King Khan

I love Shahrukh Khan. He is the Man. Different in every role he essays, he really gets under the skin of his character———watching him perform you would never know that it is the same man who is essaying all these different roles—Karan (the lover boy), Rahul (the lover boy), Ramjaane (the lover boy), Veer (the lover boy), Major Ram Prasad Sharma (the lover boy), Emperor Asoka (the lover boy)…………

Shahrukh Khan is not only marvellously talented and incredibly handsome ———-his mind is as sharp as a razor.

Very unlike Deepal Shah (link I am being unable to find for now) who thinks that a movie titled “Blue Film” is anti-sex. Duhhhhhh…..

Let’s sample some of his pearls of reasoning.

“If you can believe that an 80-year-old woman can continue to love the man she loved as a young girl (Titanic), then why not the love story between a ghost and a woman?” Shah Rukh contended.

Holy Macaroli.

An 80 year old woman should be concerned about where she kept her dentures—-not about some man in her life. If we accept the fact that she is still in love with a man——well of course, we just have to believe that ghosts can romance women.

Then some eye opening, highly original remarks about the state of our country.

I think it’s doing very well, monies are coming in, exports are happening, the economy is opening up. There are a lot of new industries that are springing upin our country, whether it’s software or IT or entertainment, communications just now, which are opening up and I think doing very well for us. Plus because of our population, we are a huge market, so there are a lot of people who will be interested in coming into our country, like television just did. There is a lot of scope for us to use that to our benefit

Wow. I always knew that exports were happening…….what I did not know was that “television” was “a people” who came into our country because of its population.

For India to be progressing faster, what it needs is to control any kind of communal disharmony, which I personally feel is in the hands of a few people who misuse it for their agendas. I think the educated middle-class Indian has to take a stand and understand and has to feel that the only thing which can stop India from being the greatest superpower in this world is the misuse of communalism, misuse of religion for very small benefits, very small, unimportant agendas.

Again the wisdom left me weak-kneed. I never knew that communal disharmony was being misused before King Khan told me so…….actually I never knew what the proper intended use of “communalism” and “communal disharmony” was anyways.

But now I know that “communalism” and “communal disharmony” are basically good things—just some “baaad” people misuse them for their petty gains.

Here he is again.

For Shah Rukh believes that ‘‘secularism, tolerance and liberalism’’ are the only two mantras that can carry India ahead.

Mmm is that two or three? Well whatever…must be a TOI goofup.

And then again. The context here is the ban on smoking in Hindi movies.

Actually, the more liberal a society becomes, the more stringent the laws are bound to be. In the US, you can buy a gun off the shelf, and then someone starts shooting down kids in a school. So they need strict laws to make guns accessible to people. With air travel being so easy now — you can book tickets by e-mail — airport security is tougher. In a banana republic, nothing is allowed. In our society, everything is allowed. Therefore we need to check the flow of liberal ideas. It isn’t intolerance that triggers off laws against things like smoking or buying ammunition. More rights entail more obligations.”

Elementary is it not? Plato would have been smiling in his grave at this feat of logical deduction.

Shahrukh Khan…….we love you.

24 thoughts on “King Khan

  1. Thank you! what a great way for me to start the day 🙂
    the man never hesitates to shoot his mouth off, does he…atleast he is an entertainer in some way!

  2. hehehe…..and to think that people are actually ready to tattoo his name on their whatevers…and leap off buildings for him 🙂

  3. The problem is that people like Shahrukh Khan, surrounded by adoring junta nodding their heads to every word they say, start believing the image they portray on screen with the result that the sheer stupidity of his profound remarks totally escape him. And sadly to say, most of his fans.

  4. The problem is that people like Shahrukh Khan, surrounded by adoring junta nodding their heads to every word they say, start believing the image they portray on screen with the result that the sheer stupidity of his profound remarks totally escape him. And sadly to say, most of his fans.

    I think you are right in most cases but I do believe people like SRK are actually quite intelligent, and dumb down a lot to the regular junta, so they can get away with what they really have to say in other ways, through their movies. Stars like SRK and Aamir are known to interfere in creative messages in a big way, which is why brands want them on board apart from their appeal. Also, these is a growing discerning tribe which ignores what most of the stars say in print or on TV, because firstly a lot of times the star hasn’t even said the stuff printed (not possible on TV though) and secondly we know they’re supposed to entertain us and not sermonize, so we watch the movies and ignore their views! Or so I hope…

  5. Hey hey ….. take it easy with the “King Khan” he’s not called that for nothing….
    And all we care about is his movies isn’t it …
    He’s no social commentator but just that celebrities are expected to give opinions about anything and everything so that….

