Mithunism—-The Religion

A buxom lady is going to have the shoulder of her blouse torn by a bunch of marauding ruffians. Suddenly, a bottle rolls on the ground and a Man enters the screen. The ruffians ask “Who are you?” In a voice that would make the blood of tigers run cold (old jungle proverb), He says:

Dikhne me bewada, daudne me ghoda, aur maarne me hathoda hoon main

The man. The legend. Mithun Chakraborty. Some call him Mithun-da, most call him Prabhuji.

Mithun-da is one of my idols. I will go even further and say He is my God. I believe in Him. And like any fanatic, I am extremely impatient with some people who laugh at Him, compare Him unfavorably to Amitabh and Shahrukh Khan just because He is supposedly “down market”. I think these people should rot in Hell with 72 virgins. 40 year old male virgins that is.

Also like any true-blue fanatic, I would like to spread His word, increase His flock and hopefully salvage many Mithun-less souls. For those who come to scoff, I hope, that after reading this rather lengthy post (the word of God is never concise—The Bible, the Koran, the Gita are not small books), you shall stay to pray.

Or at least say :” Hayeeeeeeeeeeeee Saalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Mea culpa. I have to confess. My faith in Him had faltered. Once. It was occasioned by reading this article.

On the very first day of shooting for Mithun-da’s new movie “Chingari” directed by Kalpana Lajmi, the traditional rape sequence was being picturized between Mithun-da and Sushmita Sen. However Sushmita, who is somewhat of a nag and a pathetic pseudo, left the sets fuming about how Mithun touched her inappropriately during the scene.

Despite the irony of inappropriate fondling during a rape scene, I was distraught. How could Prabhu do this to a girl his daughter’s age? I cried myself to sleep and in my dreams, Mithun-da came to me, whispering words of wisdom.

Well actually no.

He said nothing. In my dream, He was standing on a desolate beach with dolorous weather-beaten eyes. He bent down, picked up a fistful of sand, and let it fall through His fingers. I immediately understood what He meant—-the ephemeral nature of the human body, ashes to ashes –dust to dust—-what is one touch here or there ? It’s all Maya. How true.

In the morning I realized that He also may have meant that all He did was touch silicon (ie sand) and not Sushmita Sen, the creature of flesh and bone.

I was born again.

Unlike Amitabh and Shahrukh and all the other false Gods, Mithun-da delivers. Week after week He delivers hit after hit. And the people whom He cares for, the people who worship Him are not the multiplex-going-Western-culture-aping-Godless-apostates but real Indians—-the villagers, small towners, the sons of the soil—the Jawan and the Kisaan, who flock to see His movies in Mithun temples—-small, stuffy, dilapidated cinema halls with creaking torn seats, insects, peeling paint and the all-permeating stench of sweat and urine.

Mithun-da is versatile. No living actor has essayed as many diverse roles as He has which include (but are not limited to)—a tribal caught in the headlights of exploitation (Mrigaya), a disillusioned freedom-fighter (Tahader Katha), Ramakrishna Paramhansa (Ramakrishna Paramhansa), a ventroquilist (Gudiya), a pimp (Dalal), an army general ( Military Raaj), a Coolie in an airport (Gunda), a drunk ruffian (Prem Pratigya), an assassin (Jallad), a Tamil coconut seller (Agneepath) a boxer (Boxer), a Bengali (Bengal Tiger), a teacher (Krantishetra), a disco dancer (Disco Dancer, Dance Dance), a truck driver (Truck Driver Suraaj), a police officer (Jung), a detective (Lucky), an international terrorist (Baba Sikander in Elaan), a false man of God (Dance of Love) , a Sardar (Tusi Great Ho Paazi) and not to forget his donning the mantle of the Indian James Bond—Gunmaster G9 (actual name:Gopinath) in Suraksha and Wardaat. The first three roles in this list won him National Awards—more than any other Indian actor and all of them the adulation and devotion of his followers.

A word about Mithun-da’s Bond avatar. It’s one of this century’s biggest tragedies that so few people know about our Desi Bond– G-9 . While he may not have worn exquisitely tailored suits or sipped Dom Perignon below 38F, Mithun-da is the only Bond to have group danced with a gaggle of buxom ladies in skin tights.

G9 may not have tangoed with Blofeld and the SMERSH but he had his hands full with Dr. Shiva of the evil Shiv Shakti Organization (this name sounds vaguely familiar in light of the Indian political landscape). And let me remind you, in all his battles G9 came out with flying colors—saving the world from death rays (Suraksha) and invading locusts (Wardaat) while grappling with a futuristic bionic villain, enhanced with bio-mechanical implants at the nano level (in the movie, the villain had calculators strapped to his hands).

Talking of villains, in almost all movies Prabhuji has tackled the scariest villains ever seen on screen. In other words, the scum of the earth as represented by the lusty Bulla, the confused Chutiya, the imperialist Sam, the foul Pothey, the dark Kala Shetty, the hapless Lucky Chikna, the sly Ibu Hatela, the politically well-connected Lamboo Ata and the fearless Ballu Bakra. Each of these accursed souls have been dispatched to their maker by Prabhuji with style and panache as exemplified in the dialogue he delivers to Ibu Hatela :

Main tumhe Hatela se Katela bana doonga

If the names of these devils have not made you understand what Prabhuji was up against, here are dialogues from two of them:

“Mai jis gali se guzarta hoo waha bachcha paida hone se pehle durrkar maa ke pet me susu kar deta hai!!” (Loha)

and a similar sentiment:

“Hum aise laashen bicha denge jaise kisi nanhe munhe bacche ke nunhi se pesaab tapakta hain—tap tap” ( Gunda)

Tough guys……….. indeed !

But Prabhuji is not all about dispatching the bad guys. He knows how to have fun. And whenever the villains are not around, He likes to dance and frolic. A few of His memorable Bhajans (many of the “moojick” being supplied by another God, Bhappee-da) —” Char Gya Upaar Re” (Dalal), “Mirchi Re Mirchi Kamaal Kar Gayee, Dhoti Ko Pharke Rumaal Kar Gayee” (Jurmana), “Main Loongi Uthaake Tumhe Disco Dikhati” (Agneepath), De de de chummi chummi (Janta Ki Adalaat), Main Tera Murga (Hitler), Daakiya Babu Daku Hain Pakka ….the list needless to say is endless.

Not only is Mithun-da India’s greatest actor and superhero, He is a very keen businessman. And a visionary to boot. If Henry Ford revolutionized the automotive industry in the early 20th century with the use of the “assembly line”, Mithun-da has done something similar with movies. Sick and tired of Mumbai’s loss-making film industry, He started an alternative center for high-quality yet money-making movies in beautiful Ootie with his hotel (the flagship of the Monark group of hotels which he owns) serving as the base of operations. Movies are efficiently produced within two weeks—from conception to the finished product. No expensive foreign shoots, no production delays and in general none of the needless flab that has made Bollywood a loss making endeavor.

Mithunda has truly productized movie-making by creating a baseline movie framework that can be efficiently re-used for multiple offerings—-the baseline plot is –Mithun-da is an honest man, His father gets killed, His sister gets raped and then He takes revenge. As simple as that. Of late He has started playing the villain but usually what I mentioned before is the skeleton of almost all His movies. With the base structure in place, each particular movie then can be looked upon as an instantiation of this general framework—–as a researcher into formal software design I can only marvel at His godly genius.

Like many geniuses, Prabhu-ji’s greatness has not been appreciated. While duds like Shahrukh keep on getting one Filmfare after another for crappy lovefests, Mithun-da has to be content with measly “Best villain” awards. BS I tell you ! And His greatest movie, “Gunda” surely deserved the Oscars much more than that monstrosity “Titanic”.

Just like Spielberg plagiarized Satyajit Ray’s script to make ET, countless number of Hollywood hotshots have shamelessly copied from the holy texts without so much as a hat tip.

Mithun-da’s movie “Boxer” was an inspirational story of how a no-hoper becomes a champion boxer—with his coach being a monkey whom Mithun-da feeds bananas. Stallone lifted the concept for “Rocky” (sans the monkey—that would have been a giveaway) and the song “Eye of the Tiger” is nothing if not an implicit acknowledgement of having copied from the real Bengal Tiger.

In another movie “Aajgar” Mithun plays a Shaolin monk who learns some amazing move with his hands—he does not even need to touch the villains—they fall nonetheless on account of his knowledge of the “force” (wink wink—sound familiar?).

And then in another movie, he suspends himself mid air and kicks the enemy in super slow mo—–yes the precursor of “Matrix” which incidentally should have been called “Mithun Tricks”.

In the movie “Panther” (or it could have been “Cheetah”) He plays the role of an assassin who is coming out of a state of amnesia. Bourne Identity anyone?

Finally, his movie–“Agniputra”. In that, the villains have kidnapped his mother and sister and the villains gloat over the mother’s dead body. Suddenly the mother gets up and starts bashing the villains to pulp. Then the “mother” removes her mask—it is Prabhuji ! In the audience must have been John Woo—MI2 was born.

Another thing that pains the Man is how many of His physics-defying antics have been appropriated by Rajanikant. Now all Mithun-bhakts have respect for Rajni but surely, splitting a bullet into two with a knife and killing 2 villains with one bullet was first done by Mithun-da in the movie “Heera” where He gave the line :” Mere naam hain Heera, chakoo se bullet ko cheera”.

In a similar situation, I once remember Mithun-da running when a villain fires a bullet. What follows is a breathless chase—bullet flying, Mithun-da running, bullet flying, Mithun running. Then when the bullet is gaining on Him, Mithun-da suddenly steps aside and the bullet passes Him by a whisker. Only then does He realize the bullet is going to hit His widowed mother. Now it is Mithun running, bullet flying, Mithun running, bullet flying. And at the last moment, He grabs the bullet and saves His mother.

Simply divine.

I could go on about Him—how He coined the term Disco (which in case you did not know is an acronym with D=dance, I=item, S=singer, C=chorus, O=orchestra–source “I am a Disco Dancer” from “Disco Dancer”), how He is the only person to have been a Naxal as well as a Shiv Shainik, how He has a massive fan following in Russia, how He almost married Sridevi, how He was the highest tax payer in India and how He inspired India’s 21st century economic prosperity with the inspirational line “Agar tujhe halwa khana hain, to tujhe dance karna parega. Dance dance” —-but I shall leave that for now.

