Good Bye Dr. Singh


Good bye Dr. Manmohan Singh.

You had once said that you hoped that history remembers you more kindly than the present does. Given that history at least in our country is written by a cabal of  historians that are ideologically well-oriented towards your world-view and viscerally opposed to your opponents, you might very well get your wish. Be as it may, and I would not grudge you the odd hagiography, the thing is Dr. Singh I will not remember you kindly.

And let me explain why.

You failed as a leader.

National crises make even ordinary leaders like George W Bush look good. Except you could not pass for a leader even then. When our nation was in peril like as on 26/11 or our people were agitated like after the Delhi gang rape, you surfaced, almost always too late, with a prepared statement that had in it as much passion and hope and spontaneity as a tax form. Now the cynical intellectual in you may scoff at this, but alas when the country is attacked and terrorists do what they do, spread terror, ordinary people often just needs to hear a firm and reassuring voice. Yet the abiding memory of one of the most dastardly acts of aggression this country has seen will remain  your most efficient Home Minister changing his bandhgalas like Suchitra Sen changing saris in a song sequence, and the resounding sound of silence from supposedly the most powerful person in the country.

But then your friends will say you were not that kind of leader. You were never the orator, the rouser of passions, the mover of crowds. You were the quiet academic, the idea-person, the “less words more action” type of man. Even here, in your supposed strong suit, one thing must be said.

You failed as a policy-man.

Of course you may say that the economy and the world market is not in your hands and truly it isnt. But that does not fully explain why the pace of economic reforms slowed down during your tenure at the top. Prices of basic commodities shot up, industries shrunk, investor confidence in the country dissipated, and large-scale, big-ticket government schemes, transparent vote-buying exercises  were announced and implemented at massive cost to the public exchequer, the cost of which the nation will be saddled with for decades. Now you can say that “the opposition did not let me do what I want”. But a successful leader is the one with the ability to get things done despite dissent and opposition. You worked under a man who did this amazingly well, one PV Narasimha Rao, and if you remember, even though you may not want to, the economic reforms that you are rightly credited with, were also accomplished under tremendous opposition pressure and recalcitrance in the 90s.

But then that is the problem. You were never leadership material.

And yet you were made leader for precisely that.

You failed as a leader and you failed as a policy-man because that was the plan all along.  The mother made you the Prime Minister because you had no political base, no political ambition and lacked the will and the ability to leverage Prime Ministership to become popular. You were the ideal satrap, the sent-from-above throne-warmer. They wanted the son to lead and you to clean up. They wanted the policies that would lead them to consolidate vote banks to be put into place and they wanted you to take the fall out. If you didn’t fail as a leader, dear Dr. Singh, how would the son’s halo grow brighter? You were set up for failure from the very start. That’s why they chose you.

One would note down my use of the passive voice in the last paragraph. They did that. They did this. You. Well you let it happen. In a way this use of the passive voice is natural for we always associate passivity with you. Passivity. Silence. This though is the biggest escape route that history will give you, the line that you were too much a good guy, too nice a man, and that you had things be done to you.

A victim.

But no sir. I refuse to buy that.

I refuse to buy the innocent Mandakini Ram Teri Ganga Maili narrative. You are too intelligent a person not to have realized what every halfwit in the country already had. That you were being used as a surrogate, a pin-cushion by those who wanted all the credit but none of the blame. In Sanjaya Baru’s book, there is more than one reference of you being keenly aware of that and resenting it yourself.

And yet you did nothing.

You presided over the most corrupt administration in the history of this country.

And yet you did nothing. You covered up, you stayed silent, you looked away from the camera and asked “theek hai?” and all this you justified as “coalition dharma” or realpolitik, what one needs to look away from in order to rule.

But that beggars the question. Why? Why was it so important to rule when financial misadventures were happening under your very nose in the departments you yourself controlled?

It was not as if you could not do anything nor that you did not know what was going on or how it could be stopped. One of your last acts, long after the horse had bolted, was to prevent one of your esteemed ministerial colleagues from grabbing a large fistful of loot before he left.

