Keeping The Dog In

Woof. Yes it’s me. Down here.

Hi. I am Manisha Koirala’s dog.

I hope I am not disturbing you. I just need to talk.

I am sure you have heard the term “dog’s life”. I guess it’s true for me more than any other dog. Ever.

It’s not as if it was great before. Okay let me change that. At first it was a decent life—I was puppy brought in from Nepal. Manisha Koirala, my mistress mmm master, was then an A-lister, a definite contender for the top spot.

I fell in love with her in “1942 a Love Story”, “Akele Hum Akele Tum” and “Khamoshi”. She was drop dead beautiful, she could act and most importantly she was nice and kind—-she would caress me behind my ears while I snoozed on her lap. I liked it —knowing that most of you would have died to feel what I felt then.

Of course she did some crappy stuff too—-like act in movies like “Dhanwaan” (Ajay Devgun, Karishma Kapoor), “Sangdil Sanam” (Salman—thanks Kandarp), “Yeh Majhdhar” (Rahul Roy, Salman) , “Milan” and “Ramshastra” (Jackie Shroff), Guddu (Shahrukh Khan).

But there were nice moments also—-like the time her hand glider in “Guddu” developed problems because of her bulk. But overall, she kept her weight in control, took a few sips here and there, I got my chunky chunky chunks from London and things were nice.

The trouble began once Malkin Manisha began seeing Nana Patekar. That was when my fortunes went south—-I still suffer from the trauma of having seen both of them make love—imagine that expression Nana had in “Parinda” when he sees fire and starts beating his head. Only here there was no fire.

It put me off sex for the rest of my life.

Despite the fact that she gave a hit “Agnisakshi” with him, the relationship with Nana made her very unhappy and depressed. She started withdrawing into herself, Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker were regular visitors in the evening and then of course 69…Vat 69 at night.

Nana went. Then followed a succession of vague people—-some DJ, some ambassador of Australia accompanied by a sequence of cinematic flops, each one worse than the one before.

Malkin started gaining weight and life became hell because she would sometimes kick me in my ribs in a drunken rage.

I got to tell you those kicks would make Roberto Carlos proud. Do watch “Market” if only to see Madam unleash one of those kicks on a hapless extra.

Then this dude Sashilal Nair came and made Malkin proposal she should have refused. He somehow convinced her that sex flicks are the wave of the future and that Indian men considered as their objects of fantasies—buxom, voluptuous women.

But then things went horribly wrong during the production of Nair’s ” Ek Choti Si Love Story”.

Mr Nair argued that though it is true that men fantasized about two women in bed—the underlying assumption was that they were two different women and not their sum in mass.

Madam threw a bottle at him.

And any dog knows that is a recipe for disaster.

When “Ek Choti Si Love Story” was released, the director punched in some “steamy” scenes using a body double for Manisha—after all the poor man wanted some ROI. But Madam got angry—she kicked me in the nuts and then sued Sashilal Nair for cheating her—of course the official reason was that she was shocked at how her dignity had been violated by the “bold scenes” being pictured on a double without her consent.

But trust a dog to know the truth. And don’t even bother watching the movie—its total KLPD. And the only thing “Choti” (small) about it is the number of people who paid to see it.

If this was not hell enough, worse was to follow. Malkin got these two cats—Mischief (named after a brand of Madam’s favorite product) and Morgan (I think the guy who did the photocopies in the Austrian embassy) —who would scratch me whenever I took an afternoon siesta.

Movies with Arman Kohli, Sanjay Kapoor meant that Malkin was now scraping the bottom of the Bollywood barrel sharing space with Ayesha Jhulka. Malkin even tried playing Madonna in a movie—–ooh lord sweet heaven. She was a “material girl” all right—-only not in the way the Queen of Pop conceptualized it.

Now the last straw. Some idiot let out the fact that my name is Mustafa. And before you could say “Slimfast” there were a bunch of Islamic radicals in front of our house shouting slogans.

