I did my PhD in Computer Science from Stonybrook.

An excellent research university with a very strong science focus, Stonybrook had one of US’s most dissatisfied student bodies. The main reason was that there was zero campus life—-Stonybrook was as dead as Julius Caesar. So much so that a site dedicated to bitching about life at Stonybrook reportedly takes in more hits than the official page.

But this lack of life was not all that bad really.

Having nothing to do, people could concentrate on research—–mobile bar code readers that revolutionized retail, nuclear magnetic resonance……..serious, important stuff……but overall “in tune” with Stonybrook’s mortician-like image.

Even my research, straddling the twilight zone between mathematics and computer science, with its theme of creating formal user notations for state-space efficient system descriptions fit right into Stonybrook’s ethos of serious lifelessness.

Now I find out that things were different. While I was at Stonybrook, there were other kinds of research going on too. The kind of research that can make a difference for the man in the street.

Yes research of that kind was going on just next to me. Except that I did not know about it then.

Times of India however did. It first opened my eyes to the beauty of Stonybrook research with this article.

Believe it or not, girls can be more nasty than boys while dating, as most romantic alliances are marred by physical violence, abusiveness, jealousy and criticism. The new study conducted by SUNY Stony Brook also found that when it comes to verbal abusing, girls can take their dates for a ride. Ninety-two per cent of the girls surveyed admitted verbally abusing their beaus as compared to 84 per cent boys.

I understand that you dont need to be a Stonybrook man to know that men get more verbally abused by girls than the other way around. You just need to be married.

But numbers ! The quantitative method throws up hidden facts and patterns. Ninety two per cent of girls admit to having verbally abused their partners. The significance of this figure—-eight per cent of girls are liars.

Then I came across another bit of news on TOI. Again my alma mater. Again ground breaking research. No not into abstruse mathematical formulae or into the workings of the quantum world. This time Stonybrook has resolved a question couples have argued endlessly about. And I believe the guys have won.

Sex and romance may seem inextricably linked, but the human brain clearly distinguishes between the two, according to a new study.

The results of brain scans may be the answer to long standing questions of whether the pursuit of love and sex are different emotional endeavours or whether romance is just warmed-over sexual arousal.

“Our findings show that the brain areas activated when someone looks at a photo of their beloved only partially overlap with the brain regions associated with sexual arousal,” said Arthur Aron of the State University of New York-Stony Brook. “Sex and romantic love involve quite different brain systems.”

Then again there is some dangerous research…….important but dangerous.

Laptop computers pose a long-term threat to the fertility of young men who use them because they can reduce sperm formation by raising temperatures in the genital area, a small new study says.Keep the laptop on a desk, not on the lap, is the advice of Dr. Yefim Sheynkin, an associate professor of urology at the State University of New York at Stony Brook and lead author of what is described as the first study of the effect of heat from the computers on the genital region.

Good thing I never owned a laptop till I read this article . Needless to say, I have taken precautions since.

But I do remember my friend who did have a laptop and would sometimes not come home for a few days (I thought he was doing night outs)

And then when I read this portion—-

The study of 29 men in their 20s and 30s by the Stony Brook group found that keeping a laptop on the lap for an hour can raise scrotal temperatures by more than 2.5 degrees Celsius, enough to affect fertility significantly, said a report in the Dec. 9 issue of the European journal Human Reproduction.

a chill ran down my spine.

Maybe esoteric mathematical scribblings on a piece of paper arent such bad things after all.

At least noone gets hurt.

4 thoughts on “Research…….

  1. Keep the laptop on a desk, not on the lap….
    Wow Arnab..just funny…lol…
    Nice post,Arnab!!

  2. hey nice blog you have….especially the photos or should I say cartoons…

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