Why didn’t you do that earlier Dr Singh? You could have blown the lid off this whole murky mess and told the people what was going on.

You did not do that.

If you think you did not have it in you to be a crusader, you could have resigned and people would have realized why.

You could then have become a leader by refusing to lead.

If that seemed too dramatic, you could have cited health reasons and stepped down. Hell you could have quietly called it a day after UPA one.

And yet you did none of the above.

You held on and kept mum and closed your eyes.  Which brings me back to the question. Why? Why when you knew so obviously how you were being used, did you overlook the worst kind of financial malfeasance?

Why did you simply not walk away?

If it was any other politician I would have known the answer. It would be so obvious that asking it would be superfluous. But in your case, your personal honesty I personally will never doubt. So what was it?

I guess the answer will probably be the power. The power of sitting on the big seat was too much to give up, even though more or less everyone knew, including yourself, that this power was only in name for you could do no good with it.

If I sound unduly harsh or bitter, it is because I am. For someone who grew up in the 90s and who was keenly interested in politics and wanted to be a politician himself (I still do), you sir were a beacon of light. You were the shining example, who was sitting at the table not because he was someone’s son or because he beat up a lot of other guys in college with hockey sticks, but because he was smarter and more educated than everyone else in that room.

It gave me, and I presume many like me, a hypothetical pathway, a hope that I don’t have to be a goon or a prince to be in politics.

Real achievement would suffice.

Well Dr Singh you just took a sledgehammer to that ideal.

Which is why I will not remember you kindly.

You failed me.


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  1. Guess bollywood said it best – “Uff tumhare yeh usool, yeh aadarsh. Kis kaam ke hai yeh. Inko gonodhkar do waqt ki roti naheen banaayi jaa sakti ” Pity the best of intentions serve no purpose if not backed by action, not to say a backbone!

    1. Well said!

  2. Words yanked out of my mouth. Well written 🙂

  3. Ma(namo)han. There was a clue hidden in his name all along…

  4. 2004: ek din tu bhi mard banega manmohan. wo bhi peechhe se. angootha laga ke.

    2014: tu mard na ban paya manmohan kyunki tu paidaishi chhakka tha. khud ko mard samajhne waala chhakka. tu sirf doosro ke mard ban-ne ka zariya bana. wo bhi peechhe se. angootha laga ke.

  5. You hit the nail. It was a sneaky eye for power that kept him going the way he did. And the foolish utopian idea that it will all turn out for the better.

  6. Correct Analysis …

  7. You are bang on the target Greatbong (pun intended). ‘you could have become a leader by refusing to lead’ sums up nicely. When PV zeroed on MMS & made him FM, he had an onerous task of turning around economy ravaged by leftist ideology. In the process, as the story goes, he was criticised by none other than vajpai in parliament and MMS was so sensitive he offered to resign. PVN had to ringup Vajpai and request him to pacify and make him wise about parliamentary debates and necessity of them. Though this story is narrated by the drunkard Vinod mehta, it could be true. He was sensitive, brilliant and responsive as a second in command. But alas he was not a good commander. In Army it is often said that a brilliant and efficient staff officer may not become an able commander. MMS was a very good finance minister. But gutless and spunk less as PM. Unfortunately country has borne the brunt of it.

  8. Excellent! Even on exit he chose to appoint new army chief,got diplomatic statement on Kashmir LOC;reveals divisive, treacherous intentions