Bollywood actress Manisha Koirala and her Persian cats Mischief and Morgan are under police protection after her dog’s name sparked protests among Muslim fundamentalists.

Members of the community lodged a complaint at Versova police station saying that the dog’s name, Mustafa, was same as that of their spiritual head and had to be withdrawn immediately.

Fearing protest rallies, the police had beefed up security near Koirala’s Beachwood Tower residence on Yari Road. There are now 12 policemen guarding her building.

Here’s the deal. I have no name. Malkin never gave me one. Initially she used to call me darling and coochie coo and all that—-and then just used the name of her last boyfriend.

But instead of telling people the truth, Malkin just denies my existence. So while the pussies get police protection, I don’t exist. After all all those kicks and abuses, this is what I get.

Since two days, the actress is believed to have been receiving threat calls regarding her pet dog. Strangely, the actress said, she did not have a dog. Speaking to Mid Day, general secretary of Congress, Sheikh Furkhan, who led a 50-odd mob to Versova police station, said the actress is lying.“Five neighbors in Beachwood Tower have seen Koirala take the pet dog for a stroll. They also confirmed that the canine had the same name as our religious leader,” fumed Furkhan

Of course they have seen me. Duh ! I am Manisha Koirala’s dog—that’s class for you. Well at least she has Z-category security—which ties in nicely with the category her recent movies fall into.

And now the clincher.

But when the D N Nagar division sent API Arvind Sarvankar to Koirala’s residence for verification, they discovered that she did not have a dog.

Idiot ! Did the guy even look at what Madam was sitting on—if he had just asked her to stand up, all would have been revealed.

It is indeed a dog’s life.

45 thoughts on “Keeping The Dog In

  1. Hints , innuendos and double entendres galore. In short–Classic GB. Different bottle. But the same old wine. And what amazing knowledge about Hindi films!!! Ill tell you what, you can surely be a Bollywood historian after you retire.

    Put me off sex for the rest of my life, Vat 69 , Roberto Carlos, pussies get police protection….:))))))

    Dog’s life indeed!

  2. “Mr Nair argued that though it is true that men fantasized about two women in bed—the underlying assumption was that they were two different women and not their sum in mass.”

    ROFL – Hahahaha – tch! tch! You have written on one of my fav characters from Bollywood. I am especially fond of her dancing skills hehe 😀 (On a side note, if you like manisha dahling, you should check out this hilarious piece of writing my friend wrote).

    Coming to the core issue, I think the whole issue of dogs has been blown out of proportion! I could agree if someone said she named her dog “allah” – but Mustafa, name of a leader and its offensive – this is islamic fundamentalism at its heights!!

    Lovely writing!


  3. I think, you are back at your best, this time. This is typical “Great Bong”. Hey, Sangdil Sanam had Salman too. It had a world premier on DD Metro (which was seen only in 60% parts of 3 metros, and nowhere in Chennai). And one of the 17.78 songs Amit Kumar got to sing, in last 15.32 years (Including Chorus performances).

  4. Vintage GreatBong !! [GB] woof, woof, the doggie also recommends Chaahat – Ek nasha !!


  5. See, that’s the reason I don’t have dog.
    When I am in trouble, the dog will run from NJ to Maryland, open GB’s browser ****, go to and post entry like this and screw up my public image.

    *** – The reason he will use GB’s browser is that the browser has login credentials saved. 😉

  6. Absolutely hilarious! I’ve actually started feeling sorry for poor Mu…. err.. the dog. 🙂

  7. Who let the dogs out???
    BTW This news was “Breaking News” on most news channels
    Awesomely beautiful post. Barkingly mad.
    We actually got a glimpse of the Nana-Manisha bedroom antics in Agnisakshi.
    But you missed the bestest of all Manisha movies “Tum: A Dangerous Obsession”
    Watch it.
    On an different note. Mimoh’s doing a film with Sneha Ullal….

