Needle of Suspicion

From Mumbai Mirror (it doesnt let you link into its archives)

A software engineer was arrested by the Saki Naka police on Tuesday for threatening to use the “latest technology” to put up nude pictures of his neighbours on the Internet.

Raju Srivastav (39), who worked in a private firm in Bangalore until recently and lives in Andheri, was charged with sexual assault by Manjeet Singh and other neighbours on July 31.

The women say that Srivastav would pick fights with them when they passed each other in the building, and then threaten to morph their faces unto nude bodies and make objectionable films with them.

Srivastav was produced in court on August 2, and has been remanded to judicial custody till August 17.

“The neighbours say that he threatened to picture them nude and distribute the CDs for free, but no pornographic material has been found in his home,” said senior police officer J Khandagale of Saki Naka police station.

Srivastav’s lawyer claims that his client has been framed. “My client is a software engineer and wouldn’t stoop to such low levels. The neighbours have been provoked by his ex-wife,” he said.

It is reportedly that his wife divorced him because she couldn’t handle his harassment. However, Srivastav says she was having an affair with their driver, and floated the harassment rumour to get rid of him.

Srivastav had reportedly got the driver to confess to the affair, which he later showed his then wife.

What pleased me no end was the statement by the lawyer :

“My client is a software engineer and wouldn’t stoop to such low levels”.

That is if the guy was a chemical engineer or perhaps a lawyer, then surely he could do something this retrograde.

But a software engineer: oh no no—-as we all know, they are paragons of virtue and moral rectitude. Plus they would be the last persons on earth who would know anything about image morphing.

And another thing. What kind of a software engineer is this guy by the way? The cops drop in, uninvited to his house, seize his machine and find no porn on it !

Is there any self-respecting software engineer (guy) out there whose home machine (as opposed to the office machine) would throw up no porn when subject to a surprise search ?

I think not.

I remember the time when as a PhD student, a newly arrived Desi (who had yet to tour the computer science department from where he was to get his Masters) asked me whether the computer labs are open through the night. On being told they were, he asked me whether there are a lot of people around at that time and followed it up with whether the machines were all “open” or in private cubicles.

Needless to say, I understood the question he actually wanted to ask.

But that was natural. This total absence of porn is not.

Based on the blandness of his hard drive, I would think that the prosecution has ample opportunity to cast doubt on whether this guy is a software engineer at all.

And once it is proved that he is not a software engineer and hence a man capable of such a dastardly act, his case totally collapses.

Damn I should have been a prosecutor.

54 thoughts on “Needle of Suspicion

  1. I think you are completely discounting the possibility that constables (who went to arrest him) were not computer savvy enough to find the porn! 🙂

  2. @JD: Ahem. The point of the sarcasm attempted in the post was to allude to that possibility (i.e. the cops may not have been cyber sleuths) as also to the possibility that the fine man might have known beforehand that the cops were coming. Obviously I don’t doubt he is a software engineer—-what I doubt is that there really was not any porn on his computer. Of course finding porn on his computer doesn’t mean that he has actually morphed the neighbourhood ladies—it just means he is a horny guy. (So what’s new?). The fact that there is none at all just suggests strongly that some tampering has been done  or that the cops have been incompetent.

  3. Perhaps, Raju did not have a computer at home…

  4. There’s one more possibility- the guy was a hermit of sorts, and was about to have a halo come out of the back his cranium (if he “really” had no porn on his system, I think that’s a fairly obvious conclusion). The splitting headache assosciated with the halo barging out was unbearable and forced the man to try a few means to stymie his promotion to sainthood. Explains the wife’s affinity for the driver too.

  5. Two things in defence of the S/W guy:-

    a. Why would he use the term ‘Latest Technology’ for something that was available years ago
    b. Why would he threaten to distribute the CDs for free ?

