Ganguly Hai Hai


Down with Sourav Ganguly !! Down down the Debauch Prince of Calcutta ( a columnist for a leading sports source shows his true colors in the picture on the left).

I was aghast. I used to love this guy once upon a time. I always knew him as an arrogant, petulant yet honorable man who backed his players aggressively, never played politics inside the team and was always first in the line of fire.

This was before Greg Chappell with his bcc mail to aakha India told us exactly the opposite. Ganguly is a wolf in sheep’s clothing—-according to the uncut Chappell email I got, it’s he who got Kim Sharma to leave Yuvraj Singh so that his performance suffers and the Maharaja can stay on in the side. Pathetic.

Cricinfo tells us that no matter what happens, Ganguly has to go. Indeed he must. It seems that Ganguly does not want to step outside his comfort zone—–I recall the time not so long ago (2003) at Melbourne when he walked out to protect Sachin Tendulkar . Now I realize that what actually happened was that the AC had broken down in the dressing room and it was so unbearably stuffy that Ganguly took the opportunity to ingest some fresh air.

How do I know this? Bishen Singh Bedi, the fit-as-a-fiddle left arm bowler whose paunch and patka fought among themselves for prominence and who was in his playing days known as a stickler for physical fitness, told me so on the highest authority.

When Harbhajan Singh came out with a brave statement of support for the man who made his career and pointed out that it was Greg Chappell who was playing off one player against the other, I breathed a sigh of relief. Zaheer, Nehra and Sehwag were also said to be with Dada. At least, Dada had the loyalty of his men—or so I thought.

Wrong! The wise men at Cricinfo and Times of India tell me otherwise. It seems that these players, like Dada, are also refusing to come out of their comfort zones; Harbhajan being the worst offender. I concur. Why did Dada encourage Bhajji to open a hair salon—I mean isnt hair a comfort zone for Sardarjis? Should he not have forced the Turbanator to step out of his “zone” and do something that would challenge Harbhajan—like an acting school or a semiconductor fabrication plant?

The wise men also told us about the men who were against Dada…consisting of Anil Kumble, Mohd. Kaif and a vacillating Rahul Dravid.

Anil Kumble—yes the man who defines stepping out of one’s comfort zone. After winning a gadzillion matches for India on home soil on designer pitches (his comfort zone), Anal sorry Anil Kumble has then, in the course of his career, consistently turned in sterling performances abroad raising the bar for his performance with every series, spinning India to one away series victory after another. While Dada’s fielding has been mediocre all along, Anil Kumble has always given Jonty a run for his money—-between a Jonty dive and a Kumble lunge…I am yet to decide which is more enjoyable. The only difference—-after a Jonty dive the ball is always in front of Jonty, after a Kumble lunge, the ball is inevitably behind him.

Some people claim that Anil is simply unhappy at being overlooked for the captaincy and just because of the fact that Dada always prefers Bhajji to him in one-dayers despite Anil’s fielding and Srinath-like running-between-the-wickets, many of the anonymous quotes that show unhappiness with Dada are coming from him. But of course, that’s not true.

And among the wise men, Ravi Shastri wants Ganguly out. Yes the Champion of Champions, who knows a thing or two about shame and “hai hai”s having held the world record of being the only person to have been booed at every Indian test center. Yes as Ravi once said, punnily :” Whenever Ganguly comes out to bat, Steve Waugh applies pressure at both ends.” Yes Shastri is now doing the same thing with Dada.

Ganguly has to go. Dalmia has got to go. Dalmiya supports Ganguly because Ganguly is Bengali. Ganguly is a parochial f*** having supported consistently people from Bengal—like Bhajji, Sehwag, Zaheer and Kaif while never promoting people from other states like Laxmiratan Sukla.

Chappell told us that Ganguly was not physically fit in Zimbabwe and lied about his injury. Ganguly has procured some doubtful medical certificates from the India’s team medicine man, John Gloster which I have been told is just a pseudonym for Janardhan Ghosh, Dalmia’s homeopathic Man Friday. Can you trust him?

Who told me all this? The man himself—Raj Singh Dungarpur who has absolutely no axe to grind with Dalmiya. Which is why many newspapers carry his impartial, balanced pronouncements with the authority reserved for papal announcements.

