Blog Day 2007


Blog Day 2007Today is Blog Day—it’s the day on which you are supposed to link to 5 other blogs, blogs preferably of a different culture from yours. Now I have already done 2 blog days [2005 and 2006] before and this time, I have decided to do things a bit different. Rather than blogs, I will link to four India-themed projects (I wish there were five that I had knowledge of), focussed on governance, education and finance, that I feel merit attention. Note that I am not associated directly or indirectly with any of these projects —they had been brought to my attention mostly by people who have written in.

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Seen This Fashion Bomb?


Above is the sketch of the man suspected to be behind the bombings in Hyderabad.

Just what we needed: a terrorist with Elton John goggles. One word of advice, son. When you meet those virgins in heaven , do take them glasses off . With those shades, even your Jihadi achievements wont help you in getting laid.

Piss Piss Bang Bang


Many of us have often accused the Left parties and their minions in the intelligentsia of pissing on the Indian army and the defense establishment at every possible opportunity. Well, in a disturbing development this “pissing” has crossed over from the world of metaphor in to the world of mice and men in a way that is sure to make even the most news-hardened among you hold your nose to block the stench.

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Nothing New


Hyderabad burns, confirming once again why India loses the most number of people to terrorism after Iraq. Weeping families, burnt and charred bodies, blood on the streets. And drowning out the wailing of the sirens and the cries of agony and loss reverberate the words of a state legislator declaring that he is a Muslim first and an Indian second and of another Hyderabadi politician publicly announcing that it would have been legitimate to kill a dissident author.

Shocking –yes.


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One Two Buckle My Shoe


It’s official. You cannot call the honorable members of the House opposing the 123 agreement “headless chickens“. Or ballless cocks for that matter. Cause if you do, prepare for collective clucking sounds, bedlam and hearty flinging of verbal excreta to an extent that would make a chicken farm look clean and orderly in comparison.

As China opens 31 nuclear power reactors making the same concessions to foreign powers that their page-boys in India are frothing about, the divided loyalties of “General Tso’s chickens” has been exposed (if at all there was any doubt about the loyalty of a political party that split on the issue of whether to support China or Russia when India was at war with China) once again. As was evident in Sitaram Yechury’s bumbling interview with Karan Thapar and in statements by other luminaries, the Left’s objection to the nuclear deal has less to do with the deal itself and more to do with its idealogical opposition to strong Indo-US ties, ties which the red-thonged “mother ship” and its subservient “green” vassal state feel more than a bit queasy about. (As an aside, it’s almost Gunda-esque comical to hear the most stringent voices against the Indian nuclear program, the Karats and the Yechuries wax eloquent on national security)

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Teen Ek Teen Tana


Haye haye mera beta jawaan ho gya, toota hua teer kaman ho gya

On August 20, “Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind”, the fruit of my fingers, turns three. And so I feel like a Dummy (dad + mummy) blogger, which is why we have the standard “proud parent” graphic below.

It has been an eventful year for RTDM, with it winning the IndiBlog of the Year 2006, a fact that caused much merriment in the Greatbong household with calls to all and sundry and conversations on the lines of “Yes mera beta came first this year. How did your blog-munna do? Not that good? Aww…koi baat naheen…(wicked grin)”. The jubilance was in sharp contrast to 2005 when my good-for-nothing blog came second, despite the best coaching and cramming classes money can buy. No doubt the repeated boxing of its ears, the 100 lines of writing “I shall come first in class” on the blackboard and the ritual humiliation, inflicted on it as sanctions for its “failure” to live up to it’s parent’s expectations, had its effect.

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Flying Full Mast


[This picture has been posted as found. I do not know if it has been doctored. Or enhanced in any way.]

Is it a bird? Is it a Chinese plane? Is it Osama’s nose? Is it a long-range missile with a noxious, bio-hazardous payload pointed straight towards the enemy capital ? Is it the missing X-man Erecto, brother of Magneto?

No it’s just the General —-rising to the occasion, in a style that cries out, as the Salt N Pepa song goes, “Whatta man, whatta man, whatta mighty mighty man”.

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