  8. Hey Arnab,
    Hats off to you, man.
    Great stuff, as usual. This is the GREATBONG we know.

    “I still suffer from the trauma of having seen both of them make love—imagine that expression Nana had in “Parinda” when he sees fire and starts beating his head. Only here there was no fire….It put me off sex for the rest of my life.” — JUST TOO GOOD!!! Can’t stop laughing imagining myself at Mustafa’s place. By the way, as far as I remember, it was around that time only that Nana played the role of Mustafa in Ghulam-E-Mustafa.

    “She started withdrawing into herself, Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker were regular visitors in the evening and then of course 69…Vat 69 at night.” — MIND BLOWING !!!

    “Mr Nair argued that though it is true that men fantasized about two women in bed—the underlying assumption was that they were two different women and not their sum in mass” —- And, this one, I must tell you, is the very best I have come across in a long long time.

    A dog’s life, indeed.

    Thanks Arnab, for another shrewd, suggestive yet hilarious post.

  9. Damn, was that the issue, after all?
    I ve been seeing Koirala and her dog being mentioned in the news. But, never knew it was to do with the dog’s name.. be it Mustafa or Pervez Musharaf for that matter! (oops, blasphemy! as part of reinstating my secular stance, I should quickly buy a pig and name it Atal Bihari or Lal Krishna.)

    Great read, btw!

  10. Do watch Chingari and follow it up with your review. Can’t write a review, coz somehow your face keeps flashing before my eyes. As they say, somethings are best left for the experts.
    Sush is looking ravishing;awesomely beautiful, in the movie, I thought.

  11. mustafa u lived to tell ur story after madam sat on u ?wow !
    2 diff women —- put me off sex——-wow
    too good

  12. You forgot to mention this gem of a movie from Manisha. It is called “Jaani Dushman – Ek Anokhi Kahani (2002)”. It stars a balding Sunny Deol and an already bald Aditya Pancholi as college students. And Armaan Kohli making his 37th comeback is an “Ichadhaari saanp”. This Multi-Starrer is also graced by the presence of Sunil Shetty, Sonu Nigam(!), Aftab Shivdasani, Raj Babbar, Sharad Kapoor, Shahbaaz Khan (?), Arshad Warsi, Jaspal Bhatti, Kiran Kumar, Johnny Lever, Raza Murad, Amrish Puri and Rambha. Giving them company are some of the leading lights of bollywood like Rajat Bedi, Siddharth and Atul Agnihotri.

    The story goes something like this………..
    Manisha is a college student who gets raped and killed by Rajat Bedi and Siddharth. Sunny Deol, who happens to be her Boyfriend, seeks revenge. But there is a twist………

    You see Manisha was an “Ichadhaari Saanp” is her previous life and Armaan Kohli was her then boyfriend. So Mr Kohli decides to avenge her rape death. But he is not sure who is responsible for the dastardly deed. So over the next two hours he starts killing off everyone in sight……….Sunil Shetty, Sonu Nigam, Aftab Shivdasani, Raj Babbar, Sharad Kapoor, Shahbaaz Khan, Arshad Warsi, Jaspal Bhatti, Kiran Kumar, Johnny Lever, Raza Murad, Amrish Puri, Rajat Bedi, Siddharth and Atul Agnihotri. That is the story of “Jaani Dushman – Ek Anokhi Kahani (2002)”.

    It is a unintentional laugh riot. How the Filmfare guys missed this is a mystery.

  13. ROFL!!

    “Idiot ! Did the guy even look at what Madam was sitting on—if he had just asked her to stand up, all would have been revealed.” – Priceless!!!

    I have seen her Ek Chhoti Si Porn.. er.. Love Story and Market on the big screen.. I want to dissolve in embarressment as I accept this fact!!

