Bhojpuri Bituwas

Ever since I watched “Namak Halal” and Amitabh’s “I can talk Ingliss I can walk Ingliss. and I can laugh Ingliss…Ingliss is a varry phunnny language…Bhairon becomes Byron because their minds are very narrow” I knew that there was a Bhojpuri movie hidden somewhere there just waiting to come out.

And so it has —Namak Halal has been dubbed into Bhojpuri and released as “Babua Khiladi Dadua Anari” —inspired by “Main Khiladi Tu Anari”, one of Bollywood’s rare movies with a subtly gay subtext (or so people claim).

Of course there is nothing of the sort in “Babua Khiladi Dadua Anari” except some beautiful “Daddu Tum” moments between Amitabh (who has always had a Bhojpuri appeal with the “Khaike Pan Banaras Wala” and “Dhanno ki aankh sharabi re humka laage” songs) and “sharaabi, kababi buddha”— the nasal Oooommmm Prakash.

Which brings us to the bigger issue at hand—the phenomenal growth of the Bhojpuri movie market.

As BBC says:

The industry, catering to 200m people who speak the Bhojpuri language – a dialect of Hindi – and live in the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh, is raking in cash like never before. Sticking to home-grown Indian family melodramas and throwing in some glamorous faces and slick foreign locations for a contemporary feel, Bhojpuri films are often outperforming Bollywood biopics at the box office these days.

Take, for example, two of the Bhojpuri mega hits of 2005, Sasura Bada Paisawela (My Father-in-Law is Rich) and Daroga Babu I Love You (Dear Policeman, I Love You).
Pefectly logical. Imagine yourself a cowherd in Chapra district or a miner in Ranchi or a farmer in Bareilly or a pickpocket in Varanasi. After a day of backbreaking labor you want to get drunk, go to a movie wearing a comfortable lungi with your ribald mates, pass comments, throw some chawannis, dance in the aisles—–in short have fun. Which is exactly what “Sasuda Bada Paisawala” (a dream of most Indian working men) and “Daroga Babu I Love You” (an interesting premise) provide.

These movies target the problems of the proletariat—-when you know you are going to go home to a wife shouting at your drunken-ness clutching 3 kids in her hand, you want to see “Dulhan Banwa Chudail” (The Bride Becomes The Witch) before the inevitable happens at home.

Mother bossing, wife shouting, sister-in-law unwittingly seducing? Yes there is a movie for you— “Ma Biwi Aur Sali” ( Mother, Wife and Sister-in-law).

Kids treating you poorly? Old age? Don’t watch King Lear—-“Mat Bhulaiye Mai Baap Ke” (Don’t forget your parents”) is here.

Made on a modest budget of $65,000, Sasura Bada Paisawela took in over $3m at the box office. Daroga Babu mopped up nearly $900,000 on a similar budget.Many Bhojpuri movies take about 10 times their costs. With a success rate of almost 100% it is not surprising that Bhojpuri cinema is wooing Bollywood players like never before.
Superstar Amitabh Bachchan, presently recovering from surgery, and star actress of yesteryear, Hema Malini, have signed up for a Bhojpuri film together.
Other actors who have appeared in or are about to appear in Bhojpuri films are Ajay Devgan, Juhi Chawla, Raj Babbar, Rati Agnihotri and starlet Nagma. That’s not all – Bollywood’s top choreographer Saroj Khan is directing a Bhojpuri movie, director Tinnu Verma is remaking a Bollywood hit, Mera Gaon Mera Desh (My Village, My Country), in Bhojpuri, and Bollywood singer Udit Narayan is producing a Bhojpuri film called Kab Hoi Gauna Hamar. The four-decade-old Bhojpuri industry is attracting foreign talent too. Ukrainian model Tanya has already played a Russian girl in love with a Bihari boy in Firangi Dulhania (Foreign Bride). Now 24-year-old Cambridge-educated British actress Jessica Bath has signed for two Bhojpuri films.

films.This was bound to happen with Bollywood totally losing its touch with the Hindi heartland and instead catering to the multiplex-going city slickers.

Who really cares about 3 friends who go to Goa in a Mercedes and “break up”, like girlie men, on some trivial issue? Not someone who has spent the whole day walking in knee-deep dung in a cowshack.