Raj Singh. A legend. A man who broke the back of regional politics in Indian cricket by consistently supporting “Mian Captain banoge?” Mohd Azharuddin (incidentally my favoritest batsman…way above Sachin) despite the fact that he played for a different state from where Raj Singh comes from …in case you did not know Azhar played for Punjab. Raj Singh detests Dalmia’s brand of regional politics—-remember the way he kept on supporting Azhar even after he had been caught with his hand in the cookie jar?

A blast from the past for your personal amusement.

Dungarpur supports Azhar’s captaincy

In 1990, Raj Singh Dungarpur strolled up to Mohammad Azharuddin and asked, Kyon, Azhar miyan, kaptaan banoge?

Main tho kaptaan hoon, sir, a naive Azhar, who thought Dungarpur was referring to his Ranji side, Hyderabad, had responded — before letting his jaw drop when the latter told him it was the Indian national side he was being asked to lead.

Almost a decade later, Dungarpur, now president of the BCCI, has spoken out in defense of his protegeee. “I am sure that Azharuddin is in full command. What reason does anyone have to remove him?” he asked. Raj Singh did not approve the criticism of Azharuddin by “people who did not fully understand the demands of the job.”

“Azharuddin’s quiet nature has become his weakness and now he is an easy target of critics,” Raj Singh said, adding that he saw nothing wrong in the captain’s aloof mein.

Dungarpur, while professing himself fully satisfied with Azhar’s leadership skills, was not quite as content with the Indian captain’s recent form with the bat. “He should get back his rhythm which he lacked due to the slow wickets,” he said.

Raj Singh’s observation will come as a big surprise to many including his former skipper Dilip Vengsarkar who once said that one can gauge the pace and bounce of a bowler by watching Azharuddin jump at every ball from the other end.

Ganguly has always been a bad person. Look at a few past incidents that came to light that show him to be a nasty lot of goods.

Kolkata, 1990: Not yet 17, Sourav Ganguly made his first class debut in the Ranji Trophy final against Delhi. His brother Snehashis Ganguly, a brilliant left-hander who was going through a lean phase, was dropped to accommodate Sourav. The decision made headlines, though it had nothing to do with the crisp 22 he made in the match which Bengal won.

Kolkata, 1993: Playing for Mohun Bagan against East Bengal in the P. Sen Trophy final, Sourav was heckled by the opposition while he was batting. After taking a catch to win the match, he threw the ball at the spectators who were cheering the opposition. They responded with a volley of stones and abuse. He responded in kind, though later he wrote an apology to the Cricket Association of Bengal.

Hyderabad, 1995: Playing for India A against India Seniors in the Challenger Cup, Sourav was involved in a run out with Rahul Dravid. Both of them were trying to get into the national team (they eventually made it) then. There were a few raised eyebrows at the end of the match as Dravid was batting fluently when he got out going for an easy single.

Not mentioned here was how he once stole an icecream from a baby and gave it to Nagma and how he once raided the donation box for Behala Blind School (which is very close to where he stays) to pay for a foot massage.

Shocking !!!!!

Kick him out. Throw him to the dogs. As our current coach said, John Wright was a wuss. He did not have the balls to deal with Sourav. But Greg does. Oh yes he does. And he knows a thing or two about winning.

Remember the time he made lil bro’ Trevor roll the ball on the ground to deprive New Zealand of a victory which led the papers to declare that Chappell’s underam stinks. Yes sir. He does know a thing or two about winning.

And ethics and gentlemanliness.

Down with Ganguly.

43 thoughts on “Ganguly Hai Hai

  1. Very very nice. I put down some of my thoughts on my blog too.

  2. phenomenal! i’m just waiting to see todays (the 27ths) outcome…jucier soundbytes expected…

  3. Et tu, Great Bong ? Just because our dada is down for “the time being”, you want to kick him out 🙂

    on a serious note, I always thought that Dada’s greatest legacy would be an united Indian team and a captain who always look out for the blokes, sadly, tsk tsk, it was a glass dream

  4. U r awesome! NDTV and Star News r vying for the best soundbytes (perhaps a li’l exclusivity, too) as the internecine war off the field continues unabated.
    Even if Dada has to go, hope he goes with the stylish bang and not witha Sachinesque whimper!

  5. seriously, this is the best shit ever seen on TV, pardon the lingo, and forget kyunki and the bold and the beautiful, this is the real stuff man

    EGOS, SUPEREGOS, and yet more, the gasbags and showponys are at it again, what the hell.

    please guys, playing for india should be enoug, aint it

  6. It’s really bad to see the passionate bashing of Dada—chiefly on op-eds.

    There are many, me included, who reverberate the same for him as you do. I have been moping about the worst politics of all time breaking in from all corners of the Indian cricket.