  6. How can you charge someone with “sexual assault” for picking up a fight? Even if as Manjit Singh says [Is ‘she’ a women first of all?] that Srivastav threatened to picture her nude, wouldn’t that still be a threat and not an actual executed crime?
    So can he be charged of sexual assault, a grave crime, on the basis of Manjit Singh’s statement that he threatened to picture her nude?

    It’s like you can get away with murder,rape etc.. but “threaten” … no.. that’s a big deal buddy..
    Jesica Lal’s relatives must be wondering — oh!.. only if he would have threatened and not carried out the crime.. he wouldn’t have got away with so easily from the powerful grip of the law.

    And btw isn’t threatening legal in India? Why, even Prakash Karat and Karunanidhi threaten to withdraw support.
    Even the “lion” Manmohan Singh threatens the terrorists that we “won’t kneel down” and they will pay heavily!!!

  7. ^^^^^
    He he….looks like you’ll be out of job soon GB. The legal system and politics will keep us on our daily dose of comedy.

  8. In a “Web2.0” world, shouldn’t they have checked his online storage accounts? Cramming your HDD with porn is so passe. However, I am troubled by the searching he was subjected to purely on basis of an accusation. I’m sure he was a despicable character but I sense a ‘Minority Report’ kinda behavior here.

  9. You know matters like these are so blown out of proportion in India because of the great walls between the tech-savvy, the tech-naive and the tech-nicians. And the cherry on the pie is that the government is in the middle of all of this. Think of the poor judges who are passing a trial on a bandit one moment, a rapist the next and a ‘software’ engineer at the end of the day. I wholly agree with you when you say that this guy is suspicious on account of not having any porn. What’s that all about? I think the only ‘SOFTware’he’s involved in is the one in his pants!! no wonder his wife went looking for some Hardware!!
    however, on a serious note, i should say that it is rather wrong of them to search him only due to an accusation. Perhaps we could use this ‘latest technology’ on Pakistan??

  10. “What kind of a software engineer is this guy by the way? The cops drop in, uninvited to his house, seize his machine and find no porn on it !”

    — Haha! So true.

  11. While I am not aware of what the law says, searching a person’s hard drive based on some threats does seem a bit too much. And charging with sexual assault? How can it be done on the basis of threats?
    And that part about not finding any porn was hilarious… There was a story doing the rounds on emails a few months ago (I don’t know whether it is true). The Mumbai Police (the Kolkata/ Delhi Police in some versions) did a raid in some SW company to look for pirated software. They smartly marched into the premises, announced that they were going to take away all the computers for searching, picked up all the monitors and marched out. In another case, when they had to attach a few floppies with some documents as evidence, they had stapled them with the papers. So not finding any porn does not mean there wasn’t any.

  12. Hee Hee! Great post, GB! Loved the case for the prosecution.

    I am inclined to support the theory that the cops are incapable of finding an elephant in a computer, let alone porn. Even if you’re not trying to look at porn, evidence of it fills up your computer.

    Once i was searching for a supplier for Zinc Stearate – a mundane chemical in the pharma world, and googled it. The first link in the search result turned out to be a porn site and was duly blocked by my office censoring software. In a similar way, the security log in the IT department records a large number of attempts to access porn sites – by everyone, male or female. I asked the IT head honcho, and he said that it is so common that it takes them a long time to identify if a person really accesses porn from office, or is an unwilling victim of google searches.

    No porn on the comp ? Naaah! Yeh baat kuch hajam nahi hua.

  13. Umm.

    “The cops drop in, uninvited to his house, seize his machine and find no porn on it !”

    — ROFL. Umm, maybe he was a bit qualified enough to “hide” those folders :D.