Who cares about badly executed copies of “Usual Suspects” or “When Harry Met Sally”? Or the story of a live-in relationship with the male protagonist prancing about in his underwear? Not the man who pulls a cart down the streets of Patna—he neither knows what a “live-in” relationship is nor the concept of underwear.

If further proof of Bollywood’s total disconnect with the heartland is needed it is this. In 2005 there were two remakes of Roman Polanski’s “Death and the Maiden”—“Siskiyan” and “Dansh”. Can you imagine watching Roman Polanski in a cinema theatre with the stench of urine, buzzing flies, pan-stained walls and one working fan? Neither can I.

There is so much people like Mithun-da can do in sustaining popular interest in celluloid creations (after all it is not easy to produce movies like “Classic Dance of Love” every few weeks). Other people also need to put their hands up.

In this context, it is heartening to see some other superstars (Big B, Dilip Kumar) taking a leaf out of Mithun-da’s book. Not to speak of the Bhojpuri heavyweights: Manoj Tiwari, Ravi Kishen and Rani Chatterjee (whose original name is Shabina Sheikh but who has been renamed Rani Chatterjee because the word “Sheikh” at the end has masculine overtones among the target audience and also because Bong ladies are every daily laborer’s fantasy)

I have seen Ravi Kishen’s work—he is phenomenal. His debut movie “Agnimorcha” was in Hindi where he played a disillusioned youth on the wrong side of the law and the song “Bolo Mooncipalty ki jai” swept the nation like a tidal wave. Bhojpuri directors, no doubt inspired by his pronunciation of the word “municipality”, took him into the world of proletariat movies—and he provided one superhit after another—“Suhagan Bana Da Sajna Hamar”(Make my lover my wife) and “Dulha Aisan Chahi” (Want a husband like this).

And the biggest heroine in Bhojpuri movies is our very own Nagma (who is considered Bengali by many—possibly because of the Sourav connection).I am sure her sterling work in “Super Police” and the song “Khaki wardi chasma wala, Patthar dil hain police wala, Phir bhi maine dil de dala, ooh yeah” in that movie caught the attention of the production company that made “Daroga Babu I love you”.

With Sourav’s career in the state that is in, it might not be long before he makes his debut as a hero opposite Nagma in “O Kiran, More Pyar Kario” (Love me dear Kiran) ,”Chappa(e)l Pawar Ab Huya Hamar” (The power of the shoe is now mine) and “Tani Pher Na Najariya Hamar Prabhu Ji” (Lord please look after me).

Its a fact. Producers are sick of stars who want to make movies only to get “Oscars” and thin anorexic heroines who remind the audience of poverty.

Similarly, the demographic that forms the backbone of the industry is also tired of the elitist dreams the Bollywood people try to foist on them—a man wanting to sleep with 21 women in 21 days, a mafia saga where noone looks like a villain, a lady getting pregnant by a ghost, a man who has murdered his wife, a story about Mumbai high-society or a failed bank-heist in LA.

With smaller budgets , no star tantrums, no Chinese food on the sets, no frills and stories that appeal to the unwashed masses, Bhojpuri movies have become a serious threat to the pretentious, bloated, disconnected fluff that comes out of the dream factories of Bollywood.

Really who cares about soft-focus, sepia tones and techno-Arabic-Bhangra after a hard day’s night? Not the heartland man.

All he wants to see is a buxom lady getting wet in the rain. Is that too much to ask?

Move over Mumbai, Mughalsarai is in the house.

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  1. “All he wants to see is a buxom lady getting wet in the rain”

    Form follows function heh 😉

  2. This was an absolutely Rang Barse post. Super!

    By the way, I have actually seen a Polanski film in a “with the stench of urine, buzzing flies, pan-stained walls and one working fan” theater. It was called Bitter Moon and I was dragged into it by a ‘subtle-adult-film ‘ connoisseur friend of mine while at school.

