Fascism Is Coming


It’s coming, coming, coming, coming.

Take your Cashmere shawls and your long-stemmed champagne glasses and run for the hills. (Or Paris if you have the money). The RSS (yes they have the SS already in there) are coming in their black Shikari Shambhu shorts to pour milk into your Cognac and convert India Habitat Center to India Hindu Center. They will ban your Marxist-feminist tomes, reduce the minorities to dhimmitude, rip the tongues of the free press (Open Magazine tera kar doonga khullam khullah) and put all the dissidents into the Bamboo gulaag with only copies of Bal Narendra for company. And the Chauthi Reich will be established, Devang Patel shall become Wagner, Chetan Bhagat Nietzche (if he isn’t already) and the Brahminical Nazis shall all stretch their hands out and up and say “Kemcho Fuhrer”.

Now I will confess that I am a sucker for doomsday scenarios. That is I believe all of them. Aliens will attack the earth from giant pods and the American president will save us by piloting a plane. Mughalistan shall be established and all women love-Jihaded. The Pope shall rule India through his insidious agents and through Catholic viruses implanted in EVMs. A team easily winning an IPL game in a canter shall lose 6 wickets for 2 runs and contrive to lose. To those who call me paranoid, that last thing did happen to KKR.

But of all these doom-and-gloom-Nazis-are-coming futures, the one that I take most seriously is the one that relates to the ascent of the Saffron Insidious of the Fifty Six Inch, because every respectable media outlet tells me that if he comes to power, the India we know shall cease to exist or to quote Bryan Cranston in Godzilla “You have no idea  what’s coming and it will send us back to the Stone Age”.

And if I cannot believe the media, then hell what am I supposed to believe? My own common sense.


So why do I believe that fascism is coming?

Exhibit A. The Modi Vahini on social media.  Their concerned “trolling” of any opinion critical of Modi truly portends a bleak Fascist winter, according to the wise media mavens.

I mean come on people. These Modi peepuls, and many of them use the deceptive acronym HDL which stands for High-Density Lipoprotein or good cholesterol,   stick out like a sore thumb among the civilized discourse that takes place on social media, like on Rediff message boards where Northies and Southies exchange terms of endearment for each other’s culture and way of life, or on Twitter where SRK and Sallu fans gracefully applaud critical reviews or comments of their chosen heroes in a most civil and polite way, or on Youtube where polite gentlemen put gentle comments like “Asin I luv ur mikly boops” and then plonk their cell-phone numbers right after that, because of a firm belief that the concerned actress will be so seduced by this compliment that she will call them back and continue the conversation. Given therefore as to how distinctive Modi’s social media army is in terms of their online behavior from the general denizen of the online world, it is not alarmist in the least to extrapolate their often juvenile nasty sparring to “future Nazi stormtroopers will drag you to concentration camps”.

If the truth was that trolling in packs and expressing prejudice was a rather universal phenomenon restricted not just to Modi-tards but to AAP-tards, Bhai-tards, Sridevi-tards, CSK-tards, then we shouldn’t have been worried.

But it definitely is not.

Exhibit B. The personality cult surrounding Modi. Most disturbing. Ab ki baar Modi sarkar. Where’s the BJP in all of it I say? Is this a democracy or have we become a tinpot dictatorship?

Be scared democracy-loving gentry, be very scared.

The next thing you know India has become North Korea.

Because personality cults are unprecedented in Indian politics. It’s not as if we ever had “India is Indira”. Or “Ab ki baari Atal Vihari”. It’s not as if we have seen people drawing pictures of chief ministers with their blood or witnessed ministers rolling in the mud in front of a grand supreme leader or have chief ministers loot the exchequer to construct huge statues of themselves. These things might happen in North Korea or some tinpot country in Africa, but that’s never been how we have done business in our country. India has always rejected personalities and bloodlines in favor of thoughts, ideas and policies. Nowhere more is this evident than in Bollywood where movies make upwards of 100 crore purely on the basis of plot, characterization and story and not say, because, of the simple fact that Sir or Bhai is in it.

Now for Modi to bring in something this foreign to the Indian political ethos, namely an inflated sense of ego, surely does send alarm bells ringing, making me shake my scared bonbon to the tune of “Teri neeyat kharab hai” from “Teen Patti”.

Exhibit C. Modi’s antagonistic relationship with the Indian media, or more specifically certain sections of the media. As the story goes when the Caravan reporter who was snooping around trying to break the story of Modi’s underage marriage, he got a call from Modi and the voice at the other end of the line asked him what his agenda was. I mean, how can anyone whose heart is not blackened by the soot of fascism, ever ask a mediaman “Sir what is your agenda?”

As those who follow Indian media would know, the Indian media has no agenda. And if you don’t believe me, please do hear the Radia tapes.

They carry news without bias, free of financial and political considerations, and the only agenda they have is the one they put on their website of their various “thoughtfests” whose sponsor-list one should go through to understand where the puppet-strings end.