Because it is now time for prayers.

Prabhu-ji ki Jay Ho !

Can you feel the love?

(Acknowledgement: Numerous Mithun bhakts in Orkut and real life and our local cablewallah who would screen a Mithun-da movie every Saturday. And apologies for the untranslated Hindi dialogues—-their effect would be totally lost in translation)

[PS: Will be gone for the week to Austria and so will not be able to reply to comments or post anything new ….but please do leave your comments nonetheless :-).

See you all in a week]

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  1. This is by far the funniest post I have read so far! Great job Great Bong!

    Btw, I do remember reading somewhere that his Ooty movies arent working anymore which is why he has taken up those mainstream bollwood villain roles once again.

    He had very “classy” dialogues in “Lucky: no time for love” as well.

    I Wonder if you can do a second post on Mithunda sometime.

  2. so its back to the days of entertainment, why dont u write for MAD comics, u will make a hell of a alfred

    i loved the parallels b/w hollywood and mithunda films and bloody firangs, script churaate hain:)

    I wud like to see mithun da play a sean connery like role in the rock or somethin like clint eastwood in million dollar baby or the best of all, edward norton from American History X.. If he has already played these, pls forgive me

  3. GreatBong, please carry a warning on top of this post

    “Dont read the post at work, else you are gone”

    I am laughing so loud and fallen off my office chair two or three times. What a rocking post, you made my day !!

    One more request – One post on Bappi-da in ur own style !!

  4. hilarious! That story @ Mithun, Bullet and Mama… some one told me that was in a Ranjikanth movie… I am becoming a convert 🙂

  5. @Traveller: A review of “Gunda” will be posted in the future….of course the language will be a bit…mm…raw.. thanks to the amazing dialogues of the movie.

    @almost_useless: No I do not think Mithun-da ever played the role of a reformed neo-Nazi…as far as my fundas go.

    @Greatest Hokie Ever: :-)…glad you liked it. I do not know as much as Bappi-da but yes a post about him is also in order.

    @sd: See that’s what I am talking about…this is 100% Mithun-da stuff.

  6. ok, he hasnt, but what if he does, since his movies are always about socially relevant issues. However wud like to c mithun da as mangal pandey or bhagat singh, im wondering the sonsequences. AAmir khan should hav hired mithun da, maybe then the court cases would have been settled…..

    and of course, if he hasnt played a neo nazi, i think he can play a reformed naxal, inspired from american hist

    im gonna buy first day first show tickets, if he does, and that wud b a first too:)

  7. I am an ardent Mithunda’s fan, and reading anything about him has always been interesting. This is one of the most interesting blogs I have ever read till date. I am sure, my very dear friend and Mithunda’s bhakt Uncle SAM (aka Praji or Veeru) will love this blog too.

  8. Some seven years back, I read a trivia about Mithun-da being the leading actor having acted against most number of actresses. I believe it was 84 different actresses then. It should have crossed 100 by now. Does anyone know of such a record existing? Can anyone confirm the latest figures?

  9. I am not sure if I want to say “well said” or “you lost your marbles” 🙂 But well, I guess some rajnikant fans could take a leaf out of your post and use that

  10. Oh yeah, this enlightenment is surely enough to make me get converted to the greatest religion ever known to the mankind—Mithunism. No wonders he, oh sorry, He belongs to the holy land of Bengal. As you say Arnab “ What Bengal thinks today, India thinks tomorrow and the rest of the world only scratches head day after tomorrow”, another Bong making it sounds so real. James Bonds and Rajnikanths of this world can only make futile attempt to replicate Him.

    And yes, please tell me the meaning of “Arnab”. Does it anyhow mean “ King of Laughter”?

    Superbly written post!! Yet again!!

  11. @almost_useless: if Mithunda becomes Mangal Pandey or Bhagat Singh, the British would be given a real ass whopping and Mithun-da would be alive at the end telling the Viceroy: ” Tere naam ka kutta na palooon”

    @Jai..Yaiii: I am sure he will.

    @Ambuj: It’s kind of a strecth calling those one-scene-wonders who act opposite Mithun-da to be “actresses” –however for mainstream movies I am sure lucky Anil Kapoor would hold the distinction.

    @Sudipta: I have lost my marbles. For a long time now.

    @Ritzy: “Arnab” means the ocean…:-) and thank you…..

  12. Well, I’ve used ‘Gunmanster G9’ as a quiz team name before, but I never realised the divinity of Mithunda before. But now, I see the truth of His message. I see the light!

    Thanks, Great Bong!

  13. I have to grudgingly accept that some of the Mithun stunts were probably used by Rajini, but that should be the ultimate compliment to Mithun da. Having said that, however, I am sure you will agree that twirling a pair of sun glasses (not to mention the lighting of a cigarette by tossing it up in the air and shooting it from his pistol and then catching the right end with his lips) is not something anyone, incl. Mithun da, would have done without inviting comparisons with Thalaivar (as he is fondly called)!

    Oh, btw, that stupid kamalhassan also won 3 awards, but who cares about awards.

    Atleast one Rajinikant fan salutes you and Mithun da!

    Prabhuji ki jay ho!

  14. @Kunal, Thank you…you have now been blessed by Prabhuji.

    @Anti: Yes the sunglasses and shooting the cigarette in the air are patented by Thalaivar…..koi shaq nahin ! Prabhuji ki jay to you too !

  15. brilliant post! i havent laughed this hard for ages.

  16. fanstastic post!

    mausam hai (twist twist)
    gaane ka (sparkle off my silver body suit)
    gaane ka (knees bent)
    bajane ka (twist twist)
    sunne ka (forearm rotates, with finger pointing straight)
    sunane ka (cut to ranjeeta kaur, moist eyes)

  17. hhehehehe..

    Prabhuji ko mera salaam!

    In the movie “Panther” (or it could have been “Cheetah”)

    Indeed, it was Cheetah…..and the most memorable scene inthat was Mithun da making his palms as strong as steel, by tempering it in scalding hot sand.

    And i hope you enjoyed his latest comeback (Elaan “Yeh ‘aamara elaan hain”) as much as i did.

  18. awesome post and replies, i must say, i have neever seen genius so close, i guess u make the rest of the world revolve around you..

  19. the cheetah movie of mithun was a copy of american mithun stevan seagals movie.. hard to kill i think

    this is the funniest post by far on the whole of the friggin internet

    you own bangabandhu

  20. arnab, you da man!!! this is wayyyy past incredible, man!!!

  21. As always, this was stupendously supelative. Rock on!

  22. Ya,Prabhu-ji here.I would like to shower my blessings on all my devotees here.Rest of you will be sent to hell where you will subject to an infinite loop of “I am a disco dancer” WITHOUT Surround Sound whereas my true bhaktas get to to do the same with Dolby Digital.
    Hayeeeeeeeee Salaaaaaaa

  23. GreatBong, u hav outdone urself!!I thgt the Shakti Kapoor article and review of ‘Dus’ wont be eclipsed but this one takes the i m ur ‘bhakt’ :p :d
    Mithun Da rocks..i remember him creating a whole hole on the wall with his fingers so as to hang his cap ( dont rem the movie)..and yes him and Bappi da were a killer combo..( remember the song ‘yaad aa raha hai,tera pyaar’..where Prabhuji is nostalgic bout his mom..the song was immortalized in Bappi Da’s voice :d )
    Eagerly awaiting an ode to Bappi da..till then jai ho Prabhu ki!!
    -a grt fan

  24. r those dialogues frm gunda/loha 4 real?!?sheesh..the things the legendary disco dancer gets away wid…priceless,simply priceless

  25. great job pal….nice post…

  26. Mithun played Ramkrishna Paramhansa in Swami Viveknanda! It was truly an astounding performance.

  27. Your style of writing on Mithunda is your forte. I just laughed my head off and let me tell you I have a very big head on a big torso which means a lot of laugh was needed to knock my head off!!

    I have seen that some of the readers have asked you to write on Bappida. But why specialize on all the Ben-Bolly men? How about some Ben-Bolly lass say Bips? And don’t be parochial – how about Govinda?

    Hope you are having high-quality time in Austria with whatever you are doing over there. But remember you have to answer all these readers’ comments when you get back!

  28. I forgot to mention one point. Is writing on Mithunda on Sep 9th just a coincidence or just planned this laughter bomb?

  29. I wont be surpised if the name BOND has been coined from the great BONG himself..

  30. GB
    Hilarious. But how did you miss out on his hiroines, Ranjita or Kim ?

    And ‘Main or mera haathi’. The greatest movie ever man.

    Loved the post.

  31. Arnab,

    Excellent dissertation on Mithun Da. Mithun Da has not only influenced several Hollywood movies, at least one hollywood action hero (a dude going by the name of Steven Segal) appears to be following His foot prints.

    On a more serious note, I would surely like to see more of the likes of His performance in Mrigaya, Agneepath & Jallad. Hey, what abt a post on the Southern God Rajni?

  32. You are the High Priest of Bollywood.

    This is the best so far!


  33. Hello Gb 🙂

    Mithun Dada is great in some movies, isnt he?

  34. I sent this link to a friend and he immediately shot me an email reminding me of the time we were in a car with a Chinese female and this Sri Lankan guy, both graduate students in our univ. The Sri Lankan guy decided to start singing hindi songs cos he was bored during the long drive (apparently his mom is a huge Hrithik Roshan fan) and the three desis (incl. me) in the car followed him with songs of our own. Then the Chinese gal decided to get into the act and told us she’d sing a Hindi song too and guess what song she had in mind?


    Needless to say there were three speechless desis sitting there in the car for the next 5 minutes till she completed the song in broken hindi! Apparently Mithunda and Disco Dancer made waves in China!

  35. Guru, daroon post, daroon! Prabhuji along with Bappi-da should enter the Bong pantheon of God’s.

  36. This post just rocks and flowers…patthar ke phool !!! 2 phunny boss. Thanks for the treat.

  37. AT LAST…A KINDRED SPIRIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This post moved me to tears….
    brilliant read…esp the Gunmaster G-9 series. Have been a cult follower of Mithunda since childhood. And that ‘dikhne mein bevda’ thing must rank as the best entry sequence in Indian Cinema. Words fail me. Check out my website, have echoed ur sentiments in a small page dedicated to God which I put up 4 years ago…

    Mithun Rules.


