The H-Man

As able to change form and shape as Mystique (see above pictures), as able to manipulate metal and currency as Magneto, as unstoppable as the Juggernaut, as immortal and as surgically enhanced as Wolverine, as able to manipulate minds as Charles Francis Xavier (how else can you explain how pretty women all over the world swoon with O-Reshamia-sms whenever he is present), it was long known that Himesh was even more powerful than an Omega level mutant, making him the most awesome X-Man  in the history of the universe.

If indeed there was any power that he lacked it was a second voice.

And now according to Mumbai Mirror, he even has that.

A second set of vocal chords.

Gentlemen I give you………. Falsetto.

If his primary voice ejected through one of his body orifices (nose) be powerful enough to stir the netherworld one can only guess as to the tandav effect his alternate voice, ejected through perhaps an alternate orifice would have on human civilization.

For those Godless of you who have not heard of Him (or heard from him) I give you this marvelously written extract from Wikipedia (retrieved as of today July 29, 2009) which explains his Godness.

He is firm believer in the God. And he has a true compassionate towards his family………..s the only Indian artist who works continuously almost 18 hours in a day.It is to be believed that in one day he composes 4-5 songs. Many good producers appreciate his laborious hard work and consider that is why he is only able to deliver at once hit songs in the industry. His rivals and haters dislikes him because of jealously and the knowledge of the high level of raga music he holds.His high-pitched voice is considered to be the most difficult to be sing in a normal manner. Film stars like Sunil Shetty, Riteish Deshmukh, Abhishek Bachchan, Madhuri Dixit, Aadesh Shrivastav, Amitabh Bachchan, Tabu, Aishwaraya Rai Bachchan, SRK, Salman Khan, Ermaan Hashmi, Rajpal Yadav, Kunal Kamao are also included in his fan list and they too admit the fact that he is a versatile Rockstar. He is responsible for preparing the new base of music since 2005, which today music composers are following.

Yes even Kunal Kamao knows who he is, how much he “kamao”s, how true compassionate to his family he is, his knowledge of the high level of raga music “considered to be the most difficult to be sing in a normal manner”, his Rockstar (with a capital R) status and most of all his belief in himself (after all he believes in God).

As a matter of fact if there is anything his Wiki entry forgot to mention, it’s how he has redefined the way words are spelt namely “Aap Kaa Suroor: The Real Luv Story”, “Karzzzzz” and now his new love story titled very originally as “A New Love Isshtory”.

And if you have any doubts at all about his awesome fearlessness and mutantiness, I give you this:

There are about 140 snow leopards in zoos across the United States, where an average of six cubs are born each year.

The Hogle Zoo birth came as a surprise to many visitors who believed there was only one snow leopard there. But the zoo actually has three adult snow leopards (not counting the cub), whose solitary nature means that only one is on view at any given time: Himesh, the cub’s sire; the mom, Nema, 11; and the other female, 17-year-old Dawa, who was not able to have cubs.

This was the first successful birth for Nema, but she has been pregnant before. She and Himesh were placed together in winter, the breeding season for snow leopards.

Himesh is now in the enclosure just across from Nema and the cub.

So is the fact that a breeder snow leopard has been named after him the ultimate tribute to his power?

Or is the truth something even deeper, something related to his mutant ability to take many forms and rock any woman’s world—even if she not be human?

Whatever it be it is undeniable  He is truly “superb,fantastic, mindblowing, outstanding” .

And we can all say that in “one voice”.

34 thoughts on “The H-Man

  1. Falsetto! lol

    will we have the origins of falsetto?? will salman khan play the villain?

    BTW ipod please… :d

  2. Comic value greatly appreciated (and I share the abhorrent interest in His-nasal-highness)! However, it is despicable that Wiki admins haven’t spotted this. I did the least I could do and flagged the article.

  3. Who the f**k is Kunal Kamao? lol

  4. The middle picture at the top looks like a slim version of the potato-masher Inzamam-ul-Duck.

    Himesh can’t sing, can’t act and looks almost as ugly as Shahrukh. God bless him… he never gives up.

  5. I am now waiting for some Himaniac to start screaming: “Himess baba..Himess baba..You look sooo slim in a black burkha…why aren’t you cross-dressing more often, baba?”

    How many people actually enjoy his movies or songs? Bah…

  6. Awesum….. beautifully written…

    I could have compared him with Micheal Jackson as he is one star who always comes up with some new look at least to his nose. But man comparing Himessss bhiyooo with Wolverine is incomparable….

    Trust me I stopped wearing cap for a long time coz of him.