    You account on Manisha and her imaginery Dog was fantastic!! 🙂


  14. Jaani Dushman is a super duper movie.. It is way too funny (unintentional of course).. Would love to hear your reviews on that one

  15. YOURFAN writes:

    @ Another casual passerby: Now, where are you – “another casual passerby”? You sent comments on GB’s last post, lecturing. Why do some members of a particular community, feel so jittery about losing respect just because somebody used some names for pets? Is respect so fragile? I really don’t think respect is so fragile unless one suffers from inferiority complex – it has nothing to do with any religion – it is just human nature to make an issue out of a non-issue. So my request to you is that before you make a comment like “Your articles on indian muslims, middle east terrorists, pakistani people have always had an under current of dislike”, read GB’s articles carefully not casually. .Since you were quick to judge GB wrongfully and lectured and saw ghosts where there was none, I am asking for your valued explanation. I have a hunch; you will pretend not to read this comment.

    @GB: Hi –hi-Hilarious. Honestly, how long do you take to come up with these gems? – Be honest – I really like to know.
    I have one point to make. Recently, you have stopped replying for the second/third time to all those comments which come in late. I am not just talking about myself. I am sure those who write to you want to know your reply and I also enjoy reading those – it is as if we are talking to each other and thus knowing ourselves. You should not deprive them of your reply just because they were late in sending comments.

  16. Another classic! Very well written

  17. Ok I know I suck at poetry but couldn’t resist taking a pot shot. So here we go

    Ho ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga
    Ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga
    Jaise genetically modified gulaab
    Jaise cartoonist ka bura khwaab
    Jaise Tun Tun ki sister
    Jaise Britney Spears ki Mister
    Jaise amavasya ki raat
    Jaise intoxicated Jat
    Ho ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga

  18. ROFLOL! But how could you mention Armaan Kohli and Manisha in the same post and NOT talk about Jaani Dushman? Blasphemy!

  19. Just chanced upon your blog. Entertaining stuff!
    But it is rather sad that talent like M’s just hurtling down the drain, unchecked.
    And ya, Chingaari’s totally fizzled out. Sushmita shd just stick to her diva act, which she does well.

  20. this is a riot!! specifically like the reference to two women in bed 🙂

  21. Hi Greatbong
    Great post.
    But I thought Manisha Koirala’s dog was Dil Se, or was that another dog?

  22. I laughed a lot, right, till it suddenly occured to me that the name of someone’s PET can lead to a mob attack (or at least an attempt thereof). Okay, so some people will say, “They just wanted quick publicity, don’t you know.”, in which case this is worse than a brittle sense of identity: it amounts to deliberate incitement to violence.

    God, Arnab. I’m terrified by your funny posts these days. The subtexts are chilling. Sorry to dampen the spirit, but…

  23. Offtopic: Is this the nail in the coffin for ganguly?

  24. Well, always been a big fan of Mana. Really..She is still beautiful for me *blushing*blushing*

    But this thing about the name of the dog sucks and it sucks big time.
    I supported the Muslims in their protest against the cartoons but not this..The cartoons were meant to be provocative and to show Islam in bad light. But the dog’s name is just a personal things..aah..Real Sad Days these that we have to take permission from someone to name our pets and all..

    Crap..Everyone in the media in India were critical of the ppl protesting against Bush naming one of his pets as India . Hoepfully, this attempt at rowdyism is nipped in the bud.


    PS : Btw, this post rocked..I wish I had your cretiveness 🙂

  25. You are too good Arnab!!! Enjoyed this post very much.

  26. I am most saddened Arnab, no Mithun or Bappida posts in sooooo long!
    Helping you to move beyond Zimbabwe, but Technorati is very slow updating links nowadays.

  27. @Yourfan2: No my memory sometimes fails me nowadays—advancing age I guess. For instance I am unable to remember that rain song in “Sangdil Sanam”…….

    @Suyog: Great link. And seriously this Mustafa thing is such a non-issue….its like people are actively looking for things that hurt their so-called “religious sentiments”.