  38. All hail the great leader. There is only one god but Mithun, and you are his prophet. This rocks dude !

  39. Rip-roaring and insightful. In parts, though, a little dated. Travelled through the central Uttar Pradesh heartland in June 2005 and found out that much of the rural underclass, Mithun’s core consitutency, doesn’t go to cinema halls anymore. Now they watch movies in the comfort of their homes on vcds. Nonetheless, Mithun remains their king of hearts

    An article I wrote in an Indian newspaper on the same theme:

    The last underclass action hero

    Multiplexes generally ignore his movies. Critics dismiss his films with a single star rating. And, statutory warning, taking a city-slick, sold-on-Saif girlfriend to one of his starrers could be injurious to the relationship. But in the boondocks of central and eastern India, Mithun Chakraborty rules.

    The hinterland’s Hero No 1 is not the same actor who once earned acclaim and award in Mrinal Sen’s Mrigaya back in 1976. Or, the pelvis-thrusting, crotch-crutching floorscorcher who even wowed Russia as a Disco Dancer (1982). It’s a C-grade action hero they root for. Someone who since the mid-Nineties started making movies with titles that sound more like abuse: Chandaal, Gunda, Yamraaj and worse.

    A Kannauj vcd shop owner Rahul Pandey estimates that the tall, swarthy actor alone accounts for 60 per cent of his net sales and rentals. And, interestingly, Gopal Gupta, who lends out vcds from a rundown shop in Shuklagunj, points out that the customer never ask for a particular Mithun film. “They demand any of his maar-dhaad movie. Even if it was released 7-8 years back, they don’t mind,” he says.

    Much of this business, though, is illegitimate. Says Hiren Gada, vice-president, Shemaroo Videos, “His films are potentially worth about Rs 50 lakh from the vcd circuit. But due to piracy, they end up earning around Rs 10 lakh.” Piracy affects the badshah of Bengal more than any other film star. A Shah Rukh Khan film primarily feasts on the multiplexes and the NRI circuit. In contrast, the interiors are Mithun’s bread and butter territory. With fewer and fewer audience frequenting the cinema halls in these parts due to the vcd revolution, he is the big loser.

    Delhi-based distributor Sanjay Mehta explains why the mofussil is sold on Mithun. He says that unlike Sunny Deol, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgun, or even Govinda, Mithun is the only star who has not tried to remodel himself for the cash-rich multiplex audience. With every other star being co-opted, he is the last action hero the underclass can relate to. A class which prefers Ma Kasam to Main Hoon Naa and Billa No 786 to Black.

    Says Mehta, “They want stories with corrupt policemen and crooked politician; characters they see in daily life and can identify with. And, they want it in their own high-pitched, no-apologies style. A Mithun film gives them all that.”

    And, so they ask for his movies. Again and again. And watch them in the comforts of their home in the interiors of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and Chhatisgarh, Bengal and, hold it!, Meghalaya. Long live Mithun da. Long live the vcd revolution.

  40. Kunal_t: Thanks

    Tamal_c: Wish someone was auctioning Prabhu-ji’s silver body suit.

    @Sunil: “Elaan” was marvellous….the last scene in which Baba Sikander gives up and just sits in the chair before he gets arrested was abs out-of-the-world. I was supporting him and not the other assorted pansies passing for heroes.

    @almost_useless: Thanks Aiyeee…

    @bangabandhu: Mithunda and copying? Never…its that bum Seagal who shamelessly lifts from M movies.

    @Rimi and Vulturo :-)….thanks
    Sab Prabhu-ji ki kripaa se.

    @Binesh: Aha what a song. Rajesh Khanna with his hair dyed throws the guitar at Mithunda and says in his inimitable style–Ga Beta Ga….and Mithun-da starts his dance of tandav….

    @Neha_Kaul: 100% genuine…have the VCDs myself.

    @Avik: Thanks

    @Keshav: Yes right.sorry my mistake.

    @yourfan: Thank you thank you…yes definitely posts on a few non-Bong Gods will follow…the timing for the post of course was significant :-)…but having said that anyday can be Mithun-worship day. Bipasa has some way to go before she becomes a legend worth commenting on.

    @Chappan: Ranjeeta is just one of Mithun-da’s consorts…the least heavy of them. My wife tells me that once Mithunda came to CR Park Durga Puja and told his bhakts that you people must think how much fun it is to lift the heroines…but sirs and madams, they are so heavy that I have had back problems after many a shoot.

    Prabhuji has the whole world in HIS hands.

    @Deba: I do not have first hand knowledge of many of Rajni’s mahaan avatars…unlike Mithun-da with whom I have grown up.

    @Fads…Thanks ! :-)…where did CSF vanish?

    @Prerona: Some? No way…ALL

    @Anti: Aha…..which just goes to show that Mithun-da created Man, Man created boundaries. The divinity of Mithun-da knows no restriction of race and color…and the specific song released in 1981 is also responsible for Mohinder Amarnath’s golden run in Pakistan, West Indies and in the 1983 World Cup…the “Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aja Aja Aja” part that is.

    @k: Bhappida is already there….in the pantheon of Gods.

    @Tapan: Nice pic of Him ! Mithun-da rules.

    @Anish: Amen.

    @Anon: Very true. Maa kasaam.

  41. LOL! great post.. esp liked the silicon part 🙂

  42. As the wise men have said… “If there was no mithun chakravorty, it would have been necessary for man to create one”…

  43. I have been Mithun Da’s follower since long time now….Keep my white trousers,white shirt(ironed to the extent that crease is permanent) and white leather shoes for special occasions…..Whenever in my childhood i was hungry i used to listen to …aa gayya aa gayya halwa waala aa gayyaa…it left me with no further cravings for any sweet dish…Parbhu ji ki jai hooo

  44. This was an interesting post.

    Funny stuff.

  45. This post has been removed by the author.

  46. This is by far the most interesting post I have come across.
    However disillusioned it may sound, it is hilarious.

    Oops! I’m sorry Prabhu-ji for mocking Thee. Forgive me my sins.
    I take an oath to watch all Thy movies hence forth with respect and fear (its transformation of an atheist to a Mithun-fearing devout)

    Gr8 stuff!!

  47. For those doing thier thesis on Mithunism , here is something intresting

    Exerpts of the entire Ibu Hatela scene,

    Ibu Hatela >> “Mera naam hai ibu hatela, Meri maa thi chudail ki beti , Mera baap tha shaitan ka chela , KKhaayega mera Kela ?????!!!!!

    Mithun >> ” Mai nahi kahunga ter a kela, Mai teri aisi haalat karunga , Aisi haalat karunga , Ki log tujhe Ibu Hatela nahi , Ibu Katela kahenge !!!!! ”

    The above dialogue sequence had me completely transfixed. I was wondering what hit me 🙂 .

    Anyways , brilliant content GreatBong

    Sab Prabhu-ji ki maya hai.

  48. ahhhhhhhh how could I have missed this!!!!!!! thank you for putting up such a brilliant article on prabhu ji!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. I think there’s more to Mithun Da’s movies than just Him. One can feel the thinking that has been done behind every scene.

    “Gunda” is by far the best Mithun movie and most complete representation of his genre. Its really a classic. The characters, dialogues and situations have really left lasting impressions on many of us.

    Mithun da is really a legend. signing off with one of the unforgettable lines by Mithun’s dad in Gunda:

    “Begunahon ko saza dilate ho?
    Aur gunehgaron ko bachate ho?
    Tumne thook chata hai unka, peshaab piya hai tumne unka”

  50. guru where are u r feet
    u made my day, this is first thing i read this morning….

    great work…an give us our second post..we are waiting

  51. Bong Dude !!!

    Gr8 job man,many ppl didn’t know about Mithun-da.
    Even i have seen few of his B-grade films [Gunda,Gundaraaj,..] & must say his on screen persona appeals to the actual indian ppl.

    keep it up….



  52. Hey

    I created a blogger account to thank you

    This page is my yahoo status

    nething i can do to praise god


  53. GreatBong,
    In addition to his other great qualities, Prabhuji is a philanthropist and a great humanitarian . Who can forget how Dada came out in the streets of Kolkata to collect donations from all for Latur earthquake victims. He also financially helps deserving candidates from poor families .


  54. Prabhu – aapke charan kahan hai. Prabhi ji per enlighten kerke aapne hamare jeene ka uddeshya saarthak ker diya !

  55. Must say that is a fine review of guruji. But I must add a classic dialogue from ‘Loha’:

    Tu bina petrol ki gaadi hai,
    Bina nashe ki taadi hai,
    Tu woh fateli saari hai,
    Jo ek hijda bhi nahin pehnegi.

    Also, if you found a website that sells the Gunda DVD, please post a link (I’ve watched it several times on VHS, but no longer own a VHS player).

    Mithunda ki jai

  56. Dude, I bow before you. Unfortunately I live in SD and can’t express my appreciation physically. But from my heart I say this: “This is the way to write on movies!”

  57. almost_useless…

    Your wish has just come true! Mithun has already performed the role of an old time [if not exactly reformed] Naxal in Kaalpurush, dir Buddhadev Dasgupta, and the setter par excellence of parallel cinema has already selected it for the Indian Panorama section of next year’s Intl Film Festival of India, being the head of the selection committee, along with another film of his, Swapner Din. Long live Indian ‘Art’ cinema! Long live Prabhuji… who surely will now overtake Kamal Hasan!

    BTW, Great Bong, you are too good to be true!

    Yes, and please do not disappoint your latter day followers! We eagerly await your take on Bhappee da, Kumar Nunu [apologies to all, just couldn’t hold back on that one], PiKaSo, Chabiwala [Priyo Ranjan DasMunshi], Didi, Bumbada [Posenjit], Beder Meye Josna and other worthies of Bangali kultur!

  58. Among all this you guys forgot the famous scene from “Watan Ke Rakhwale”….where Mithun scales a huge marble wall like spider man…

  59. Question: What are the three Bong favorites?

    Answer: Pheesh,Phootball and Phaack!
    (Not necessarily in the same order)

  60. Too cool!!!!
    You deserve an Applause!!!

  61. Wooooaaaah !!
    Great bong i m sure you can get a Ph.D on Mithun Da !!
    And i m sure calcutta university will surely help u bong guys !!

