Sonu Hua Madhyam

Austin Powers (Austin Powers, International Man of Mystery, 1997):

Yeah, and I can’t believe Liberace (picture to left) was gay. I mean, women loved him! I didn’t see that one coming.

The uneasy peace between Bollywood and the press was shattered as Sonu Nigam, in a shocking open letter accused a prominent Bollywood gossip columnist/movie reviewer, S. Jha of having propositioned him for some homosexual play-back.

In what was first a Zee News exclusive, Sonu Nigam spilled a “dirty can of worms” (as the article goes) detailing how the said journalist used to leave lewd homosexual SMSes on Sonu’s phone. Even though Sonu tried convincing Jha that he was not a “villager” (I presume he meant not the Village People, the band that gave the world the gay anthem “YMCA” ) and that he had many girlfriends, Jha would not take no for an answer.

And then like a man scorned, Jha took to, what has been described by Mr. Nigam as retaliatory Sonu-spanking (“I leave in your worthy hands the task of presenting my case in front of the world who is witnessing Sonu-spanking for last 3 months“), using the power of his powerful pen to launch a rear-attack on Sonu, all the while aiming to bring the singer down on his knees through the massaging of arch-rival Himesh Reshammiya’s (as Jha writes: ” Those critics who have slammed Himesh’s acting debut calling him everything from wooden to wouldn’t (I think the range of adjectives describing his alleged non-performance covered a far larger than spectrum than the performance itself) are living in a fool’s paradise“) ego.

Though I have to accept, why anyone in the world would even think that Sonu would be interested in men is beyond my comprehension.

Sonu has evidently saved the obscene SMSs and will reveal them to the public, if needed. I sincerely hope that they are not lines from his songs like “Churiyan banti hain dookanon main, joriyan upar asmaanon main” or “Abh mujhe raat din tera hi khayal hain, kya kahoon pyar main deewanon jaise haal hain”. Because if they are, Mr. Jha can claim that he was merely applauding Sonu’s art, even though taken in isolation they do appear sinister. Truth be told, when Jha praised Sonu’s acting performance in “Love in Nepal” surely Sonu should have guessed by then that Jha was being as truthfully objective as a husband is when he tells his wife “You were the prettiest woman at the party tonight” which in turn should have led Sonu to question “Why?”

It was interesting to see the Bollywood fraternity firmly behind Sonu with Abhijeet and the “wannabe Himesh” Ismail Durbar coming out against Jha. But leave it to Shakti Kapoor to put things in context. In IBN7, the Lolittaaaa man went on record saying that if such vulgar propositions are being made to a senior artist like Sonu Nigam, imagine how hard it must be for small stars. Exactly. And who better to tell us this than Shakti Kapoor !

Like on most matters of national importance, Rakhi Sawant also pitched in with her opinion when she advised Sonu to take this man-love as a compliment (as Rakhi herself is comfortable with all the ribald compliments she is flooded with everyday) and an endorsement of his dreamy quotient, which is now so strong that it affects even men. According to Rakhi, as long as it is not bulls who are running after you lustily, there is nothing to worry. [ She said something on the lines of “Insaan naheen to kya saand piche padenge”]

Notwithstanding what the Sawant says, we here at RTDM fully understand that it is difficult to take Sonu-spanking for three months. So let us finish this post with some lines of a Sonu Nigam song which expresses our support for Sonu in these times of distress.

Bhanwre tumko sab chhedenge,
Phoolon mein mat jaana
Maddham maddham hans de phir se
Sona(u) sona(u) phir se hans de

80 thoughts on “Sonu Hua Madhyam

  1. Oh my gawd, you are quick. I was just about to paste a comment and a url linking to his “letter” when i saw that you had already posted.
    I am not sure why “Mr.” Nigam is behaving like a rape victim.

    Go and smack that Jha guy right in the middle of his face if you are a Man , Nigam. Or are u?

  2. Arnab:
    your choice of photos….fantastic.
    Sonu has one big “closet”.

  3. funny choice of a phrase, sonu-spanking; i was amused when i read it in TOI.
    ‘rear-attack’ is a funny phrase too 🙂

  4. Poor Sonu – look at the people supporting him – Rakhee Sawant and SHAKTI KAPOOR. tsk tsk. Did anyone check with Booby..oops..Bobby Darling? he would have said – “Sonu..if you want to be happy but not what i did”

  5. Bechara Sonu. I wonder if he has had any association with Shakti Kapoor! Oh, and fabulous choice of photos!

  6. This is veryyyy interesting. Indian gays are coming out of the closet. But this seems deeper than it suggests. I was amazed to read Sonu Nigam’s TOI response. My hunch is that the duo once engaged in a homosexual encounter and this was surreptitiously taped by Himesh. Maybe the encounter didn’t go too well.