    Good Post. Superb indeed.

  7. as I type this out, the joint committee meeting charade is on. I have no idea whether Ghappell or Ganguly or both are wrong. That is all hearsay and speculation but one thing that is most evident is Ganguly’s form or the lack of it. Just for that he should be removed from the team. If he is not in the team then for obvious reasons the question of captaincy will not arise.

  8. @SD…thanks

    @Rimi…Thanks. As I write this, the inevitable verdict is out—kiss and make up and this time, no speaking to the press.

    @GHE…Yes it’s time he goes…Hai Hai Dada…and on a serious note, it will take a bit more than Chappell to obliterate Ganguly’s legacy.

    @Priya: Thanks.Yes the media circus in full swing but I am curious about the tone of coverage on Indian TV (I dont get that here)—cause the coverage in the press especially on Cricinfo (I hold them in high esteem) was extremely biased and the reasons for the bias were extremely obvious.

    @almost_useless: Chappell epitomizes “Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi”—having gone through Sourav’s travails himself a long time ago.

    @Ritzy: thanks. The worst politics in Indian cricket ever….now I look forward to Sharad Pawar running the BCCI like he used to run the sugar mafia in Maharashtra.

    @Rohit: No doubt. But Ganguly also serves a very important purpose—there is no alternative to him as a captain. Having said that, I still think that Ganguly should be dropped because of his performance.

    However what pains me is to see the low level of personal attacks that media outlets are resorting to—this is not a cricketing evaluation on whether Dada should stay in or out—it’s all about unfounded allegations and personal villification (like how he ran Rahul Dravid out in 1994) on an epic scale.

  9. BRILLIANT in all caps. one of the best posts on the topic – this is one of the rare posts i vae read n any blogs which is “fwd to my dad”worthy 🙂

  10. Dude Ganguly is just not doing so great and needs to be dropped. Agreed Dungapur is old and Kumble does not field well. But atleast they do/did there job well. Not cribbing like you bongs tend to do. Maybe you people should stop playing cricket. We are still good at it.(Stick to football. India is bad at it anyways I.E you people can’t screw it up anymore)

    Anyways all I wanted to tell you was.Ganguly is bad, let him go. You’ll find someone else whom you pary to soon. I hope.

  11. I also think that Ganguly should be dropped to make way for Kaif.

  12. Nice aggressive one…But the fact is..
    Ganguly is not playing well.He is jumping around and is on his toes like a mideget in a urinal.. for every ball he faces from a fast bowler.. Yes I do remember Brisbane 2003.. But that is long gone isnt it? I also remember Laxman at Eden 2001.. He was dropped becuae of poor performance, wasnt he?
    Yes, the media coverage towards Ganguly has been extremely biased. But then.. maybe .. it is the white man is right.. attitude.. who knows..
    Greg Chappel is from the land of the OZ.. where everyone is hard nosed and everyone is frank and fair ..and honest.. (oh..what pretentions from a country where convicts were sent). He has the best interests of Indian Cricket in mind..
    Greg Chappel has also undergone a huge slump in form in his playing days.. Ganguly needs help too..
    Well the fact is though..
    Ganguly looks oh so meek in face of some quality bowling.. it makes one wonder if the prince will ever get his swagger back.. ( i know i know. it is the king . Viv, who had the swagger..but what the hell)
    But the worst accusation which has still remained untouched in your post is..
    Ganguly used divide and rule and the specific episode from Laxman is very very distrubing.. GOd knows, if he really did that.. well Ganguly..should go.. Just for saying things like that to Laxman..

  13. Well. This time I blame Ganguly solely to make this incident an object of joke for all. Whether Chappell’s allegations against Ganguly were right or wrong is a different issue. But this was sheer unprofessional of Ganguly to have vented his disappointment about Chappell publicly. And again, as an appointed coach Chappell had the rights to complain to the board about any incompetent/disobedient players in his squad. No body wants a coach who is considered a pushover and will only stooge for the captain. If so, why spend too much money to recruit a coach. Furthermore, it is again narrow mindedness to bring up the example of underarm bowling incident time and again to doubt Chappell’s credentials and evaluate his entire cricketing career. However, such things are rhetorically quite effective to incite Ganguly fans (they are not cricket fans but fanatics) to burn effigies of Chappell etc. All in all, I think it is now difficult for the coach and the captain to work together towards the benefit of Indian cricket. In this light, today’s decision by the BCCI to pretend that nothing had happened and everything originated form miscommunication between the guys and now everything was sorted out, is a clear insult to any dignified coach. I don’t think this would go well with Chappell. BCCI would better have been a little more courageous to get rid of one of them. I somewhat sympathize with Chappell because he did not do anything contrary to rules, still was embroiled in a charade because of an unprofessional cricketing board (leakage of emails) and a similar captain (public statement indicating that Chappell asked him to step down).

