Q:With Greg Chappell around, what sort of inputs has he given to the team about playing in India?
Brett Lee: He has been brilliant. The knowledge that he has given us not only about the Indian players but also about the way India works

The bad news is that Chappell is supposed to go back to Australia after the Mohali test.

With Australia increasingly looking like India in 2005 with open displays of on-field dissension, under-performing superstars, a batting like a house-of-cards and bowling as toothless as the law in front of the Thackerays, I was hoping that Greg would stay on a bit longer, till the series was dried and dusted.

Now with Greg gone, Australia has the potential to jump back. [It has been reported that the Aussies approached an old friend of India to help them but he refused to sell his country out.]

I am kidding. I am not implying Australia’s rather insipid performance so far is at all Chappie’s fault. That would be giving the man too much credit. But you have to accept, the man does have the  “Vishkanya” touch.

Which is why as an Indian fan, I just want to say “Thank you Greg”. You are henceforth forgiven for your Vision 2007.

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Karzzz—the Reviewwww


Mashaaaaaa Allahhhnnnnnnnnnn.

Himesh is back. With a vengeance.

The first time I saw the poster of Karzzz, a remake of the 80s Ghai classic “Karz”, I felt I was looking not at a movie poster but at a visual prophecy informing us of the coming of a messiah. If “Aap Ka Surroor” was the Varaha (Boar or Bore) avatar, then  the poster of Karzzz can be considered to be an announcement (or elaan) of the Narasimha (Lion-man) incarnation of the God of all Gods, Zeus ka baap, Himesh Reshammiya.

Keeping in with the theme of the Lion-man of “Karzzz” , Himesh loses his trademark cap and unleashes on the parched world a full mane of luxuriant black foliage  spontaneously germinated from hybrid hair-seeds implanted into his scalp, a veritable black revolution.

Some contrarians however conjecture the hair is not grown from the roots but is merely transplanted from his chest, like one of the famous drop-in pitches used in New Zealand in the 2003 series. As evidence, they point to the shaved smoothness of his virginally hairless chest, the one which he likes to keep on permanent display in his public appearances and of course in “Karzzz”.

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The Wall Street Meltdown Part 3


[For context, please read Part 1 and Part 2 first]

The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) gains 936 points on a spectacular Monday. And then, like the proverbial monkey on the oily pole, drops 733 points on Wednesday, making it the second worst single day drop in Wall Street history.

The stock market has now entered a most dangerous period—-a time of high price volatility. As an investor, you say to yourself—“The market has gone the lowest it can go, equities are as cheap than they have ever been for a long time and I can start buying stocks now.” And the moment you think its safe to go into the water, the market goes into a free fall once again. Naturally, you panic even more and keep holding onto whatever investments you have. Unsure as to which direction the market will go and fearing for the worst, you start having a fire-sale of your holdings. Other people do the same thing. The market drops further. Then perhaps some little gains are made, market sentiment perks up and you again wade in. The shark however sneaks up once again and before you know it, you are holding a bloody stump where once your investment portfolio was.

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Drona— the Review


“Story…story…story” shout the little kids all sitting at the foot of old Daddu’s chair.

Daddu (wrapping the shawl tightly around him): Okay okay. Let me adjust my dentures….okay…..that’s done. Today I will tell you the story of Drona.

A long long time ago in a land far far away, a sage Bharadwaj had gone to the river to get rid of last night’s dinner holding two pots—-damn I forgot to take my Dabur Isabgol—-ooh ok coming back to the story…so there in the river he saw a beautiful lady, an apsara Ghritachi, taking a bath…

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Kidnap—the Review



Sanjay Gadhvi, who had last dressed up Hrithik Roshan as Queen Elizabeth, almost broke the Abhi-Ash wedding by making Ms Happy Plastic kiss another Mr. Fantastic and also wrote the most beautifully poetic line in recent memory “Are you like checking me out?” in Dhoom 2 , is back with “Kidnap”, a movie that is unique in that it is totally built around just one and only one concept—cleavage.

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Suga Mama


Subho Bijoya and Happy Dussehra to everybody.

I have often lamented the passing of the old-world charm that characterized Durga Pujos in favor of commercialization and “novelty”. Well it is indeed heartening to see that there are some folk in Delhi who have held on to the traditional Durga Pujo in a way that is truly endearing.

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His Last Bow


Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.

-Lazurus Long

In 2005, he was not ready to hang up his boots.

No doubt however that he deserved to be dropped.

But he definitely did not deserve to have the end-chapter of his career written for him.

That too in the midst of the humiliation and the unfounded allegations of injury-faking that Chappell and Kiran More had tried to muddy his legacy with, helped in no small measure by small-minded, crooked mediamen (I have said enough of these people in my blogs before), smarting from having cold-shouldered in the past by Sourav.

And he most definitely did not deserve to not even be given a chance for redemption (The chief selector famously said that as long as he called the shots, there was no way that Sourav Ganguly would come back).

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