No BullShit

You learn something everyday. Being an ardent fan of Prabhuji Mithun, I thought I knew most of what there was to know about him.

I was wrong.

I did not know there was a high-demand variety of powerful bulls named after Mithun-da.

More demand for mithun bulls

Posted on Thursday, November 09, 2006, @ 23:42:42 EST

Home news 10 November, 2006 – The decision to shift the Mithun bull Breeding center from Chukha to Wangdigang in Zhemgang is paying off, according to both farmers and officials of the center.

“The center is meeting demands of farmers from 14 west central and east central dzongkhags,” said officials. “About 20 to 25 mithun bulls are distributed to farmers at a subsidised rate of Nu. 10,000 a bull annually.”

While places near to the center are supplied with breeding bulls, artificial insemination (AI) is provided to farmers from far off villages.

The success of the farm has resulted in more demand for the bull from farmers, said farm manager Tashi Dhendup. “And we have been meeting the demand. Dzongkhag livestock officials recommend farmers to buy the mithun bulls because of their advantages over the indigenous breed.”

Amazing ! Mithun bulls being produced by artificial insemination, with the creative juices being supplied no doubt by Bashir Babbar and Kanti Shah and TLV Prasad, the people with the “seminal” concepts behind most Mithun movies. Needless to say, the farmers realize that Mithun bulls perform much better than the local breeds in all respects —- they till more land, they do not obey the laws of physics and they say “Aaaiee Salaaaa” instead of “Moo”.

The farm, at present, has 120 mithuns and a breeding bull. The females are kept in the farm to replenish stock.

As we all know with 120 Mithuns around, the need to have females to replenish stock is very much needed because of wear and tear.

The cross of the powerful mithun with the native siri gives the Bjatsha (male), which are ideal for ploughing and the Bjatsham (female) gives better milk production with high butterfat than the native siri.

The mithun cross also retains the siri’s agility and hardiness and are therefore easy to maintain in Bhutan’s difficult terrain. But all mithun siri male progenies are sterile.

Indeed. More milk and more power and more capacity for staying hardy for Mithun progenies. Does not need a rocket scientist to anticipate that. Though the sterility for male progenies of the Mithun is pretty alarming especially for the great Mithunputra Mimoh Chakraborty (shown in the picture on the left) who does not look like a guy who would be anything but supremely potent.

According to the farm officials, mithuns are a distinct semi-wild cattle breed in themselves and indigenous to Arunachal Pradesh, Assam and Bangladesh. These big and strong animals have a typical dorsal ridge on the crest of the shoulder, a flat forehead and big horns with an enormous base.

Females weigh about a tonne and produce milk containing 10 percent butterfat.

Such a lovely description of the great Mithun breed and the typical Mithun heroine (weighs about a tonne and produces 10% butterfat)

The National Mithun Breeding Center was established in 1976 at Chukha

Move over X-Men. The National Mithun Breeding Center has been, for the last 30 years, churning out selectively-breeded, genetically perfect M-men —the future of the animal race, who can levitate objects, bend metal, split a bullet with a knife, survive the bite of a poisonous cobra, outrun a speeding helicopter, work as a Coolie in an airport, till the land, produce buttermilk and dance like it’s nobody’s business.

Hamba Ho !

31 thoughts on “No BullShit


    BTW, I thought it was Mithun with a soft th

  2. @Sayon: There can be nothing “soft” when the word Mithun is being uttered. Koi shaq?

  3. @Arnab: You’ve, of course, hit the bulls eye.

  4. 🙂 🙂

    Kya yaar GreatBong,
    bachche ki jaan loge kya…

    Leave him alone man, be grateful that Mithunji provided us so such fun when we all were growing up. You see, those were the times when there was no appu ghar, essel world and such like. We all were stuck with doordarshan and he always gave us complete entertainment.

    Anyways, great reporting and great article.

  5. ha ha ha…a fitting tribute to HIS greatness at last

  6. Does Mimoh mean something in Bengali?

  7. LOL @ Mimoh – jesus – I think we have another “Raja Babu” on our hands 😀

    Mithun Breeding Center — almost sounds straight out of a Michael Crichton novels….. who knows… Mithun… Michael…sound alike… umm….


  8. hi GB.this is my first reply to you..very hilarious post…all my colleagues were staring at when i was laughing loudly. Thanks for such a great post.

  9. Bullish ki… jobbor khobor!

    Btw, is it miThun or mithun? Equally ra(u)nchy in either case of course.

  10. haha…this bull has long been a joke among my frnds of Biology class

  11. LMAO 😀 after all, we ARE the country where cows are worshipped.. why should bulls be far behind? lol

  12. Lumpen Proletariat November 15, 2006 — 8:21 am

    I agree with Arun. This is tasteless post from the great man. Why drag young Mimo into this ?

  13. LMAO !!! 😀

    @ Arnab:

    Bull’s eye !!!

    BTW, during my college days once I had a fight with a guy from the north-eastern parts of India and he had then repeatedly called me a ‘bull’ as the pet name of yours truly is ‘Mitun’ (yes, that is, ‘Prabhuji’ minus the ‘H’). This post reminded me of that years old incident. 🙂

  14. hi Arnab,

    My pishi was and still a crazy Mithun fan trivia source, and she tells me that Mimoh was named after Mi(cheal Jackson) Mo(hammed Ali) .. these influence along with Mithun breed ,must have done wonders!