    Reason for such kind of suspicion:

    1> ” I have his “I miss you and Love you Sonu” and “I am sorry” messages saved in various phones of mine and today I thank God I never erased them!”

    2> “I have seen poverty, struggle.” Metonymy?

    3> ” It’s my duty to exercise this right of mine by writing to you. By presenting my case in front of you. I leave in your worthy hands the task of presenting my case in front of the world who is witnessing Sonu-spanking for last 3 months. ”

    Sonu obviously trusts the TOI editor’s hands too much to trust it so much. He should be more careful!

    4> “Please let them know we are not living in a jungle where someone’s silence is taken as a sign of weakness by a beast! Let them know that homosexuals have their right to be themselves in this society, but so do hetrosexuals! ”

    The last sentence. UFff…would bring a tear to the eye of any gay person in US. 🙂 Sonu Nigam, gay or not, is from now on a champion and a role model for gays worldwide. People now have to fight for ‘straight’ rights in a ‘gay’ world?

    5> ” Thanking you in advance”. Umm for what???

    I also like Rakhi Sawant’s perspicacious insights on everything. 🙂

  7. >>“Insaan naheen to kya saand piche padenge”
    rofl! where does she get these gems from?

    and how could you miss the “In 2001, he proposed me and said…..” from the original letter?

  8. i love them pictures, i really do.
    the interesting question is, will this affect skj’s career at all? i suspect sonu just made himself the butt of gay jokes for the rest of his life.
    i’m sure some of GB’s readers have met skj. insights? sms transcripts?

  9. why the hell is a Rakhi Sawant interview mandatory for each and every small/big/trivial issue ???????

    Her responses…. ufffffffffffff !!!

    But ArnabDa, this subhash K Jha is notorious not just in the journalism industry (many journalist friends of mine tell me) but also in the blogosphere….

  10. Dude, I dont follow Hindi cinema much, so shakti kapoor was unknown to me. I googled his name and the first image result came from this. You rock!

  11. Subhash K. used to write in The Statesman waaay back in the late 80s. Isn’t he Raj Kamal Jha’s brother?

  12. We still do not know who is telling the truth – Sonu Nigam or Subhash K Jha. But none of them are wrong in either case.
    If Subhash is indeed gay, he has the right to approach men and if they don’t respond, he can react in his own way – say by writing against them. Remember they comments he writes are his free opinion and nobody can question him. He has not thrown ACID on Sonu’s face. If he is not gay, we have find out who is using Subhash’s mobile.

  13. Really, with a portfolio like that, and wearing pink banians ( and plunging Himesh-esque necklines sans the beard (, who’s blame Jha?!

    nice link!

  14. rakhi sawant is a gem!

    s k jha is a loyal bachchan supporter all the way. so who is big b going to give interviews to now?

  15. good one GB. where the heck did you get those photos from? Heard the latest on bobby darling? another thrilling story here is the link

  16. “Insaan naheen to kya saand piche padenge” ….. Genius.

  17. Tell you what, I was a regular reader of S K Jha’s column ‘Box Office Curves’ on msn.
    Slowly, but surely I could see that he was biased towards certain people and started endorsing them through his columns .. almost as if he was their marketing manager or something .. !
    He mentioned Sameer Dattani in every column of his.
    He criticized Vivek Oberoi earlier and then did a volte face one day and started singing his praises.
    So, every column of his would praise – Amitabh Bacchan, Vivek Oberoi, Sameer Dattani, Lata Mangeshkar and IMHO the “most demented ham-movie of all times” – “Black”.
    It was wierd. Now I know. Maybe he is the reason why Aishwarya broke up with Vivek Oberoi. Hah !

  18. “surely Sonu should have guessed by then that Jha was being as truthfully objective as a husband is when he tells his wife “You were the prettiest woman at the party tonight”…”
    That was a very good line right there Arnabda… ..

    If Sonu is being harassed then why not go to the cops before coming out in a mud slinging match in the media ……I’m sure he has enough money to hire a lawyer of Perry Masonic repute…..

    Anyway I wanted to bring to your notice that Sanjay Manjarekar in one of his interviews on cricinfo talk said :
    “You get very good coverage in the media; a lot of ex-cricketers come to the ground and watch, and talk about your innings. That’s because the game is still sacred there, and any good performance is celebrated, unlike some places in India where is has almost become a tamasha where 90% of the people who turn up to watch the game don’t know anything about cricket. Whereas in England, for example, at Lord’s, you will have some 25 ex-Test cricketers watching the game, same with the Oval, Old Trafford.”