Now one may say, and these “ones” may well be agents of Adnani and Ambani, that since the Indian media never do investigative reporting on the “private” lives of politicians, perhaps because too much snooping around on politicians might uncover facts about themselves they would rather not be bought into public domain (growing up, we used to call it own-goal), that a politician may be in his rights to suspect an agenda behind his own personal life being targeted, given that his chief rival’s illnesses, frequent sojourns to US for medical treatment and details of who exactly pays for this, is fervently kept out of the ambit of news circles because that, according to the media, would be a gross invasion of the person’s privacy. I would have given this line of opinion some serious thought had I not known how unbiased our media is and how they would never ever, never ever, ever never target a particular politician or a particular political belief system just because it did not align with their own.

If you have any doubt as to how tolerant and let’s say “anti-fascist” our media is one need look only at how they conduct themselves. Recently a major, highly respected news outlet was found to have issued a notice to their employees as to not eat non-veg food in their canteens because it offended vegetarians. The term for this is “food fascism” and it was used, I think, by the self-same paper in another context for someone else, because others must be judged by different standards than the ones we apply for ourselves.  When questioned, the proprietors of this anti-fascist paper cast the problem in a most logically consistent framework that can be summarized as “Our private property. Our prerogative”. The reason why I use the word “consistent” is because the same newspaper called out “housing apartheid” when owners of apartments refused to rent their premises to people of another faith following the principle of “Our private property. Our prerogative”, a line of reasoning that sounds even more amazingly awesome when you realize that a corporation is not really as “private a place” as one’s house. I mean if the said newspaper was a vegetarian restaurant serving vegetarians one could understand restriction on employees given that employee behavior violates its business policies, but given that it prints papers, how restricting the food choices for their minorities is nothing but heavy handed majoritarianism is something lesser minds, the type of people who read its main rival and know the birthday of Katrina Kaif but not the name of the nation’s Vice President, might struggle to understand.

And it is precisely these vanguards of the war against Fascism whose fate I worry for under the fascist regime of Modi. As I wade through my daily dose of opinion pieces, I see a recurrent theme. Apparently there is much heartburn in media circles that with the likelihood of Modi becoming PM, some of their owners have been asking them to go easy with the anti-Modi ketchup. For there is nothing that big corporations do better than guard their bottom line. And since much revenue comes from the government (those full-page ads with color pictures of leaders and their inspirational lines do cost a pretty penny as well as ads carried by government owned companies), one wants to keep them, just like any other big client, in good humor.

Of course this is where Modi’s fascist chops are mercilessly exposed. Every other Indian politician, through history, has treated media dissent with great maturity and with statesmanlike equanimity. It has never happened, particularly in 1975, that printing presses that printed papers got their power cut by the government or that a certain political party, that is not fascist in the least, censored everything that passed for news. It was never the case that the national broadcaster, the only broadcaster of the country, was a government propaganda machine. (Psst…fascist states historically have only government propaganda and nothing else). It also has never come to pass,before Modi that is, that favored newspapers and reporters got the inside  track, were given government honors (like Padmasrees), and provided privileges denied to those that were slightly more skeptical.

Now I have already written a lot and this is dangerously close to becoming an article in the Caravan (lengthwise that is). And yet I have not introduced the personal story. So without much ado, let me.

You see, dear madams and sirs, the reason why fascism so bothers me is because I have never experienced it in my personal life. I grew up in the state of Bengal when it was ruled by the Communist Party of India which stressed its Marxist antecedents by putting an M at the end. They abhorred fascism and would never let any bit of it creep into the life of its subjects. Come election day, voters would be intimidated through guns or through threats or by the simple expedient of dropping a few country-made bombs near polling stations. Professors, factory-workers and farmers who did not belong to the party were democratically excluded, humiliated, victimized and sometimes subject to violence. There was effectively no opposition, since anyone that stood against the Party was co-opted through inducements or silenced through initimidation.

Now someone might say “Hey that sounds like fascism to me”. But I will tell you why it wasn’t. Because the same intellectuals who are turning blue at the prospect of Modi-fascism, were quite happy with the Communists under the stewardship of the great and glorious Jyoti Basu because of his brave opposition to the imperial fascist pig (aka USA) and Hindu fascism.

I am also proud to say that under the glorious leadership of Ms. Mamata Banerjee, the Renaissance Woman of Bengal, poet par excellence and artist la supreme whose artistic and literary outpourings I am sure would make Tagore sing “Hare re re amaye chere dere dere” (English translation: Please please let me go), Bengal has remained as democratic as before. Very un-fascist-like, her world are divided into two categories—Ma Mati Manush (Mamata supporters) and Maoists (those that are not).  If you forward a cartoon with her in it, you are thrown in jail. If you ask a question directed at her, you are dubbed a Maoist. I am sorry.

Not convinced? Here are two examples of how non-fascist the Trinamool government is.

In this video, Mr. Pal (Bollywood trivia: He was Madhuri Dixit’s first hero), who is also a TMC MP, exhorts his supporters “jara CPM kore taader mere soja kore dite” which translates to “thrash CPM supporters black and blue” . Needless to say, there is no exhortation to violence here for that would be most fascist.

And in this video, Shatabdi Roy, also an ex Bangla cine star and TMC MP (one necessarily follows from the other) tells her voters that those villages that vote for her will get “unnayan” (i.e. development) first and those that do not will get it later. Again nothing remotely fascist in threatening those that do not vote the party with delayed or no development.

