With Friends Like This

A terrorist. A shadowy figure full of hate, a twisted demented mind—–an agent of evil.


But then once in a while there comes a terrorist who is “hatke”, a terrorist who instead of shooting others shoots himself and his handlers in the foot.

I am referring to the genius otherwise known as Yasin Malik, the chief of Jammu and Kashmir Libertion Front.

Here’s his story.

Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front (JKLF) chief Yasin Malik dropped a bombshell on Tuesday when he claimed that Sheikh Rashid had established a camp at the height of the Kashmir insurgency where 3,500 militants were trained. “Sheikh Rashid has played a great role for Kashmir’s liberation. He used to support the frontline jehadis, but very few people know about his contributions,” Daily Times on Wednesday quoted Malik as saying at an exhibition of 1.5 million signatures by Kashmiris demanding their involvement in the India-Pakistan dialogue process

Sheikh Rashid of Rawalpindi. The Information and Broadcasting Minister in Mushy’s “democratically elected” cabinet established a terrorist training camp ! Oh my ! And I always thought that the Kashmiri struggle was an indigenous movement where the Pakistani government only provides “moral support”.

The poor Sheikh. I am sure there was a reason why “he wanted very few people to know about his contributions”. Just like Musharaff does not want everyone know how he runs with the hares and hunts with the hounds. There are reasons for that Mr Yasin Malik and the reason is not just self-effacing modesty.

Again the poor Sheikh. With friends like Yasin Malik, he hardly needs enemies. He tried some damage control with this extremely astute spin.

Sheikh Rashid tried to make light of it, saying Malik could have meant “any Sheikh Rashid in Rawalpindi,”

“Damn” said Advani. I should have thought of that first. If I could have only told the VHP that I referred to Jinnah the egg-vendor in Khidderpore who used to sell eggs to Hindus at a subsidized rate, and not the Quaid-e-Azam, I could have gotten away scot-free. Damn.

It’s so much fun to see liars getting caught in their lies.

3 thoughts on “With Friends Like This

  1. đŸ™‚

    Everyone knew it. Now no one can say there is no proof!

  2. ROFL man!u r damn funny đŸ™‚ wonder why theres only 1 comment?

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