    I thought Indians actually watch the entire game and not treat it like a beer and meat pie picnic….dunno whether this is bloggable but anyway ….

  19. @GB – did you ever review the movie Black ?
    ** I am too lazy to search for that in your archives.

  20. Aby’s comment “He has not thrown ACID on Sonu’s face” should be treated at par with Rakhi Sawant’s comment. There is something going for ABs of the world man, keep them coming!

  21. :)))where did u get these pix??? too much….gay magnet :))
    or atleast subhash jha thinks so…
    and rakhee sawant is a gem!

  22. cubicle-bound Misfit July 18, 2007 — 6:52 pm

    There was even Mr. Nigam’s publicist who was not spared from the raging hormones of Mr Jha.He was threathened all the way from Bihar, that too with chosen Bhojpuri lyrics.
    ( And you know in all these humdrums who is taking the heat? Our own Bobby Darling, the man who gave us the definitive personification of gay man as someone who can enjoy best of both worlds by putting on mascara and lip stick like Bebo with a carefully trimmed stubble like Jr AB.
    Now, fellow GB lovers and you, yourself should do something to save this dignified ???, who on his/her own merit was even offered a role in Ang Lee’s Brokeback Mountain(The one of Heath Ledger’s wife) !!!

  23. I agree with dibyo its been a long time since GB had a cricket related post, Indians have already made a great start to the tour by taking out steve harmison and mathew hoggard 🙂 all the best to the Indian team…

  24. @Gb: The first thing that came to my mind when I first read this piece of news was that it’s a story tailor-made for rtdm. And whoa!

    @Dibyo: You’ve got to accept the fact the most of the so-called Indian ‘fans’ are there just for the entertainment value of cricket and not because of a genuine love for the sport, and hence are lacking in the intricacies of cricket knowledge too. That’s why ODIs are sell-outs while the test stands are bare – well almost, though still better than all other places except England and Australia and maybe the WIndies. I see a similar trend in well-known and respected cricket forums online where the knowledge of the English and Australian fans is mind-boggling. If it was just to have a picnic as you say, why should they come to a cricket ground? Before you apply this same argument to Indians, think about what other mass entertainment options we have back in India except for maybe the movies.

    I’m talking here about the average Indian fan – you always have a distribution with tail of course. So there could still be a large number of fans out there that’re knowledgeable and/or genuinely love the sport.

  25. Arnab, I break my self-imposed commenting ban for this post – just too juicy to resist!

    In an industry full of the most grovelling sycophants, Subhash K. Jha takes the cake as the chamcha to beat all chamchas. He’s the man who gives fawning a bad name – with his obsequious Amitabh Sahasranamam and Lata Mangeshkar Oshtottar Shotonam.

    He’s everyone’s baaaaasht fraaaaaand – Aishwarya calls him up to wish him for his birthday, Jaya Bachchan cooks for him and Aby Baby shares him most intimate secrets with him.

    You can tell I’m feeling immense schadenfreude at this turn of events – because it brings a glimmer of hope that filmi magazines would stop publishing Jha’s drivel.

    However much I loathe this man though, I do feel that I don’t think he’s a criminal for sending those SMSs, unless he persisted in sending them after Sonu objected. Flirting with another man is fine, as long as it doesn’t devolve into harassment. How else are gay men supposed to find partners, especially if gaydars aren’t always 100 per cent accurate?

    As for Sonu, my hunch is that Subhash Jha made a mistake in second guessing his orientation, which should tell you all you need to know about his industry sources.

    Why do I think so? For one, Liberace was an aberration amidst drab khakhi wearing Americans. Indians men happily wear bright, blingy clothes, especially when they are entertainers (check out the sherwanis that qawwals wear).

    Second Sonu is from Delhi, Faridabad to be precise, where men have made wearing mismatched bright colours into an art form. A friend’s ex-boyfriend once wore a green shirt, silver pants, and blue shoes. Another ex-boyfriend of hers wore a pink shirt, green pants and red sneakers (she had crap taste in men).

    Sonu would tell anyone who care to listen that he has ingrained shosheybaazi, i.e., blingy-ness.

  26. @Thalassa – “Indians men happily wear bright, blingy clothes, especially when they are entertainers” ….

    ‘cmon boss …even Indian entertainers do not wear frilled flowery cuffs !!!!! That thing Sonu is wearing is worse that Ron Weasly’s Yule Ball dress in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire !!!!!!!!
    Wouldn’t you agree that a peach colour jackets and frilly lapels and cuffs are a bit too much even by hardcore Faridabad standards ?

