It’s all about finding the right word.

When your clothes comes off, intentionally or unintentionally in a public place, it is called “wardrobe malfunction” as if your wardrobe is an I-Pod whose electronics just happened to short itself.

When you have to lie through your teeth to sell your product, it’s not called chicanery any more—the term of choice is “creative marketing”.

I am sorry I should not have used the word “lying”. I meant “liberal with the truth”.

And when the fact that your original work of fiction is not as original as you claim it to be is exposed to the world, it is not called plagiarism now-a-days. Oh no.

It’s “internalizing”.

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Fest-ive Memories


As reported briefly elsewhere, the team of Anyesha and moi won first prize for quiz as well as antakshari [basically a music quiz] at Sparsh, 2006.

Besides the sheer rush of participating (and winning let me add) two of my favourite events after quite some time, what made it doubly fun was the drive back home when memories of fests and culturals from days gone by came flooding back like the tunes of a long-forgotten song.

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The Death of Imran Kissme


Many many years hence…

Spontaneous displays of grief were witnessed out all over the city as the death of Imran Kissme, the doyen of Hindi movies, was announced on TV India. At 12:00 midnight, Dr. Rekha Sexena (who this correspondent has gathered has been having a hot affair with her gardener for a year now), chief medical officer at the private hospital he had been admitted to for lip-reconstruction surgery, announced to the assembled press that Mr Kissme passed away peacefully in his sleep of causes unknown.

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And Now It's 49.5%


I have been asked by a few of my blog readers about my opinion on extending reservation to OBCs in IIT/IIMs thus increasing the quota in these institutions to 49.5%. I had blogged about my general opinion on reservations albeit in a slightly different context (quotas in private sector), and much of what I said then (with respect to the futility of trying to correct historical wrongs by perpetrating similar injustice in the present day) holds for this topic too.

But there is more to talk about.

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Teesri Aankh—the Hidden Camera



“Dirty Harry” Baweja is back with another socially-relevant scorcher that takes on the biggest problem India faces today.

Hidden cameras.

They are everywhere: in honeymoon suites, in women’s changing rooms, in toilets —shamelessly capturing, in a clandestine fashion, disrobed female bodies engaged in private acts.

As ACP Arjun (Sunny Deol) rues, in a heartbreaking sequence : “Kahaan chupayenge humare ma behenon ko?” (Where will we hide our mothers and sisters?)

Yes things are that bad.

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Profiles in Hypocrisy


One of the hottest news on national TV in US in the last few days has been of Cynthia McKinney, an African-American Congresswoman from Georgia who was entering an official building without her Senator pin. On being asked to stop by a policeman, she refused to do so (possibly considering herself above the law) and then when the policeman tried to physically prevent her from entering [by gripping her arm], she assaulted the police officer. (kind of like an American soul sister of Uma Bharati who once hit a policeman with her chappal) and just to make her martyrdom complete, also threw in the accusation that she was “inappropriately touched” .

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