    @Kandarp: Thank you…corrected. Pity for Amit Kumar: I always thought him to be a rather talented chap whose career was ruined by the shadow of his father.

    @GHE: Oh yes “Chahat Ek Nasha” is where Manisha plays Madonna….what a performance…it was in my pick of 2005.

    @JD: Man’s best friend…maybe. Man-isha’s best friend. Perhaps not.

    @Shruti: Yes the poor dog.

    @Abhishek: I presume that’s “He The Man” —his debut flick…(I think that’s the name or something close to it)

    @Dev: You are welcome. However I need to tell you that such posts are fun only if done in moderartion…ergo I cannot be the “Greatbong” I am supposed to be post after post. Some pseudo-serious posts are also needed—if for nothing else than for my need to express myself.

    @Zero: I think you should…in any case GWB’s dog is called “India” and Mandira Bedi’s dogs had Sikh names…

    @Priya: My face keeps flashing up while watching Chingari ! Oh man….it’s that bad !

    @Varsha: A Nepali dog is made of stern stuff…..:-)

    @Spyder Mann: I shall save it for a later post—of course I have seen this movie…it is a favorite of mine. Javed Bhai Soraiyle and Sonu Nigam’s attempt at being a hero—Oscar material.

    @Nirwa: Thank woof.

    @Amethyst: It is…

    @yourfan: Well I started writing something on “searching for things to be insulted about”…felt it was being too linear. And then the idea struck me—-what would be Manisha’s “imaginary” dog’s version of the story. Once I liked that, it was like 30 minutes.(with interruptions)

    Now about replying to end comments, its just that sometimes there is a) nothing new for me to add b) I choose to ignore intentionally some comments (the ones on the controversial posts) c) I feel that given  limited time, I think it may be better served by me thinking up of new post ideas than replying to comments on old posts (after all, blogging is something I dont do professionally)

    I hope noone thinks I am being a blogsnob—-that is hardly my intention. I will try to answer all my comments—even the ones that come late. And I value all comments and all my readers. I really mean it.
    @Rishi: Thank you

    @Anil: Waahhh and do sing it in Kumar Sanu’s nasal twang.

    @Ambar: I of course referred to that movie —but not the name.

    @Phoenix: A bunch of dreadful decisions and her inability to keep her boozing in check is what has led to her becoming a trainwreck.

    @Bonatellis: :-)….what else does a dog think about eh?

    @Michael: Incidentally “Dil Se” was I think her last really good movie.

    @Rimi: Aaah back again. Yes indeed the subtexts are chilling.

    @Shravan: Yes it is the *end*. I felt sad, angry at More/Chappell…..after all Sourav played well in the Pakistan series….

    @Hariprasad: Rabble rousing…nothing but.

    @Debasish: Thank you

    @K: So many events taking place—Shayan Munshi, Sourav Ganguly—-I just have to react. Mithun-da and Bhappi-da will stay…eternally. Incidentally that “Mumbai Nagariya” song by Bhappi-da is totally fundooo….

  28. Hilarious! I seriously run the risk of being labeled the office loony if I keep chuckling to myself the way I have been doing for the past half hour. 🙂

    However, when I stop a while to catch my breath, I am boogled at the insanity of it all. That fool Shakespeare didn’t know what he was talking about when he questioned the importance of a name – either that or the world has truly gone to the dogs!

    A wonderful post, Arnab. Keep more coming.

  29. And I wonder whatever did happen to Ayesha Jhulka. Am eagerly awaiting Jaani Dushman review

  30. @ Arnab :

    I’m sorry I have a feeling that I failed to make you understand what I wanted to say. By no means I was intending to criticise you or any of your posts.

    It’s not that I only enjoy reading your light-hearted posts and don’t like the serious ones. In fact, to be very honest, I still feel your post on the andaman Cellular jail was your best ever. . . and that was by no means a funny one.