  27. I am turning into one big fan of Rakhi Sawant!

    Evidently, she is now able to trot out quotable quotes at the drop of a …..ahem, ahem.

  28. superb collection of pics, I must mention

  29. I just read this fab interview from Salman Khan on hindustantimes and thought I should share it with you guys .., I think I wasn’t made for India’

    Go on.. enjoy.

  30. rakhi’s right. what’s the big deal? Take all the pretty flowers and nice reviews, Sonu. Just tell him you’re a nice girl and u don’t do hanky panky without a prenup. He’s not the first guy whose been approached by other guys in the business and he wont be the last…I’ve heard things about most of the big male leads at one time or another…the question is who’s doing the asking? Do you think Sonu would be kicking up quite this stink if Yash Chopra was stroking his thigh. Me thinks not.

  31. cubicle-bound Misfit July 19, 2007 — 7:39 pm

    Neha Dhupia recently collapsed on the sets of her forthcoming movie “I Think I Am 24”.

    News from the horse’s mouth…Director requested Neha to bring her original birth certificate for a shot.

  32. Dibyo – Hmm…let’s see. The peach brocade jacket is pretty tame by Faridabad and West Delhi standards (go Tilak Nagar!). I’ve seen some sleazy, decidedly hetero unclejis wear green, purple, gaaalden versions of this kind of stuff at weddings. Actually there’s even a name for these brocaded monstosities – Raja coat.

    Have you seen Maine Pyar Kiya? There’s a scene where Salman and Bhagyashree go to a party and Salman is wearing a more subdued version of this kind of coat. He even says stuff like “Jab main ulta shave karke Raja coat pehenta hoon to main bahot handsome lagta hoon”

    The shirt…..well, here’s the thing. On it’s own even the most un-gay Bollywood hero wouldn’t mind wearing it (I think Amitabh wore similar stuff in a song in “Jadugar” – or was it “Pukar”). Sonu’s problem is that he’s pairing one outlandish piece of clothing with another.

    As I said, Sonu’s Faridabad roots have impaired his sartorial judgment forever – as they say – a Jat man thinks the height of style is pairing Nike sneakers with a safari suit on his wedding day. Sonu isn’t Jat, but Faridabad is Jat central.

  33. Arre Jha Jha! Is there a new Sonu Nigam album or movie (god forbid) coming?

  34. Wicked post man!!!Maybe Sonu could hook up with Karan?


  35. I am a regular visitor here and love your political comments. I was curious to hear your thoughts on the current detention of Dr Haneef.

  36. @Kaunteya: I do not think smacking people is an option that should be encouraged even if only as a display of masculinity. Complaining to the police may be a better option.
    @Rishi: A wall closet..
    @Giri: 🙂
    @The Comic Project: As we learn, Bobby Darling is otherwise occupied seducing male models.
    @Ramu: Thanks
    @Yourfan2: Rakhi Sawant is our one woman stop for quotes on any and everything from Sonu Nigam to sonic boom.
    @Sanjana: Yes right. Very standard Dinglish (desi English) that is.
    @Samit: “Butt” of gay jokes?
    @Kartik: Yes I had read that before. And his rather unconvincing re’butt’al.
    @Sriram: 🙂
    @Tipu: No idea.
    @Aby: If Subhash is indeed gay, he has the right to approach men and if they don’t respond, he can react in his own way – say by writing against them
    Mm no. There is this small matter of journalistic ethics.
    @AndThirtyEights: Hmm
    @Sang.Froid: Amar Singh?
    @Krishna: Bobby darling…sigh…what kind of celebs we have nowadays.
    @Turrtle: What to do. Fickle man.
    @Dibyo: Responding to the Manjrekar is a waste of time.
    @Turrtle: I did. (
    @Momo: 🙂
    @CBM: Hmm
    @Krishna: Cricket. Ook…when I have something to say.
    @Uday: 🙂
    @Thalassa: Interesting. At the risk of you reimposing your comment ban, isnt the Faridabad thing too much of a generalization? If it was in jest, then its cool —but do you really think (since you mention it in 2 comments) that all Faridabad men have such fashion-blindness?
    “a Jat man thinks the height of style is pairing Nike sneakers with a safari suit on his wedding day.”
    @Swati: At the drop of her “paalkhen”
    @Shovon: Thanks
    @Remainsofthedesi: Hmm
    @CBM: Heh.
    @Neeraj: Dont think so.
    @Akshay Shah: 🙂
    @Nema: Will think about it.

