Please Follow Me On Twitter

In addition to blogging here at Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind, I have recently taken to twittering (whether I can keep the tempo up is of course to be seen) as a way to post links and assorted “mini-thoughts”. If you find that interesting, you are requested to “follow” me on Twitter hopefully in the same passionate way that Obama follows other things. [Twitter Link].
There is also a RTDM Facebook group which I would encourage you to join (if you have not already) so that I may contact the readers of this blog in case something happens to this website (like what happened last year when my host kicked me out for using too much bandwidth).

12 thoughts on “Please Follow Me On Twitter

  1. I can’t believe I am the first one!!!

    I would still follow you here.


  2. Just to clarify. The Twitter isnt a replacement for this blog but merely an addition. This blog remains the primary source for Greatbong-ness.

  3. Jio Arnab_da, kaampiye diyecho guru !!!

  4. Try integrating your twitter feeds into this blog once you have enough tweets. Makes it easy to see your thoughts on a single page.


  5. How can the guy with the longest posts on the Indian blogosphere be content with 140 characters?

  6. aao Twi(s)t Karen…jaag utha mausam !!

  7. saw the tweets.
    preffer this blog.

  8. Et tu GB?…

  9. Twitter Twitter,
    Twitter Twitter,
    Chadh gaya upar re
    Twittariya pe Tweettat .. Twittarwa re…

    I’ve always had the urge to sing this .. and this is the only place I can express myself in this way. Thanks for that.

    I saw the notification.. and for a second my heart stopped … everything became blur .. aila .. is he not gonna write? Then my vision cleared .. and thank god it was only a twitter thing …

  10. Hi greatbong. whats ur twitterId I’ll follow u. Mines — oceanofweb

  11. Jo hukkum great bong.

  12. Seems Greatbong needs more popularity ? đŸ˜€
    Ok, suggestions from an Evil bong-

    Add- ‘Add this'[] button at the bottom of your posts, it’s a customized compilation of all bookmark that exists today. So people can share your posts through stumbleupon, digg, facebook, twitter, email this etc etc. As your blog is on WP platform you will get one master button instantly !

    By now, you should makeover you blog looks- and add fancy features like star ratings, highest commenter and all. Also allowing the WP gravatar alongside, makes the commenter feel good.

    Ullas !

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