    Eh, I didnt know “software engineers” were held at that pedestal – chi chi – we will never stoop to such low level things, will we 😀


  14. Hey I had given you that link.

    But the women of his locality seem to be quite techie (in the words of the Indian media) since they know what ‘morphing’ is . WHen I read that piece I could not stop laughing trying to picture the man threaten all the female neighbours he came across by saying ‘main tumhare picture morph kardoonga’

  15. How about this explanation:

    Raju is really a softspoken, soft guy. His wife (finding nothing interesting in him and his wealth) elopes with the poor but macho driver. Poor Raju trying to save his face, looses all contacts in his society. His neighbours look down upon him. Whenever they get into verbal arguments, poor Raju tries to dominate the “computer illiterate” neighbours, with some techy jargons (like morphing) that he had learnt in school, because he is too soft to fight with them in thier lingo. He had never seen a porno in life, so he could never understand the impact of his statement. The neighbours get terrified, thinking of him as computer wizard who can just do anything on earth, lodges a complaint in the local police station. Poor Raju gets arrested.

  16. @Amit

    Now only if we can get Rituparno Ghosh to direct that, we’ll have a blockbuster! RPG will complete it by including a part about his wife missing her periods and casting sly glances at the driver. And with all the pron angle, this is perfect. I’ll do the screenplay, GB can play the osftware engineer character of the hindustani Raju with the strong body odor. OMG, I have everything in place. Now all I need is a title. AntarHardDrive?

  17. Have been reading your blog for quite some time now. And I am curious to know if you have – at any point of time – considered joining Anandabajar?

  18. Mumbai Mirror is a gossip rag obsessed with sensationalism.Sarcastic post.Good one

  19. If ‘zinc stearate’ can yield ‘interesting sites’, I must google on ‘thiotomoline’. Knowing Asimov’s admiration of buxom belles I am sure of seeing something even more interesting (but, only to heterosexual male readers).

    For fattish women over forty, what are the sites for us?

    Please, do not suggest Sanjeev Kapoor@ Khana Khazana radiating charm while dishing up 20,000 calories.

  20. @Swati – no luck on thiotimoline – only references to three works by isaac asimov – thanks I knew of only one!

    “For fattish women over forty, what are the sites for us?”

    Try this one:

  21. @ Swati!

    whyyyyy? u can count upon ur raju^ish neighbors for the fun; morphed photos of oneself on the net will certainly queue up lot of interesting tags which u can then redeem on the web to get ur share of fun!!! 🙂

    GB, i cudnt stop laughing for a while until a female onlooker stared hard at me. ‘coz the lesson learnt at the end of the day is ‘never pick up a fight with women’..

  22. “The neighbours say that he threatened to picture them nude and distribute the CDs for free, but no pornographic material has been found in his home,”

    Maybe he already distributed the material. To find out the real situation, the ladies should enlist the help of a hormone-ravaged 17 yr old guy to go around all the video stores in the area. That might be more effective than hawaldars poking around a hard-disk with lathis. Again, why he would want to distribute the material for free is beyond my comprehension.

  23. @ mohanvee
    There you have the crux of the matter.

    The ladies were UPSET that even after morphing nobody would pay to look at ’em.

    If they are anything like me, the only plausible morphing you can do is with a hippopotamus (albeit a good natured one).

    @ sayon
    My comp sits at one corner of the living room. Could I access this site at 10 am or do i have to wait till 2 am?

    If the site is not tasteful enough I guess its back to drooling over foodblogs once again. Sigh!

  24. A portion of the screenplay from my directorial debut of an yet unnamed film –

    A hot midsummers day in Mumbai. Police detective Silky Sharma is a no- nonsense hotheaded cop who is determined to bust the porn racket and MMS business in Mumbai. She detests porn as much as she detests guys who watch them. She looks down with acute condescention on the guy sitting with his head down in front of her, Raju ,the accused. Harsh questions follow and at one time she does a bit of Guantanamo Bay by pushing her sharp heels into Raju’s chest. “Dont fuck around with me Raju… just tell me the truth”, she says with an ice cold voice while blowing smoke from her Benson and Hedges on his face.