  37. Of course I jest. I only said Faridabad because that’s where Sonu grew up. I’m as far as you can get from a neighbourhood or city snob – I completely detest South Delhi and South Bombay snobbery (is the equivalent in Calcutta Salt Lake snobbery?)

    And also, I find fashion-blindness great on the righ person – Govinda in Dulhe Raja is superb with his technicolour outfits because he has the cocky confidence to own the look.

    But the Jat groom and his sneaker love is true – I swear! I have also seen grooms who pair the sneakers with pastel coloured suits.

  38. @GreatBong
    ‘Mm no. There is this small matter of journalistic ethics.’
    Journalistic ethics matters when you are reporting facts. I don’t think you can apply that when one journalist is passing his/her opinion. If Subhash gives incorrect information “of facts” about Sonu, the question of journalistic ethics arise. But if he is only passing an opinion, like-Sonu did not sing X or Y song well, then that is his personal opinion and cannot be questioned.

    To be honest, I haven’t read the stuff Subhash has written against Sonu. If he has given incorrect information or have misquoted him on any occasion, then yes that is wrong. Else, he has the right to form an opinion on a person and like/dislike anyone he likes in whatsoever reason.

    Now, one can argue that his ‘opinion’ on Sonu’s singing ability is biased and based on the fact that it was formed when he was rejected by Sonu. But these things are relative. One is absolutely free to accept/reject his ‘opinion’.

    Again, I have no clue on what Subhash wrote against Sonu.

  39. So Sonu is a guy who wears colorful clothes, may be gay too, and he comes out with a harassment charge. But i don’t see what is funny here. Is it funny that a guy/gay may face such harassment, or it is funny because a guy is not supposed to do such complaining.

  40. There is nothing funny here Ramesh. Absolutely none.

  41. For all those who are ranting in defence of the Nigam girl. While performing at Graviera Mr India this one announced on national TV that the following song was dedicated to all the men watching this show. After the song she proceeded to called some topiwala on stage for personal felicitation and kissed him on the lips. Zee News had captured the snippet and showed it repeatedly.

  42. Anonymous honey, really? Bastard had us fooled. Dammit. Arnab, do edit your post and change all masculine pronouns to feminine. Jeez, what a bleeding coup, I say. Had the nation hoodwinked about his sex for years.

    Sigh. Where does a spineless ‘Anonymous’ jerk get off (snerk) calling putative homosexual men ‘girls’? I wish it wouldn’t, but this deeply prejudiced and cowardly disparaging of homosexuality (gay men are not men) gets to me every time. Good for me, really, now that I think about it.

    Arnab, the subtext of the pictures is a brilliant idea. It’s like a parallel tale that runs along the words you actually write 🙂

  43. Rimi honeypot
    Did you check Nigam’s masculinity personally?
    I have nothing against homosexuals but if you’re acting borderline effeminate and wear clothes to show off your feminine side, you’re sending a signal that you want to be considered a girl. I’ll call you a girl.
    And since I am not making major bequests on this blog (or trying to divert trafic to my blog from here), I don’t need to show off my putative literary skills, attack other commenters or put in a link to my blog here.

  44. Anonymous, the Dunce Hat is this way.

    Had I credited with much intelligence I would have suspected you’re deliberately missing my point about gender constructs, but as things stand, allow me to merely smile in satisfaction at your personal invectives. You’ve acted exactly as I expected you to. And such pretty excuses to remain Anonymous, too. ‘Literary skills’, no less. Excuse me while I roll my eyes at the sky.

  45. Rimi the Banshee *it’s this way*
    Not just eyes, you can roll your arse to the sky while you learn some grammar instead of substituting 3 and 4-syllable words to prove your assumed erudition.
    You are not credited with *any* intelligence, so don’t bother. *As things stand* I see there isn’t a single logical comment from you – just claims of omniscience and magnanimity.
    Since ignorance (or madness in this case) is bliss, you can smile in presumptuous satisfaction till they send you to the loony bin.
    And you can’t bait me to put in my blog link here so that you can creep in to desecrate it. Like I said earlier, *

  46. @ Rimi *
    If you scroll up you’ll see who introduced the “personal invectives” in the comments. 😉

  47. @ Rimi the insufferable *
    RE: the grammar and knowledge bit. Just three references on your dumb blog should do it – it was too crappily written to go any further. Should have gathered that you are a Rat- Chinese calendar reference wink wink nudge nudge. LOL
    “On how fanfiction completely spoiled me for the potter finale” it didn’t spoil you, you moron, the finale was spoilt for you by fan-fiction. Unless of course you mean it actually spoiled you (didn’t know one could burn ash any further) and you came around mucking other people’s blogs and hurling *personal invectives*.
    and it’s “profundity” not “profoundity” and “uncanonical” not “uncannonical”. But I’m sure there’s some excuse forthcoming