Now I do know that some ignoramuses say that what is going on in Bengal and in UP (under both Mulayam and Mayawati) and in many other states is fascism. They say that fascism has existed in Indian politics for years and that intellectuals have been absolutely fine with the concept as long as they benefit from such a system. For instance, they point how the “buddhijibis” of Calcutta fulminate over the impending fascism of Modi while carelessly ignoring the fascism that already exists in their state. Not just ignore, they dance in lock-step with Didi, singing praises in her name, purely because of the scraps of privilege she throws their way.

And that suddenly this supreme concern of impending fascism is more to do with uncertainty about the fate of their privileges and general “My side lost” sore-loser angst than a genuine concern about freedom and democracy. For if they were really concerned about democracy, they would have fought the battle a long time ago, in their own states and in their own backyards. And if our media mavens had been such crusaders against fascism, they would not have advocated monitoring of social media speech (except they have called it netiquette) and media-censorship (except they have called it “responsible content”). Nor would they themselves have used our draconian free speech laws themselves to silence critics nor acted as PR agents of fundamentally fascist regimes, families and political structures.

And that Modi, should he come to power, will at worst be exactly like the others that have come before and exist alongside with him.

Again the people say this are ignoramuses. (I think I already used that word).

Because fascism has never existed in India.

But it might. It very well might come May 16.

And that scares me.



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  1. finally…first!! an Ipad please

  2. Excellent post. It reminded me of Rajiv Malhotra’s book- Breaking India.

  3. it is really unfortunate that Indian political discourse, especially media, has come down to throwing around big words, “fascism”, “murder of democracy” etc, without actually understanding what they actually mean……. also, first!!….. :)…… i have seen people do that here claiming ipads….. 🙂

    1. Dr Promila Suri May 9, 2014 — 5:50 pm

      Not to forget yogendra yadav’s”idea of India” (sic)

  4. Is fascism common in the BJP ruled states like MP, Goa or Chattisgarh? If yes, then we all need to be scared. Very very scared.

    1. No, it is not.

    2. BJP ruled state like Gujarat!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. Talk about the points raised and cases mentioned.One has to reply 2 points n nt to change the direction.

    4. In India, fascism is in the eye of the beholder- that’s what the author is arguing here. For BJP ruled stated, conduct a study there and then COMPARE it with other states in India- this second part is often missed by intellectuals in India- often deliberately as they are agenda driven.

  5. great post sir you are truly the only indian who makes sense other than madhu kishwar

    1. Hey, that’s not praise!

  6. Absolutely brilliant as usual.

  7. Great Bong..great post..want to read this again and savor it.

  8. I logged on must to say this is a brilliant piece of satire! Had me smiling all throughout 🙂

  9. CLASSIC GreatBong. Sarcasm done so right that readers may not get it. Just like those old posts of yore.

  10. Irritated Monkey May 8, 2014 — 1:13 pm

    Arnab awesome analysis. You have rare talent to breakdown complex topic into easy to read/digest snippets while covering the topic from 2-3 different angles. Kudos once more.

    A request- this is already 8th-9th years of your blog. High time you stop spoon feeding/clarifying you’re being “sarcastic” ala sitcoms with laughter tracks and start trusting your readers’ IQ. We get you. We do indeed. You can afford to be subtle.

  11. Fascism:
    “a governmental system led by a dictator having complete power, forcibly suppressing opposition and criticism, regimenting all industry, commerce, etc., and emphasizing an aggressive nationalism and often racism. ”
    Fascism in India is not as crude and simple as the dictionary definition goes.
    Its layered between secular and communal, freedom and oppression , talent and reservation, Vadraism and Khemkaism…hope you get my point.
    Do you know why modi trolls outnumber every other trolls in media today?
    Partially because they have paid a lot of berozgaar yuvaas for this , we know there is no dearth in India.
    If its only a matter of money and faltu trollers, this could have been done by any party. Just for its sake, trinmools’s supporters can easily troll a The Guardian in Bengali.
    But its not just that, It can’t be.
    It also certainly isn’t Modi’s fascicm.
    Its the sheer apathy of current system towards the Mango people that these janta have panicked. They see their only hope in Narendra Modi. I have met people online who are doing this just for patriotism (their logic).
    Critics are totally justified in saying that one man is having too much of media glare and responsibility, but these difficult times do ask for a drastic change.
    We need a CHAPPAN inch ki chaati to redeem our lost pride.
    I remember him saying once that 5 years for people of his generation may just be a mere passing phase of time, but for crores of young blood of India, these five years will decide the future course of their lives. This is the future building block of India.
    As much as we still neglect this, but the idea of Hindutva is indeed in grave danger by anti-national forces for their vested interests. Now, I may be sounding like a sanghi moron to many but it is the truth.
    And by Hindutva, I don’t mean Hindus, no sir, I mean the idea on which the country stands for past thousands of years.
    Nobody in India talks about the common poor in India except Namo today, the talk is always about poor Muslims, poor Dalits blah blah.
    All I mean to say is, haters gonna hate, but NaMo is here to stay. Call him anything, every paid corporate media is attacking him tooth and nail, but he is here to stay.
    We have no other option.