  7. But seriously where has he been lately. Himesh has lost it and is in danger of becoming a has been.

  8. “And he has a true compassionate towards his family”

    Seriously, who edits these wikipedia articles?

  9. Hahahahahaahaahahahahahaha.

    That extract from wikipedia even beats Koena Mitra’s “Personal Life” on the wiki.

  10. ‘And we all say that in “one” voice’! Superb. Ha ha ha ha. Fitting end.

  11. Awesome ….do you have a google news setup on Himesh ?
    GreatBong I thank you on behalf of all the silent admirers for this endless pursuit of “greatbongness”.
    Allow me to coin a term: greatbongness: Anything that is so idiotic that it becomes good or cool……hope mithunism is different from greatbongness…

  12. Pleeese do understand… it is the time that is bad, recession and all that. So he will write, compose, direct, sing (for him) and maybe sing (for her) and dance as himself in a movie that someone will produce to pleeese him. I would pleese say H is a very V Man – versatile, what else!

  13. MumbaiMeriJaan July 30, 2009 — 8:56 am

    wtf is with the pic with burqha?? Hijda man??

  14. MumbaiMeriJaan July 30, 2009 — 8:57 am

    Testing devnagari script … ???? ??????

  15. Dude,
    your post has actually made people to update the Wikipedia and yeah, your post is referenced too. check the history page for the entry.

  16. I loved his music for ‘Tere Naam’ .. then everythng went downhill. BTW, I am hopoing he gets back to his caps.

    I am already imaging him, years later acting in a film like ‘Music and Lyrics’ ..

  17. Good so guys updating stuff bout Himess can also do the same for Koena Mitra’s personal Life in wiki…..

  18. @Arnab, Where you get all these crazy links like the snow leopard one and jhalak dikhla jaa stirring up ghosts? Dude which company you work for? I want in!! 🙂

    Hilarious article! loved it! If the Human form of Himesh reads it, he will definitely sing tera tera tera suroor for you till ur brain stops working and ear drums shatter!

  19. Make as much fun as you want, but Himesh will always rock. He has been a fair judge in SRGMP and always down to earth in real life. Have you seen him in Koffee with Karan interview? He broke into tears when people showed their love for him. He is a favorite of the common man and bloggers making fun of him hardly matter to him or his fans like me. No matter what, people still dance to his tunes in pubs and watch his videos on youtube.

  20. Hi,

    Im a big fan of urs but a HUGE fan of himesh. lol. u dont think those 2 things are possible simultaneously na. KHABARDAAR AGAR HIMESHBHAI KA MAZAAK UDAYA TOH!! Stick to Rakhi.

  21. anyway i love Himesh kinda songs….
    funny comparison though… i loved the Juggernaut in X-Men Series

  22. I am a big fan of himesh baba.

    His song ” tu yaad na aaye, aisa koi din nahi” is based on his past love.

    This song makes me cry everytime i hear it.

    GB, Please don’t make fun of baba, he is great entertainer for millions.

  23. I quite like yur blog, being a madbong myself. However I have never being able to replicate Himesh’s success in growing hair on a bald pate simply by keeping in covered by a cap. Have worn umpteen caps and not a strand of hair to show. Maybe I singing through “other orifices” is also required for growth !

  24. Thank god for the review of LUCK. was abt to be packed off to see same by the great domineering force in my life viz my wife. She is not open to debate or reason when movies are concerned. hI am not resigned to see Sardar Saif Singh but have been spared the torture as tickets are not available!I am sure next week I will not be so lucky but am hoping the foodcourt will come to my rescue asit always does. This is the greatest gift of multiplex cinema. I simply love the choices available.I head out straight after the National Anthem.
    For people in Mumbai, try and catch up “ALL QUITE ON THE WESTERN FRONT”, it is a war movie with a difference.

  25. nice in general..

    but cmon man why.. this is kinda desperate
    personal opinion ofcourse.. nice that people love it

  26. Damnnnn now we are all fucked with more bullshit songs.

  27. Why am I getting a nagging suspicion that you added the following:


    Himesh recently underwent a surgery that has given him a “second voice”. It is alleged to have a base middle octave in it. Large buildings and bridges all over the world are now hiring engineers to make them resonance proof, just in case any loser Gujju ghaati has a Himesh song as his ringtone. Guess what caused the Tacoma Narrows Bridge disaster?[9]

  28. Himesh- me a big fan og u sir

  29. So our Himess is a shape shifter, able to impregnate various species, wow! he is the Zeus with a twist! (think of Leda with the swan, Europa with the bull etc etc)

    Maybe we can use Him to to get a population explosion in Indian Rhinos. Those thick skinned females are suposed to be very fussy and choosy.

    But can they RESIST Himess?!?

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