  48. This is so Fan-damn-tastic..
    I am loving it.. wher is my popcorn lol


  49. Anonymous, dear chap…I think you’ve mistaken this blog for the comments section of

  50. Hmm, thanks for pointing that out, Paul. Just got riled at this presumptuous nincompoop and got carried away. Will stop here now. GB – apologies

  51. Anonymous, I am removing the invectives. This is something that, according to comments policy, I do not allow.

  52. I was just wondering how his poor dear mum would have to say to his language, Arnab. Perhaps it’s just as well that you removed it, although personally it mattered little. I’d have suggested a long cold bath for the fellow — he’s obviously excited a bit too much for his own good.

    Thank you for pointing out ‘uncannonical’, though, Anon. One does tend to miss these things occasionally, but then, what are anonymous proofreaders for? Re. ‘spoiled me’, I do hope someday you’ll realise how miserably you gave away the status of your rightly-debated ‘skills’ with that. Much satisfaction comes 🙂

  53. *what. What his mum would have to say.

  54. GB- I completely agree – my apologies again for being party to soiling your blog and many thanks for cleaning it up. I really admire your writing and hate to have sullied the blog to address this little tramp as she is used to.

    @ (K-)Rimi (Get it? Think Bangla! A cool prefix to denote your mis-evolution stage)
    Yeah we have seen your “skills” pouring all over the place all this time. Voila! There’s the pathetic excuse that was predicted and some more shining instances of ignorant conceit.

    “To spoil for something” is to be eager for it. So go back to your crapioli-infested tripe and take another look at the topic / context if “fan-fiction *completely* made you eager for the Potter finale”. Or would you now like to take cover of an archaic usage to save your sorry arse? Now do you know which hoisted pencil you sat on? All of which just proves you to be a lower subhuman than your submission earlier. BTW – there was mention of “profundity” as well in my earlier comment. Or was that another attempt at covering up your woefully scant “skills” with the proboscis that’s your blind ego?

    Finally, since attacking me didn’t work, you’re now trying to reach for a member of my family. Well that doesn’t work either so you can quit baiting. But if you’re so gung-ho on knowing me, why don’t you just put up your residential address on your blog. I’ll take the long and cold shower, introduce myself, cut you open a new one and show you what to do with it. More satisfaction guaranteed than the current swill puddle that makes you swim in satisfaction- and you’ll be smiling from more places than you are now.

  55. Hmm……why does this exchange give me a feeling of deja vu? Where have we heard this sort of supercilious, smug, invective-filled harangue from a Bong-sontan before?

    Rimi, do you remember the original Hawk (not the later incarnations, but the won and wonly original exposed so fabulously by Gamemaster)?

    Remember how he used to insist on calling Chamique Chamiki (shades of that in the K(Rimi) comment)? The style sure seems to match up. Are we witnessing the grand comeback of the year in the Indian blog-hottogol?

  56. @Thalassa

    Ah so this is standard practice, is it? And the adjectives don’t apply to your bumchum’s harangue which started it all?

    So the next step to expect is the gang standing up for the odious little tart? How very interesting.

  57. “So the next step to expect is the gang standing up for the odious little tart? How very interesting.”

    Cool down dude..the more u talk..the more high class english u feed in…the more idiotic it looks….

    Mirorring Paul’s views, this really looks like a comments section. I just hope someone comes up with the Hindu/Muslim/Indo/Pak bashing comment and the scenario is complete.

    Anyway, GB, nice article..nice comments too from some of the more sensible guys above.

  58. @Thalassa: I have my doubts. And honestly, I’m letting it go. The moron calls the reference to his mother’s (assumed) sense of propriety an insult. This is like being reasonable with a monkey that has only been trained to pull faces.

    Also, this is not my blog, and I’m eating into Arnab’s space without contributing to his post in any way. So let the moron blither on and indulge in his violent fantasies. Exchanging pointless insults with someone whose only line of attack is making public assumptions about my sexual behaviour loses it’s charm after a point, if you what I mean.

    Besides, he keeps apologising for his profanities and goes right back to them It’s only kindness to release him from the circle.

  59. But, if I may be allowed a last laugh:

    “…since attacking me didn’t work

    Ahem. Attacking YOU was never a priority, attacking your kind of prejudice was. But did the blog owner not have to remove TWO of your comments for profanity?