    1. You have said truth! I hope people particularly young one will understand who will b better and look after their objectives & make their future n life happy and accordingly extend their support for a change..

  12. Interesting post. I think the intellectuals are worried because they do not know how to “change sides” now. For Congress-CPM-BSP-TMC, changing allegiance was easy as the boundaries of their ideological stances were really thin. This is not the case any more with BJP.

  13. Samir Trivedi May 8, 2014 — 2:05 pm

    ” Devang Patel shall become Wagner”, Best After Long Time, …ROFL…

  14. Dada, Sarcasm par excellence _/\_.. But the $64,000 question is will the targeted audience get it?

  15. Such pointed arguments … One of the best of late….. how can intellectuals not getting even those “scraps of privilege” rant the same thing ?

  16. Excellent post Arnab! My sentiments exactly, always wondered why nobody( including BJP intellectuals) have not come up with these arguments, please get this published in newspapers.

  17. what about banning books and movies !

    1. Salman Rushdie should be better able to explain the logic behind banning books – having had first hand experience. But alas! He’s one of those “buddhijibis” who see a “bully” in only Modi… never heard him say refined things like that about the govt that facilitated the ban on his book or the people who placed a fatwa on his head…. We live in interesting times where these kind of mysterious somersaults are deemed “high-level politics”.

  18. Awesome stuff…always a pleasure reading ur blog 😉

  19. Hindu Pacifist May 8, 2014 — 8:14 pm

    I enjoyed this, even though I’m the kind referred to by HDL types and even by GB as an AAPTard!
    The only issue is the RSS, and its agenda; which scares me. It was never blatant under Vajpayee, but there were subtle attempts such as changing the content of textbooks to reflect their viewpoints (those books sucked!) . This mind you is exactly how the authorities in Pakistan operate. Under Modi, they might go into overdrive.
    If he sticks to vikas and governance, he may prove to be excellent for India. But if under his regimes the Sangh parivar and its hoodlums get a free run, then we’re headed to a turbulent 5 years. Also lookout for the subtle ways through which the RSS will try to implement its agenda.
    Lets see what happens, hopeful of a better five years irrespective of who comes to power.

    1. I understand your concern. Cannot stand the RSS and its obscurantism at all myself. However, if the past is our guide, we may infer the following:

      1. The RSS has never been fond of Modi and its role in Gujarat is non existent. The RSS had a clear preference for Advani and Joshi. Both Advani and Joshi are sulking under Modi with Joshi being especially peeved at being booted out of Varanasi. This fact, illustrated by GB in his Modi posts, has worked hugely in his favor.

      2. Modi is extremely cunning and has his ear firmly to the ground. Thats why, he will continue to distance himself from the RSS (as he has throughout this campaign) and concentrate on issues the electorate cares about. The stakes for him are much higher than for the precious Family.

      3. Modi’s personality won’t let anyone but him set an agenda. Note: he has not himself made amends with Advani, Joshi and Jaswant nor made any promises about his future cabinet. He keeps his cards close to his chest.

      Granted, after 10 yrs of MMS, we are unused to leadership, cleverness, Prime Ministers and people with a spine, so it takes some getting used to!

      1. Hindu Pacifist May 9, 2014 — 7:26 pm

        However the fact is that the RSS and Snagh Parivar have put their tan-man-dhan to help Modi out. They will demand their pound of flesh.
        Handling them, would be one of his major challenges, if the focus is to be on ‘Sabka Vikas’

      2. Tell me if anything u know abt RSS or BJP…

    2. Tell me all that you know about RSS …

      1. Hindu Pacifist May 22, 2014 — 9:38 am

        Come from an RSS family from my mother’s side so when I say something about them; I know what I’m talking about

    3. I too come from RSS background on my mother’s side and I can safely say you are lying.

  20. I wish, I simply wish, that somehow, I could get you to talk to my colleagues, who are intelligent and highly educated but somehow incredibly, doesn’t see the point you have made here. I could, of course, but then these are those people who never acknowledged there was ever any problem with the left government, and I have seen my parents suffer, each day, since I can remember, only because they refused to be a part of that. And yes, I am scared… at what education can do to you, what education(!) has done to these people… what I would do, if I was taught the same principals as them, never had the ability to know right from wrong and never been able to laugh at this brilliant article and feel pity for those souls that we can’t save. 😛

  21. “Tinpot” country in Africa? That’s a bit insensitive, don’t you think?

  22. Excellent piece. Please publish this in Deccan Herald or some such papers down south for the benefit of Girish Karnads & U R Ananthmurthys of the world…

  23. I laughed so much! “It has never happened, particularly in 1975” made me actually choke up. You seem to channel Colbert quite a bit! Is he an inspiration?

  24. random thoughts of a demented mind.

  25. Argumentative Indian May 9, 2014 — 10:28 am

    I’m reproducing a comment, I had posted on Firstpost, earlier today:

    “I’ve never been an NM fan, as I’ve personally always been a little scared of, and now resigned to acceptance of, the ‘bhakts’ that Modi’s rise to Prime Ministership will bring afore.