  9. Contrary to what you say, I think you have been rather too kind on him. And I’m not referring to the “You’ve failed me” or “Spineless” rhetoric.
    I’m still in the middle of Sanjaya Baru’s book and what I understand is that Manmohan Singh allowed and facilitated the formation of Sonia’s NAC – which (he was aware) was a counterpoint to his appointing Montek Singh Ahluwalia (a pro-liberalisation economist) as the Planning Commission vice chairman. He knew that the NAC member were pro-Left and some were ultra-Left, and their policies – such as the Food Bill – were not in line with Manmohonomics.
    The NAC enabled Sonia to enjoy the stature of a Cabinet rank person in govt. However, the NAC did not report to the PM or govt. It’s beyond me as to why the PM would agree to such an arrangement and why the Indian mainstream media would shove this obviously unconstitutional arrangement under the carpet for a decade.
    Questions have been raised about his tolerance for A Raja as well – but given Congress’ special bond with the DMK and the fact that Dr.Singh did not appoint his own Cabinet ministers, it’s understandable why so much has gone wrong. However, as you rightly pointed out – we’d expect at least a semblance of courage from a PM to own up to his mistakes or – as in this case – if the mistakes were not of his own making, he should have declared that the A Raja’s of his govt were taking orders from someone else and not him.
    Why, for example, did he not quit after Rahul Gandhi’s “nonsense” drama over the convicted politicians’ Ordinance? By that time it was clear to everyone that Dr. Singh was set up to lick the dust precisely to project Rahul Gandhi as the champion of righteousness. But why would a self-respecting person put up with something like that?
    Why he played along despite his knowledge of large scale embezzlement and at the expense of his self-respect is beyond me. Was he compromised in some way? Indira Gandhi started this trend in a big way – of surrounding herself with compromised people and giving them powerful portfolios so that she could concentrate all powers and control everything. But my question is, why was Dr. Singh playing the part of a henchman? What was it that obliged him to do so?
    The greed for power and recognition does make a man do strange things, but I’d be wary of arriving at such a simplistic explanation.

  10. vishnuthobula May 14, 2014 — 7:05 am

    sir, pleae dont take the thing to your heart, your good self has done well and to my knowledge congress in the past have changed the prime minister’s but this time it’s only because of your leadership abilities the congress has completed the full term in office. All the Best to you and ur family members.

  11. Perfect analysis.

    1. I only pary that people of this country should first learn bhavatgeeta (Lord Krishn’a message to Srjuna )one they enter into any profession of their choice. Having accepted to rule the country he virtually ignored his fundamental responsibility is to govern the country giving moral direction , enhance the quality of life to the citizen, and the best possible security for the country . He failed misrebaly. An honest historical writings would never forgive him.
      A person with high moral stature and tremendous courage with minimal education would be more helpful than a person with moral stature , highest degrees and least courage would do greater harm to the system, that too when he/she was asked to rule the country. That is the moral story from Dr.MMS’s 10 year rule.

  12. Slow. Clap.

  13. Well drafted

  14. Subrata Bhaumik May 14, 2014 — 7:57 am

    Some one had thrown a shoe at PC. I wish that thing happens to MMS. It is pathetic to see a PM, crouching and cringing in most of the occasions. I shudder to think what would have happened if there was a war with Pakistan during UPA-2. MMS has put the entire country to shame by his attitude and gutless approach.

  15. I don’t think it was greed or lust for power. Greed – our 24*7 hyperventilating news channels would have caught the drift sooner or later. Neither can it be power as the genesis of feeling powerful is doing the dance and making your moves – to his historical credit – there has not been a single (visible) standout action which had the stamp of the PM – be it postings or policy decisions.

    I think it was a sense of duty/ loyalty which makes you finish the task because you have been tasked to do so….the onus of finishing the task becomes more pronounced if you in the original place felt this task was not supposed to be done by you in the first place:-)

    Regardless of why, how, what, which – the outcome is still the same

  16. very good analysis. I still remember his speech after 26/11 attacks. He said ‘an extremely well coordinated attack’. I felt so upset thinking why our prime minister was praising the terrorists. He wouldnt have intended that, but terrorists would definitely have taken that as encouragement. Compare this with Bush’s and Americans reaction after sep 11, they called the terrorists “cowards” . Thats why they didnt have further attacks there. Nobody wants to be called coward.