  60. Requesting a piece on the Bappa & Bappi Vs. Abhijeet feud. That is broiling to be most exciting thing in Bollywood now. Surely you too been reading the recent “Potrika” 😉

  61. @ Still-desperately-trying-to-have-the-last-laugh Rimi
    “Ahem. Attacking YOU was never a priority, attacking your kind of prejudice was.”
    And what prejudice was that? Calling a person dressed in frills and laces and kissing men on the mouth a girl? Everyone is made to understand the consequences of their actions – willingly or unwillingly. Like I said earlier, I do NOT have a problem with anyone’s sexual proclivities but if a man dresses up and behaves like a woman, he should be ready to be called one. Ever walked down the gay village in California? The ones dressed up as women ARE called women / Mary / sistah- and they like it. And don’t give me sh!t that this is India. Two words- Bobby Darling. And if you start off on how different this Nigam is from that, I’ll throw a How do YOU know- he’s mixing signals anyway.

    And we can all see the priority that you have placed to attacking “my prejudice” and not me -in your previous posts.

    “But did the blog owner not have to remove TWO of your comments for profanity?”
    And the point is? I apologized to GB for sullying his space- for the same reason you do not wish to continue embarrassing yourself here. It’s his space and he removed them and I agree with him. That’s how the real world functions as against your imaginary one. If you are missing those pleasurable comments, let me know. I’ll post them on your blog or send to the “sunk-nixed-drained-wop” mail ID that you have published on your blog.

    Obviously you don’t have a leg to stand on after starting with a head-in-the-arse comment containing profanities and a complete lack of perspective. Following that of course you have established that you’re a complete nincompoop with absolutely no clue on intellect, logic, or language. Now you want the higher ground because of some unexplained conceit. And *SUCH a pretty excuse* for *letting it go*. Oh we’re ever so grateful for your kindness. Should I be putting in the Excuse-Me-Roll-Mah-Eyes(or was it arse)-To-The-Sky phrase here? Tell me oh great discerning writer of uncounted repute!

    Anyway, I hope the level of language used against you has at the very least driven home the point that the next time you make a comment to another person in a forum, you use common courtesy and politely present your objection. Not all of us are 12 (or was it 22- can’t make out the difference)-year old Rats trying to get a life and willing to take sh!t from something that is. But quite a few of us monkeys can not only pay you back in a better coin than you can ever hope to mint but also thrash the living daylights out of your feeble moronic “brains” [sic].

  62. Methinks some people need an extra dose of isapgol.

    Ha – haven’t recommended that treatment for ages! Thanks guys! Though I was losing my touch!

  63. Man! this about the post anymore? Or have we stumbled onto some unknown episode of the Sopranos?

  64. Hello.

    I must be missing something. A lonng post on somebody’s alleged sexual orientation with rather cheap shots gets kudos by the dozen. Even when there is nothing funny about being harassed the way Sonu claims to have been, regardless of your orientation. Even when the author seems to have missed that point.

    But, a single word ‘girl’ by some anon commenter betraying much the same bias seems to have started WWIII. Its not even clear from the context of the original comment that he meant ‘girl’ to be demeaning to women, and he seems to take pains to clarify that gays take feminine as a compliment.

    That appears devious, it was fairly clear he was trying to demean Sonu, wish he could have apologized and ended this. But all that GB has said and picturized is of course good clean fun.


  65. Unless I have misread the post totally, I think GB is trying to poke fun at the way a case of alleged sexual harassment has been handled. I mean why Sonu Nigam should go to the media instead of police, how all the nobodies of Bollywood are trying to get their 15 seconds of fame with their hypocritical statements, how some of the media houses have made this issue -a matter of national importance. I think satire is a legitimate response to dumbness and hypocrisy & I am surprised at some of the reactions this post has evoked.

  66. aaah…anonymous. aaah…rimi. this is…just too precious. wonderful wonderful work both of you! *applause*

    @anon: seriously, now toh shut up.

    @rimi: nice work with the high-nose-sharp-words thingy. i very much liked.

  67. I don’t know what kind of gay men you’ve been hanging out with darling, but I’ve never met any gay man who delight in being called women or girls (sistah and hey girl! are a different story altogether, they are terms of endearment, not that the speaker is implying that the addressee is actually a woman).

    Unless they are transgendered which is exactly what Bobby Darling is (he’ll tell anyone who cares to listen that he’s saving up for a sex change). So yeah, big difference between gay and transgendered – it’s LGBT for a reason.

    And “gay village in California”? Are you referring to West Hollywood in LA (or perhaps Castro in SF)? I’d really love to see you pull this stunt off in these places. Go there during a Friday night and tap a gay man on his shoulder and call him a woman. I take no responsibility for the bruises and broken bones that would inevitably follow.

