A Brief History of the Vulgar Song

This was originally posted in my orkut community “Bollywood Bakwas”. (2004)

“Vulgar” Hindi movie songs have a long and illustrious history which I shall not attempt to document in its entirety here. But for people who do not merely seek to be tittilated and also desire some background, here is my attempt to document the “rise” of the double-meaning song in a succint fashion.

One of the first naughtily-worded attempts was Shammi Kapoor going Kisssssss…..and then starting the song as “Kisko Pyar Karoon, Kaise Pyar Karoon”. Very tame by today’s standards no doubt, but for its age it was a shocker. My mother told me that she was forbidden to see Hindi movies for precisely these vulgarities.

The first stirrings of naughtiness came in the 80’s with “Tamboo Main Bamboo” [Mard] , “Main Lungi Uthaake” [Agneepath] and its variants.

But the real wave of vulgarity came with the Choli trend of the 90s. Finding what lay behind the choli became a national obsession with “Choli Ke Peeche” [Khalnayak] captivating the country. Other lesser-known but no less raunchy ripoffs included “Main Aathra Baras Ki Ho Gayee…Meri Choli Chothi Ho Gayee[ Dilbar–picturized on Mamta Kulkarni] and “Choli Main Tabahee” [Khalnayika–picturized on Varsha Usgaonkar].

Mithun turned the nation to “horny-thology” with his song about birds and more birds…”Gutur Gutur” [Dalal] leaving little to the imagination. Akshay Kumar followed it up with an equally ribald ” Turu ru turu ru Kahan Se Karoon Main Pyar Suru” [Elaan].Sanjay Dutt and Akshay combined in “Amanaat” to belt out “Din Mein Leti Hain Raat Ko Leti Hain” and the deliciously decadent “Daloonga Daloonga”.

And Mamta “Khol”karni, the innocent “bholi-bhali” ladki let the country in on the inaccessability of her pyarwali khidki in “Sabse Bara Khiladi” and then the “Bharo” song from the same movie [ she was referring to her maang of course]. In the middle she lost her “kurta ka buttons” …Rama Rama…hope she found them with Mithun’s help.

If the Renaissance had its Michaelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci, the vulgarity wave had David Dhawan and Govinda. Combined with the genius of Sameer and the nara-chaddi antiques of Nandu, tumhara Bandu Shakti Kapoor “Raja-babu” shook the collective conscience of India. Cold nights were never the same after “Sarkailo Khatiya”. “Aaeeooo”‘s combination of buxom women and Govinda’s obscene gestures spread awareness of the literacy problem like no other public service message before [After all the song went :” Main angoota chaap parna likhna jaano na”]

The word “sexy” passed into the national vocabulary with “Mera Pant bhi sexy” [Dulara] and the needs-no-introduction “Sexy sexy” song from Khuddar [which incidentally was banned by South Africa radio because of the use word “sala” in its lyrics !]

Not to be outdone, Mithun fought back with “Mirchi re mirchi kamal kar gayee, dhoti ko phadke rumaal kar gayee” but the Dhawan-Sameer camp were upping the ante with each successive release and Mithun was no match for the vitriol of vulgarity.

“Angna Main baba” and “Ek Tamanna Jeevan Ki” [Aankhen] packed enough punch to knock the pretenders out. However with Karishma, Dhawan’s muse, deciding enough is enough and seeking “respectability”, new blood was needed.

So the next addition to the camp became innocent-faced Juhi Chawla. Starting with Najaayaz’s “Tick Tock” she soon graduated to “Towel Main Bahar Jayogi” (which in my humble opinion IS the most vulgar song ever picturized in Bollywood—does anyone have the video?) and “Saaiyan Ke Saath Maraiyan Mein”[ both from Eena Meena Deeka].

But this decadence could not last.

David Dhawan and his men pushed the envelope too far with the disgusting Andaaz starring Anil Kapoor, Juhi Chawla and for the last time Karishma Kapoor. With songs which went “Malgadi Tu Dhakka Laga, Garam Ho Gya Engine Mera” and “Khara Hain Khara Hain” the backlash was inevitable.