    I do believe that you have this uncanny ability of giving an apparently funny angle to any issue no matter how serious, sensitive or controversial it is, with hints of sarcasm, pseudo-criticism and of course your very very original and innovative one-liners. — THIS WAS ALL I WANTED TO SAY. But at the same time I know it’s neither possible nor advisable to deliver the same kind of stuff again and again.

    You have complete freedom of expressing yourself the way you want to. No one is trying to take it away from you. In fact, in case it escaped your notice, you can check that I had actually tried to put up a fight with someone called “Another casual passerby” who was trying to give your post “They are back” some kind of communal colour. I had told him that it was your blog and you were free to post anything you wanted to. A blog is like democracy in the truest sense. . .everyone can voice his/her opinion on any issue in any way.

    Like any other human being, I respect your ”need to express yourself”.

    But again, I repeat , I do believe that you have this uncanny ability of giving an apparently funny angle to any issue no matter how serious, sensitive or controversial it is, with hints of sarcasm, pseudo-criticism and of course your very very original and innovative one-liners. — THIS WAS ALL I WANTED TO SAY.

  31. Arnab, OT, but I had nothing to do with that “Traitorji” post. I’m Ambar, with a ‘B’.
    I’ve replied to the rest on DP. Thanks.

  32. We want a “Jaani Dushman” review. Now!!!!!!!! 🙂

  33. Yes. A Jaani Dushman review. Like how the scenes were copied from Terminator II or Mission Impossible II, etc.

    Btw, the best acting of Madam was probably in Bombay, in my opinion.

    Lastly, your post was awesome.

  34. Maybe Armaan Kohli would have made it as a decent actor. It think his own dad (Rajkumar Kohli) killed off his career with this gem of a movie – “Aulaad ke Dushman (1993)”, which starred Armaan and Ayesha Jhulka. The movie’s viewers experienced recurring nightmares and would often wake up at night in cold sweat. With the stigma of “Aulaad ke Dushman” attached, it was pretty much guaranteed that no prodcuer was willing to touch Armaan Kohli. And predictably Armaan’s career nose-dived.

    Then 8 years after Armaan had faded from public memory, Rajkumar Kohli came up with a master-stroke. The 71 year old guy in a last-ditch attempt to re-ignite his son’s career, renamed his son Munish, decided to “launch” his son in a big-budget, multi-starrer remake of his own 1979 movie of the same name (Jaani Dushman). Only problem ….It was 2002. Nobody gave a fcuk about all this “Ichadhaari saanp” business. Film Bombed. The Kohlis went bankrupt. Armaan/Munish Kohli finally threw in the towel.

  35. Let me give you a seriously funny aspect of the Manisha’s dog story. The wonderful pet’s name apparently isn’t Mustafa but Musafar. But a Bollywood reporter of the Times either heard it wrong or there was an unfortunate typo — the name got printed as Mustafa. Now, you might ask isn’t printing stories about Manisha’s live-in pets the pits of yellow journalism. Possibly. As it happens, this was around the time when Raveena Tandon had lost her dog and she was about to lose her mind too with grief. The media pitched in – mainly, the Times – and Raveena’s dog was found and her sanity restored. In the maelstorm of the Raveena drama, the Times Bollywood reporter thought it a capital idea to do a story on star’s pets. The editor, too, must have thought the idea good, for, the story was printed.

    Enter Mustafa.

    Nothing happened for nearly a month. Meantime, the Danish cartoons row broke out. For many Muslim politicians in India and elsewhere it was a godsend of an opportunity to burnish their impeccable credentials as a Faithful. So, while the Danish flag was being burnt, politicians were sniffing around for anything of a complementary nature to add to the protests. And Manisha’s dog – Mustafa alias Musafar – was just the kind of thing to spice up his campaign, thought a Samajwadi Party corporator of Bombay alias Mumbai. He filed a complaint with the cops.