    Now , attention Jonota. As promised this is second of three reminders for GB’s impending Birthday.

    venue: Antietam National Battlefield.
    This will be a super duper thing. Gov . Robert L. Ehrlich has already declared it as a state holiday. Bollywood and Hollywood stars , Republicans and Democrats, athiests and religious leaders will all rub shoulders sipping the finest champagne. There will be arrangements for hash, pot, meth and of course coke too. A special “jhil” will be recreated JU style for JU alumni to revive fond memories. There will also be a special elevator where South Point alumni can try out what Nondo Sir did many years ago to a Geo teacher. Since Great Bong’s popularity cuts through ethnicities, you can expect people from all over the world there…pretty much like Time Square. Needless to say,every kind of food and alcohol will be served. All kinds of music – metal , bhangra, pop, hindi film songs will be performed by the best performers. At one end of the park, there will be touch screens where you can see desibaba photos , TB6 and After Dark Movies (no volume of course- thats the way it was savoured then and the sponsors of the event have decided that it would be like that now also). Of course, security will be tight and be prepared for metal detectors. Those who want to give Bday bumps to GB will have to pay 5000$ per head and there is limited space for that.

    It will have all that and much more too- around 11:55 the world’s biggest birthday cake till date will be unveiled and as the clock strikes midnight another GreatBong will appear to thunderous appluase and chants of ‘Disco Dancer’…………..

    Of course, you might ask as to when is this event happening?………… That my friends will be notified to you duly in the third reminder of this great man’s birthday, just 2/3 days before the event.

  3. Lol.. yourfan2: isnt it time you started your own blog for the Jonota.. btw, when I saw Bitter Moon the adult content was almost too subtle to even justify that rating, but then that might have been post-Sushma Swaraj Star Movies.

    GB: Entertaining post, specially for a guy who grew up in Banaras (the name the pickpocket from Varanasi might use for the city).

  4. wah wah made my deay…or night…was trying to work at night and i was so uninspired and sleepy…but this made me laugh so much…wanted to sit up and write my own ‘mai ka bituwa’ or ganga maiyya tohre chunri chaidiybe’

    btw have you seen a film…soft porn-ish i think- shaadi basanti ki honeymoon gabbar ka

  5. Great one!!! as Sibil says, you made my day

  6. Incredible !!!

    You are back to your best after the rather indifferent post (IMHO) on V-girl.

    The premise (Bollywood does not have a clue as to what 70% of Indian movie-going public really wants) also rings quite true.

    Maybe that’s why Bunty Aur Bubly, which was supposed to be a angst-ridden look at the small town / middle class aspirations turned out to be such a dud.

    I think our bollywood directors’ ideas about villages also stem from old Raj Kapoor, Manoj Kumar, Rajendra Kumar type of movies.

    What’s on your take on Lagaan / Swadesh, btw. I mean all the “hail the underdog / upliftment of moral spirit / there is no problem which a prayer to Lord Krishna will not solve etc.” clap-trap apart, their depiction of Indian rural life and its sensitivities are quite accurate.

  7. Hey great post on Bhojpuri films.I don’t know if you are sarcastic or if u mean what u say but I do agree with the fact that Hindi movies are totally disconnected with reality nowadays.

    I am South Indian and Tamil movies have a lot more movies which are targeted directly at village people and the people in small towns i.e these movies have uncomplicated storylines and no western aping actors.I think Hindi movies are just too meaningless and crappy.

    I just started my own blog.The URL is

    Forgive me if my posts are immature but I just started to blog and so maybe I’ll improve later.I surely don’t have the humor of Arnab so I just write about stuff that I feel.Sorry for the promotion.

  8. ornob da, that bhos a bhery good blog poshto !

    hamar bhojpuri philmon ko aapne apne bahut phamous bilog pe naam lekalke bahoot khus kar diya…

    yeh budbuk farhan akhtar ko kya pata ki hamar bhauji aur bhaiya ko kaun tarah ka phillum pasand haika…

    from a patna born !

  9. Nadiya Ke Paar, one of the biggest hits, was almost a bhojpuri film. Great post.

  10. Mithun da , bhojpuri series are pure un-adulterated and are tonics. What about some post on govinda and kader khan.

    By the way Greatbong, going by dada’s (Sourav) credentials, Nagma ke sath jodi kaise jamegi. Maaja nahin aayaga. Paisa oosul nahin hoga re. Re dada or bouncy pitches main.. socho .. ek chota sa ball sambahl nahin ………. bolo !! tanik humri baat suno aise koro, ki dada, chappel, dravid or More le kar banao, “mor dravid ka chappal”. Script bheejoon ka ?