    A constable appears on the scene. “Madam, we caught a suspicious man …….he sneaked into Raju’s apartment where we were spying …stole the hard disk from Raju’s computer and then gave us the slip…we lost him…only to find him later in bed with Raju’s ex wife in her apartment. But he’s not answering our questions..showing cocksure machismo.”

    The detective’s brow furrows. “Ah..a James bond…ill teach him a lesson he wont forget”. She gets up and struts gracefully into the cell where this strange man was detained. She walks into the room with a kind of belligerence which would have made Uma Thurman in “Kill Bill” proud. The man is seated on a chair. Faint blue light illuminates the room. She walks up to him with a rule in her hand. The guy is bespectaled and a bit overweight…she couldnt figure out more..the light was too dim. The man appears as a silhouette against the blue background.

    “Leave the kid alone…it was just a nice way to get under the skins of those bitches- that morph thing…they jumped on his ass day and night everywhere….in the alley…grocery store…elevator….everywhere” , says the man.

    The detective chuckles…”Uh huh..really prick? What are you?”

    ” A detective specialising in porn working to save the ass of the guy ur holding…and a phd in computer science”

    “Ok dickhead…enough of your bullshit…so hes a software engg and you claim to be a Phd..and (hissing in a mocking fashion)…what ‘latest technology’ have you got…huh? ”

    “My eyes are good enuf ..maam”.

    She throws a light switch on. We will now have the kind of diffused lighting which Kubrick used in Eyes Wide Shut. The camera rolls, and moves back while zooming in on the 2 of them. The female detective starts feeling a bit uncomfortable….the gaze of the man is not exactly stereotype…it was like as if he was mocking and “seeing her”…stripping her with every passing second…a bit like the man’s whose wife was raped in that famous scene in Kurosawa’s Rashomon. It wasnt the dull shattered eyes of a psychopath…nor was it the eyes of a letcher….but it made her feel so helpless…made her feel so naked. It was like that the man had seen millions of naked girls…his gaze was sure and unsettling…like a leopard on a helpless deer.

    The detective starts to feel wet. A cold wave runs thru her spine. The cold makes her veins constrict which in turn stiffens her nipples. “Oh god” she murmers. She tries to intimidate the man by putting her hand across her waist in a gesture of drawing out a gun. “You dont know what I have got down there. ” The man is hardly perturbed by this. His lips bend into a mocking grimace (resembling a picture on this very page) as he hisses, ” Yeah, I know exactly what uve got down there. ” She cant take it no more and tells the man to leave. The man gets up and moves towards the door, chanting mysteriously, “femme fatale… this case is more complicated than you think detective. And a murder will take place soon. Act soon and leave my client.”

    “Hold on” shouts the detective….”why did you steal the hard disk?” The man turns around at the exit of the police station. Again his face is a silhouette …this time in the background of the full moon (The Exorcist). “Fond memories“, he chuckeled. She knew what he meant.

    “Dont lie” , she gasped, “I have searched it myself. Found nothing”

    The man roared in laughter. “Well how could you…only a porn afficionado knows how to change the extension from .jpg to . txt and get the blood off his hands”,
    and faded into the crowded road, leaving her more confused than before. The detective came out of the building and lighted another one of her king size cigarettes. A thousand hammers were beating in her head. Then she went back to the room and found a card lying on the floor. The camera zooms on the card. It reads ” GB….Private ‘Porn’ investigator”.

    So who do you guys think would fit the role of the girl best?

  25. Whether the nude pictures should be exposed of not is hardly a matter od debate, there are some other antics that definitely deserve being exposed. Incidentally the title of my latest post is “Should we not try to redress a Greatwrong the way we admire Greatbong”. The fact of the matter is my dear friend, the more qualified the person is the lower he will stoop not only in such matters but in matters of rendering his services.

    The day may or maynot dawn(woh subah kabhi tau aayegi..) that you may deem it fit to comment on my post but since this one features you, kindly let me know your misgivings for I fear that with your prodigious talent, you may choose to prosecute me verbally. My apologies in advance if I am found wanting in some respect.

