Les Be Happy

Before people remind me of my ban on Bhojpuri music at RTDM (a tat-for-tit ban imposed because of Mithun-da’s movies in Raja Bhoja-land), I will say that just when I thought I could go on to other topics, Bhojpuri music has scaled yet a new height of excellence, a height that compels me to blog about it, despite my best intentions.

Long time readers know that I admire Bhojpuri music videos for their vision of purity — their “saadhgi” which stands in stark contrast to the decadent Western wanton lasciviousness  we are bombarded with through television, radio and Times of India. In an age where innocence is as extinct as the dodo, Bhojpuri’s concentration on loosening jeans, double duties of newly married wives, hyperactive tailors and ladies with Pepsi cola in their lehenga has earned my unending admiration.

As also that of migrant laborers, like me, all over the world.

So what is this new height that I talk about?

The love of a woman for another woman. What narrow-minded people call “girl on girl action”.

Of course Bangla movies had laid the groundwork for this many years ago (after all what Bengal thinks today, Bihar thinks tomorrow). In a movie called Troyee (tentative English translation: Threesome), Mithun Chakraborty, Debashree Ray and the other guy in the threesome go to a park dancing and singing a song [Video] that can be again tentatively translated as ” We are on the road known and unknown. One and one makes two, two and one makes us.” Their song disturbs a number of couples canoodling in the park. For a blink-and-you-miss-it moment, we see one of the couples—-two girls.

Now of course this great tradition of acceptance has been perpetuated by our good Bhojpuri friends. The first song in today’s series is “Gaune ke raat dukhdayee re” which depicts a typical scene from the Hindi heartland—-a newly married girl recounts the events of her marital night by re-enacting the sequences with the said sahelis [Video] (quasi-NSFW) Truly a “banno rani tumhe siyaani hona hi tha” though to be honest she doesn’t seem too “anjani” from her saankhiyaans.

The second of this series, direct from the land where Rabri is the ruler, is a song about what else… Jalebis.[Video]. (quasi-NSFW) Jalebis magically appear from, what seems to be the posteriors of the ladies and find their ultimate repose somewhere else. The mutual attraction that these ladies share are not so evident as they more or less keep their hands off each other, perhaps because their ample paunches might bump against each other.

However what is even more entertaining is the video response they provoke from the Bhojpuri spice girls.

Yes I am talking about their iconic song “Kahe Jalebi ke tarse godiye, bada maza rasgulla main” [Video] (quasi-NSFW) which not only has plenty of physical expressions of girlie love and affection but also climaxes with the girls sucking on a rasgulla, an action which I think is Bhojpuri’s first same-sex liplock.

This video together with the similarly open “Chapra Sawaharwa Se”  [Video] (chronicling the mutual love and admiration of two village girls) (possibly NSFW)has brought to the forefront, like Bhojpuri videos do, the hopes and aspirations of another persecuted but really “hot” minority—–indian women who love women.

As they say in the heartland: “Hum sab to lesbian hoyee gawa”.

30 thoughts on “Les Be Happy

  1. hmm…thats “logo channel” material.

    Hujur…here is ur grandma’s ipod.

  2. tis..a fitting tribute to the first LGBT parades last week, in different cities of India.

  3. Thanks Rishi Khujur.

    Here’s to all those who came “out” last week, and those that haven’t …. yet. 😉

  4. hey rishi and hujur…are u guys always on GB’s page…i thought this time i will surprise u guys…but alas..i am in India..and prob u guys got the timezone advantage…
    GB..will read the article now…

  5. Bhojpuri spice girls!
    This is a great post.

  6. Alok,

    Nope. I don’t know about Rishi, but I just happened to be at the right place, at the right time.


    They don’t make classics like: “Nain lad jai hain tau manva ma kasak hoi be kari, Prem ka chhuti hain phataka tau dhamaka hoi be kari” anymore, do they?


  7. After reading the post I have come to appreciate the compelling nature of this videos which urged you to go back to your promise and resolve.

    Well done!

  8. Ohmygod.. I first thought that there was a typo in “Les Be Happy” until I realized it makes sense… in a wicked way.

    I think Bhojpuris are way ahead of us Bongs when it comes to experimentation.

    I remember my Bihari college friends humming songs that went something like “Bhojpuri Baingan” (The Brinjals of Bhojpur) but this takes the cake.

    Hum to Fan-wa hoyee gawa.

  9. @Alok
    Yep dude… I live “near” where Arnab lives. The moment Arnab posts a funny article, the birds and insects in a 100 mile radius start smirking and sniggering. Thats how I get to know when to post a comment.

    Besides, as you can see I am totally “fokat” and in this particular case, have the sincerest curiosity for some “girl on girl”.

    @ Hujur
    yep…you being at the right place at the right time has often made a big difference 🙂

  10. Gr8 post Arnab da.

    Videos are too good.

  11. I’m a little hesitant to click on the links – and this is when I’m living alone! Eeek!

  12. Les Be Happy … PRICELESS. 🙂

  13. Oops…the anon just above is yours truly… 😛

  14. Sounds like good news. 😀 :D. More lesbians around is always fun, more options 😛

  15. Factual inaccuracy GB-
    Is Rabri still the ruler of Bihar? Didn’t Nitish win the last elections?But yeah the comic value of your post is great like always.

  16. Has anyone seen the scrolling text with the Jalebi video [at 2:02 min] ?…
    “Har ghar parivar ki paheli pasand Ganga cassettes and video CDs”
    Seems like a one stop shop for family entertainment.

  17. An excellently researched and funny post as always.

    I am most disappointed that Khujur, Hujur and the rest of the VHP zombies are not looking at this girl-on-girl thing through their ever-ready Abrahamic religions/Mughalisthan/Mughali Parota-sthan glasses. Oh my what will happen to such displays of love once Abrahamic population in Nadia crosses 99.67%? Where does Babur and Aurangzeb fit into this? May we have some quotes from “history” books please? Why does not anyone talk about Gautier mama anymore? I am again most disappointed.

  18. Correction: Mughlai Parota-sthan and not Mughali. My bad.

  19. Dumdum_er_Aantel July 1, 2008 — 11:08 pm

    What non-sense !!!

  20. @anonymous
    u gotta work harder. How bout a lapdance for a bait. Its good that u did visit the bengalgenocide.com site though.

  21. This is what makes you the best blogger going around for me!

  22. Arnab, tagged you: http://sudiptachatterjee.blogspot.com/2008/07/litterateur.html

    I will be very interested in reading about your favourite characters from literature.

  23. disgusting videos

  24. mmm, thik powshaalo na, especially after “Ishko Dekho..” “That post” was fabulous…

  25. funny post…i also chanced upon a clip where the same heroine from “Gaune ke raat dukhdayee re” seduces the hero by pointing to her assets with a song in the background “hara hara nebua kasam se gol gol tanik dekh le khol” or something like that !!!

  26. classically gb!!!

  27. This is so your signature style. I love it!

  28. What Bihar thinks today, Bengal can never think in this chance of birth and it has to take atleast seven birth to imagine about it forget about thinking in any field of life.

  29. So much for your Bhojpuri movie bashing. Now that “we” are going places [1], “you” bongs need to watch out for sure.

    [1] http://ibnlive.in.com/videos/61239/bhojpuri-film-bags-silver-bear-award-at-berlin-fest.html

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