of girl-kissing”. So you can choke your chicken without guilt. Which also the movie does not allow for it announces “No birds were harmed during the making of the movie”

On the topic of girl-kissing, a passing comment. Yes this movie has a “girl-kissing” scene between Sunny Leone and Sandhya Mridul, which was prominently played up during the promos, is as awkward as Vadra’s pink trousers. Now here is where Ragini MMS 2 pisses me off no end. This is one thing we know Sunny Leone does very well. And yet watching that kiss is like watching an Yuvraj innings of today, you know he can do better and you expect that any moment now, he will show us what he has showed in the past and yet that moment never comes. (Suggestion:If you are into steamy same-sex action, I would much recommend Ranveer and Arjun Kapoor’s shirt-ripping, male-nipple-wrestling in Gunday over this vapid non-sequence.)

Summing up, Ragini MMS 2 is somewhat like MMS’s UPA 2. It delivers nothing.



8 thoughts on “Ragini MMS 2—The Review

  1. Ankit Chandrawat April 25, 2014 — 2:10 am

    Me first. Finally an iPad. Phew !

  2. (Just because I have seen people do this here)

  3. Outstanding review with all the tricks and escapisms that GreatBong is renowned for! Made me happy 🙂

  4. Arnab, as a Maharashtrian and a Grammar Nazi, allow me to please correct something. Manoos means ‘Man’ in Marathi. For woman, we say Baai.

  5. haha .. thank god for crappy movie and then you reviewing them

  6. nice review as usual Arnab.. here’s wishin you review more of such crappy movies as the posts are more funnier

  7. awesome gb…made me smile in a dull day…what would we do without u…))))

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