  17. this is utterly biased and Namo- infected assesment of the man who was highly respected in the world leaders as well as leading economists like J Stiglitz, Neom Chomsky and A Sen! Dr Singh ‘s impeccable integrity, honesty, erudition and scholarship is un parrlell sans Nehru our great Bismarc! Namo is simply minnow and pigmy as compared to Nehru and Sibgh! have you heard Namo speak english with his country Gujrathi accent

    1. “have you heard Namo speak english with his country Gujrathi accent”:- You are still suffering from Colonial Hangover. A true Macaulay Putra who would look down upon anyone who cannot speak the language of our colonial masters. Can you speak Hindi or Gujarati like him? Why is speaking English in a regional accent any important for being the PM? Utterly ridiculous!

    2. Respect and Intention do not count for a penny if you cannot act and take decisions you are supposed to!

    3. The state’s name is spelled as “Gujarat” (ગુજરાત), not “Gujarath” (ગુજરાથ) and its residents are “Gujarati” (ગુજરાતી), not “Gujrathi (ગુજરાથી). A simple Google search would have told you that.

      And what is wrong in speaking English with a “country Gujarathi” accent? Obama speaks it with an American accent, Cameron with British accent” and may be Hollande with a French accent. It is only us Indians who have this terrible inferiority complex when it comes to spoken English

      “Impeccable honesty, integrity and erudition”? Gimme a break. The article itself refutes all those qualities that you mention which the puppet is supposed to possess.

    4. Is English the only reason why one should become PM?
      And being respected does not mean he was a good leader. For me, the high point was when he said he didn’t know anything about the scams which happened right under his nose.
      As for Namo, let us wait and see, what he delivers. We have waited far too long for UPA to do something. Now, comes the chance of Namo.

  18. How can he be ‘honest’ and also be greedy for power at any cost? I would rather rate him a thug of the first order – in fact a wily one at that as he always used the masks of innocence/silence and scholarship (very unfortunate, as you have rightly pointed out) to cover up his dishonesty. “onnai je kore ar onnai je sohe, tobo ghrina jeno tare trino somo dohe…” – though at times some of his actions indicated not just only his famed tolerance, but eager abetment also!

  19. Truely Accidental prime minister

  20. My guess is the person who has written this is not more than 30 years old so he/she cannot appreciate what MMS has done. MMS may have had his hands tied the last few years but what he achieved in the previous 20 years is amazing

    1. crazydiamond13 May 14, 2014 — 2:43 pm

      Yes you are right! What he has achieved is the biggest Scams ever in India!

    2. Looks like you have not read the post in its entirety. There is a praise for Singh where due. Why not cut lose your tied hands when you ARE the PM ?

  21. BJP trolls working over time …. all u guys got up when feku got some wind under his sails… easy to preach sitting at a distance brothers

  22. So passionately voiced. this just comes from the fact that you, like many of us, were truly hurt, infact are still hurting. There is a helpless hatred for a man who showed us the pathway to success, who opened our gates to the world and now he has shut us all out. Very well stated, thank you for sharing.

  23. Balu Natarajan May 14, 2014 — 2:58 pm

    Brilliant. Another category: Turning blind eye to corruption

  24. or perhaps he stayed on, knowing the alternative was worse.

  25. I usually agree with you Arnab and I agree with your disappointment here. You mentioned that Dr Singh could have resigned but I wonder who would have taken his place, the choices seemed (Digvijay Singh, Kapil Sibal, Manish Tewari, Anand Sharma). Who knows maybe he was the last man standing between them and the rest of the country. I sincerely feel that the current election is not against Dr Singh but against the royals and their coterie

  26. I have lost respect for Great Bong. Bongs don’t move with the mind, or that’s what we all thought. If you have no original ideas to express, why burden others? Manmohan Singh shines as a dutiful, diligent, hard working and sensitive PM. PM is not a police inspector or even a chowkidar. If the country hasn’t given a strong enough mandate, PM has hurdles on the way. Be it the opposition or for that Great Didi there were enough people trying to take advantage of the situation. All MMS tried was to provide a decent administration for 5 years. If you see JNNURM buses moving around in cities across India it is MMS who has for the first time gave priority to urban development and allocated funds to municipal areas. 20 cities are going to get Metro. If you find AC travel in railways very common among middle class or lack of parking space in cities or so many airlines flying, so many restaurants doing roaring business the country must not be doing badly. In villages after villages you see dish antennas up in the houses. Just because corruption cases came up doesn’t make the PM solely responsible for that. This government actually took action against its own people. Which other party did that? Where is Yeddy now? Do you know about someone called Maya Kodnani? MMS provided peaceful and honourable life to common man. And he provided 5 years of stable government. The opposition couldn’t bring a single no confidence motion in the last 5 years but surreptitiously through a vicious scandalous campaign that borders on being libelous has brought the government down. And Great Bong has missed noting all of that!

