Blog Day


It’s Blog Day. Why so? Because 3108 looks like the word “blog”……the graphic to the left shows how that works out.

The point of Blog Day is to link to 5 blogs which you find interesting. In keeping with the general tone of this blog (which is almost never very serious—-except the times I get into my rants) and stretching the definition of “interesting”, let me give you 5 tongue-firmly-in-cheek recommendations.

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Happy, Healthy And Alone


The title for the “luckiest dude in the world” goes to the King of Swaziland, MSwati III beating out super alpha males like P. Diddy (now called Diddy: hat-tip:Gawker), JayZ, R Kelly, Snoop Dog, Bill Clinton and Babulal Gaur.

Points to note:

1. 50,000 topless dancing virgins from which to choose your 13th wife. Isn’t that like way too many options? Personally 15,000 is the number above which I would not be able to make an informed decision any longer.

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Conflict of Interest


nalini chidambaram
Dr. Subramanium Swamy thinks that our Finance Minister, P Chidambaram should resign on grounds of corruption.

The crime: Ms Chidambaram has been legally representing the IT department, which falls under the purvey of the Finance Ministry, for the “modest” (in the words of Ms Chidambaram) fee of Rs 2 lacs a pop.

As to her record: 1 case fought, 1 defeat. After that her legal counsel has not been sought possibly because the Opposition had already caught onto the nepotism angle or possibly because, after shelling out 2.5 crores as compensation, the IT department, in the tradition of the Indian cricket team, was “resting” her. However she is still on retainer—that is she is still getting cheques in the mail.

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Chick Blogs


Kanika Gahlaut coins a new derisive term—the chick blog. Her original article along with the rebuttal of a so-called chick blogger are given here. In summary the point she makes is that there is a new breed of blogosphere denizens—- “actively attention-seeking”, sexually liberated female Indian bloggers who chronicle their colorful “Sex And the City” Carrie Bradshaw-ish life of booze, men and parties in colorful prose. And get a huge audience of both admiring men and “way-to-go-sister” women. A blogger in US has got a book deal out of her experiences—-the Indian women bloggers may well follow suit.

Kanika Gahlaut savages this breed — focusing her vitriol on a few of the most popular Indian female bloggers. Whatever be the merits of her bitchiness, what’s quite distasteful is the subterfuge she engaged in to interview her subjects without informing them of the hash job she was about to do to them. Journalistic ethics at their worst.

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Anger Management


Pat Robertson is this nice grandfatherly man who comes on ABC Family on a televengalising program called the 700 club (which alert readers will realize is 007 spelt backwards). In it, he and his son and a few others explain the news happenings of the day in a Biblical context interrupting his weighty discourse with metaphysical activities like “Betty of Iowa has lost her pet dog. Let us pray for its safe return.”

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The Rocks That I Got


Don’t be fooled by the rocks that I got,
I am still the MP for your block,
Used to have a little now I have a lot
—-JLo ( modified) [Jenny From the Block]

Our politicians are goin gangsta ! And a good thing yo cause frankly I am sick and tired of us being portrayed as devious and cowardly people by the Pakistanis. I am through with Indian citizens falsely accused of spying and being put on deathrow in “Terrorist’s Own Country—Pakistan”. And of our politicos talking about world peace and world hunger and neighborly love when we are surrounded by countries that wanna smack our bitch up. I say its time we got medieval on their sorry asses.

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The Redemption of the Don


mafiaWhen and if I ever have a child, I shall definitely ask him/her to consider joining the Mafia Cadre as a career option.

It is a bit too late for me I am afraid. Many a pound overweight, I would be a sitting duck for sharpshooters. I also don’t have a chilling voice, am dreadfully afraid of the police and could never shoot balloons properly.

I also happened to think that murder and extortion aren’t honorable ways to earn a living.

This is of course because I was brought up that way. My parents told me what was right and what was wrong—a mistake I shall never repeat.

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