Fan–The Review


There are two Fans.

One, if you look a bit closely, is about the relationship between the devotee and the God (and no I am not talking about the Sachin biopic), of the blurred lines between devotion and fanaticism.

Gaurav Chandna, a small-time superstar impersonator and obsessive mega-fan of Aryan Khanna, the in-film surrogate of Shahrukh Khan, takes a pilgrimage to Mumbai, hoping to get “five minutes” from the object of his devotion. But once there, he realizes that his God is not interested in giving “even five seconds of his life” to him, and that his over-the-top gestures of devotion are not only not appreciated but leads to his idol pulling strings and getting him beaten up in jail. The rejection leads him to turn on Aryan Khanna, as he embarks on a journey to destroy his God and at the same time, seek his acceptance.

This Fan goes to places most conventional mainstream fare from the Hindi film industry does not. First of all, it takes love, obsessive love, away from the man-woman sexual dynamic, and transposes to another context, as addictive, and potentially as destructive.


Once you realize that most modern religions began with the establishment of this kind of intense collective faith in one person, and that religions and cults and star-fan-clubs all subsist on this emotional compact between the individual, the fan, and a God, be it a man or just an abstract ideal, you wonder why we don’t have most explorations of this, one of the most basic and yet inscrutable of our instincts.

Without going too deep, for after all this is not art-house. Fan skates around some deep questions.

Does God care for our love? Does He understand it?  Do we really lose faith in our God, even when we say we do, or are we just trying harder for his attention?

And then there is the other Fan.

A lazily-plotted, childishly-written modern Bollywood star-vehicle, and this happens mostly post-interval, which requires not just the suspension but the obliteration of disbelief, straight out of the Rohit Shetty school of film-making.

That Fan works, despite this cinematic schizophrenia, is because of Shahrukh Khan. He plays the character rather than Shahrukh Khan, ironically in a film where one of the characters is Shahurkh Khan. Returning in many ways to the edginess of his origins, he reminds us that there is no one in Bollywood that does obsession better than him. What though could have degenerated into the boilerplate nostril-shaking and eyelid-quivering, mercifully does not. He makes Gaurav Chandna sympathetic and sad and relatable, and one wonders why he does not play the “every-man” more, as opposed to the hands-extended hammy romantic Rahul  caricature that he has reduced himself to over the years, and through this playing-the-character-and-not-the-persona, Shahrukh Khan reminds me why I was once his fan.

Yes I was. And I have said this before, on this blog and elsewhere. Not a fan in that I had his cut-outs all over my wall, but a fan in that I dressed up as his character in Ramjaane. Like Gaurav Chandna, I too lost my faith, and no not because Shahrukh Khan would not take five minutes of his life to give me a hug, but because he made Duplicate. And then Ashoka. And then everything that followed.

The fact that an obviously-talented actor would lock himself up in a creative strait-jacket, just for the sake of more and more money, was for me, too big a sell-out.

But with Fan, the Fan in me wants to believes he has said “sorry”. In a way. Not a perfect apology, not even close. But at least something. I know there will be more Dilwales and Happy New Years, and I understand why that will be, but as long as there is something like Fan, once in a while, I will be quite happy.

And maybe, consider being a fan once again.









8 thoughts on “Fan–The Review

  1. I was a fan once. I loved him in Swades. He’s only let himself down with his choice of roles of late. Hoping for a second wind. Happened with Tendulkar… still time enough for khan…

  2. Very well written! Agree with each sentence.

  3. Hope this reaches Shahrukh! For the sake of us, members of the “given up fans club”. Well written as usual…

  4. Subhrangshu Purakayastha April 18, 2016 — 5:02 pm

    Raam Jaane was surely more atrocious than Duplicate. You were just young. happens to all of us.

  5. There is more to come. SRK for the next 2 years will be working with new bunch of directors Rahul Dholakia, Gauri Shinde, Anand L Rai, Imtiaz Ali .. May be, the fan in you will linger for some more time.

  6. Take an interesting premise, add innumerable Hollywood-esqe stunts and chases to cover up a two paragraph plot and add a megastar to the cast so that the interesting premise leads nowhere. That is the movie for you. The only reason it exists, I guess, is to remind us, people who loved his films some decades ago, that Shahrukh can still act. And rake in the moolah.

  7. Aditya Nath Jha May 13, 2016 — 9:50 am

    If only the fan was not a duplicate and the writer had to think harder to figure out how the revenge would be taken!

  8. Catching up on my reading – I agree SRK is at his best when he is understated and has a strong Director to control his persona. His early work – when he was trying to establish himself is his best. I always state that SRK stopped acting the day he started combing his hair

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