Withing days of its release its posters were torn down by Shiv Sena and most movie theatres stopped showing the movie.There was a huge uproar which in turn led to the mega success of another movie released a few months later: Hum Aapke Hain Kaun which marked Bollywood’s return to clean family fun.

The day of the lungi and the khatiya was over.

51 thoughts on “A Brief History of the Vulgar Song

  1. How, how, how, HOW could you leave out “Padosini apni murgi ko rakhna sambaal/Mera murga ho gaya hai deewana” from Jaadugar – Amitabh/Jaya Prada. “Gutur gutur” had nothing on that birdsong.

  2. My apologies. But I disagree….Gutur Gutur was far more ribald—how can you beat “Char Gya Upar Re” in terms of sheer camp

    BTW Amitabh lost his mind totally during the Jadugar days.

  3. And then there was Baba Seghal saying “Danda uchal ke khada hua hai Manjula”

  4. how can u forget the erotic songs like batti na bujha ..andhere mein ho na jaye kuch gadbad from gopikishen and song from khalnayak cholee ke peeche kya hai..

  5. YOURFAN writes:
    @jignesh: Thanks for finding this gem from the treasure trove. I feel like a little child lost in a candy store as I can’t decide what to read first from GB’s archive. Thanks for the help.
    @GB: Hats off to you! How can you possibly remember all those lines of those songs – vulgar or not. Yes, I also used to get pretty disgusted with those double meaning vulgar songs. It was really very annoying for us to stand in the bus stand and not get annoyed by those songs sung by the ruffians – I remember those days. But how come you did not mention all these new video songs which leave very little to imaginations?

  6. Random googling led me to this page, which looks like your writing but don’t find your name mentioned.

    Are you using a pseudonymous id here, or is this a case of plagiarism?

  7. Plagiarism. Thanks for pointing it out.

  8. Oh, this is very good. I think Gutur Gutur cannot be bettered in terms of sheer meaning. But you have to check this gem out from Ravichandran’s Premaloka (1987 Kannada), which has a song that goes like this:

    Female: Ee gangu, ee biku kalisikodu nangu (Oh, Gangu, teach me how to ride this bike)

    Male: Ede nodu clutchu, ide lightu switchu, (this is the clutch, this is the light switch)
    Ide naalku gearu, modalu mele yeru (these are the 4 gears, first, climb on top)
    Modalu kelagge ottu, aamle mele yettu (first press it down, then, lift it up) [maybe a Yamaha!]
    Kodu accelatoriga (now, step on the accelerator).

    And similar lyrics in the second antara, which I don’t remember that well, but was as good, if not better.

    I think regional languages have seen their own share of brilliant double entendres in their music, film titles, and dialogues. There was a spoof made in the Kannada movie “Sshhh” on this whole double meaning thing. Worth a watch, that. Dada Kondke in Marathi also had some amazing titles (Andheri Raat Mein, Diya Tere Haat Mein, and similar), and his lyrics were as good, I am told.

    90’s cinema had its own charm.

  9. i heard a song from cheetah yesterday.. it has to be hands down the most vulgar song of all.. the song is chu chu chu… some excerpts from the song.. “kab tak daal ke ungli souuu”… “khol ke leti rehti hu main”… “ab to tu lagva le jaldi”….

    now if this is not vulgar… i dont know what else is vulgar.. 🙂

    im surprised the censor board of india passed it and are making such a big fuss of other non trivial stuff…

  10. One interesting example (suggested by my father, no less!) of vulgarity in the early days is the song “Laal chhadi maidan khadi..” again picturised on Shammi Kapoor. Apparently, this song was used for eve-teasing in those days (not unlike “O Lal dupattewaali” from Aankhen).

    As for the “sexy” song from Dulara, the censor boards did try to soften the blow by objecting to it – and the movie released with “Mera pant bhi FANCY”!!!
    Maybe, you should do a post on crappy suggestions from the Censor Board!