    Last weekend, the cops reached Manisha’s house to arrest her and her pet. Manisha patiently explained that her pets weren’t here. While one had died, the other was with her mother, Sushma. And even the one still alive wasn’t called Mustafa, as alleged by corporator and cops, but Musafar. The politician felt cheated, but he wasn’t the kind of guy to let slip a jolly good opportunity. He said his compaint should then be directed against the Times, its Bollywood reporter and a case should be registered against her.

    The cops actually did so. Last Saturday morning, they came to arrest the journalist. Much drama followed (journalists, after all, are not without influence or nuisance value), but the cops didn’t relent. The Bollywood reporter of the Times was arrested.

    She is out on bail now. But a typo or a hearing deficiency has made her life rather miserable. Especially when she thinks of Yaqub Qureshi — how the right hon minister of Uttar Pradesh, is trapesing around the state and offering a Rs 51 crore supari in public for killing unnamed Danish cartoonists. In short, incitement to murder is being overlooked, while a poor scribe is arrested for a typo!

    Wonder what you think?

    By the way, gb, first time i’m coming to your new blog, looking for something on Sourav. The blog looks good.

  36. Nice post. But watch out GreatBong – someone’s gonna be putting a reward on your head soon -:)

  37. @Pratyush: Thank you.

    @Mystic Margarita: :-)….thank you too.

    @Red: Just so many things happening of late….will bring it out on a slow news week.

    @Dev: Thank you…I totally understand. Incidentally I do appreciate your feedack as well as of all the readers—its what keeps me writing basically.

    @Ambar: I am sorry I made the connection between Ambar and Amar…

    @Spyder Mann: :-)… that movie Armaan Kohli waited for thousands of years for Manisha trapped in a tree—cant you wait even a bit ? BTW I expect the Kohlis will be back…I hope they will.

    @Anirban: Matrix, Terminator II meets Nagina. What a concept it is.

    @Rani: Great to see you back after a while. Wow that was an interesting/lluminating comment—I had no idea about this angle. So Malkin does have a dog…hmm.

    @Unknown Indian: If someone offers even 15 crores for my hand I shall cut it off myself and ask for the money. And if anyone offers 51 crores for my life, I am sure my wife shall seriously consider the offer.

  38. There is another malkin’s masterpiece called anmol with Rishi Kapoor. A rip off of our good ol’ Cindrella fairy tale.

  39. hahaha…

    y dont u write a review of jaani dushman !!!!

  40. greatbong, looks like all is not lost for dada. 183/6! Laxman seems ripe for plcuking out of the team – can dada get a leg in?

  41. i laaaaaf (laaf like laaaaf like lurhv like luuuuv like anything but love ..but laaaaf) yer blog man …..
    just keep swimming!! tidal waves are on their way!!

  42. two time..
    oh ..and you know what theres a treasure trove in there…am looking forward to your hommage to Dev Anand …awal number , love at times square (bobby and sweety with dev uncle wearing clothes he picked from a cyndi lauper garage sale…umm i kindav like cyndi lauper…but then i also love dev uncle ..and um eh ! ) and Mr.primeminister..(are very well known)
    stayin alive ..I want dev uncle fillum reviews…puhleez, puhleez…shall i send word to my D.A bootlegger to source you an extremely personalized(signature and all) collection of the D.A fillums early 90’s onwards??
    pray do let auntie know…asaply oiks?

    p.s: and for your (guilt) pleasure pile only i shall introduce you to the wonderful world of Sameer Dada and incredible angst ridden explosive, compulsive, criminal hindi rap (grandson of shanaz peroxide beauty secrete hussain) .
    tahsome …ha ha ha!!…but not quite!

    P.S: ignore the blog etc..

  43. @SD: And that movie had a dog too….and Rishi Kapoor and Manisha inside one jacket…..sorry circus tent.

    @Achal: Saving it for a rainy day.

    @Beenie: I do have a Dev Anand post…kindly do search the archives for Dev Anand.

  44. This was too good.
    Really humorous stuff.

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