  11. You will find this interesting. It appeared in TOI

    Mofussil’s revenge

    Avijit Ghosh

    Everybody knows Rani Mukherjee. But have you heard of Rani Chatterjee? Just as Ms Mukherjee rules Bollywood, Ms Chatterjee is one of the hottest female stars of Bhojpuri films. The multiplex-McDonald set may be unaware of her existence. In Bihar and Uttar Pradesh hinterland, she runs the risk of being mobbed. And in the difference in the fame and fortune of the two Ranis lies the untold story of two disparate worlds: India Shining and India Invisible.

    It is well-known that Bhojpuri film is the hottest sub-genre in the Mumbai film industry these days. Over 50 films are being canned; some of them abroad. They have given a much-needed boost to flop-scarred Bollywood. Last month monster Bhojpuri hit, Sasura Bada Paisewala, celebrated golden jubilee; a rare achievement for any film in any language. Yet, snooty Bollywood has preferred to look away.

    But the Bhojpuri film industry’s revival isn’t only about a regional genre finding its market. It is also a terse sociological statement on Bollywood’s own method of evolution since globalization and satellite television kicked in.

    Through the decades, Mumbai cinema was always about cinema of mass sensibility. It cut across classes. An Amitabh Bachchan starrer such as Ganga Ki Saugandh could reach out to urban, small-town and rural audience alike. No longer. With the multiplex boom and the growth of the dollar-rich NRI market since the Nineties, gell-and-cologne filmmakers found a formula to by-pass middle and lower India. The phenomenon caused the explosion of feelgood cinema where the village, the aging and the underprivileged were all but eased out of the frame. Barring exceptions like Gangajal, there is almost a contempt for themes that the non-urban viewer can identify with.

    Part of Bhojpuri cinema’s rise can be construed as a reaction to this. The audience seems to be telling mainstream Bollywood: we want our own smells and sights in the movie. What happened to politics after the Mandal Commission recommendation was implemented is now happening in the entertainment industry. As in politics, the entertainment industry too has stratified. Forget what is good or bad; the issue is this: I need my own cinema that suits my own aesthetics. Bunty aur Babli may be big-time in the cosmopolitan Delhi; in Bihar it didn’t ring the same bell. Undeniably, the film is a sophisticated take on small-town yearnings. But it is a view from above and outside. No wonder, this year much of Bihar preferred Pandit ji batai na byaah kab hoi, translated as, Tell me pandit ji when shall I get married.

    To its audience, the Bhojpuri films are the aesthetic equivalent of grandmother’s pickles. Watching Damadji in Old Delhi’s Chandni Chowk area, it is easy to understand why these films work. To begin with, no cable-wallah shows a Bhojpuri film. For the migrant labourers, these films are about memories, yearnings and sharedness. For a few hours, the auditorium becomes their home away from home. Watching the movie is a way of keeping in touch with the folks back there.

    Damadji will not be sent to Cannes. But it is a honest to its own audience. The proud hero, the plotting zamindar, the egoist father and the crooked sasurji – they all reassure the viewer that their world hasn’t changed. The film does not talk down on the viewer. It plays along.

    Which is why Bhojpuri films are enjoying such a major revival. Out in the cold for several decades, the film industry has re-emerged in the recent past. These films are running to packed houses even in Punjab, Mumbai and Delhi. Rajasthan is likely to be seduced this December. For the first time, a Bhojpuri film will be released in three theatres in Jaipur.

    Joginder Mahajan, a Bhojpuri film distributor in Delhi and Uttar Pradesh, says that two decades ago even a superhit Bhojpuri film such as Balam Pardesia ran only in morning shows. In Delhi last year, Sasura Bada Paisewala was shown at 10 cinema halls for a record five prints. It ran for 12 weeks in Sangam on UP’s Loni border; more than any Shah Rukh, Salman or Aamir movie.

    Interestingly, most Bhojpuri films are only shown in areas with a huge migrant labour population. In Moti at Chandni Chowk, the cinema hall attracts the cartpullers and rickshaw wallahs all who work in the Kashmere Gate, Chawri Bazaar, Sadar Bazaar and Khari Baoli business areas.

    There’s obviously a message in all this. The Bhojpuri films’ success is actually a form of protest. It is a slap against the arrogance that believes it is possible to sell anything to those who don’t have a choice. The industry’s re-emergence shows that even in the worst of situations, ignored voices always find ways and means of being heard. Rani Chatterjee deserves to be known just like Rani Mukherjee. Only may be a little less. The two may be inhabiting to independent, parallel universes. But they should be on talking terms. Just like India Shining and India Invisible.