    No offense but i m a die hard Shah Rukh Khan fan …. and i have still liked the efforts put in by you for your GOD.
    Great work.. i must say… it takes a lot of efforts to be following all the past present n future upcoming work of mithun…
    Good Going !!
    you can contact me at …


  62. hey great bong!!!!
    man, this is toooooooooooooo good. i mean even i m a follower of the mithunism religion now. plz do make sure there’s a follow up on the same.
    keep it up.

  63. awesome post :))

    And this movie would be ‘Tyagi’.(I had the fortune of seeing it in theatre)

    “In a similar situation, I once remember Mithun-da running when a villain fires a bullet. What follows is a breathless chase—bullet flying, Mithun-da running, bullet flying, Mithun running. Then when the bullet is gaining on Him, Mithun-da suddenly steps aside and the bullet passes Him by a whisker. Only then does He realize the bullet is going to hit His widowed mother. Now it is Mithun running, bullet flying, Mithun running, bullet flying. And at the last moment, He grabs the bullet and saves His mother.”

  64. Great post greatbong! I’m unfortunate that I didn’t read it earlier!

    Bappi, Ganguly etc. come and go but Mithun the ‘one and only tiger of Bengal’ remains.

    “Ekhon keeeeu khelte paarbe na, Mithun ke daak!”

  65. Grratbong said — “Sick and tired of Mumbai’s loss-making film industry, He started an alternative center for high-quality yet money-making movies in beautiful Ootie with his hotel (the flagship of the Monark group of hotels which he owns) serving as the base of operations. Movies are efficiently produced within two weeks—from conception to the finished product. No expensive foreign shoots, no production delays and in general none of the needless flab that has made Bollywood a loss making endeavor. Mithunda has truly productized movie-making by creating a baseline movie framework that can be efficiently re-used for multiple offerings—-the baseline plot is –Mithun-da is an honest man, His father gets killed, His sister gets raped and then He takes revenge. As simple as that. Of late He has started playing the villain but usually what I mentioned before is the skeleton of almost all His movies. With the base structure in place, each particular movie then can be looked upon as an instantiation of this general framework—–as a researcher into formal software design I can only marvel at His godly genius.””

    This is the F1 of film making – the productized formula that the idiots in Mumbai scoff at. But history will acknowledge his true genious – after all Ekta Kapoor is following in his footsteps – creating a steam of minor variations on the winning soap formula of villianous bahus, to good to be true heros, brainless saas, idiotic melodramatic father-in-laws and spoilt daughters. To add to all this she uses the same set for all serials – the same mandirs and the same recorded bhajans – she also uses the popular old hindi songs for the dance sequences.

  66. WOW…. this was a a damn good blog…

  67. mithunda is my favourite hero!!!… i love him as much as i love shama ki biryani!!!… i like all his stunts… i loved him in that song “i am a disco dancer”… i got a first prize in college when i did that dance… i actually look like ajay devgan but i think mithun looks like me… there can never be any hero than mithuhda.


    Here is the reason.

    Once, Newton came to India and watched a few Tamil movies that had his head spinning. He was convinced that all his logic and laws in physics were just a huge pile of junk and apologized for everything
    he had done.

    In the movies of Rajnikant, Newton was confused to such an extent that he went paranoid. Here are a few scenes from his movies :-

    1.) Rajnikant has a Brain Tumor which, according to the doctors can’t be cured and his death is imminent. In one of the fights, our great Rajnikant is shot in the head. To everybody’s surprise, the bullet passes through his ears taking away the tumor along with it and he is cured! Long Live Rajnikant !

    2.) In another movie, Rajnikant is confronted with 3 gangsters. Rajnikant has a gun but unfortunately only one bullet and a knife. Guess, what he does? He throws the knife at the middle gangster &
    shoots the bullet towards the knife. The knife cuts the bullet into 2 pieces, which kills both the gangsters on each side of the middle
    gangster & the knife kills the middle one.

    3.) Rajnikant is chased by a gangster. Rajnikant has a revolver but no bullets in it. Guess what he does. Nah? Not even in your remotest

    He waits for the gangster to shoot. As soon as the gangster shoots, Rajnikant opens the bullet compartment of his revolver and catches
    the bullet. Then, he closes the bullet compartment and fires his gun. “Bang”……….the gangster dies.

    This was too much for Newton to take! He was completely shaken and decided to go back. But he happened to see another movie for one last time, and thought that at least one movie would follow his theory of physics.

    The whole movie goes fine and Newton is happy that all in the world hasn’t changed. Oops, not so fast!

    The ‘climax’ finally arrives. Rajnikant gets to know that the villain is on the other side of a very high wall. So high that Rajnikant can’t jump even if he tries like one of those superman techniques that our heroes normally use. Rajnikant has to desperately kill the villain because it’s the climax. (Newton Dada is smiling since it is virtually impossible)

    Rajnikant suddenly pulls two guns from his pockets. He throws one gun in the air and when the gun has reached above the height of the wall, he uses the second gun and shoots at the trigger of the first gun in air. The first gun fires off and the villain is dead.

    Newton Commits Suicide !!!

  69. Hey it actually was qhuite a post !!! I wonder how Mithun-da himself would feel going through this. By the way, Greatbong, there is a site dedicated to Mithun-da only although I think they haven’t updated it for quite some while now… it’s

    Anyways, somehow I stepped in here through some other weblog.
    Really commendable work, man !!! Truly awesome !!!
    Would love to come back. Keep posting. See ya.

  70. Wonderfully written. People do not take him seriously. These Pseudo-intellectual people feel that liking Mithun is not classy enough.

    I was in the 5th standard when Mithun hit the headlines in Disco Dancer and just like an average bong, I love him from then. I confess that I am a fan of Amitabh Bachchan but to me, Mithun is no less. He practically stole the thunder right under the nose of Amitabh in Agneepath. That is an achievement since the role was tailor made for Amitabh and making a mark in an Amitabh Bachchan starrer is no easy task.

    If there is one actor who took the honours of commercial cinema and parallel cinema together, the only name which comes to our mind is Mithun Da. Stalwarts like Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan were restricted to commercial films. Naseer, Om Puri and others were successful in parallel cinema, but Mithun Da is the only actor in the history of Hindi films who carved out a place for himself in both fields.

    Kudos to you man, hats off to your views and your post. One friend very sarcastically forwarded me the link to the blog so that he and the others in the post can have a hearty laugh but I loved every bit of your blog.

    Jai Mithun Da !!!!!

  71. Dear Great Bong:

    An important development and a slice of history/tribute:

    1: The inspiring work -Swami Dada -starred mid-career Dev Anand and an early-stage Mithun in the same film (in which Dev broke the heart of the American Amabassadors daughter – leading to the crisis in Diego Garcia). I hear rumors that Dev and/or Mithun will get back onscreen in Peethtod Parbat – playing two Ganga Kinare Gobaalaks who share a tender moment?

    2: Special effects genius Raveekant Nagaich directed the two Gunmaster G9 films – his espionage films across the 60s-80s inspired many a young man to disco dance, karate chop and fight lurking evil-doers (one of these callow youngsters, a certain George W. – who does all of the above to this very day!) His lost masterpiece script for the third G9 film was purloined and later made into the vastly inferior “Bond 303” starring Jeetendra, giant Praveen Kumar, and Prem Chopra as the space alien villian “Big Hardy”…

    As Mithun would say – Koi Shaque?


  72. u ve spent lot of time on mithun keep it up n waste more!!

  73. The very fact that its been more than 5 months since you have written this post, and the comments have not stopped flowing bears testimony to the fact the the legend of Mithunda will never die. You have done a great job here. It is only very rarely that one gets to see posts of this quality. Many are those who admire the man, but there are only few who actually get down to showing their admiration. You have done that remarkably well!
    On a side note, I’d like to pay homage to the Bappi- Mithun combination. I once came across a Bappi-Mithun torrent that had the music of all their films from Suraksha in 1979 to Guru in 1989. Anybody wanting the torrent file can get it of my website!
    Cheers! Your article shall find a permanent link on my blog! The word of Guruji should spread! hayeee salaaaa…


  75. Oh Great Bong,

    Your study of Mithun-da is a seminal piece of work, the work of a life time (a la Beautiful Mind), it is an honour and a privilege for me to have had the oppurtunity to read it.

  76. Awesome article!! This is the best piece of literature i have read about Mithun.. Check out

  77. Hey..Great review… I am a Mithunda fan…..Though I have seen only few of his films (actually I’m not a movie-lover)I enjoyed his performance in all the movies.. He is such a versatile actor and can perform any role with ease…He is a neglected genius…but has a loyal fan following.

    Write some more reviews on Mithunda

    Wishing him all the best!!!


  78. well written hillarious.mithunda is an actor of the masses unlike the others who just please the rich.mithunda hats off to u !

  79. mithun da jaisa koi nahi

  80. how true is this…. I am also big fan of Mithunda. Dudes Mithunda is doing a new film called Hason Raja. it’s dircted by uk-based director Ruhul Amin. Mithunda plays the role of mystic poet.

  81. well what can i say,ur work is truly a masterpiece,a testimony of your in depth understanding of mithunda n finally ur total bonding with him.but what i really want to ask u is that wether all these great action scenes being done by him are written by him(is he the story writer)or is this some divine coincidence that whoever tends to write the script gets some divine intervention n help in writing such great scenes(courtesy mithunda)i guess it’s the second one what do u say?

  82. I tought you will be interested to read this interview. This film maker talk about mithunda….

    I hope Great Bong will add this in his news section…

    Ruhul Amin is known for creating sensitive, understated, poetic films centred around life in the Bengali community of East London.

    A KING OF ENGLISH (1986) explores the myriad of complex relationships which develop within a family due to frustrations causes by unemployment, displacement and a longing or the homeland seen through the eyes of a nine-year old boy. His latest release is Rhythms; it is a lyrical film about an old man, a newly arrived bride and a young boy who are bound together in their common appreciation of traditional Bengali music.

    The music offers a temporary respite and release from their loneliness and isolation. Ruhul’s talent is in his manipulation of cinematic

    language – the fusion of rich, lingering images with the intensity with the intensity of silence. Often little is said but within “everything else”, he manages to evoke a sense of the passion which burns beneath the despair of living in this “cold climate”. His work has been likened to the early films of De Sica and Satyajit Ray.

    Dr Sarita Malik (PhD)- interviews Ruhul Amin for BLACK FILM BULLETIN

    a British film institute magazine. Autumn 1994

    *This some background information.