    “The pen being more powerful than the sword”, you would be a heck of a prosecuter- what they call an omudsman or whatever it is. I do hope that someday you follow in the footsteps of Khushwant Singh and Shobha de. A good writer can not only prosecute but actually execute- tishoo, tishoo. Better to be on the right side of you.

  26. hey guys!!!!have you all forgot about ‘pen drive’s?? he must have get his collection in that minute thing and made his hard disc look like that of a pre-aolescent’s.

  27. @ Srikanth

    Thanks for the wonderful idea. GB – are you ready to play Raju in our movie? Being a RPG movie, the hero gets to enjoy many things more than the contract money and learning acting skills.

  28. Here is a hilarious blog of true stories of gals meeting guys for arranged marriage. Features lots of software engineers – they seem to be in over supply in the arranged marriage market!

  29. Ah so this is the guy who keeps on posting at chitchatters with the titles :

    “neighborly auntie of mine who picked fight with me”
    “another neighborly auntie of mine who picked fight with me”
    “yet another neighborly auntie of mine who picked fight with me”

  30. new add for photoshop —
    my name is Baba, Desi Baba… I can make you “playmate of the month” …
    USP: turn the girl/aunty next door to the girl of your dreams, wet i.e…

  31. @Anon: Highly unlikely.

    @Anon2: Perhaps. The driver also might have been simply a device driver.

    @Sanjay: Maybe because the neighbourhood aunties were so camera-unfriendly that threatening to “sell the CDs” would be taken as a hollow threat.

    @Kaunteya: Now if Manjit Singh were a man, the “free CD” angle becomes even more clear. True. I wonder where “threats” were considered to be equal to assault. Your comment about M Singh and the Karats of the world was extremely funny 🙂

    @Anon3: I swear !

    @Patrix: Three white things submerged in a solution sending signals to a computer whenever porn is going to be seen anywhere in the world … An amazing vision of the future.

    @Sir Pyscho: In all probability, this Manjit Singh has some connection among the law enforcers. Hence the pre-emptive strike.

    @Littlegirl: 🙂

    @Joy Forever: Brilliant. Next they will giving the monitor some third-degree.

    @Sayon: Zinc stearate and a porn site. The mind boggles.

    @Suyog: Never. Certainly we would never stoop to getting “caught” with porn.

    @Rajeev: Sorry I did not see that link before I posted this. (I sometimes miss comments on my older posts ). So I came across that link independently. However thanks for sending that link—-we seem to be thinking alike.

    And yes that is some locality.

    @Amit: Mmm….may very well be the case.

    @Srikanth: :-). No body odor please thank you. But Jaggu-da’s role would be perfect for me. The movie will open with a shot of a CPU with me on top of it hacking away….

    @Diptakirti: You mean my blogging is that bad? :-). No I have not. Anandabazar did mention my blog in an article on blogs.

    @Vikram: Which is why I read it for “time pass”.

    @Swati: Interesting question as to sites for fattish 40 plus women. Have you tried Googling using that precise search string. Do it soon because soon enough Google will pick up your sentence in that comment and 40 plus women all over the world looking for some pleasure will come to my blog.

    @Vuttaa: Never pick a fight with a woman named Manjeet.

    @Mohanvee: Mmm…..perfect.

    @yourfan2: Private Porn Investigator GB adds: “Always look for password protected zip files with innocuous names like “Test” “Temp” “Backup” and “Documents”.

    Nice story 🙂

    @Hiren: Have commented on your blog. Again humbled.

    @Dwaipayan: “Pen” drives. Mm….. The “pen” drives the sword..

    @Amit: I dont know what “perks” you are talking about—-but count me out of anything that has to do with intimiate encounters with RPG.

    @Harry: 🙂

    @Jhantu: Or maybe there is more than one..

    @Sach1tb: The power of the new visual media….