  68. @ Jai
    You are right on one count, I was poking fun at Nigam for his dumb flip flop behaviour but I will not apologize just because someone is touchy. I did not say that I meant it as a compliment – I only said that it is acceptable among them to call each other feminine names etc so it really shouldn’t matter what I call him here here. As you said, I see at least another user saying something similar, but someone wrongly assumed I would be easier to pick on

    @ Nishant
    You should follow your own advice

    @ Thalassa
    I meant the village in LA and I meant they call each other that (perhaps endearment as you suggest) so it should not matter if a similar term is used in a largely heterosexual forum that is not directly affecting the fate of any gay individual – right? Anyway, I am not planning to chat with Nigam or the gays in LA – no direct interest. See response to Jai above.

    Have fun, all. I think this should explain my position and while it has been fun thus far I am bored with responding to stupid allegations so I think I’ll drop it here (but I will respond in kind if you’re generally trying to collar me ;-)). I can hear GB saying good riddance hehehehehe. Sorry mate – I hope I don’t have to write again either.

  69. @ Ravi Ivaturi

    Okay, on a quick re-read, it did look half like he was making as much fun of the circus as of Sonu. So I may have been a little hasty there.

    How unlikely though that he would write a post on a woman say Sona complaining of sexual harassment and subsequent hoopla, with generous allusions to curvy cleavage ‘frontal attack’, etc and lots of photos showing up how attractive/ harassment worthy(?) the lady is.

    How unlikely that rank and file would comment in with “grow up Sona, take it on the chin, like a woman”.

    How unlikely we would split hairs on whether she should have shushed and just filed a police complaint.

    How unlikely that women commenters would join in praise of the blogger’s sense of humor.

    How unlikely that they would miss the broad commentary and latch in on one anon. going “girl/ boy” somewhere. (No way in defence of this tiresome anon who overdid some valid points he had).

    But I am likely taking this too seriously. Appreciate that the general theme of this blog is humor. Bye now.


  70. @ Jai.

    Perhaps you aren’t a regular on this site. Interestingly, GB had a few pleasant things to say on a few ‘straight’ harassment cases too involving Rakhi Sawant (Mika kissing episode) and Sushmita Sen (during the shooting of Chingari) & I don’t believe the women- folk minded that much 🙂

  71. “I meant the village in LA and I meant they call each other that (perhaps endearment as you suggest) so it should not matter if a similar term is used in a largely heterosexual forum that is not directly affecting the fate of any gay individual – right? Anyway, I am not planning to chat with Nigam or the gays in LA – no direct interest. See response to Jai above.”

    Who told you it’s called a village? West Hollywood is just West Hollywood – don’t conflate it with Greenwich Village in New York. Here’s the problem –

    1. You are generalizing about gay men – assuming that all of them use such terms of endearment. In my experience, only a minority of flamboyant gay men use such terms. The rest are either indifferent to such feminine address, or find them offensive.

    2. You did not use it as a term of endearment. You meant it as a slur – no harm admitting it.

    3. Using a slur against gay men in a presumably hetrosexual forum does not make it OK. Whether there is a gay man reading this or not, an offensive remark is offensive under all circumstances.

  72. @ Thalassa
    Hey…maybe Anonymous meant one of the communes in Northern California, especially the ones in Napa Valley….with a high LGBT presence even though that would make it a little too far from LA…. or Greenwich Village in NY.

    But let it go yaar.

    You r very right…being transgendered and being gay are completely different things. One has to do with gender dysphoria and the other with sexual orientation.

  73. @Thalassa
    I’m not an expert on gay societal norms/habitat. I heard people call it village – so I called it village. They call each other with feminine connotations, so I did not see anything outrageously wrong in calling Nigam a girl.

    I am not writing state policy or carrying out a war against homosexuals here. It is my opinion on *this individual*. If you think it is a slur – so be it. I was poking fun at him (just as others have done here) because he’s obviously making an arse of himself in public whichever way you look at it. If you think everyone in the world is as sympathetic to him as you are – this must be a complete shock – but I’m sure you’ll get over it with time.

    Completely disagree with you on point 3 and there’s nothing you can do about it. Say “chor” to a waiter in Kochi and he’ll give you a bowl of rice; say that in Delhi and he’ll give you a few broken teeth.

    Now give it a rest will ya

  74. “wannabe Himesh”, Ismail Durbar… leaving it to Shakti Kapoor, to put things in context… like on most matters of national importance, Rakhi Sawant pitching in with her opinion… ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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