    My perception of a ‘bhakt’: A Desi, unsophisticated, (mentally) untraveled person, 100% sure anything Indian is superior (regardless of merit), wears his Hinduism on his sleeve, generally converses at around 90 dB.

    However, Modiji’s interview with Arnabtaker (as with other recent NM interviews) was fantastic. I was completely bowled over by his focus on nation building, inclusiveness of political opponents for nation building post elections, ability to differentiate between election campaigning and nation building.
    Of course, he’s obviously soft on Hindutva, but that’s his core constituency, the ‘bhakts’, people like me are fence sitters, critically appreciative.

    I think, Modiji would make a fantastic PM for India, even if he delivers @ 20% of his potential / promises / vision at the national level.
    In the meantime, we’ll just have to live with the ‘bhakts’, till their children grow up in prosperity, with a more global exposure and realize how ridiculous their parents sounded and, without criticizing their parents, just change themselves for the better.

    Desh ka Pradhan Mantri Kaisa Ho, Modiji Jaisa Ho. Well, we have a real opportunity this time”

  26. All those who aided and abetted the $500b Swiss Stash must really be worried of the Coming fascism of Modi.Rest can be assured that Modi will be so busy in getting back the siphoned $, reducing taxes facilitating building schools universities factories power generation etc at least for 5 years he will hv no time to allow pure fascism to kiss this part of earth called India the hitherto working anarchy. So really achhe din aane wale hain !

    1. Argumentative Indian May 9, 2014 — 1:08 pm

      Largely agree with you. I suspect some of his followers will misbehave, but that’s OK too, the gains, progress will far outweigh any other consideration.
      I suspect the RSS will actually become largely irrelevant, their relevance is by default with a weak state. Finally, the biggest relief, I don’t think Shri Murli Manohar Joshiji, will really get a shot at the textbooks again.

      1. Hindu Pacifist May 9, 2014 — 7:23 pm

        I really hope that Joshiji does not get near the textbooks again!
        And I saw the Modi-Arnab interview. Feeling a bit more hopeful. Hope he will keep India secure and the focus on governance. And I will vote for him in 2019 if he does so

  27. Argumentative Indian May 9, 2014 — 10:49 am

    One of the things that makes India so interesting, as opposed to say Germany, is the ease of time travel that the former offers.

    Paradrop into the tonier areas of Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Pune, welcome to the late 20th / early 21st century.

    Moving through various time zones, you can within the span of say 5 – 10 hours and the expense of a few Rupees (@ ~ INR 61 to the USD) travel to the, say 15th century. Here, you will find great minds pontificating that rape is essentially a mistake by a boy, ‘Ladkon se Galti Ho Jati Hain’, you can proceed to the (I don’t know for certain but suspect), 5th or 6th century, which incidentally, geographically co – exists with the 15th, ‘Any one having sex outside of marriage should be immediately put to death. Ergo, a raped woman and her rapist both merit the death penalty’.

    The wonderful thing about this whole time travel is that, no time zone infringes into the above defined late 20th / early 21st centuries. So, while one was rightfully aghast at the national crisis, which recently occurred in the 15th century, of one of the sagacious one’s buffaloes doing a disappearing act, the chances of the ruminants turning up in a 21st century zone, at least turning up intact as opposed to say, steak, were zilch.

    Cut to the anomaly in the above. There exists, a technologically 21st century, socially late 20th century species, aka Bhakt, with Thern like teleportation powers across time periods. One often finds them in the 21st century zones at present, in the form of say mid level executives, mid level bureaucrats, the local grocer, young professionals etc., but generally inconspicuous, with the Macaulay Putras (Putris, TGs etc.) holding forth because(?) of the present ‘Sikular’ dispensation over the contiguous landmass and multiple times.

    The changes in the behavior of the above therns may provide a field of significant study, after the lotus bloom.

  28. You are too good to be for real! I have not read a better written piece in years – and I do read….

  29. People have gone ahead and booked tickets to Pakistan and you say Shaitan is not coming. You must be living in dreamworld. Prophecies all predicted it’s arrival, doomsday I mean. I am still uploading my passport application since past four hours.

  30. Vijay Thakkar May 9, 2014 — 4:06 pm

    reading this, I am SERIOUSLY concerned. What would happen if our #SecularNetas and #Nonfascist pol-parites like SP, Left, Congress, AAP etc and #MediaMoguls read this and then take a look in the mirror..!! Would they be able to stand that ‘paani ke maare sharam-sharam’ situation?!

  31. Excellent article which all so-called intellectuals should read… you my friend take satire to a higher level!

  32. GB, vintage read that took me back to the days when I first stumbled across your blog and devoured all of your posts within a week or so. Thanks for a brilliant post, and thanks for all the memories! 😀

  33. Excellent piece! Wish it would reach more people, even those who are not well versed with English…so true, just awesome…btw loved your deconstruction series on modi & AK as well, thanks for the same…

  34. Naive! Imperial fascist pig? There is a saying in my native language Kannada – Kailagadavaru Mai parchkondarante – [ those who couldnt do it, just kept scratching their bodies and heads] Nothing stopped India since 1947 and infact way before that to become like today’s western world. It was exactly the “glorious” leaderships of people like Nehru and Basu.