  32. ‘Is there any self-respecting software engineer (guy) out there whose home machine (as opposed to the office machine) would throw up no porn when subject to a surprise search ?’

    ROFWL 🙂

    Btw, I totally agree with you. I’m quite sure that if only the cops had checked for hidden folders… I doubt they did. 😉

  33. This guy should have been arrested all right but under POTA. Can you IMAGINE the alarm and despondency caused by pictures of Manjit Auntie in the nude – all 325 lbs. of her? Aarrgghhh!!!

    Arnab, you DO realise that you’ve been reading Amit Uncut too frequently and it shows in your new style? Not that I’m complaining.


  34. What kind of a software engineer is this guy by the way? The cops drop in, uninvited to his house, seize his machine and find no porn on it!
    Oh, really hilarious.
    I wish Raju Srivastava, the comedian who bores us on TV, had something to say about the episode.

  35. @Greatbong
    No problem.

    I am not sure if you have come across this bit of news. There is a link to a video of the headbutt which you can access from the article.

    Poor Animal.
    O’Neill banned for butting horse

    Jockey Paul O’Neill, who head-butted a horse during a meeting at Stratford, has been given a one-day ban by the Horseracing Regulatory Authority.
    O’Neill had lost his cool when his mount City Affair unseated him before a race last month.

    The jockey got to his feet and grabbed the reins, pulling his horse to him, before nodding the front of his helmet onto the horse’s head.

    O’Neill said: “I want to take this opportunity to say how sorry I am.”

    O’Neill, who will be banned on Friday 11 August, was represented at the hearing by John Blake of the Jockeys Association.

    “In terms of the day-ban, it’s consistent with other penalties for similar, very rare – I’m pleased to say – incidents,” Blake told News 24.

    “But the penalty is only part of it. The incident’s been broadcast nationally, internationally, around the world.

    “There’s been a lot of response, quite rightly, to this incident, and Paul’s career as a freelance jockey will be affected by that for weeks, months, maybe even years to come.

    “And it’s very important that he gets over that and repairs his reputation.”


  36. Software engineers.. paragons of virtue.. haha.. LOL.. great post, greatBong.

    kaahe ka virtue, most of us spend our time sending stupid “naughty” forwards. And most of our searches on google include “britney” and “paris hilton” 🙂

  37. Its all that Infosys moral “holier – than – thou” nuisance. N R Narayanamurthy has no Qualms chairing and receiving “Economic Times Award” sponsored by JK Group(Raymond), one of the top 5 loan defaulters in India.

  38. Maybe Manjit Auntie had Raju bhaiya arrested because he only threatened and didn’t do any actual morphing. or at least didn’t show them to her.

    Cho saaaad! It would have been a highlight of her next kitty party – how a young man shot her in the nude, and her friends going green with envy at her perfectly toned body! Dekho, teen bachche ke baad bhi…

    But unfortunately, Saala sirf bak bak karta hai – kaam ke time pe ekdum useless!

  39. @Ali:
    You wrote-
    ‘I’m quite sure that if only the cops had checked for hidden folders… I doubt they did.’

    Hidden folder, now what is that?
    f only the cops had bothered to look under the fold(er)s of Manjit Aunties love handles, they would have found all the saboot.

  40. Well, I guess it was only a generation ago that “Bank Employees” could not “stoop to such levels” 😀
    Anyways, I guess there is some misunderstanding here, maybe the neighbours thought that morphing would actually make the women neighbours appear nude by using “latest technology”. I would not be surprised as I have been asked if I build buildings by typing into the key board by a certain uncle’s-aunt’s-brother’s-father 😀
    Besides, any self respecting “software engineer” knows how to hide whatever it is that he wants to hide on his computer.

  41. Hey GB, did you hear about this incident Dean Jones calling Hashim Amla (the bearded South African Muslim cricketer) a terrorist on TV? Then he was sacked immediately.

  42. @rajeev:

    Well I guess its a (software)trade secret.. cmon.. don’t tell me you don’t know about hidden system/porn folders in windows???