  12. Bahutei badhiyaa likhe ho babuji! Aapka post common man ka pulse pe cent per cent hai!

    Post reminds me of a certain hall in Banaras called Shilpi where “aam aadmi” used to enter the hall a little before intermission and leave right after.

  13. This post is ‘fantabulous’ again. But I have a question.

    “Dulha Aisan Chahi” (Want a husband like this) sounds very fascinating to me. But my question is what is ‘aisan’ – that is what is the norm? I might have to change my priorities accordingly!!!

  14. Your remindesr about GB’s birthday might be truly sincere but detractors of GB might think you to be GB himself and promoting himself. So please say that you are not GB in disguise.

    By the way I forget to tell you that I feel honored that you use my name with a 2.

  15. @yourfan2:Your reminders about GB’s birthday might be truly sincere but detractors of GB might think you to be GB himself and promoting himself. So please say that you are not GB in disguise.

    By the way I forget to tell you that I feel honored that you use my name with a 2.

    The previous comment was meant for yourfan2.

  16. @yourfan:

    If I say that I am not GB, will that assuage your concern or will it satisfy the fault-finders , fault-finders that they are? I think not.

    And yes, celebrities always try to promote themselves. But beyond a certain threshold point, they shun publicity as it chokes them. Given GB’s popularity , the last thing he wants at this stage is that extra bit of silly publicity. Most people know that….the intelligent ones certainly do.

    About the 2 thing, I actually meant a “too”. So youre yourfan, Im a yourfan too. 🙂 But given your support and concern for GB, if ever a ranking of fans was made based on the parameters of allegiance, fidelity and love , you can be rest assured of the no.1 spot. But thanks anyway, and I’m sure you are looking forward to the big day like all other fans.

  17. “he neither knows what a “live-in” relationship is nor the concept of underwear.”

    — ROFL @ that. I am myself very eager to see some of these Bhojpuri movies myself; Any ideas where u get these dvds hehehe – I live in rockville, you are in MD – lemme know if you know of locations stacking such delectable movies!!!

    Super post here lol – I want to see bhojpuri movies asap now!

  18. A FYI. Barielly doesnt speak Bhojpuri. Neither Does Kanpur or Lucknow or Agra and Meerut. Only 1/3rd of UP speaks Bhojpuri.
    A huge problem most Hindi speaking folks are having is understanding Hindi movies. I have seen an encreased use of english in dialogues. Its no more just few words thrown in but now you even have name of the movies in English.

  19. I keep asking, and tumi patta dao na, but it’s a serious question: WHERE do you get your materials?

    this post was the rocking Arnab back in form! almost impossibly funny! however, IMHO, you missed out on some of the better titles (not as films, as film titles/names)
    1. Panditji Bata-yi na Bihai Kab Hoyi
    2. Lehenga Uthai Dem Remote Se (heh, and you thought YOU were a techie. V-girl? who V-girl?)

  20. Super post!!
    A very well researched post indeed. After all its not just India Shining, the producers and directors have to cater to the masses for whom a Rs10 ticket is the max they can afford.
    This is where the Bhojpuri cinema comes in, totally rooted to the ground realities.

  21. Hee Ho ho ho,

    Unrelated but if you would have asked me an year ago as to what my favourite soap operas were , I would have told you Monty Python, Baywatch, Buniyaad and then others. All that has changed after the new Chappell Sourav real life drama. Man…is this the real life Truman Show ?

    Ganguly is on the train to Pakistan.

    What makes this even more interesting is that Anand Vasu , a die hard admirer of ganguly had to say this a few hours before the selection.

    Also interesting is the composition of the 16. Patel is back and so is Zaheer. Clearly, it was like…if uve gotta take ur men uve gotta take mine too..yes ……finally the age old 3-2 thing which turned all speculation on its head. Obviously lots of movers and shakers behind the scenes, lots of horse-trading.

    But I request people not to start a fight over here. There was a recent talk of too many India Pak games….but Ill tell you what…having watched all recent India matches and England Pakistan series…this is gonna be a cracker of a contest just by the form the 2 teams are at the moment.