  11. “Hum tum ek kamre mein bandh ho” from Bobby and “App jaisa koi meri jindagi mein aaye toh baat(p) bann jaye” .Even after listening to it , I still have confusion whether it is ‘t’ or ‘p’ in “Baat”

  12. Hi,

    you forgot this song ” Bathi naa bhuja , muje lagtha hai darr…andere mein hona kuch gadbad…” i dont know from which film is this.

  13. Greatbong, great job.

    Your writing is humorous, without being offensive. Slick editing too.

    I’m from Kolkata and would like to share some views on some subjects that would be a stand-up comic’s delight. Tell me where I can send it them to you.

  14. how can u forget song from “english babu desi mam” picturized on sunali bandray, ” abhi abhi soola baras ke hui abhi say he meray peechay par gaye sabhi.. kon hay jo loo tay ga jawani mer” then shahrukh sings.. ” o baby sun muj ko tu chun”

  15. man your collection truly rocks but you forgot the king of all vulgar songs
    its from the Ajay devgan and tabbu starrer VIJAYPATH
    Kal saiyan ne aisi bowling kari ek over bhi main khel payi nahi
    chauthe hi gend pe out hui panchvaa gend mein jhel payi nahi

    excerpts from this anu malik gem are– bouncer gend piya daalon na ghadi ghadi – 2
    dheere dheere se bowling karo sajana – 2
    main sajani hoon koi lugaayi nahi–tije ball ne haalat bigadi julmi tha wo puraana khilaadi
    ball ko ghisane laga mujhako takane laga–
    how do they ever come up with songs like these and is the censor board sleeping?

  16. ha ha ha… gr8 post… lmao…

  17. How I love those songs. But 80’s had their share of interesting lyrics to.

    My favorite was ‘Kanta laga…bangle ke peeche teri beri ke neeche.’

    Then the famous Jeetendra song ‘Uyi amma Uyi amma mushkil yeh kya ho gayi. Tere badan mein tofan utha to sari hawa ho gayi’

    Of course ‘Meri beri ke ber mat todo…’

    When Big B lost his sanity even Naseer did, he was in this song that went (sung by the female singer) ‘tere paas tota hai, Pinjra nahi, Mere paas Pinjra hai tota nahi..daloongi daloongi pinjre mein tote ko daloongi.’

    Needless to say Mithun answered by ‘Meri maina tu jab jab dole ke pinjre mein popat bole.’
    and of course the famous mithun and Ashwini Bhawe song ‘Chu chu chu…Kab tak daalke ungli soun (repeat twice and then main apne kaano mein.’
    Brings back fond memories.

  18. Ah and I forgot to mention the subtle song from Kaante….Ishq samundar dil de andar actually sounds like Ishq samundar pil de andar’. I am quite sure of what I heard!

  19. There was quite an uproar over the Dev Anand song “aanchal mein kya ji” from the movie Nau do Gyaarah.

    There is a V.Shantaram movie which has a song where Lata croons and complains about someone picnching her….ahem..bottom. So it was not exactly Shammi Kapoor’s song which started the trend.

  20. Hi Arnab,

    I have been reading your extremely entertaining posts for a while now but have never get down to participating..anyway, what a thread to jump in.

    My main question to all the posters here… A lot of these songs.. Are they really double meaning? Description of a rendevous that is amorous in nature is very much a part of our folk lore. Erotica is pretty much built into our folk culture. Keeping that in mind, what is wrong in ‘Angana mein baba dwaare pe maa’ or ‘Lal dupatte wali tera naam to bata’. I could not see anything in ‘Meri beri ke ber mat todo’ either. Purely from the lyrical perspective they are the normal sidey tapori songs.

    Ofcourse there are many there that do have a double meaning without doubt, but for a lot many it seems to be a matter of interpretation. I had read somewhere that ‘Abhi na jao chod kar’ had problems in it’s times because that was considered vulgar! Someone had mentioned ‘Aanchal mein kya ji’ (which to my mind is not vulgar at all)

    All a question of perceptions?