    Ruhul Amin and his film.


    Ruhul is one of the prolific Asian filmmaker in Britain.

    In the beginning of 80s he came to Britain with his parents.

    Within a year while he was at school he made his first

    doc-drama “PURBO LONDON”

    Since then he joined British film Industry and worked as an assistant. Later he attended National film and Television School.

    In 1986 he made his first feature film for Channel 4 Television

    entitled “A KIND OF ENGLISH”. The film was shown in the festival around the world and earned a critical acclaim. The film was compared with early work of De Sica and Satyajit Ray.

    Since then he has made 13 films for BBC and Channel 4 TV.

    Most of them are documentaries and experimental dramas.

    Now he is making his epic Bengali film on the life of a rural Bengali folk poet who was around about hundred fifty years ago.

    I talked to Ruhul on behalf of the East West magazine.


    1) How much time do you spend thinking about Hason Raja?
    In fact my entire pre-occupation is now Hason Raja. It is a kind of obsession and only way out is to make the film.

    2) How would you describe you as a director?
    I would say I am a committed and passionate filmmaker. I have a creative and artistic sensibility, which creates a burning desire to make film.
    Cinema is a unique art form. It has an unimaginable creative possibility. I have a tremendous respect and love for that medium.
    My endless effort is to learn and prepare myself as a creative filmmaker.

    3) You are basically a UK based filmmaker. What made you to do a film in Bangladesh? Was the idea sparked after doing a film on the Bangladesh film industry for British TV?
    I was also asked this question before. Most of the films I made for BBC and Channel 4 television are to do with our community. And often have written script based on Bangladesh. Once a commission editor asked me. You are a filmmaker from here, why Bangladesh?

    To explain that in brief, it is partly to do with my childhood. Fortunately I spent my childhood in most beautiful part of Bangladesh. The place was surrounded by natural beauty and its beautiful communities like Manipuri and Nepali and the tribal people in the tea gardens. It was a vibrant cultural place.
    As cinema is a visual medium, I think its formation took a deep root from that period.
    Leaving in the concrete jungle of Britain there is a strong nostalgia towards that beautiful land, culture and its people.

    4) To do anything good needs a long preparation and it takes time. But to do this Bengali film taking nearly 5 years…don’t you think you are taking too much time?
    Yes, you are right it is taking lot of time. Main reason for this is the finance and that is beyond my control.

    5) Why have you thought of Mithun Chakarborty as Hason Raja? Couldn’t you find anyone from Bangladesh?
    Hason Raja is a legendary figure in our folk culture. To portray his charisma and dynamism you equally need another legend. And I think Mithun is the most appropriate performer to reincarnate Hason Raja on the screen.

    6) For the purpose of making Hason Raja you met Mithun many times can you briefly describe Mithun as a person and as an actor?
    I think I am not qualified enough to talk about Mithun.
    Whole-heartedly Mithun is a Bengali. His ancestors are from Bangladesh. He struggled hard to establish him as a supper star in world of Hindi films and at the same time he wan three national awards by working in parallel cinema. He is undoubtedly a leaving legend. He is a great man. He loves people and he loves Bangladesh very much.

    7) For the main female artist you thought of Rani and Nandita and also met them. Why are they out from your film?
    Casting is a complicated process. Lots of factors are involved. E.g. artistic, financial and practical. Yes I met them and they also have shown interest to work on Hason Raja. But we didn’t come to any final decision.

    8)There are better actress then Raima. What is you reason behind casting her? Is it because her experience in Bollywood and her glamour?
    Of course there are wonderful performer in Bangladesh. Hason Raja depicts a particular historical time when it was culturally very vibrant. Amongst many qualities of a performer if some how any of the nuances strongly reflects any resonance with the character of the script then it is extremely fortunate. Raima Sen happen to be one of those. I haven’t seen any of her Hindi films. The glamour of our film doesn’t have any resemble with the glamour of Hindi films.

    9) We heard A R Rahman was doing the music. Anil Mehta is doing the cinematography and Farah Khan is doing the choreography. Now we hear the other people are involved. Why is that?
    Initially we thought of A R Rahaman and Fara Khan but didn’t finally proceed.
    Anil Mehata is the cameraman of first Oscar nominated Indian film Lagan. I met him about two years ago and he became interested to work on Hason Raja. Infect gave us a shooting time which was last year, unfortunately we couldn’t gather our finance.
    And now he is not free for another two years.

    10) Why did you choose Buphen Hazarika instead of AR Rhaman?
    About a year ago I went to Gauhati in Assam to meet Buphen Hazarika.
    It was an overwhelming experience. His house situated on top of a beautiful mountain. He was so overjoyed by my arrival there. A Bengali from across seven seas? He took me on to a top hill beside his house and pointed beneath the mountain, “look that is my Bangladesh”.

    We discussed in details of the composition and orchestrations of the music. At one point he said, Hason Raja is closed to my heart. In 1960 Buphen Hazarika, Nirmuladhu Chaudhary and Himango Biswas performed Hason Rajas’s songs in various part of India.

    The folk music of Assam and our music has a unique bondage. Buphen da is an authority on folk music. We are extremely fortunate to have a revolutionary music director like Buphen Hazarika.

    11) Already a film is made in Bangladesh by the name of Hason Raja. You film is on the same character in same name. Don’t you think this will create some confusion amongst the audiences? Have you thought of changing the name?
    It is nearly 4 years since we started working on Hason Raja.
    Stylistically this film is very different. Its arrangement is huge. The best and most talented arties and crafts man from Bangladesh and India are gathered. In that sense it is a revolution. You can make many films on the same subject. It depends on what new dimension you are bringing. Our audience are very sensitive and surely they will be able to distinguish the attraction of the different films.

    12) Where is the shooting going to take place of the film?
    The shooting of the film will take place in various region of Bangladesh. Particularly we will shoot a major portion around Sunam Gong and Joyonta. One of our main aims is to depict the rural beauty. And to do that we will travel all over Bangladesh.

    13) Is any body is cast from UK?
    We haven’t carried out the entire casting yet. It depends on the requirements of the script.

    14) You are going to make the biggest budget film ever made in the history of Bangladesh film industry. Do you think there would be any hostile reaction from Dhallywood?

    Bengalis are a dynamic race. And we have witnessed that through out the history. In terms of cinema we were not behind. We have created many distinguished filmmakers. Just think about that Black and white era? What a significant contribution.

    People like me who are based in abroad and have training with the latest sophisticated cinema technology surely would be able to provide an opportunity for lot of talented people in the industry, who will be given an opportunity to be acquainted with the latest technology.

    Big film needs big budget. In terms of marketing why should we just think about Bangladesh?

    15) As far as we know. Your pervious films are made for mainstream British TV. This is for the first time you are gathering finance from investors. What are the difficulties are you facing?

    Yes, all my previous work is for BBC and Channel 4 Television.
    Never had to worry about the budget. There was a financial security.
    Present project is a painful revolution.

    People with lot of money are not showing any interest. People who are investing they are individuals from the community. For some of them it is their lifetime saving. They only want to see a good movie. They love their country so much. Just look at their previous generation? During the liberation war of Bangladesh how mush sacrifice they made?
    Gathering money from them is a moving experience for me.

    16) We heard Hason Raja will be the first epic film of Bangladesh. Does that mean there are no epic films made in Bangladesh?

    Yes this is the first epic film of Bangladesh. Epic in its scale, depth and it’s spectacle. Its canvas is huge. There are battle sequences, boat races and colourful festivals. Literally thousands of people will participate in those sequences. It is in cinemascope and Dolby digital sound.

    17) How long will it take to complete the film?

    Shooting will start towards the end of this year. Twelve weeks shoot and then three months editing and rest is post-production.
    Hopefully it will be ready by the middle of next year.

    18)Is Hason Raja going to be distributed internationally?
    International distribution is our priority. And already many distributors are waiting for the film.

    19) When will the audience see Mithun as Hason Raja on the screen?
    Hopefully towards the middle of next year you will be able to see Mithun as a reincarnation of Hason Raja.

    Interviewed by: Rezwan Maruf UK(EastWest magazine)

  83. ich finde dich spitze …..

    you are great

  84. dear great bong,

    i keep running into you from rediff, and various other sources……this is simply brilliat…. i remember, when i was in college, we would go out evry sat night and try to catch the night show of any mithun movie that would be playing…

    please also do not forget his immorable bengali movies…..two which come to mind immediately are bangalibabu and guru…..

    i will relate instance from guru……

    four ruffians…..advanicng towards mithun….mithun waiting…ruffian advancing….mithun waiting……ruffian close….mithun breaks into four a la mtrix….and thrashes all of them with lead pipe…..

    and bangalibabu…..

    mithu throws ruffian into well (very deep)….then jumps into bucket and goes down and clobbers him there tooo…..fight scene in well immediately followed by buxomy girls dance scene…….

    gr8 post

  85. prabhu ji ka das May 16, 2006 — 5:28 pm

    You r dead GB.Just when I thot i’ll take the initiative n started collecting material fr my thesis,here I am ……But being a sport….keep up.It takes more than a life to have so much passion…

  86. Mere toh mithun prabhu doosra na koi
    joh hove hor koi toh mera jeevan khatam hoyi !

    needless to add anything to mithun’s charisma n greatwork which is divine n pure like worshipping any god !

  87. Great job GB! Keep up the good work.

  88. This whole article seems to be making fun of Mithun.
    It seems that it is written in a sarcastic fashion.
    Mithun is a regular punching bag in our talks……

  89. dhanya ho prabhuji..
    bachpan se aap ke movies ka daas hu,
    aap ne har prakar ke movies ka revolution kiya starting from disco dancer, bond, and rakhawala movies. Million thanks to all work done.
    aap ka anokha andaaz and dialogues rulez.aap ke baare me jitna likho utna kum padta hai.
    I specially like your name called Bulllllet.. and movies done with sadashiv aamraupurkar as villians.
    will keep watching for more action from you..
    thanks prabhuji..

  90. Oh boy,
    I can’t help but laughing. Very funny.
    Great job. I am not an ardent fan of Mithun movies (& sanely can’t be) but after reading your article I can say that I am Fan of your writing.
    You have made my day

  91. CrimeMasterGoGo June 14, 2006 — 10:37 pm

    ey GreatBong ..

    first of all thanks for being honest (and correct) in ur assessment of God

    and then congratulations for creating awareness among fellow Indians towards Him and His movies ..

    count me in as his staunch disciple 😀

  92. I consider, Mithun-da to be the Chuck Norris of Bollywood. SO, here are some Chuck / Mithun quotes ( thanks to search / replace facility of notepad)

    1)Mithun-da died ten years ago, but Lord Yama can’t get up the courage to tell him.