    Lesson for Cricinfo: however hard you may try to give farewell to a player (golden sunset etc), please dont try to put an exact expiry date. Prediction in Indian issues, wheather it be politics(as exit polls would testify), cricket or a film’s success , are highly uncertain business and there’s no Black Scholes formula for this.

    @greatbong: I am sorry for posting this unrelated material on your Bhojpuri post……cdnt resist, but I hope this news is a pleasant surprise for you when you log on today morning.

  22. Hey dude,
    That cute kid in your Feeds section is doing a Classic Dance of Love himself. Think he’s got a chance in the fillum indushtree?
    Good post though.

  23. @Bengali guy: Sure does.

    @Yourfan2: “Bitter Moon” was one amazing movie—-less soft porno and more a treatise on control and cruelty.

    As to my bday celebrations, what you forgot to mention is that the Man and I shall lock steps and execute a “Classic Dance of Love” in front of the assembled millions.

    @Debashish: 🙂

    @Silbil: I may be wrong but wasnt the name of the movie ” Shaadi Thakur ki, Honeymoon Gabbar Ka” ?A post on soft-porn Hindi movies may follow….sometime in the future.

    @Sourav: Thank you


    Swedes= the attempt to get an Oscar is all too evident—long and preachy.

    @Sabotage84: While I think that more mature (and realistic) themes in Hindi movies is welcome, there is undeniably a huge market for low-brow flicks with the “smell of the earth”. And Bhojpuri movies fill this lacuna—market forces at work in the great spirit of capitalism.

    @Goutom-da: Bahoot Boriya.

    @A Fool on the Hill: 🙂

    @Partha: Bhejon babuya.

    @Rani: Excellent article.

    @Traveller: I know *exactly* the kind you mean.

    @yourfan: “Aisan” is what is shown in the movie—just as Ramayana stands for all the ideals the perfect man is supposed to have.
    And as yourfan2 points out having a disclaimer that he is not Greatbong wont quieten the “Doubting Thomases” who think that both you and yourfan2 are self-congratulatory, Smeagol versions of myself…

    @Suyog: I wish we could get a Bhojpuri movie or two around here—last heard that Steven Spielberg has lobbied hard to prevent Bhojpuri movies from being shown in US—ooh those protectionists.

    @Anon: As the TOI article quoted by Rani said–the popularity of Bhojpuri movies is throughtout the Cow belt wherever there is a significant migrant laborer population. Many people from Bihar and that 1/3 part of UP have, due to economic reasons, migrated to big cities like Delhi and Calcutta or to smaller cities like Varanasi etc and for them these movies are their connections to a part of themselves they have left behind.

    @Rimi: Going through the BBC website and alighted on this classic. Lovely titles….are they real Rimi? If they are, where did *you* get them?

    Truly this lehenga-uthai remote is the greatest thing invented since the automatic back-scratcher.

    @af: The fact that “working” people have the market power to sustain this fast-growing industry (where reported returns on average is 100%) is an indicator to the fact that maybe purchasing power is diffusing down and India may truly be shining.

    @yourfan2: First of all I feel horrible for poor Dinesh Kartik—he had an amazing series against Pakistan (that stumping of Younus Khan was a gem) and I wonder how More got to know he was not in form. Its an open secret that More has always fought for statemate Parthiv’s entry to the side (despite the fact that Parthiv’s keeping is woeful) and that it has happened at the cost of the promising Dinesh Kartik is an outrage.

    As for Sourav, the jury is yet out if this is a blessing for him—-he has been set for a huge fall now. Its going to take nerves of steel for him to perform now. I would have been more pleased if he had gone back to Ranjis, performed and then selected for the England tour.

    Also this may be part of a secret arrangement where Sourav will be forced to honorably retire at the end of the series—ie fall on his sword.

  24. Do you think the bollywood movies have alienated itself from “many” people….

    I differ..

    I think these movies have alienated itself from almost everyone.

    Reason 1: Usually these movies have so-called advanced concepts like live-in or 21 girls in 21 days, and so on. These things have no connection with rural areas or the economically underprevileged in the cities.

    Reason 2: Among the economic upper starta, most of them watch 90% Western movies and 10% Indian movies. Also, they prefer to see movies with real content. They understand that “regular movies” (read as chopra’s,et al) are faking the backdrop of rich and famous.