    1. Once he took oath of office as PM, his loyalty should have been towards the country and it’s people. Millions were looking up to him, especially poor and underprivileged. MMS let the country and its people down – he led the most corrupt government in the history of the country. The man has no integrity – he may or may not have personally accepted money but he breached the oath of office. He is a traitor. At the minimum, he should be punished with jail time. You, Sir, clearly are intellectually challenged.

  27. To add – he had to never contest an LS election or win a popular vote to qualify for the post. Both of the time, he got a backdoor entry to the Parliament via an RS member for Assam, a state with which he has no ties and is has Congress ruled assembly.

    India got ruled by a “leader” which was never elected by its voters.

  28. So no disappointment with the supreme leader for failing to stop the burning of a train,brutal riots and of course the zero indictment for those responsible for the riots. And of course everybody admires the wonderful reassuring statements supreme leader issued after the riots, ohh can’t remember any maybe we all missed it .

    It’s not to say that people should vote for Congress and UPA and not for the supreme leader and his party, but it is really painful to see all the name calling for Manmohan Singh
    in the comments section and the self righteousness of those comments. As if a 2 % dip in GDP and corruption is a bigger criminal than human cost.

    1. 2 % dip in GDP and corruption does have human costs. In a country of more than a billion people, a 2% dip is likely to affect more people than few thousand affected by riots.

  29. As if a 2 % dip in GDP and corruption is a bigger crime than human lives rather *.

  30. Name any other president/politician who is/was not a fail/corrupt/rapist/etc. Yes,Sigh was a fail but his contribution in 90s was immense and i don’t think without his contribution we could have achieved such high growth rate or power in terms of economic development.

  31. I think I am alone to say this. You are soft on him. I believe Mr singh is a dishonest man. Despicably dishonest. This generation needs to learn how.
    You almost took us till this conclusion but did not say it. The over-discussed silence of Mr Singh, in a way, negotiated for this obituary.

  32. Good post. It rang true with all the sadness you felt at having been sorely let down 😦

  33. Argumentative Indian May 15, 2014 — 7:24 am

    One of the greatest lies I have ever heard, unfortunately believed in for a long time, and lost around a decade of my life (to accepting less than what one deserves) for my beliefs is, “The meek shall inherit the earth”.

    Though I vaguely recall this statement having Christian roots (and I may be wrong), I believe its ethos has been completely internalized by large sections of the Bengali community (where I was born). There is little that is meeker than the ‘Bhalo Chele’ ideal. The ‘Bhalo Chele’ does not stop at academic excellence, infact, that is just one part of the package, the real McCoy is in unquestioning acquiescence and subservience to any authority figure.

    It begins with Ma, who always knows what’s best for you, whether you’re a toddler, teenager or a father of one (In this comment, I shall speak in the masculine gender, for this is derived largely from my personal experience and observations during childhood & youth), moving onto general elders from the sundry unkels, aantis to endless didis & dadas, teachars, bosses, senior colleagues, eldars in the colony et al.

    Off the top of my head, I find it hard to think of any one who better epitomizes the Bhalo Chhele ideal in public life, than Dr. Man Mohan SIngh:

    1) Highly qualified, in fact a world beater in the acquisition of prestigious degrees in his chosen field of study
    2) Widely suspected to be capable of independent thought and analysis
    3) Proud master of a visibly weak physique, never publicly seen to have done any physical work whatsoever
    4) Soft spoken
    5) Meek to the level of emasculation
    6) However given to the odd protestations to keep rumors of the Bhalo Chhele actually being a man alive (‘Ami bole dichchi kintuu, bhalo hobe na, haan…. shudhu tomar muk dekhe chup thhaklam’, translation – ‘Hazaron sawalon se acchii ….’ alternate translation, ‘I am not a weak PM … is not the kind of strength this nation needs…)

    I don’t appreciate Dr. Man Mohan Singh, qualified as he is, far, far beyond my own pale, as an erudite scholar, but rather perceive him as a gutless bookworm who pretty much whined and mooched his way to a seat at the high table and delivered no more nor less than the promise of his earlier years.