  21. Ritu,
    You are spot on when you mention that sexual licentiousness is imbibed in our folklore; as a matter of fact almost every folk culture has an outlet for such expression. You are also right about perception, however, some songs are clearly written intentionally. I can’t explain ‘Meri beri ke ber’ for you simply because I fear if I do Arnab’s site will be flagged, but the double meaning is obvious in the dance, situation and sequence. Even the later adaptation of the song had the obvious double meaning element. Of course, almost all remixes are that way and this one doesn’t stand out.

    Compare this with a well known folk song like ‘Pinjre wali muniya..’ no one has pointed out to that song coz it was a folk song simply sung in an apt situation although it’s laden with blatant sexual meanings. In Omakara Gulzar’s ‘Namak’ was very sensual but I think didn’t raise eyebrows; of course my personal opinion is a vast majority doesn’t understand Gulzar as such. I agree even I didn’t see anything wrong in ‘Aanchal mein kya ji’ but I can see how it was perceived incorrectly.

    The folklore element you mention is exactly the case with ‘lal dupatte wali’ symbols like women and color red being connected. Then the Govinda song ‘aakhiyon se goli maare’ is an adaptation of the folk song ‘nathuinya pe goli mare, saayian hamar’ where there is no attempt to even cover the double meaning. Also the song from Vidhata ‘Saat saheliyaan khadi khadi’…is an obvious result of folk influence.

  22. Everyone seems to have forgotten the Mamta Kulkarni classic “Chhat pe soya tha behnoi…main tane samajhke so gayi….mujhko ranaji maaf karna, galti mare se ho gayi.” Now if only I could remember which movie that was from.

  23. @Wafa The song was from Karan Arjun

  24. Well after a spat of double meaning dialogues we moved over to dholi-mahi-soni the Punjabification (or Carnalification) of lyrics. We don’t see the double meaning ones but definitely there are non sensical ones too, totally meaningless ones
    Wo laal laal teekhi teekhi ek pal main hay chaba gaya, tota mirchi kha gaya
    Main to raste se ja raha thha…

    Some of them do fit in the scenes before/after the song live a fat aunt trying the new tight fit jean-pants. The whole problem of fitting them looks like the classic chicken n egg problem. What was written first? The scene or the lyrics?

  25. Nice collection of useless thoughts ;)..happy to find that there are a lot of ppl like me 🙂

  26. Few more songs worth mentioning:

    O baba kiss me – Miss 420
    Rukmani Rukmani – Roja
    Dhik ta na na – Laadla
    Mujhko Ranaji maaf karna – Karan Arjun
    Akeli Mein Aayi – Gambler, and how did we forget
    Tip tip barsa paani – Mohra
    Hothon Pe Bas – Yeh Dillagi

    But i guess these songs were made because the cassettes sold. So isn’t it the viewers/listeners that were also in some way responsible for this avalanche of such songs? Just a muzzle thought

  27. Really nice artilce but you forgot the ‘gem’ from the 80s — ‘Saat saheliyaan kahdi khadi’ (it’s from Vidhata, I think).
    There was another atrocious song from mid 1990s:
    Mere paas tota hai, pinjara nahi
    Tere paas pinjara hai, tota nahi
    (Girl sings)
    Apna tota mujhe de de, mere pinjare mein band kar de
    Bade pyaar se paloongi, dana paani bhi daloongi
    Nowadays, the lyrics have been replaced by equally crass videos…

  28. how can u forget 70,s classic from PEHCHAAn

    bas yehi apradh baar baar karta hoon,
    aadmi hun aadmi se pyaar karta hoon…..

  29. how can we forget ,,,,,,, meri choli choti ho gayee,,,,,,,,,

  30. Excellent work folks….How can anyone forget the song from Pyar Tune Kya Kiya – Patli kamar,chikna badan, Tirchi nazar hay, Masti bhari meri bali umar hay… but the main thing is these songs are also used by the local village people for dancing during immersion ceremony of idols or during eveteasing. I agree with Ritu for what she said about the way people perceive and i even agree with Aditi taht some songs are written intentionally to get publicity.

  31. you all had done a lot of research and analysis on the dual meaning of the songs, but should say that vulgarity is in our mind and and in our eyes. we always look at the other side of the mirror,to its tinted side.