  14. Good post!!
    However, I am a little confused in the tome of the message and the subtle underlying sarcasm. It seems that this is a post coming from the head and not the heart, and at times, the heart does try to interfere

  15. Great Bong, as the mutual funds say in their prospectus, past success is no indicator of future performance. Sourav was, no doubt, a great cricketer, till 2001/2. He has clearly overstayed after that. He has been a deadweight as a batsman and a sulking, diffident captain incapable of energising the team. He should leave, with retrospective effect if possible.

  16. Good post as usual, Great Bong.
    But you just can’t run away from the fact that Ganguly has become a liability in the very same team that he moulded.
    Another point is that he does seem to have a select group of players whom he favours despite their consistent poor performances.Zaheer Khan is the best example.
    For the betterment of Indian team, it will be best that he is dropped on basis of form and some of his cronies become more accountable for their on field performances.As far as BCCI is concerned, its full of money n power hungry hyenas, with no connection or to cricket.No point even commenting on them.
    On a lighter note, i hav to admire the way u Bongs stick to each other thru thick n thin 😉
    -A grt fan

  17. @Sagnik: Thank you and I hope your father enjoys the post.

    @3pinjoint: If you think merely that Kumble does not field well, you must be a die-hard Bangalorean.Wait…you actually are. Sour grapes buddy…fully sympathize. Quite expected from you guys….at least the kid in the picture is cute. Which is more than I can say for you.
    (Note: You make regional comments, I shall reply in kind)

    @Curious, Chappell comes across as one of those anal retentive bosses all of us have had at some point of our lives, who think that if they make their underlings work double harder then their automatically improves performance. I saw none of his vaunted strategic acumen in the wanton way he fiddled with our batting order in the series against Sri Lanka.

    @Akash: The reason Chappell’s past is brought up is to show that the other side in this conflict are not knights in shining armour with spotless records. Of course the board’s inconclusive decision isnt going to help any—read Prem Panicker’s excellent take on this in Rediff.

    @Nirav: The dilemna comes from the fact that I truy think that Dada does not warrant a place in the side on the basis of batting—however the blanket character assasination being carried out against him needs to be protested against.

    @plus_ultra: Agree !

    @Binesh: I have always been a fan of Dada and if you want to find out why, here is what I once wrote

    Again I accept that Dada may very well be gone, but the way disgruntled newsmen, ousted administrators, jealous ex-players have used the opportunity to make personal attacks on Ganguly is what’s made me mad. Real mad.

  18. The reason Chappell’s past is brought up is to show that the other side in this conflict are not knights in shining armour with spotless records.

    greatbong…shoot the messenger if you don’t like the message?

    I have been an unabashed Sourav fan, but I don’t see how I can defend him now. He’s become yet another Indian captain desperately trying to hang on to his place.

    Why castigate Kumble? He’s one guy who has had the balls to be critical of his own overseas performances. A guy with a heart if there ever was one in Indian cricket. Don’t forget the 18 he took in SA 92-93, 19 in WI in 97, the Leeds game he won (along with Bhajji) in 02, and of course, the 24 in three matches Down Under not long ago. He’s not the same in ODIs that he used to be, but his treatment before/after the SL tour was totally insensitive and lacking any ideas (don’t think he blamed Sourav for it, did he?).

  19. @Gameboys:

    Chappell is hardly the messenger…he is the source of the missive. A missive he has garnished liberally with half-truths and innuendo. Again not that it makes Ganguly’s presence supportable but in case you havent noticed—this is a power struggle and has got nothing to do with the “future” of Indian cricket—if you think Chappell cares two hoots for that, then you are being naive. But does anybody in BCCI care —no they dont.