    It is a matter of great hope (tempered with some trepidation about the potential misbehavior of his bhaktas), that the PM in making (as per opinion polls, the results are still a few days away), sets more in store by Swami Vivekananda than the ability to pass myriad exams.

    1. Argumentative Indian May 15, 2014 — 7:36 am

      Regarding the Bhalo Chhele, Dr. SIngh’s much vaunted honesty, I perceive it differently.

      A Bhalo Chhele’s honesty is fundamentally totally personal, that he shall personally not steal either food, money or affections. Thus his working in a patently unethical company, department etc. is absolutely OK as long as he does not draw more than his CTC. The behavior of anyone else, who is not directly subservient to him, like say his direct reportee or at home, his younger brother (another Bhalo Chele) is not necessarily bound by any such laws of behavior. Thus, someone who does not comply with the above cannon of ethics of the Bhalo Chhele is merely a Dushtoo Chhele or even Bodmaish. That any action needs to be taken in such situation, is beyond contemplation.

      The main ethical driver of a Bhalo Chhele, much more than the honesty of those he works with or even associates with, is ‘though shall always behave decently and in no circumstances whatsoever, shall though dissent’.

  34. Mr. SANJEEV S SULE May 15, 2014 — 8:43 am

    Whatever comes from the bottom of the heart, carries the color and warmth of it.
    It is a truly very passionate and brilliant analysis. Whenever there is duty to speak, one must speak up. Dr. Singh should have resigned to keep his self respect intact. History would have judged him kindly. He took refuge under the plea that it was compulsions of coalition that compelled him to induct corrupt ministers in his cabinet. We are all waiting with bated breath the results of election tomorrow. Hopefully it will be a clear mandate. Otherwise we will be saddled with the regional parties in the government, who will make a mess of governance.
    Must we therefore continue with these potpourri of parties
    which deviate and divert our national priorities
    compulsions of coalitions are so great
    that even our honest PM has to accommodate
    the most corrupt ministers in his cabinet !

    Sanjeev S Sule

  35. It is an awesome piece. So heartfelt. It is hard to see heroes become villians. #LanceArmstrong

  36. I think a larger blame goes to the Indian electorate than to MMS, especially for UPA 2. Whatever justification you can give for elevating UPA-1 in 2004 is separate. But come 2009, the entire package was there in front of the electorate – the ‘remote controlled’ MMS, the NAC, exchequer burdening welfarist policies, the nautanki of the Gandhi family. Yet, the people not only re-elected the UPA, they gave them a much bigger mandate than before.

    So unless you are arguing that MMS in UPA-1 was a superman who suddenly flopped in UPA-2, the entire blame for this state of affairs lies with the Indian electorate. One can only hope that tomorrow, it turns out the electorate hasn’t made this bungle again. Otherwise, you will be writing this kind of article for another joker, 5 years from today

  37. Veerendra Meel May 15, 2014 — 2:15 pm

    Spot on GB !!

  38. Bang on Bong (sorry mahashiv)..

    This is the probably the best I ever read, as an assessment of MMS. It really pains to see this man go down like this. Its a mix of pathos and anger, really. Things could have turned out much better, if only he showed some spine. But then, hindsight is always 20/20.