  32. Well, i am a latecomer on this as i have discovered RTDM only receltly and have enjoyed it so much that i am reading the archives these days!!

    Am adding my two bit here. There was this fulltu sidey movie called Pyari Behna (Mithun and Padmini Kolhapure). there is a scene in which Padmini snatches Mithun’s watch and puts it in her…where else…choli. she then runs and jumps into a pond. Mithun follows her there. Padmini goes underwater…Mithun follows suit…in the next scene, Mithun trimphantically shows the watch and Padmini is suitably embarassed. The song that follows goes something like, “jal gaya! Oof! jal gaya!! tujhe choone se haath mera jal gaya!!

    we saw this movie when i was in hostel. Man!! what ceetees!! my mouth ached for days for whisteling so much!! and that was a girl’s hostel mind u!!

  33. rukmani rukmani was missing… i think this was the song that crossed the limits of vulgarity

  34. and then the “Bharo” song from the same movie [ she was referring to her maang of course].
    the best one…

  35. Folks, I guess many of you forgot the hit song from “Bombay”. The song picturized on Arvind Swamy and Manisha Koirala……… “Kucchi Kucchi Rakma Paas Aaona, Ek Acchi Acchi Gudiya De Do Na, Saara Jahaan So Gaya, Chaand Kahin Kho Gaya”…….

    It may not sound vulgar, but it definitely indicates what is the motive and how to achieve it 😉 Cheers!

  36. Meri maina tu jab jab dole ke pinjre mein popat bole need to know the movie name and want to download mp3 format

  37. It is really fun to read these hillarious posts… I wonder how ppl know so much about such stuff.
    Well as far as my contribution is concerned… I jus saw the muvi MAIDAAN E JUNG.
    It has this song-
    Titee-ki-titee tee-tee tee-tee, Mera Teetar bole masti mein, tu aaja kaali basti mein
    Kaadar khan and Shakti Kapoor(in a woman-attire).. Awesome. A MUST WATCH..!!

  38. Ha Ha Ha … This stuff is hilarious. Vulgar, but funny. Just going down the memory lane, viewing these gems again and thinking/visualising their other meaning makes me roll down in laughter. Be it “Kal Saiyan ne aisi bowling ki” or “Raat bhar mua sone na de BHONPU bajaye ghari ghari.” LOL !!! Gracias, Great Bong and all the other contributers!

  39. Congrats! This post was selected by “me” as my Mind Blowing Monday Post- V



    This post of yours reminded me of my teenage days, when I was forbidden to watch these songs on TV; which obv didn’t deter me from checking them out secretly..

  40. Hey, Good or bad is all on the mindset of person. Some lyrics are easy to decode(to be called vulgar) and some are pure imagination(naughty). Just think about the song pictured on Great Dev Annad and Tanuja, in which Tanuja sang:

    “Aage bhi jaaney naa du….Pichey bhi jaaney naa du…(What ??)…”

    Sorry guys LOL…

  41. What is meaning of ‘POPAT’ in hindi? Please translate to english..

  42. Popat means a parrot in mumbaiyya bhasha.So apply it where it suits the most in the songs.

  43. We have all forgotten Madhuri dixit’s”Ek rasgulla kahin phat gaya re phat ke jilebi se lipat gaya re” I think with Govinda.

  44. one super double meaning song

    “Subah main leti hai raat main leti hai ….”

    i forgot movie name but juhi chawla was in that movie.

  45. How can forget the king of double meaning, Dada Kondke.
    Song Like- dhere dhere dalu….?
    – main deti hoon tu leyta jaa..
    – dhere dhere se chood saiyaan teray pipe ka pani.

    just 2 name a few.

    1. ha ha ha all cheapo songs..:)
      one song from vijaypath
      kal sayya ne aisee bowling keee ek gend bhi khel paaye nahi.:D

  46. Nice writing and research…!!

    But you’ve forgotten evergreen classic song from vidhata…. Saat saheliyaan khadi khadi…fariyaad sunayi ghadi ghadi

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