Ding Dong

Somehow, and I do not realize why, this picture triggered memories of an old advertisement jingle for Vics:

“Bheriye ne memne se kaha ki main tumhe kha jayoonga, *** ki goli lo khich khich door karo”

Wonder what he is saying though.

Could it be something as helpful as:

“I seriously think you need some professional help for your MMS clips next time…”

[Picture courtesy: Rediff]

6 thoughts on “Ding Dong

  1. Priceless….LOLZ

  2. he he.. Thats supposedly the way to ‘gel-in’ with producers (if you are dumb at onscreen acting) . ….Arnabda you should not talk like grandpa … And the MMS clip will supposedly answer the infamous question madhuri dixit (rather ila arun) raised in shubhash ghai’s “khalnayak song”….

  3. or something like “Hey Babys… I makes family filims on erotics locations ” (He meant exotic when he said erotic… and you must add an S as a suffix in all the verbs and nouns)

  4. as comedian Sajid Khan (choreographer farah khan’s brother) would say: ‘the subhash the ghais…’

    wonder why he stopped doing that program -kehne mein kya harj hain- it was the funniest thing on television!

  5. that photo rang a bell in my mind the moment I saw it in rediff. nice take

  6. Nahin…nahin… aap ko galat fahami huyi hai… Yeh to meri behan hai…!!

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