  39. I don’t think it was the lust for the chair ….. the chair was doing more harm to his image than good…..and power what power ?
    I think he was either suffering from an acute case of Bheeshmacitis (misplaced loyalty towards a corrupt leader for stupid senti reasons) or he was feeling that if he leaves, worse things will happen …….. or maybe a remote remote possibility of being compromised in some way and hence blackmailed into staying……

  40. I have a different take. For all the humiliation and disrespect he faced at the hands of mom-son duo, I think he gave it back very nicely in the end. For every humiliation he withdrew more and more into the shell. The clear gameplan was to project Rahul as messiah and blame MMS for everything bad but by going completely silent he didn’t allow any scope for that narrative. When he knew he will anyway be sacrificial lamb he chose to get detached completely. It actually helped him and exposed the mom-son. It was obvious to the dumbest person in the county who was the master and who was ruining the country. He made himself history even before the campaign started and Modi drove it home as well ‘maa bete ki sarkaar in delhi’. Probably except surjewala or jha in studio everybody knows who is to blame and nobody thinks anything of MMS (this is the best case MMS hoped for himself and achieved). In a way his silence worked like Shakuni in mahabharat (he was plotting demiseof kauravas without them knowing). It nailed and exposed mom-son more and more. They didnt allow him to do anything and he paid back.

    1. mindovermedicine May 18, 2014 — 8:43 am

      Your point makes sense. Though quitting in indignation would have been a more appropriate strategy.

      1. History will be favorable to MMS for putting the final nail in the coffin of the dynasty.

  41. Could not have articulated better than this. He let us down and to cover it up with “I am honest” is a lousy excuse. In fact I hold him responsible for whatever scams happened & he equally and in a way more guilty than others.
    People looted from a house whose door was wide open. And who opened it? Dr. Singh!

  42. what a pathetic article… Am surprised such foolish jargon on sucha great man sells these… Even more surprised with the morons supporting it…
    In the 10 years that Manmohan Singh presided as the Prime Minister, India rose from being the world’s tenth largest economy to the world’s third largest economy, beating Japan to become the #3 only earlier this month. Foreign investments rose 500% during Manmohan Singh’s first term and 850% in the second, whereas the fiscal deficit dropped to an average of 2.5% during Singh’s first administration, from 5-6% during the previous government’s regime. India’s poverty declined thrice as fast during Singh’s governance – from 0.74% to 2.18%; while exports have doubled – from 17% during 2003-04, to 35% in 2013-14. Infrastructure spending increased to 7-8% rising from 5-6% before Singh’s leadership, and the Sensex rose significantly well during Singh’s governance: annualising at 15% during his first term and 13.9% during his second term, as compared to 5.9% during the previous government’s leadership. Ref. 5, 6
    Not to mention, Dr. Singh struck a historic nuclear deal with the United States, where as successfully enforced a significantly stable foreign policy, maintaining cordial relations with the likes of US, Russia, China, Japan, Germany, UK and others. The Right to Information act was passed soon after his government took over, and became a sheet anchor that would help activists expose scams worth billions of rupees.

  43. because there were no pronounced consequences of not reacting. ….because no one hounded him personally in loksabha.

  44. Are you planning a 30-60-90 and 365 day report card for NaMo . Please do 🙂

    To Singh’s credit, We don’t hate him as much.He would have done something right.

  45. The worst thing is he let himself be used as a puppet and mask for the nefarious behind the scene players. I said it then when Sonia made her big sacrifice. This let her enjoy all the perks of power with no responsibilities. This man let that happen.

  46. “Now the cynical intellectual in you may scoff at this, but alas when the country is attacked and terrorists do what they do, spread terror, ordinary people often just needs to hear a firm and reassuring voice. ”

    Speak for yourself Arnab. I will not blame Manmohan Singh for not being able to deliver dialogues like actors. In fact, a part of me feels that by not attacking Pakistan explicitly after 26/11 we wreaked bigger havoc on them by letting them continue their infighting.
    I do blame Manmohan Singh for abject capitulation to “the Family” and in the process doing his party a bigger disservice. However, reading scripted lecture (instead of extempore hyperventilation) is not a fault. The content matters more than the form-of-delivery.

  47. very true……..Goodbye

  48. Very, nice blunt n true! What were the compulsions to stick to the chair in spite of humiliations, subordination,etc? How can self honesty goes without self- respect? Funny! Good bye!

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