  15. Soon to come:
    The celibate version, Papal Bull!
    Made in Italy.

    Caveat Empor: 4% probablity of pedophile tendency.

    Oh ok…. that was a terrible joke. My bad! :p

  16. Are you sure it is only The Mithun in this case. It could be the other mithun, the star sign? Probably the centre was set up when the mithun was in the seventh house and stuff and the bulls are all born under the mithun sign?

  17. It is always hard to find a good man like Prabhuji.
    It is always good to find a hard man like Mithunda.
    Btw is Mimoh as stud-ious as his father? What does your IndiaDaily say?

  18. Ranjan Chakravarty November 16, 2006 — 6:44 am

    Ek taanete jyamon-tyamon, du taanete rugi, teen taanete Raja-ujir, chaar taanete shukhi…

  19. This goes to prove the superiority of our own homegrown products over the much hyped hollywood shtyle heroes.
    A Schwarzenegger type of body builder cattle will be tough and fibrous to taste, have no milk of human kindness and wont know which leg to shake when confronted by Sushmita Sen and the moozik of Bhappida(who came across as a very friendly avuncular figure as a judge in a Zee singing show).

  20. @Arrey Arnab, yeh kya kiya?

    Bullsh*t ke patty ko khamba kar diya!
    Mimoh ke baap ke ‘moo’ ko ‘Hamba’ kar diya!

  21. @Chipmunk, Sayon, Dipesh, Jabez, Mayank, Sneha deBoLiN, the Wanderer, Shan: 🙂

    @Arun: And why should we leave him alone?

    @Srikanth: Mi for Michael Jackson and Mo for Mohammed Ali. With a name like that, how can you not be successful ?

    @Suyog: Heh.

    @S.Pyne: As Sayon said it is the soft “th”

    @Lumpen Proletariat: Tasteless? If drawing Mithun-da is fine, why not Mimoh?

    @Dipanwita: Absolutely right ! Do tell your pishi to read my blog !

    @Manasi: Star sign? No no…no Linda Goodman here sorry. Here only 10% butterfat and high energy tilling the land…

    @S.Pyne: Alas…Lara Larani has not been able to infiltrate Ooty.

    @Ranjan: Posted in the wrong comment thread?

    @Swati: And Arnold’s milk will be polluted by steroids…

    @Shan: LOL….Maine tere liye kitne sare bulls dekhe the, aur woh bhi ekdom chikne, jo tujhe bhata wahi tera pati baanta, par tu to kateli gurda yani murda ho gayee…

  22. Ranjan Chakravarty November 16, 2006 — 5:06 pm

    @GB: No, no, I was inspired to hum this hymn when your excellent post got me thinking about Prabhuji and Brahma bulls, as the lyrics, which you undoubtedly know, indicate, especially “7 taanete hobe tumi Brahma-Bishnu-Kali”.
    There’s an implicit pun in this, but that’s for later…

  23. who’s the chick with mithun da?

  24. waaaaaaaaaaaait a minute. I thought Mithun da was a stud, a true stallion. Not a measly bull. Or was that just a bunch of bullshit?

  25. Did you know that the Indian bison or Gaur as it is known, is also called Mithun in some parts of the country.

    I spent two years in Ziro, Lower Subansiri District in Arunachal Pradesh when I was in primary school owing to my father’s transfer there. The animal is called mithun there and is considered to be a very dear possession by the locals. The more mithuns you have, the more you are up in the social echelon.

    Check the details here.

  26. I did that mistake of writing to my pishi about your blog with the link to ‘new born king’ about Mimo’s link. She has severed all links me with that, not even a measely scrap. Even after all these years of marrige, Mithun still occupies the photoframe next to her photo at our home, not my poor pisheymoshai! She had even chatted up Mithun backstage in his heydays (Netaji Indoor stadium / Saltlake dunce dunce days) and has lots of autographed photos. I dont want her to wake me with her screeching calls at some USA time!

  27. all u craps don’t know what is real diamond…….but i don’t blame u ….u love those all hypocrips .who doesn’t know even how to act ..
    i and we feel pitty for u all poor creep …..after all u r all fans of pigs……

  28. mithun ke bare me ais bolne waalo

    tumhae apni jaat nahi pata to apnee maa se jaake pucho tum saalon sab ke sab hijde ki suar ki aulad ho.

    tum jaise haraami gutter main paida hote hai aur gutter mein hi khaa peekar suar ki maut marte ho.

    Tumhare Naam Ka to suar bhi na paalon.

    Samjh gayae apnee Jaat.

    Achha suaron Phir Aaunga tumhe tumhari Jaat Bataane.

  29. je t’aime mithun chakraborty

  30. “artificial insemination (AI) is provided to farmers from far off villages.”

    Even Arundhati Roy’s pointed accusations of the government’s injustices towards farmers have never mentioned such a disgusting barbarism !

    “More demand for mithun bulls”

    As if Mithunda doesn’t provide enough bull already …

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