Deconstructing Jeetendra’s Dance Moves


bigger lemons

Lemon push



Butterfly spread









Karate Chop


Leg Humping

Cross Leg Mild Touch


mass PT

Mass PT



 Slide Through Human Tunnel


Please go there move

Please Go Stand There



Hoppy Parikrama Around Saree-less lady



Pelvic Thrust With Waist Touch


train train

Train Train 


15 thoughts on “Deconstructing Jeetendra’s Dance Moves

  1. Arnab da.. why this sudden Kolaveri for comedy, in the midst of our country’s political awakening? Just kidding… this post made my day.

  2. I can’t believe this is the first time my comment is in top 3 in all these 8 years I have been reading your blog. This in itself is like a celestial event for me…Wow this itself made my day my week 🙂 Do I get any goodies for this now…you may want to consider given its a long time fan and this is the first time I am asking!

  3. There is some sort of rigging here….I saw my comment as third for a good while and now I see it has come down to fifth. Damn! still happy to see it on fifth since even this would be a first for me. Any goodies left still?

  4. Too Good. I believe Jeetendra’s wardrobe, dance steps and even his wig resembled the then reigning southern superstars

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