    And whatever he says(u cant remember any of it…)… he’s pretty entertaining on stage and on screen.. that’s all that matters right and off late he’s improving upon his acting also 😉

    I am no crazy fan of his but we cant deny he has that style quotient …. whatever he might speak is of least importance..


  7. i love u u are the best the greatest actor of all time let people hate u but dont let god hate u we love keep up the fantastic job and look after your family god bless u live long

  8. you are the best srk and you will always be the greatest actor in this world i love u so much that i think of u every seconds god will protect u and your family myadvice to u is this let people hate u but dont let god hate u with out him u are nothing. keep up with the fantastic job.dont let any producer take advantage of u or make u sad you have karan by your side . i love your dimples,hair youe magic eyes and the way you talk.u are the bst good luck lots of love siaxxxxxxxxxxxlove peace

  9. you people are such an idot and noisy
    you wanna know everything and every step he takes
    its not like he love all of you
    he justs loves his job friends and family

  10. I am still in two minds as to which of them was funnier-i allude to the blog and the comment section.
    I suppose I was one of the unfortunate-love struck-photograph hunting in magazines-using airtel because he is its brand ambassador-srk lover. (of course, i am talking of the days of yore when i didn’ have much sense and after the shahrukh khan mania went over, i fell in love with karan johar..but still).
    your blog reminded me of my tom foolery of those days when i used to heatedly debate with unequally srk enamoured friends about the wisdom of his sayings and the attractiveness of his dimples.
    One day it all ebbed away because of one resounding question- How does a ghost impregnate a woman and what is the species of the resulting child?

  11. not a gr8 fan of SRK June 6, 2007 — 9:11 am

    ya rite how can a ghost impregnate a woman, but then how can a baby be born with 666 written on his head as in “Omen”?? How can ghost come back and take revenge as he did in “Ghost”??

    they are just movies. don’t try to use ur grey matter in everything. When SRK did a movie with some social message, everybody said it’s boring and then when he did a bull shit movie KANK, it became a huge hit. So, c films defies logic.

  12. Though if we take a broader view, what with rajnikanth biting bullets and the carving your heart out to seek immortality (i love johnny depp, unconditionally, but pirats has never been a great favourite), somehow, ghosts impregnating women seems so much more plausible. And Swades was not only dubbed as boring most people dubbed it as illogical. I remember a few people arguing that nobody would leave that kind of salary at NASA to come back to a bunch of illiterate and narrow minded fools. They told me I would have a better sense of priorities when i grow up.
    When the man who did Swades chose KANK too, that my friend, defies logic.

  13. This is the work of a genius…..hahaha….so true….SRK is one manufactured icon from the factory of Indian films….

  14. Wonderful, wonderful. Such magnificent display of brilliance! Boy, do we love him or do we love him?

  15. Marvelous! Thanks for showing us intelligence of king khan.

  16. WTF? Why do people involve god in everything? STFU!

  17. I am in no way a fan of Shah Rukh Khan, the actor, and neither do I fancy his looks (him being my father’s age nearly, and a smoker to top that), but I sure do appreciate Shah Rukh Khan, the entrepreneur. He does have a sharp mind: definitely a lot sharper than any of the other mindless zombies you see floating in the bollyworld. I’ve been reading ur blog lately courtesy a friend who admires your writing incessantly. However, I must say that I was disappointed to see this post, but considering that it was written 3 years ago when you were still dabbling with writing, it’s all good. The present ones are fab!! Keep up the good work.

  18. Seems like u r losing it great bong..nitpicking on some grammatical mistakes and goof ups for the sake of writing one more post on this great blog of yours..SRK is a movie star not a thespian concernd with left wing inclinations but he sure is infinitely more intelligent and richer than other actors..

  19. sirf naam se koi king nahi banta like akshay jis ke movies stupid hote hai aur face be only shahrukh is the best actor in the world evrybody love onlyyy shahrukh now and after 1000 years later

  20. the blog is hilarious, the comments section even better..
    some people just dont know their limits, why do they have to pass comments about anything and everything under the sun just for the sake of it?
    @not a great fan of srk….
    duhh….you should have known that “Paheli” is the great prequel to omen and the name “paheli” does more than answer the mystery as to how the devils child was born in the first place.. Gregory Peck looked at the wrong place.. he should have come to rajasthan..
    i agree as to srk being a lot nicer than some of his contemporaries, but why in the blue hell does he have to pass comments on issues like “communal disharmony” and “economy” just for the sake of it. i simply am confused. I believe they have greater responsibility of not presenting themselves as stupid since they are “mass spokesperson”

  21. by television, perhaps he meant televison people/media houses behind channels …. and a large population is a logical enough reason for growth in television channels.

    Maybe your prejudice prevents you from seeing the obvious.

  22. Srk he is totally devoted to his work, his way of answiring attracts everyone

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