Jahaan Teri Yeh Nazar Hai

One time, we may think of it as an accident, as this video argues.

But then if it happens twice…..but me no butts.

And then all you can say in the man’s defense is: ” With a can like that, yes we CAN”.

As the world debates over whether Obama’s package has been stimulated or whether the newest wolf line will be “O Mama !Now that’s what I call a G8” or whether Sarkozy’s continually amused fratboy expression tells its own “Main kutta hoon. Jawaani ko soonkh leta hoon” story, this incident illustrates the perils of ogling women, even with the subtle  “I am pretending to do something else” eyeball flick, the move which we Bongs call the “angular jhari”.

34 thoughts on “Jahaan Teri Yeh Nazar Hai

  1. yeah its the honeytrap Sarkozy set up for him.

  2. Hmm.. Obama’s human too

  3. Sachin is better than Obama.

  4. damn! now i cant stop looking at these picts

  5. Arun, the video doesn’t clear Obama. Only proves that he did it in a smart move. Offering Michelle his had while stealing a quick glance. If this is as the video suggests then whats with Sarko’s funny expression?

    Yes, he too is human and basic instincts are back in the white house after 8 years of W. And so is Hillary (in the government, at least).

    GB, really apt title. The song if sung by Sarko would fit but for the line:

    ….. lambe hain mere haath itne……

  6. I tend to agree with R. Khujur. There is no doubt that Sarkozy is a horndog, but sex is like breathing to most French people. Obama is doing what any straight brotha would do.

  7. Every [straight] male – rich, poor, black, white, brown, geek, non-geek, stupid, dude, me, you…is born the same with equal ability as any other man..welcome to the Pervert Force people!!


  8. “As the world debates over whether Obama’s package has been stimulated or whether the newest wolf line will be “O Mama !Now that’s what I call a G8?” LoL GB!

    Btw, Times of India found it so newsworthy that it put it out (pun intended)on frontpage here in Mumbai !

  9. Obama ..really man …its useless being the most powerful man if you cant satisfy even ur basic instincts. Why do we all work so hard…the whole world is only after this….even clinton did it and got away…c’mon just do it.

  10. TOI had it on front page in Chennai too. But why not? How many times do you get a picture like this? But what really amused me is Greatbong’s second pic — G8’s become a habit with O and S!

  11. Expected Greatbong to have the maturity to realize that Obama is actually innocent. Why does everybody have to get carried away by senseless sensationalization?

  12. Hmm…Obama has testosterone too. So allow himk to do angular jhari mara sometimes….:)

  13. Let’s all spare him..
    After all, he is butt a man 😛

  14. Its funny Berlusconi is in the picture and is NOT looking at that fine ass!

  15. No surprises here. I think this is a Republican conspiracy to defame Mr.Obama…. and the French, who are anyway known for their hatred of anything American, were happy to help in any way they can. 😉

    Seriously, if you watch the full video, Mr.Obama was merely watching his step and turning around to help the lady (who was behind him) descend the steps without tripping. But I am not sure of Sarko’s naughty expression though…

  16. Normally I don’t see any female readers commenting on such topics of male interest…

  17. guru.. angular jhari……. paari na !

  18. Berlusconi, another well-known horndog, seems to be in need of some herbal remedies at Jaslok Hospital. Age seems to have caught up with Silvio in the 2nd photograph as he seems to be willing up little Berlusconi “Get up, boy, get up!”

  19. The smirk on Sarkozy’s face is priceless..Atleasr for once and for all, the US president has conclusively proved that he is PULSAR.

    Barrack Obama is henceforth ‘Rearache OH-BangYa’
    Arnabda, u r indeed one with a demented mind, where did u get the 2nd pic from ?

    p.s. again, one of my comments in ‘Dying tra..bengali’ disappeared after i posted it. it was nothing but only about an analogy of the same topic wrt to kerala..
    Mea Kulpa ??

  20. Didnt notice.. it got into the spam filters. Now unmoderated.

  21. Aww come on. Such a big deal over de-rear?

    Even if O-bum-a was giving her the once over, he pales in comparison to his illustrious Democrat predecessor.

    And Sarkozy? Well, he’s just zis guy you know….

  22. MumbaiMeriJaan July 12, 2009 — 2:10 pm

    Actually the Americans hate the French equally… @bengal voice

  23. Well this clears my doubt that he is a gay!!!! Having 2 children does not mean he is not gay….

  24. @ follower
    How can you say anything against Obama?
    He is to liberal America, what Mithunda is to the Universe.

  25. Hi GB I think Self-pinging is not gud as part of SEO. do install no-self ping plugin.

  26. C’mon GB, give the guy[s] a break..it’s but[t] natural, isn’t it? [;)]

    Oh and btw, the girl is actually not so hot..but I’m guessing butts can indeed lie [;)]..


  27. I heard after these pictures carla bruni and michele obama are taking lessons to increase thier ‘Pichwara’ and the teacher is butt naturally Jenifar lopez.

  28. Yeah, saw the pic recently. But the video definitely conveys a different message. Even if he’s doing it, he’s very subtle but Sarkozy is a little to obvious.

  29. Angular jhari!!!! ha ha ha!

  30. !!!!!!!!!! hmmmmmmmm MEN will be MEN……… !!!!

    Never wannna miss a chance , be it at any age or at any time !!!!!!!!

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