  35. A brilliant write-up !!
    Absolute kick-ass …was grinning throughout reading it 🙂 🙂
    Wish someone could make the intellectuals read it.

  36. Siddhartha Bhasker May 10, 2014 — 4:39 pm

    excellent humor and sarcasm. Enjoyed reading it!

  37. Never ever , never ever , ever never , ….. Arnab …hehe

  38. mindovermedicine May 11, 2014 — 9:15 am

    You scared the sh*t out of my right-of-the-centre a**h*le!

  39. On a slightly unrelated topic, I do not understand how the “right-wing” BJP/Modi fans from the US can be found tweeting/retweeting anti-Bangladeshi, pro-“muslims are all out to get us”, anti-“secular media” talking points while simultaneously calling republicans old white racists for the exact same things in American context.

    1. I cant speak for others but I consistently oppose illegal immigration regardless of country. One cannot penalize those who are following the law in favor of those that are not. If you do, the law becomes meaningless. The US takes a different stance towards illegal economic migrants and asylum seekers running from religious persecution. I think there are many in India who want the exact same distinction.

      1. There is a difference between whipping up hysteria against “illegal immigrants” and following the law.

        No one is arguing against the latter.

  40. One more aticulative English Indian dumb fuck who was probably educated in convent & speak congress’s version of india. You anyhow don’t know shit about the politics is done in India & you just want to look different probably trying to be a rebellion so that people may notice your credential(if there are any) & for Namo’s credential visit Gujarat & stay here for 6 months & see the change.
    The oldest way of getting attention is to gun for the top dog if you can’t you never had a chance & if you can wow.
    And yeah don’t expect people to not throw mud at you coz you are doing the same.

    1. Micky Pandeyji, have you looked up the meaning of “sarcasm” in the dictionary?

    2. Too good ji.. Too good..
      Love the way you write.. and interpret..
      Pura Chulbul Pandey style ji..

  41. You are a gifted writer. Please keep on writing.

  42. @Great Bong
    If you read Mr. Mike Pandey’s comment (above) carefully, then you ll know the difference between Mr. Modi (and his supporters) and the Left, congress or all the other pathetic parties that the Indian political system is decorated with.


    Now, I expect you to have some respect for dialogue (being a writer and all). Mr. Modi may be much better than all the other political leaders he co-exists with, but the catch is that you wont have any choice left with you once you bring him into power — he systematically eliminates all competition — as it turned out in the current Gujrat political scenario.
    The choice is yours!

    P.S. I dont mean to hurt anyone’s sentiments so PLEASE don’t shower me with all your hate and anger. I dont support one over the other. Thank You!

    1. How many Indians does it take to understand sarcasm? Not too many apparently.

    2. @Shovon
      I don’t know if you know “sarcasm” yourself,it would be something like this
      SHOVE ON
      Dude I understand what he is trying to say & believe me you Indian media has no agenda whether it’s the crime specials where they only show rape cases & an idiot adding “masala” to it or over enthusiastic reporter telling about “pappu ka kutta” but bottom line is there is no absolute black or white in the world & people have made this opinion about Mr Modi that every Indian outside of Gujarat either likes or hate .
      Tell me when did you ever heard of responsible journalism not just in India but anywhere in the world , & all i’m saying is that if i have to choose best between best among the worst its Modi now all the so called intellects reacting to my understanding of sarcasm I have two words for you & they are above rachit

  43. @Rex
    I get Great Bong’s sarcasm. But Mr. Pandey’s response (based on a lack of understanding of sarcasm) is a proof of the kinds that Great Bong is defending with his sarcasm and moreover the real problem with the so-called Modi brigade too. Once again, I am not saying one is better than the other, all I am saying is that if we ignore how one is different from the other, then it would be at our own peril.

    1. Argumentative Indian May 12, 2014 — 9:46 am

      ‘The’ Mickey Pandey, unless I am much mistaken, is the pre-dominant representative of the ‘Bhakta’.

      1. Yes. On all sides. People having IQ less than 96 and having enough time in their hand to be squatting on every possible web based properties! 😛

    2. Instead going in details I can only say that one has proved incompetency after ruling over 60 years! Let us try the available alternative. And now that alternative is available on their own, let us wait for 5 years to decide! Why spend on speculating?

  44. You, sir, have a rare gift. You can get down to the innermost of the feelings and can lay it down as if it was always on the lips. Always a pleasure to read you. Keep going strong.

  45. So what are we to take from this? The means are acceptable if you agree with the end?

  46. Mickey Pandeyji is being sarcastic too guys …… come on no one can be that intelligent 😉

    1. Thanks dude . Here is the problem
      If government gives out tender some or the other is going to be rich & he/she will donate to party funds, how do you think these parties fight election’s.
      Food for thoughts
      And by the way when people want dialogue you have to leave prejudice out just because Gujarat riots were televiosed doesn’t make Mr Modi guilty. It’s the day Gujarat failed & teseta setlavad like all the modi baiters sang like a canary

  47. Modi is probably going to be our first Prime Minister in the East Asian mould and not the south Asian mould , as some western political analysts have observed. I am only afraid that the after 10 years of MMS , a Lee Kuan Yew may be too much to digest for this nation. I can already see the signs of acidity in the elite. Fortunately , the common Indian has a more robust digestive system.
    Yes fascism is coming. A small dose of benevolent fascism is exactly what we need.