    As to Anil Kumble, for all his professed greatness two or three series? Compare him to Warne, Murali and his true class comes to the fore. In case it isnt patently obvious, the disgruntled quotes from inside the team come from Kumble.

    Balls to be critical of his overseas performances? I dont think how he could be supportive of it—to be honest. My point was that Kumble never tried to step out his comfort zone (designer pitches in India and umpire Bansal’s finger) and now he cribs about Sourav.

    India Sri Lanka semifinal. Calcutta’s worst hour. Another day in the office for Anil. His pathetic bowling in one of the biggest game of his life…I will really never forget. Sliding the ball down the leg side and Mahanama flicking and Ranatunga tapping him…..and then Kumble throwing his arms in the air as if it’s somehow the world’s fault that he is being taken for runs.

  20. People actually read the Chappel Email?

  21. Balls to be critical of his overseas performances? I dont think how he could be supportive of it. – How many Indian players do you know who have acknowledged and actually gone on to better their (overseas)performances? After the debacle in West Indies in ’89, Vengsarkar blamed everyone but himself, forgetting he was the No.1 batsman on the computer and had a miserable series.

    I never said Anil is in the same league as Warne or Murali. If one has to argue for argument’s sake, I can always bring up Warne’s record against India – he never won a game against the best players of spin (Murali did). And no, it isn’t patently obvious that it’s Kumble who has been behind the dressing room intrigue.

    Btw, add to the four series I mentioned 15 against Pak early 2004 and 13 in SL in 93-94 (I have left out Zim and Bangla series). Kumble has struggled overseas, but 176 from 47 games is not bad.

    It could well be that Chappell cares only about himself, but when it comes to Sourav, his desperation to hold on has been hurting the side badly, and in my opinion, that shows he cares about himself first and the team next. Sourav’s record as captain and player in the last year has been pathetic and he has to go, if purely judged on performance. Also remember that Sourav started the whole thing by going public with Chappell’s words spoken in confidence.

  22. Don’t mean to offend, but this sounds like typical Calcuttan rant.

    Why is the average Calcuttan so tolerant, even posessive, of decay – in work ethic, politics, and now sports?

  23. Dada is a man who single-handedly made the Indian team into what it is today. He had the guts to stick out his neck to get in players like Sehwag, Yuvraj, Kaif, Bhajji, Zaheer and what not. All of them are stars today. And what do we do? We critise the man who stood behind them and made them into what they are today. We say he has overstayed his welcome. We say he has shamed us. Well, if the shame is on anyone, it’s on us.

  24. Excellent post!
    Now that’s a great way to spice up a topic that has soon become boring!

    The way the Ganguly Vs Chappell issue was hyped, it was as if the ultimatum will be served on Tuesday 27th.

    For those who follow Indian cricket and know the ways of BCCI..well nothing was a surpise, we are like this only:-)

  25. sarcasm is so lovely 🙂

    brilliant post.

  26. BCCI should be overhauled just like most sport governing bodies in India…
    The oldies stay back and celebrate silver jubilees in office. Fresh talent or ideas are not infised. The sport suffers, sportsmen suffer and our image suffers in the international arena.

  27. Ganguly is the worst thing to have ever happened to Indian Cricket.Few would doubt that he has been selfish all along and creating divisions in the team.He doesn’t deserve a place in the team.

    No offence but I have yet to come across one Kolkatan who isn’t a blind supporter of the arrogant brat.Cricket should come over regional politics.

    Its incorrect to blame the coach – atleast he dared to voice his concerns in the best interests of the team.On moral grounds atleast – if not his remarkable performance – he should step down.Cricket is a craze- a craze among the fans. Ganguly’s behavior is sure to disappoint the Indian fan.

  28. Very well said. Bravo!

    I wanted to write about the Great Greg “Underarm” Chappel and his newest and best underarm ball yet. It turned too sarcastic even for me, so I just let it go. He amazing abilities neveer ceases to amuse me to say the least. Let’s see how well he performs with Rahul “Lackey” Dravid in his tow.

  29. Arnab,
    I have been visiting your blog on and off since IIPMgate, that’s re-written record books, when it come to the blogosphere’s attention-span for a singular issue. The desire to post a comment on this post, which is nearly a month old, is motivated by this which, was opened just today. I truly believe that Ganguly must be allowed back into the Indian team, purely on his ability to deliver with the willow, and that he should not be allowed to ride on the wildcard, he has been incessantly awarded, for his admittedly immaculate track record as a captain.
    Looking fwd to more interactions through your blog,

    PS: you have a great blog – love the generous dosage of sarcasm a.k.a “onionism” – and I’m a resident of Maryland too….