    2)The chief export of Mithun-da is pain.

    3)Mithun-da frequently donates blood to the Red Cross. Just never his own.

    4)Mithun-da’s tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.

    5)The grass is always greener on the other side, unless Mithun-da has been there. In that case the grass is most likely soaked in blood.

    6)Mithun-da does not sleep. He waits.

  93. Ranjan Chakravarty June 15, 2006 — 7:49 am

    “Mithun-da does not sleep. He waits.”
    My compliments! Fabulous! Fabulous!
    I am old enough to have seen Surakksha when it came out in the theatres, and man, did I know right there and then, I habb jaast been ay hoeetnase to a dibhine barth…. The combination of Bappida (in the days before Bhappi) and Mithunda. Move aside 007, Gunmaster G9 was here…. It all made sense…. Five hundred years after Chaitanya Deb, we saw it! Because G9’s Gopi was simply the “M” behind Gauranga, you see. In reality there’s no mistaking it: The unsaid lines in all of creation are these: “The name’s Gauranga…….. Gauranga Chakraborty!”
    And years later I chance upon your blog, and I see that you too have recognized him for who he really is. The Monarch. You have no doubt recognized the Monarch, But have you pondered the role of his Divine Steed, Bappida, in the unfolding of the miracle? Remember, as Mahadev had Nandi, Mithun had Bappi.
    Mithun and Bappi delivered the first miracle right in Surakksha. Mithunda lip syncs it EXACTLY as Bappida sings it! Especially in “Toom jo vi ho, deel aaje do” (Bappida doing Daddy Cool — maach bettar than ordiginaal) and “Deel the (not thaa) akelaa akelaa, sathi meelaa alebelaa” (Bappida and Ushaji doing “Hasta Manana”).
    I am delighted to see devotion such as yours and that of all these wonderful, realised souls who who post here, alive and well so, so many years after the cataclysm burst upon us. Many of us old bhaktas are now Kakas and in some cases Didas. But it will live through you all!!! If I may say so, in joy, “Aieeeeeeee Saaalaaaaaa!!!”

  94. please can you check your facts?
    According to me the film Boxer was released in 1984 and the film Rocky in 1976. How can you accuse Rocky of copying from Boxer?

  95. CrimeMasterGoGo June 15, 2006 — 10:29 pm

    well dude kamal in that case u assume that the calender runs backwards .. i.e yr 1984 came before 1976 ….. simple as that , ok ? no doubting God bro .. 🙂

  96. long live the legend that is mithun!!!!!!!

    Yash Chopra
    Subash Ghai
    Ramesh Sippy
    Sanjay Gupta etc



  97. Taqdeer Ka Baadshah June 16, 2006 — 3:10 am

    How come no-one mentioned a classic like “Commando”?? I still remember, summer of 1988. First day first show. I wore my camouflage pants. That movie was a dynamite. I love the title song.. ‘ae mere sapane ae mere apane tu maane na haar, chahe toofan aaye hazaar, commando commando’

    And “Taqdeer Ka Baadshah”, Prabhu ji lands plane on marine drive. Ashanti..”Teri jaat ka baila maroon”

    Believe it or not, I watched “Jaal” only once and never heard song “Aapadi ki toopadi chhokari jawan” since then. This song is still stuck in my mind. What a fun song that is?



    I have always beena fan of Mithun Da’s Business Model ..

    The way the producers of his movies have seldom lost money have laughed their way to the banks while the Bollywood producers and financiers were worrying their life out of thir mind and resorting to all kinds of things from Numerology to Astrology to Vaastu Shaashtra to Marketing Blitz shaashtra …. Mithun Da concentrated on the Business of making movies which make money …

    And I guess my comment / response also marks a Century of comments for this massive post 🙂

    Long live Mithun da and his glory 🙂

  99. Very entertaining…i noticed there are no ads on your website! You are a good writer and can easily generate income as a blogger, from articles like these. You may contact me if you need help with this.

  100. Really nice post,

    Good writing skills.

    Undoubtly mithun is the god of masses..for people like me n you.

  101. Nice job!

    But what about his othes best films: The Naksalite, Ferari Fauj, Titli, Chaka, Kaalpurush???

    Why no one mentioned them? 🙂

  102. No mention of the Rambo Rajkumar Renaissance? You need to make entire post dedicated to his “golden age” in Ooty. Keep up the good work.

  103. Sirji,

    I am using part of your post as an introduction to a Mithun ISM community on ORKUT I have credited you obviously. Hope you approve.

    Plus, you are a high priest by default.


  104. best… i mean best…

  105. this is hilarious 🙂
    haha… very well written. Mithunda rocks!!! 😉

    Reminds me of:

    “I’m Krishnan Iyer Yum Yea, I’m nariyal paani wala.” (agneepath)


    “Mantriji:- “Ye kanch bullretproof hai.
    tum mujhe chu bhi nahi sakte”

    Mithun Da:-“Ye kanch bulletproof hai magar patthhar proof nahi”

    “Dushmano ki laashon par bhangra karne wala kabhi langda nahin hota”

  106. In his latest bengali movie”MLA Fatakeshto” Prabhuji`s pet dialogue is
    “maarbo ekhaney… laash porbey shoshaney”

  107. Mithun wows the Londoners- A memorable moment
    Mithun Chakraborty Wows the Londoners: A memorable moment

    Reports by Filmmaker Ruhul Amin Email:

    The show was on Sunday evening. It is an award ceremony organised by the Bangladeshi’s to promote talents of Bangladesh and UK based film and music industry.

    About 40 actors and singer arrived from Bangladesh and another 25 local artists participated in the ceremony at EXCEL, which is one of the largest auditoriums in London. About 3000 enthusiast attended from various corner of London city.

    The show commenced with a dance item by local group, colourful laser lighting created an illusion of the fantasy world.

    Then the award presentation, and in between the singers and dancers tried to entertain people. Purno Das Baul from Kolkata also created a brief nostalgia with his charming folk tune.

    It took long to present awards. I could, sense audiences agitated, whispering, where is Mithun? Is he here?…..Mithun……Mithun…..

    Fortunately the organisers sensed the danger and made a surprised announcement.
    The very person for whom you all have been waiting impatiently, our beloved Mithun Chakraborty is here……
    The announcer couldn’t complete her sentence, the uproar of the audience perhaps echoed miles away….mithun….mithun…..

    The sound of the orchestra and flashes of light created joys exhilaration.

    A tall figure with giant steps entered on to the stage. Light illuminated the celebrity and the surrounding figures of musician shrunk beyond recognition.
    He approached slowly towards the centre of the stage. His presence reminded the image of Bengal tiger.

    Marginalised, oppressed, in a forging land, desperately holding on to their only precious culture which is severely threatened?
    In a moment like that, the gigantic and powerful symbol of the very struggle still carrying the light of hope.

    His emergence on the stage evoked that complex and suppressed feelings of the British Bengalis. They couldn’t control their emotion. They jumped of the seats and a long standing ovation was the vivid example. It was a unique experience for me to witness such a memorable moment. His lovely smile and warmth of his greeting touched people’s heat within a fraction.


    Next time he came on to the stage and sang 2 songs and people were extremely delighted.

    The reaction of the audience clearly justify the main attraction of the show was only dada, a symbol no one else can replace.

    After the show I had an appointment to meet dada at the hotel to discuss our project further. When I arrived, there were about 200 people waiting for a glimpse of dada.
    It became unmanageable for the hotel authority, they closed the gate.
    I didn’t feel like to take advantage of my position and enter leaving behind those genuine crowed who turned up just to show their respect.

    In an age of stardom, greed and power; here is some one who has managed to create a place in people’s heart. I stood behind and felt proud of being a Bengali and a simple person.

    I was quite overwhelmed by the reaction of people who demonstrated their heart wrenching love and respect for a star that represents the true aspiration of millions around the world.

  108. hi. i’m looking for the torrent of gunda . . .please mail me if you know of any..
    crime master

  109. “In the movie “Panther” (or it could have been “Cheetah’’) He plays the role of an assassin who is coming out of a state of amnesia. Bourne Identity anyone?”

    Actually i think that was “Hard to kill” by mithun da of hollywood, Steven segall

  110. In a world where hype and imitation is thriving, this article is a real tribute to Mithunda one of Bollywood’s few originals. As a star and actor Mithun has really displayed his range from (to name a few) Mrigaya, Disco Dancer, Boxer, Thadar Katha, Swami Vivekananda to the recent Elan, which is also getting him great reviews. In his career he has bagged three NATIONAL AWARDS (WITHOUT POLITICAL BACKING) AND TWO FILMFARE AWARDS. Here’s an actor who made the audience believe that Black is Beautiful. At times he had worked without make-up – take me or leave me – I’ m Mithunda, the Bengal Tiger. An actor par excellence who worked in projects which AB & SRK would not even touch with a barge pole. His fans because of his guts, grit, originality and low profile attitude love him. In times when people are nuts after PR, Mithunda had stopped giving interviews to the press long back. He did not need a Ghai, Chopra or Ramu to reach here. He did not need a Godfather but he himself played Godfather for many in the industry.

    But finally I feel his fans mainly because of his goodness today love Mithun. A person who doesn’t think twice to help the needy, encourage sportsmen, adopt orphans, pay the nation’s highest Income Tax, etc. The list is endless the time and space is limited for a true Monarch like him.

    Thanks Mithunda for being an original in this world of duplicates, snobs (so called CLASSES) and paper tigers. Thanks for being a leader and not a blind follower.

    Keep it up, keep going and not to forget KEEP SHOOTING …V r 4 U.

    mithundas Hardcore Fan
    james jj

  111. Mithun returns with an item song
    Joginder Tuteja, IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, August 22, 2006]

    While Mithun Chakravorty’s interesting role in ‘Dil Diya Hai’ is being currently kept in wraps, his fans would be seeing more of him in the upcoming film ‘Kachchi Sadak’.