  43. @Ali:
    I know what hidden folders are. But you did not get my joke. I was thinking like an bumbling Indian cop.

  44. @rajeev:
    Sorry.. slow at sarcasm. my bad. 🙂

  45. I don’t like the way my lawyer looks!

    Advocate Nandkumar Rajurkar will no longer represent Pravin Mahajan, who has been arrested on the charge of killing his elder brother and BJP general secretary Pramod Mahajan.
    According to Pulliwar, one of the reasons Rajurkar was terminated was because of his looks. “Rajurkar issued statements without Pravinji’s consent. Even the bail application made in the Bombay High Court was without Pravinji’s permission. Apart from that, Pravinji did not like his looks,” Pulliwar said.

  46. How come we didn’t have the Hindu fundamentalists vs Islamic terrorists debate here? It seems these people are in agreement over at least one thing: porn. 🙂

  47. Dear Joy Forever,
    you are WRONG.

    All hindus are for Pornography. Infact, we treat it as the original pleasure in life, (refer to adiras). If some other religions are mighty worried about original sin, we are supremely serious in our approach to the ZING (not zinc stearate)

    We have a divinely dedicated couple, Kama and his wife Rati, and a wonderful book detailing 64 positions that can be achieved by a group of contortionists. There is also a temple in MP which does its bit for India. The ‘forrin’ tourist is left gasping at the audacity of the chisellers and more by the explanations of the intrepid guides.

    By ancient law, a hindu is allowed as many wives as he can dupe into marriage.

    A hindu, dear sir, is a person who is hell bent on partaking of all pleasures in life, RIGHT NOW– RIGHT HERE.

    Not for him the promises of a heaven with 72 virgins.

    And it is a equal opportunities sort of religion. Kunti had three gods ‘favouring’ her. Her daughter-in law had five worse halves.

    We had fabulous festivals like madanotsav.

    No wonder I am glad to be a HINDU atheist.

  48. “swati: unfair – you’re the one who challenged Arnab to have one post free of Hindu vs Muslim.

    Guys – get back to the topic of porn. And Zinc stearate, if you want 🙂

    Incidentally the TOI spent quite a bit of the first page today discussing an 88 year old geezer and his still sexed up life.

    Third marriage incidentally, encouraged by his first wife, who’s still alive and married to the bloke. Apparently the chap doesn’t need Viagra – camel’s milk is enough for him.

    Damn! There go the Pfizer’s shares a tumbling! And Chacha, our college milkman, who has a herd of camels as well, will now rival Messers Gates and Buffet. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

    So our friend Raju does not even look at TOI on his comp. Does the guy really exist?

  49. “Based on the blandness of his hard drive, I would think that the prosecution has ample opportunity to cast doubt on whether this guy is a software engineer at all.”

    Or, he was a specatacularly good one; I remember having a set of 3 batch files for all my porn. One to zip, rename innocuously, and move into unfindable locations after viewing. One to bring it all back again for viewing. and one to completely destroy all traces – cache, recent docs, temp files, search refererences, favorites, history, and batch files as well. All on a 1-click access. I wouldn’t be surprised if this guy had a button next to his door that could do the same…

  50. Sotti to!!
    What kind of Software Engineer has no Porn in his comp?
    Puro beparta-e golmeley 😛

  51. Yaar no porn? Sigh, not even cleavage or bikini pics? Yaar at least a b grade hindi fillum?
    What are the next generation of s/w engineers coming to?
    On second thots if he was so good, he cudve simply used a hard drive wiping s/w

  52. ‘I remember the time when as a PhD student, a newly arrived Desi (who had yet to tour the computer science department from where he was to get his Masters) asked me whether the computer labs are open through the night. On being told they were, he asked me whether there are a lot of people around at that time and followed it up with whether the machines were all “open” or in private cubicles.’

    OH MY GOD !! 😀

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