Legends and Heroes


[For detailed reminiscences of the 1983 World Cup, please read this.]

[Update: I was invited to do a much shorter version of the above post for the BBC. It was for their Hindi edition. The article is here. The translation to Hindi was, needless to say, not done by me. Neither did I give the title of “Dekho Maine dekha tha ek sapna”….after all without a “Phoolon ke seher main hain ghar aapna” the words lose much of its meaning.]

Many many years hence when I sit on a porch, rocking on an armchair with a shawl wrapped around me and a cup of tea with thin arrowroot biscuits in hand, I shall , in the manner of grandparents, smile self-contentedly and tell a group of wide-eyed children, voice soaked in trembling emotion —” Yes I saw it. I was there. Sometimes in front of a radio and sometimes a television. It happened right in front of me”.

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Isko Dekho Please


Welcome to GB TV’s “Isko Dekho Please” . The date today is June 14, 2012 and we have for you an exclusive round up of the big releases this summer.

Abh Bas Bhi Karo Sarkar: The “Sarkar” saga continues with the fourteenth installment of the mega mafia drama. This time Abhishek and Aishwarya’s son, Mangalik Bachchan is crowned the new “Sarkar” making ” Sarkar” the first movie series in cinema history where more than 50% of the cast comes from the same family. The story is totally new: Sarkar’s empire is under attack from movie reviewers/failed movie makers, all jealous of the genius of “we-all-know-who”.

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Stop That !


Our Indian way of life is under attack once again. And if you thought a bomb at the bus stand or the rising price of petrol or the deteriorating law and order situation were the biggest challenges to our national well-being well you obviously have been thinking with just your brain.

Cause they are not.

A new menace is here, an insidious agent of malignancy that creeps silently into your bedrooms (and yes even offices when the boss is not around). Assuming the form of electron streams, it activates pixels on your computer screen with certain poisonous RGB values which, before you know, sap you of your morals, your humanity and also more than a bit of your energy.

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Sarkar Raj–the Review


Throughout much of “Sarkar Raj”, villains who seem to have had too much of “mirchi ka achaar” in the morning make vile cartoonish faces at the camera in a way that even Lambu Atta (Isharat Ali) from “Gunda” would find more than a bit excessive.

And if the exaggerated facial contortions, the “Vora naheen Woraaaa” type inane dialogbaazi, hackneyed proverbs about omelettes and the presence of a mysterious gloved assassin who communicates exclusively using hand gestures is not enough to convince you that these are nasty people with black hearts, the fact that they sit in dimly lit rooms definitely ought to.

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Looking Back On the IPL


And now as the dust settles on the wham-bam mega cricket mujra, the cheerleaders pack up their sports bras, Priety Zinta goes back to hugging only Ness Wadia, Dada goes back to putting needles in Dhoni’s voodoo doll, Shahrukh Khan tries to forget the man with the throwing arm and Mallya gets high on his own supply of Kingfisher to forget the pain, it is time for a long look back at the revolution that was the first season of IPL.

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