    Reason 3: Economically Middle class is huge in number and the one which offers huge market for these “regular movies”.
    These people cannot relate with “economically poor characters” on-screen and with “rich & elite” on-screen.
    Lot of people in this strata watching the movies are 15yr olds to 30yrs. Many spend time in multiplexes to get private time rather than watching the movie. Quite a few people watch a movie for first time… If they like even a bit, they stay after intermission else they leave. This precisely gives high sales numbers.

    The day people start going to movies for the sake of watching, I bet, the bollywood would suddenly start producing half as much as of today.

  25. why all of a sudden this fundamental need for all the movies to be totally realistic nd sticking 101% to real life…a lot of us go to movies to escape, to get out of our daily 9 to 6 routine or any other mundane routine…i dont see why some of these seemingly ‘unrealistic’ movies shouldn’t put me in a different dreamy world all together for 3 hours and take my worries away…

  26. A great post Arnab. You humor rocks.
    The fact that there is a major disconnect between Bollywood and the likes of people in Chapra proves that India is an impossibly diverse country. No entertainment industry head quartered in one spot can hope to connect with all. The booming of the Bhojpuri films is praiseworthy. But a Farhan Akhtar should only make something he feels honest about. I admire a Farhan Akhtar film because it seems real to whatever he comes from, what i hate are those movies and those film makers who dont make films real to them but with their own crudely formed opinions claim to be making films “for the masses”. But in the same way that a Banarsi Packetmar connects to a Sasura Hamar Paisewala, the cluelessness of the yuppy in Lakshya relates to an urban youth with a hundred career options and broadband connection at home and not knowing what to do. These are genuine. These are genuine. Such people exists. But people like the ones in Shadi No. 1 don’t. I hate films which use Hollywood when they want to look cool, bash the west to sound Indian and end with a totally fake and insincere “bharatiya culture hi sabse acha culture hai” to earn points, play safe with cliches and claim “this is what the masses want.” But the way these films fare it doesnt like that is what the masses want.

  27. Bhai G apka blogwa padha, bahute mast hai.Ekdum hila diya.

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  29. good for the bhojpuri fillum industry.

    but WHO watches Baba keno chakor, Swami keno ashami?

  30. Hello sir.

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    and my hobbi is listen bhojpuri song and say bhojpuri picture becouse i am live in uttar pradesh but present time i live in chandigarh.
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    1-sasura bada paisewela
    2-daroga babu i love you.
    3-pandit batai naa biaah kab hoi.

    Thank you……..
    shafique alam

  31. Good Post, I somehow missed it, or may be it was posted before I started following this blog. Thanks to Shafik Alam for his last post.

  32. hi,
    this is piyush pandey.
    i want to become an actor.and jut waiting for a break.
    piyush pandey

  33. Gyan Prakash Jha January 30, 2007 — 7:03 am

    I know fruty loops softwere I can creat very rythemic musics. I have created some musics. If asked to show iI can do so
    I just want to become a popular musician. If there is any one who can pave my way to nusrat group as well as any musical group I will be thankful to him

  34. Salaams to your knowledge of Hindi films GB!

    I had never thought that anybody besides me would even remember Agnimorcha, leave alone the ‘mooncipaalty’ song. By the way, it had lyrics that went, “jahaan bhi dekha khadda, wahin banaaya adda”, as I’m sure you remember. Maybe that could form the basis of another of your posts someday!

    I’ve been a regular reader of this blog since long but it’s the 1st time I’m commenting.

    Keep up the good work Bong bhai ….. 🙂

  35. 8

    Jab jab aati yaad tumhari

    Jab jab aati yaad tumhari hoti bahut takalif sajaniya
    Ab na maaro eet sajaniya ,,,ab na maro eet
    Pahali yaad jab ghar me aayee mai toraa wah bheet
    Raat ko tere dwaar pe aayaa dishaa huyee viprit
    Pari maar thee us samay tab ban gayaa teraa fakir sajaniyaa
    Ab …………..
    Dusari yaad jab baag me aayee man bhee angrai
    Chalaa binaa jootaa chappal ke jo tumase priti lagai
    Fir bhee safal na huaa abhagaa aage pari lakir sajaniya
    Tisari yaad jab raat ko aayee man bhee bourai
    Raat andheri pahuch gayaa mai too roti odhe rajai
    Bin poonchhe jo haanth lagayaa foot gayi takdir sajaniya
    Ab na maaro eet sajaniya ,,,ab na maro eet
    Jab jab aati yaad tumhari hoti bahut takalif sajaniya