    He will be seen doing an item song in this social that is directed by Sanjay Singh and stars Rahul Singh and Rahul Dev. The song is a qawalli which has been shot for the first ever time at the famous pilgrimage shrine of Ajmer Sharif.

    Mithun appears in a complete ‘sufi’ getup as expected from a track belonging to this genre. Incidentally this is also the last film for which Late Amrish Puri shot.

    this is the 3rd most enlightening experience of my life after Prabhu ji’s movie BILLA NO 786 and a pakistani film BAROOD KI CHHAAON
    I wont add to the list by commenting.Just want to add my piece of info.In Billa No 786 Mithun da beats up the goon with his left hand while his right hand is in his pocket.
    Naturally people, after the scene, ask him why He didnt use his right hand. He stretching his right hand says

  113. Gunda online,

    To all the prabhuji fans heres a great news. Gunda is now available online 24X7 on google videos check it out for yourself and feel free to download heres the priceless link.

    Hope you guys will bless me for my noble research.


  114. Kachchi Sadak is releasing friday

  115. Mithun is doing new bengali film Hason Raja..

  116. You have single handedly dumped a ton of high octane fuel into the simmering hordes of Mithun minions worldwide. :)) More power to the movement.. your right up there with T Rama Rao and Kanti Shah in bringing the power to the masses.

    I have fwded this post to almost everyone I know. I suggest adding this to some school syllabus (of course to interested students… anyone who watches Karan Johar is expelled!!! )

    Watching Gunda right now… thanks to the guy who fished out that link from Google Videos… as someone said ‘epic poem’ every 2 lines of dialogue rhyme. Pain stakin attention to detail. Also too much information in one film..taking a break. My head aches with the breakneck speed of this masterpiece.

  117. Oyeeeeeeeeeee great blog ji.

  118. I still cant believe the text book form of ‘Mithunism'(gasp)…. should be made into a chapter of film history books….Karan Johar wud surely be mighty envious at the dedication to Mithun,the tiger….thru all the fans blogs.i can feel the love ok…..’aiii sala’…for starters……:)

  119. Mithunda has a diffrent feeling in Bengali’s mind. Not for his funny movies or down to earth acting but for an entirely diffrent reason. I personally bear a notion about Mithun Chakrabarty as a utter joke (of all his hindi movies although I liked one named Prem Pratigya) but at the same time I do respect some people sentiments. I have found many Bengalis including elders buying his first show ticket (during his hey days in acting) beacuse they wanted his movies to be a hit. I felt curious and asked some people and they said that they want Mithun to succeed… whatever he performs. Later I came to know that Bengalis have an immortal reverence to their best hero of all times Uttam Kumar. I do not know how many people of you have seen Uttam-Suchitra (the heroine of Andhi) romantic movies , but they have created a deep rooted love, affection and reverence to Bengali mind particularly those in fiftees and sixtees. Somehow Bengalis believe their Uttam Kumar would had been a superstar in Bombay too but due to some dirty politics he was not led to succeed. In fact the frustration of failure had finally led tio his demise. So when Mithun Chakrabarty rose to stardom amongst top Bollywood actors , they thought it was a great win and at the same time a sweet revenge (infact Mithun aslo had dedicated his success to his guru Uttam Kumar) and made Bengalis hysteric to watch his movies only to pay homage to an earlier failure. And believe me even his performances sometmes deft common senses, still they watch one oe several times to see him at the top.

  120. If one prabhuji can get you high, imagine what two can do. I just saw “Ladai” with two mithuns at a time. My head is still spinning from the hangover 🙂 !!!

  121. Join the club!!! Kanti ki Kranti !!!!
    Spread the light ….

    Gunda – fan club

    LOHA – fan club

  122. It was something that uplifted my ideas about the god.
    Earlier I was only a fan of “Prabhuji” but now I worship this idol. No doubt Mitun is our god n Mithunism our religion. Prabhuji ki jai ho.

  123. debarchana baruah October 18, 2006 — 1:14 pm

    well its very interestin …….i mean didn’t expect this whole info on ‘mithun da’ well atleast it made me aware of his versatility as an actor……….and also that only ignorance leads to unconsidered dismissal.neway……..i will the next time apply MY head and not be led by popular notions abt mithun da or nething else b4 articulatin my opinions

  124. thanks for enlightening ne… so less i knew about prabhuji’s maya…
    please forgive me o gr8 lord shri prabhuji… m at thy service.. will do anything and everything to impress thee and repent… punish me plss….

  125. mithunda is real gunmaste rof the bollywood….

  126. hua chori chori/pyarh7.jpg hua chori chori/pyarh8.jpg hua chori chori/pyarh9.jpg hua chori chori/pyarh10.jpg

    some link to mithunda’s pictures make visit please…

  127. to view the pictures you msut copy the whole link nad then paste to the adress bar and clik to visit…

  128. I adore him more than any other actor.He is a natural human being not a seperficial one like those false prophets
    in the industry.a superb actor

  129. Mithun is the best

  130. Every now and then, an incident occurs that changes a nation’s generation forever.The public psyche changes, the cuture changes, and things will never be the same again. (Example 9/11 for the USA). For India, in the 80s, the incident which changed our society forever was the release of “Disco Dancer”. People were nicknaming each other ‘disco’, store owners were naming their stores ‘disco’, we even had a ‘disco maulvi’ in Mysore. “Disco” came to mean anything fancy, or flashy or even modern. You should write about theis significant change in India, because this “disco culture” defined the 80s generation of India, of which I am a proud member.

  131. @Shab: Don’t forget Disco PNepe (used by shopkeepers in Kolkata to refer to the sweetest variety of ripe papaya). It’s a term still in use, I believe.

  132. so much respect for Mithunda great-great to know!!!!

  133. For some reason, Disco Dancer was a HUGE hit in the erstwhile USSR, circa 1984-89. The factory girls swooned over Mithun (just like their parents and grandparents had gone ga-ga over Raj Kapoor and Awara).
    The ordinary fans (those who thought about him twice a day) could just about lisp out ‘Mitkhun’. The ALL CAPS people prided themselves that they could pronounce MITHKHUN CHAKRAVARTY.

    What is the origin of the name Prabhuji?

  134. Mithun is a fantastic actor.Some short-minded people born in rich families wanted to see the death of Mithun as an actor.But he is a Taqdeer ka Badshah.I adore Mithun.He is a tremendously smart actor.I wont be long.I am grateful To GOD for the prensence of Mithun on Earth.

  135. I adore him more than any other actor.He is a natural human being not a seperficial one like those false prophets
    in the industry.a superb actor

    Mithun is a fantastic actor.Some short-minded people born in rich families wanted to see the death of Mithun as an actor.But he is a Taqdeer ka Badshah.I adore Mithun.He is a tremendously smart actor.I wont be long.I am grateful To GOD for the prensence of Mithun on Earth.

    Every now and then, an incident occurs that changes a nation’s generation forever.The public psyche changes, the cuture changes, and things will never be the same again. (Example 9/11 for the USA). For India, in the 80s, the incident which changed our society forever was the release of “Disco Dancer”. People were nicknaming each other ‘disco’, store owners were naming their stores ‘disco’, we even had a ‘disco maulvi’ in Mysore. “Disco” came to mean anything fancy, or flashy or even modern. You should write about theis significant change in India, because this “disco culture” defined the 80s generation of India, of which I am a proud member.

  136. I adore him too… Mitunda no one can replaces you!!!! You are rwal legend!!

  137. Wish someone does a PhD on Mithun. But it is going to need more than a lifetime. It will be a tough challenge.

    Authorspeak: PhD on Big B turns book

    In her recently released book Amitabh – the making of a superstar, Dasgupta – a sociologist with a PhD on Bachchan

    During her 16-year research on superstar, ………….

  138. The feeling was always there.i have alawys tried to follow Prabhu but somehow always felt so little yet blessed bout his being.Ryt from the day I nearly drove my dad to the zoo to buy an elephant (haathi mera saathi), to joining a disco class (Disco Dancer )and a boxing class (Boxer) and a judo class (Karate) to be as near to my ‘GOD’ in atleast some action.My trouser’s flare cleaned the whole township.
    The importance of different class like Jallad, Truck Driver , Army General,Bewdas,Taporis,Godmen has been clearly played out by THE SUPREME LORD.

    Every few centuries comes a great soul to pass on the message to the mankind about the immense possibilities and power human race has(the conventional physics , science and art are oh so lowly).How fortunate are v mere mortals that the grt LORD choose this era.
    Arise foolish soul , recognise and be blessed……
    Haiyeeeeeeeeeee Saaaaaaallaaaaaaaaa

  139. Mithun dada will be hason Raja soon!!!

  140. Yeh basti meri maa hai aur ye paani ka tanki mera baap. Aaaaee. Koi shak

    If I had dircted a Mithunda movie, I would have made him say that dialouge. Had done a post on on Dada Passionforcinema last week. But this one really beats it to hell.

    U can checkit out on

  141. Yeah! i lve 2 direct mithunda in decent film!!


    Watch Mithunda;s film rakhta Bandhan online.. rate and view much as you can!!

  143. More misses than hits, a run for the main man’s seat, big ventures sinking, a few surprises thrown in… it’s been turbulence time at Tollywood this year.

    Mithun Chakraborty came close to unsettling Prosenjit from the hot seat, while the heroine brigade marched ahead with Koel Mullick and Swastika Mukherjee as Rituparna Sengupta sought greener pastures in Bollywood.

    A quick look at who and what made a difference in Tollywood ’06.

    Shadows of Time. Director: Florian Gallenberger. Cast: Tannishtha Chatterjee, Prashant Narayanan, Irrfan, Soumitra Chatterjee

    What’s special: A Bengali feature film from an Oscar-winning German film-maker. An intense love story made in Bengal and garnished in Germany. Though the Bengali sensibility was missing, the breathtaking cinematography made up for it. Jute mills, redlight areas, the ghats of Ganga… the visuals were unlike anything that Bengali cinema has ever seen.

    Voiceover: “I wanted to make a film which would work for both Indian and western audiences. Calcutta was the right place for my film, as it has a strong notion of time passing and that is one of the main subjects of the film” — Florian Gallenberger.

    Bibar (Calcutta Unabashed). Director: Subrata Sen. Cast: Subrata Dutta, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Sabyasachi Chakraborty

    What’s special: Samaresh Basu’s banned-for-obscenity novel, but Calcutta unabashed? Hardly. What seemed outrageous in the Seventies is tame for today’s teens. So, Sen spiced up his script with some “bold scenes” — bedroom romps and bare back shots — which raked in the box-office collections.