    1. Do u think that what u do n write is fascism? why go speculating? when u have been suffering and not satisfied with one government, then you have to find alternatives like a professional manager. Accept what is coming if it is going to make good for us. Do not just follow because someone said fascism is coming and accept it. Have your own views and justify those views!

  48. Absolutely brilliant. Where’s the rate button?
    Even if not a Modi fanboy myself.
    Read once. Will do once more.

  49. @Mr. Mike Pandey
    Can you please try to express yourself without the overwhelming flavour of antagonism and hate? we might actually be able to to communicate with one another.

    I agree with you on the skewed media projections, it topples in the direction of the dominant. And I am not coming from the media witch-hunt against Mr. Modi either.
    Neither am I saying that Mr. Modi is the next Hitler. But, I am not ready to close my eyes and chant a person’s name just because his opponent is no good. There is a middle ground which the people on the other side are not ready to recognize.

    1. @Mr Anand
      You my freind are probably picturing Arnab Goswami in your head when you read what I write.There’s no hate & cmon Mr Modi has been my CM & my rock star for 12 yrs & you think I’m going to take political gyan about him being a fascist from a Bengali!!! The guys who democratically elected communist parties for 35 yrs
      Give it a thought

      1. Another Great May 14, 2014 — 8:33 am

        Abe yaar dhyan se pad le blog pehle, kaun kisko fascist bol raha hai. Dude Micky Panday your comments in English are also going ‘sar ke upar se’, hindi main hi bol do aakhir kehna kya chahte ho. This article is pro Modi and in no way implying that he is fascist.

      2. @Mr. Pandey
        a) Its good news for the rest of us that people from Gujrat (like you) have had a good experience under Modi’s watch. I sincerely hope that I would be able to say the same about him around the time of the next election — however, I have my doubts (based upon no first hand experience that is).

        b) Don’t point your guns at the author of the post, he is employing sarcasm against the likes of ‘me’ who are unsure about Modi. He is quite pro the change, as far as I can see.

        c) As far as we can agree to disagree I have absolutely no problem with Modi or his supporters, but I fear that the space to disagree itself is being obliterated.

    2. What is middle ground? Just be specific n do not leave the subject hanging. We are here to discuss n debate and not for arguments. So let us know what you mean?

      1. @Kam The middle ground is that of non-conformism. Do I have a place in this nation if I am not swept away by the Modi wave? or as many BJP cadets and supporters argue, i should pack my bags and leave for Pakistan?
        Do I have a right to voice dissent or simply because I dont agree with a certain party I become a ”communist” who should be shunned away? These are the crucial and specific questions that bother me in the wake of the current political scenario of my country.

      2. You have said my country It is unfortunate that you have to worry about your existence in your own country.This may be a result of lack of knowledge about our rights, laws, rules and about our people and country as a whole. Or may result the be blindly following some thing spread by people for their selfish motives.It is expected to change this situation with educated and literate people of this country. It is surprising to note that people do not have any complaint about lack of their own requirements, needs and wants including jobs, work,development leading to higher standards of living, water, electricity, etc. They have nothing to say about rampant corruption, failing economy,policy/strategy paralysis, non governance, extra parliamentary activities, security and safety. They are simply worried about the bogey or imaginary ghost which is non-existing. It is unfortunate that we spend our valuable time, energy on non-productive matters and leave very essential/important points of our interests to others who never do that for us! Let us come together and discuss real issues and forget about such pseudo matters which are normally used by those wish to serve us sitting in A/C cabins. I think it is better to use this powerful platform for betterment of human being!

  50. DABANGG HINDU May 13, 2014 — 3:42 am

    Narendra Modi is fascist Nazi Mussolini and Stalin all in one coloured by all bloody crooks real fascist Nazi Mussolini Stalin Sonia Gandhi Mulayam Singh Yadav Azam Khan Nitish Kumar Mayavati Mamata Bannerjee CPM CPI ADMK supremo Jayalalitha.People knows them very well that they are real fascist with a mask of secularism.They never done any work for development of any minority.They have exploited them for their own selfish ends.They have ruined Country and their states.See the conditions in Bihar and UP what people get in last 67 years of Congress SP BSP JDU RJD govts.We want a benevolent dictator and democrat all in one and make India a super power in 10 years.

    1. While I agree to your points but using little better language can surely help acceptance level.We r here to discuss and debate and not for argument. India’s young generation have realised that so called secular parties are merrily using them for their votes n to remain in power without giving the people anything. Just doles, freebies, subsidies are now enough because people want to live with dignity. These freebies make people dependent and that is what is pricking. And lo this doles and freebies are not given from any wealth generation by government! It is collected under heading taxes and levies from those who earn and merrily distributed to those to whom the government failed to give any work! and in the process the money meant for development is used under heading welfare! So developments remain secondary. So let us help to change this!