    Hukumat chalati hai mumbai ki chouri sarako par
    Musibat tut parati hai bhole bhale larko par
    Galatiya larkiya kare bhugatanaa larko ko partaa hai
    Badanaami maar sahe jail me sarnaa parataa hai
    Apani galtiyo ko sudhaar lo chalane waali
    Larko ki tarakki ko dekh kar jalane waali
    too jins pahanaa chhor de, to jism dikhaanaa chhor de
    ek sadharan kanya ban jaao hamase na pangaa mol le
    too jins pahanaa chhor de, to jism dikhaanaa chhor de
    pet khol too chalati hai larko ki batti jalati hai
    jab too jaangh dikhaati hai aandhi see aa jaati hai
    bando kee laar tapakati hai, man me aag dhadhakati hai
    pichhe tere aate fir tumase takaraate hai
    sanskaar kaa pakkaa dhaagaa dar lagataa hai tor na de
    too jins pahanaa chhor de, to jism dikhaanaa chhor de
    jab too nain milati hai logo ko aafat aati hai
    tere gadaraaye youwan ko dekh unaki samat aati hai
    rok sake na dil ko apane tirchhi nain chalate hai
    kabhi kabhi tere chakkar me apani jaan gawaate hai
    abto tumase dar lagataa hai jaadu ki puriya khol na de,
    too jins pahanaa chhor de, to jism dikhaanaa chhor de
    jab tu kamar lachakati hai tufan mail takaraati hai
    chakkar pe takkar hotaa hai, mera dil bhee rotaa hai
    tor for bhee hoti hai , too kone me roti hai
    tomato baat samajhati ho, kyo fande me fasati ho
    abto anai maryadaa ko kisi ouro ko pol na do,
    too jins pahanaa chhor de, to jism dikhaanaa chhor de

    Luka chhupi bhent jab hoti
    Sajan mere baah sikore
    Kabhee to yahaa tatole
    Kabhee to wahaa tatole
    Pahale haanth lagaa joban pe
    Jaise lagee katari
    Dheere dheere san sana san
    Jiyaraa rahi rahi ke mashole
    Kabhee to yahaa tatole
    Kabhee to wahaa tatole
    Dusaraa hanth gaal pe rakh kar
    Pyaaraa sa ek chumma de ke
    Jibh se jibh chatole
    Kabhee to yahaa tatole
    Kabhee to wahaa tatole
    Tisari baar to chipka chipaki
    Aisaa machaa utpaat
    Choli ki doree tore
    Kabhee to yahaa tatole
    Kabhee to wahaa tatole
    Chautha haanth kamar pe rakhate
    Harkat karti bijali kaudhi
    Jiyaraa ruk ruk le hichkole
    Kabhee to yahaa tatole
    Kabhee to wahaa tatole
    Panchawaa haanth jaangh par rakhate
    Chanchal man akulaan
    Koshish karne lagaa meraa dil
    Abto chhappak chhaiya hole
    Kabhee to yahaa tatole
    Kabhee to wahaa tatole
    Chhatwa haanth se nara tore
    Sharm se jhuk gaye nain
    Haa kar di kar lo manmani
    Jeero se saat ghusere
    Kabhee to yahaa tatole
    Kabhee to wahaa tatole

    Satawee baar to anrath hoygaa
    Bhoot gayee mradang
    Much se cheekh taraak se nikali
    Khuno ki pichkari
    Dhako pe dhakka tole
    Kabhee to yahaa tatole
    Kabhee to wahaa tatole

  36. i want to work

  37. i m warking bahrin. i mfrom up(deoria).


  39. hiii im looking forward to work on bhojpuri films in terms of sound recoridng dubbing mixing etc. i have 4 own recording studio in kolkata and we work for bengali films so now would like to explore in bhojpuri films.
    looking forward to work with u soon
    warm regards
    ranjit prasad

  40. Interesting comments you seem to get greatbong ..

    brilliant post again as usual humorous but damn i found it very though provoking .. seriously one of my favorite movies was th one wher th 3 friends go to Goa in a merc and break up lik girlie men oer a trivial thing .. but to really think about it nobody but th multiplex crowd would relate to tht movie .. amazing topic .. how th hell do u come up with this stuff?

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