  30. man,u’re raving and ranting…get a hold over your sorry self…u’re ganguly is history!

  31. This is after the Calcutta one-dayer of 25th November.Thank god ranchi is not likely to host any matches otherwise after some years down the line when dhoni starts failing regularly you’d find a “no dhoni no match’ demonstration. honestly the bongs are taking this thing too seriously

  32. Did you hear about the latest scam? Our ‘Jaggu Dada’ actually entered into an arrangement with Mr. Sharad Pawar (just before the BCCI elections), so that his protege could show his prowess against Pawar’s Maharashtra, and thereby embarass the wise men of BCCI, Cricinfo, Rediff cricket, Times of India et al. Shockingly disgraceful!!!

  33. corporate radical December 5, 2005 — 4:38 am

    good1 great bong….really impressed wrote 2 blogs about the issue myself. Ne1 interested can read it at


  34. I was really saddened by the comments posted by Arnab. He thinks that all Indians have teamed together in this Anti-Bengali episode. Why would rest other Indians do that. Bengalis have a glorious history in art and culture. Bengali writers and poets are world famous. All Indians are proud of them.
    The reason I feel that Indians line up against Bengalis lies in Bengalis themselves! Bengalis react over extremely. Remember what they did with Sunil Gawaskar in the past? Remember the stadium was burned down when India lost the match? Remember the anger they showed to Chappel when Ganguly was ousted of the team? All Indians had accepted that Ganguly should now step down due to his poor performance. But Bengalis think that insult to Ganguly is insult to them! And this is the precise reason they are also being targetted during Ganguly-mockery.
    Remember no Indian is interested in ridiculing Bengalis (or for that matter people from any region) and all Indian people treat Bengalis equally if not with admiring respect.
    We Indians should stick together in those difficult times.
    Arnab, try opening your eyes and look around. Nobody hates Bengalis. Get rid of that complex.

  35. Hey
    You seem to be mentally retarded. Any person who supports Ganguly – supports unprofessionalism in Cricket. Ganguly has consistently underperformed. At the level of Ganguly we donot expect him to make 30’s etc in a ‘comeback’ match. Doesn’t he have the guts tp make 50s and 100s….. Remember, Tendulkar made a fitting comeback at Nagpur and at Delhi (Both in ODI and Test) wheres Ganguly… I think we should all celebrate that the thorn in the indian side is now out of the team.

    Long live India, Long live More, Die early Ganguly

  36. Reading ur blog it remins me that you feel all this is because India hates Bengalis….. Well if you think that… no need to think… believe it. Bengal is a pain in the ass for India. The red glag party, the unruly behaviour, no work ethcis, i mean begalis are good for nothing. SO if you THINK Bengalis are being targetted…. Well thats good and YES you should now believe that begalis are being targetted.

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  38. well exactly like ganguly supporters to bring down the rest to prove ganguly is good! i mean why talk about anil kumble who is the decentest man in Indian cricket to prove “god knows what” about ganguly! Ganguly is out of the team because he has been the biggest weakness in the batting line-up for the past 2 years….period. and that has given a chance to the likes of greggy to put him down… but greggy is aussie and u have to excuse that. nothing excuses ganguly’s dreary performances season after season.

  39. @Pari_shan: Despite the fact that I have stopped commenting about the Ganguly issue for now, I could not resist this time. Anil Kumble is above criticism because he is the “decentest” man. (note: no mention of the word “performance”). And Ganguly deserves to be dropped because of his performance. Doublespeak?

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  41. After Singur issue abusive attacks on Bengali community got a high. I have physically witnessed few incidents where Bengalis were abused brutally in a vulgar way but this vulgarity now jumped on some online media like Rediff.
    Singur was a political issue. Bengalis didn’t push away Nano factory from Singur as it was portrayed by hindi media across India. Hindi media never informed Indian society, that most of the land owners gave their land for Nano factory. Few political hooligans snatched the wish of majority & our poor physically challenged state govt crumbled in front of those hooligans!

    These Bengali haters were keen to search issues to bash Bengali creed & after Singur they’ve got it. Their forefathers like Moraji Desai, Rajiv Gandhi, Chacha Nehru were infamous Bengali haters, they are actually carrying the tradition of their clan & hegemony.

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