  51. Dada: You run very close of being termed as ‘Maoist’ by our un-fascist regime in bengal because you have ‘butchered’ the myth of fascism here.. 🙂

  52. Media is not reporting clearly about the mulayam’s act of defending serial rapists just because they are muslims. He did this during election campaign to get more minority votes. How can he be so shameless. Why legal action cannot be taken against him ….Why kejriwal is not saying anything and why muslims are not disassociating with such person……See Mulayam’s comments first hand ! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXJipKmKk4w .

    Mamta too is supporting illegal infiltrators from Bangladesh who are causing trouble in border areas. What can be done to stop this open insult ??

  53. greatbong, very well said!!!

    As a mumbaikar, I was extremely upset when a good quality institution like St Xaviers got lead into a one side discourse by none other than their principal. I hope students of this prestigious college read your post and atleast attempt to critically examine the issue that their principal has put to them so axiomatically ones-sided. I wonder how much prejudice a anthropology or sociology major from their college will have to go through if he/she tries to put an alternative argument to the line led by their principal and their heads of department.

    Generally, What BJP needs going forward is not a Modi-wave but a hindu-wave.

    A Hindu-wave cannot happen on a regressive agenda. Modi should not let this victory get into the heads of the cadres. A ***reaction*** (action-reaction wala) is exactly the thing the congress-dirty-tricks departments would want to put Modi on a back-foot.

    1. Such incidences are very rare and can happen in the vast variety of people in our country. Our responsibility is to ensure that this is not supported or promoted by writing about it in social medias. Such people will be found in all walks of life and globally too.
      The major problem will be in reacting. Our reactions will surely matter to curd such people. They are to be switched off like electric switch for bulb- you need not break switch to switch off the light. We have to study the principal. He may be the victim of many things. He cannot be a principle of such a prestigious institution in his present form. He will now be repenting for his deed and we must hope he will join the path of good will and happy living whicless him!.

  54. very well articulated GB. Felt nice reading your blog after a good while…this I can say since have been reading your blog since last more than 8 years.

    1. Only reading? and what is your opinion about it? Please write we are waiting!

  55. Excellent post. I always felt in the same way and argued with many of my friends.

    On point ‘A” of Modi Vahini on social media, I don’t know whether Modi/bjp has any army of such cadres, but I do believe that, most of social media-wallahs are only extending a voluntary support. They see a hope in Modi out of present mess.

    So any pseudo-intellectuals attacking Modi with lousy articles using like fascism, cult, divisive politics gets trolled (some times abused too) by social media-wallahs, out of anger on seeing the great hope of India under Modi, written-off (“I will leave the country, if Modi elected”).

    Most of this voluntary support is based on a great hope and can only be sustained by a better governance. Why this leftists fail to accept, Modi will receive the same criticism from most of this social media-wallahs, if he can’t deliver.

  56. “To sense the irony, you have to sense the invisible quotation marks. I suspect quotation marks may be growing imperceptible to us. We may be leaving an age of irony and entering an age of credulity. In a time of shortened attention spans and instant gratification, trained by web surfing and movies with an average shot length of seconds, we absorb rather than contemplate. We want to gobble all the food on the plate, instead of considering each bite. We accept rather than select.”
    – Roger Ebert

  57. it is good that antinationalist like you are not in India.
    looks like after doing a post on Raga you have inherited his IQ 🙂 all the best for surviving in US. though if US kicks you out, Modi will take you back in India (but ideally he should not)

    1. Dear sir/madam,

      Without getting into your ability to understand satire , here is something even more basic. I have an Indian passport. No power on earth and not your NaMoji can kick me out. Not because he is great and good bit because I have the exact same rights to the country he does.

      1. With all respect to all writer, I think relating all and sundry matter to one name is totally un-ethical and unprofessional. Is this name so powerful that all of you make use of it to prove your point? Are you so short of right words/vocabulary that you have to take shelter of this name? Please have confidence yourself and your capability to prove your point and write decently.
        I think part of success of those hounded is due to the publicity and promotion he/she gets through such people who bent on using the name for belittling the person. People not full and they decide what is wrong and right and take decision. One can fool people once and not all the times!

  58. Brilliant just brilliant…. Back in form and how… Satire at its best

  59. Brilliant!

  60. “India has always rejected personalities and bloodlines in favor of thoughts, ideas and policies. Nowhere more is this evident than in Bollywood where movies make upwards of 100 crore purely on the basis of plot, characterization and story and not say, because, of the simple fact that Sir or Bhai is in it.”

    Exactly so sir! This is just something I have been pondering for years. What is it in us that makes us so intelliegent? Is it our Dravidian roots? Is it the fact that we learn to charm snakes (or mice) since the day we were concieved?

    Losing faith in democracy I am more derided to opt for China (or North Korea) as a final home. Probably what #KRK did not so recently. However, given my opionated thoughts and the utter intolerance of idiocity, I decided I have a better chance to survive if I get throat cancer.

    On a serious note, your post really touched a few chords. I really believe it is the lack of self-confidence and self-belief that makes up look up to someone to take care of us, when we know fully well that only Rajini Sir can do that.

    Thanks for this amazing article and making me not go out there and kill myself. (And blame NaMo for it as well).

  61. Fascism has come!!!

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