    Voiceover: “I haven’t deviated from the book thematically. But as the book was set in 1960s and the film is in contemporary times, I incorporated changes that were relevant” — Subrata Sen.

    Herbert. Director: Suman Mukhopadhyay. Cast: Subhashish Mukherjee, Joyraj Bhattacharjee, Lily Chakraborty, Bratya Basu

    What’s special: It dared to be different. Theatre director Mukhopadhyay surprised us with this unusual tale (told by writer Nabarun Bhattacharya) of a bullied and battered black sheep of a decadent zamindar family. A slice of the Naxal period was dished out without didacticism. Both Joyraj and Subhashish touched a chord as young and mature Herbert, respectively.

    Voiceover: “It was since 1997-98 that I had started to develop the book into a script. Ever since I read the novel, I knew that it had the potential to be made into a film” — Suman Mukhopadhyay.

    Dosor. Director: Rituparno Ghosh. Cast: Prosenjit, Konkona Sen Sharma, Pallavi Chatterjee, Parambrata Chatterjee, Shankar Chakraborty

    What’s special: A black-and-white film with a contemporary theme. Marital infidelity, relationships and gender issues. Prosenjit and Konkona, together for the first time. And the monochromatic look and feel of the film. Prosenjit’s silence was effective, as was Konkona’s confusion.

    Voiceover: “I didn’t find the need to use colour in this film. Black and white gave me the umbrella colour to join all the incidents and disparate elements. The film begins with one relationship, keeps progressing with many relationships and then comes back to the first relationship” — Rituparno Ghosh.

    MLA Phatakesto. Director: Swapan Saha. Cast: Mithun Chakraborty, Debasree Roy, Koel Mullick

    What’s special: Mithunda and his dialogues. The rehash of the Anil Kapoor-starrer Nayak was the year’s biggest box-office draw. Goon-turned-MLA Mithun took over the turnstiles, leaving romantic/action heroes Prosenjit and Jeet behind. The success story was such that Shree Venkatesh is planning a sequel.

    Voiceover: “Marbo ekhane, lash porbe sashane…” — Mithun as MLA Phatakesto.

    Nayak. Director: Sujit Guha. Cast: Prosenjit, Sayantani Ghosh, Swastika Mukherjee, Ashish Vidyarthi

    What’s special: Prosenjit’s most successful film of the year. It clashed with Jeet’s Hero, but managed to stay ahead. So, Tollywood’s hero number one managed to clutch on to his crown.

    Voiceover: “The film did pretty well” — Prosenjit.

    Agnipariksha. Director: Ravi Kinagi. Cast: Prosenjit, Priyanka Trivedi

    What’s special: A remake of Khilona where Prosenjit plays Sanjeev Kumar. Despite a stellar performance from the leading man, the film crashed, hurt its producers and sank comeback girl Priyanka.

    Voiceover: “It’s a performance-oriented commercial film. There are no fights in it” — Prosenjit.

    Kranti. Director: Riingo. Cast: Jeet, Swastika Mukherjee, Ashish Vidyarthi

    What’s special: The Jeet-Swastika combo, rock music by Bangla band members Samidh, Rishi, Som… Kranti fell far short of the mini-revolution in Tollywood that its makers had promised. Because too many things were dated, from the same old story of rape and revenge to Jeet’s cliched transformation from meek village boy to action hero.

    Voiceover: “The storyline is inspired by Ram Gopal Varma’s Shiva and so is the treatment” — Riingo.

    Jisshu and Nilanjanaa in Aamra
    Aamra. Director: Mainak Bhaumik. Star cast: Jisshu Sengupta, Nilanjanaa, Parambrata Chatterjee, Ananya Chatterjee

    What’s special: It is touted as Tollywood’s first sex comedy, but Aamra’s uniqueness lies elsewhere. The year’s last release is a candid, bold exploration of sexuality and relationships in modern Bengali society. A documentary-style narrative, deliberate jerky camera movements, jump cuts and natural acting set it apart.

    Voiceover: “They are a bunch of confused, anxious, compassionate and adorable characters… It is more of a verbal sexual comedy, more about telling than showing” — Mainak Bhaumik.

    Six sidelights…

    Madhavan and Konkona in Sunglass
    Filming of Brick Lane: A village off the Bypass became Bangladesh in mid-October, when British film-maker Sarah Gavron landed in town to shoot some flashback portions for the film adaptation of Monica Ali’s novel with a local cast and crew. As Nazneen, Tannishtha Chatterjee roamed the paddy fields thinking of her childhood in Mymensing.

    Sameera Reddy returns: The dusky beauty was back in town for yet another Bengali film by Buddhadeb Dasgupta — Aami, Yasin O Amar Madhubala. This time, she has Prosenjit for company.

    Bangali babu Jackie Shroff: Mouthing Bengali lines isn’t easy for him, but King Uncle didn’t mind giving it one more try. After Antarmahal, the role of a prostitute’s patron in Raatporir Roopkatha brought him here in November.

    Star-studded Sunglass: Madhavan, Naseeruddin Shah, Jaya Bachchan… Rituparno Ghosh’s comedy brought rare acting talent to town, from Technicians Studio to Lahabari, St James Church to Gariahat market.

    Technicians Studio privatisation: Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee’s privatisation pitch bypassed protest meets, sit-ins and strikes by the film industry members. The studio has been leased out to Zee for a makeover and infrastructure upgrade.

    Adlabs comes to town: Our film-makers will no longer need to rush to Chennai or Mumbai for post-production work. Ace firm Adlabs has finally set up base in Tollygunge and Salt Lake. From film processing to recording, editing, dubbing and Dolby digital mixing, the two units at two ends of town will offer everything we needed.


    Visit the site- Mithun new film Hason Raja…


    Watch mithun Patita online… clik that link!!!!…=moviesAction71

    Watch mithun Ustadi ustadse on lin abobve!!

  146. everyone please visit and visit mithun films!!

  147. Well, you missed out another teriffic sequence from the movie “watan ke rakhwale” from where the idea of spiderman was stolen… however, the masked Toby Mcguire could never begin to compare with our very own maskless Mithun Da!

  148. i m lookin opt for a song from suraksha movie.. tum jo bhi ho dil aaj do .. its really rare to find and anybody help me in this..

  149. to all mithun fans!!! my request to you please make visit and and vote for Mithunda for chingaari in villanious category!!!! hope you will do it soon!!!

  150. Reviews on Mithun’s Performance in Mani Ratnam’s Guru
    -Mithun is a godsend in this can’t imagine anyone else in that role.
    -Mithun Daa was mindblowing
    -Mithunda;s real comeback is guru and he rocks.Mani deserves full credit for finetuning this brilliant actor
    -MITHUN CHAKABORTY has finally got a role that he sink his teeth deep into..he has performed it so brilliantly that you wonder why this actor was wasted in B and C grade movies all these years..hs interactions with Guru, his mixed feelings of love and hate towards his god son, and his outburst at his staff running his newspaper firm have been excellently enacted by the actor..this should the comeback movie for this actor.
    -Mithunda has delivered a knockout performance
    -Blasting performance by Mithunda.
    -Mithun, we are glad you made a strategic move to act in such a movie and not yet another B grade flick! You show us glimpses of what you are truly capable of! BRAVO!

    -Mithunda may be a revelation to Bollywood audiences unfamiliar with his art-house work, but Mani uses him very well in a role that justifies his top billing in the movie’s credits. His character is strong but with weaknesses, great but almost tempted to give up the nobility. Mithun portrays this inner conflict with terrific moderation, and is largely responsible for the film reaching a crescendo in the first half.
    -Mithun Chakraborthy as the idealist newspaper publisher is first rate.
    -But the surprise element here is Mithun Da – his acting takes you back to his National Award days.

    -Mithun Chakraborty wanted to work with Mani Ratnam in 1997 when Ratnam was making IRUVAR, but it required Mithun to shave his head, which he couldn’t do at the time due to commitments with prior projects. 10 years later, Mithunda finally works in a Mani Ratnam film and the result is fantastic. As the monument for truth and justice, Nanaji stands for everything that is right in every sense, and Mithun plays his author backed character to perfection. He brings so much warmth and sincerity to his performance, and elevates every scene he is in. The scenes he shares with Abhishek are simply delightful, as from their initial scenes as friends to their later scenes as foes the histrionics bowls the viewer over.
    -Mithun Chakraborty too, handles his part with great finesse. Although the actor made a comeback long ago, this role has bestowed back the grace and intensity he was once associated with.
    -Mithun Chakraborty is magic personified; here’s an actor of caliber doing what he does best. It’s sad that the industry isn’t offering him roles he deserves.

    -The best of the part of the movie is Mithun. Even after the movie Mithun’s acting lingers in your head and gives something to remember for a long time. His acting is immensely personified. Mithun’s love for Guru (Abishek), struggle to stay honest on his own and stick to the truth can only be performed by our Mithun’da! This tormented feelings within the actor (Mithun) on screen come so much alive. I loved every bit of him since that is such a difficult character to portray on screen. Mithun’s acting is flawless and I would be very surprised if Mithun too does not get the award besides Abishek. Mithun is enjoyable at scenes such as the “meow meow” when playing the twins is so cute. Mithun’s talent is not wasted even though he has a shorter role. Mani Ratnam injects Mithun’s genius acting capability at the perfect situations of the movie. What’s incredible too is that Mithun never overacts in any scene. It’s that perfectly natural ! Mithun better get an award for this movie!
    -Mithunda performance shows why he has been rewarded from 3 national awards , great performance by mithunda
    -Mithun is superb in the newspaper owner’s role. The subtle difference between the two is Abhishek plays the character and Mithun becomes the character. Experience matters. All the time you feel that Abhishek is trying to hold the bearing whereas Mithun forces the audience to forget that his character is being played by an actor called Mithun Chakraborty.
    But you wish there was more of Mithun
    Best performance comes from the veteran Mithun Chakraborthy who is just perfectly cast

  151. PALASH CHAKRABORTY January 18, 2007 — 7:03 pm

    hey guys i m the great fan og mithun da , my altime fevourit hero

  152. Mithunda deserve award for Kaalpurush, Gudia and Titli, but why he didnt get it?



  155. Dear Nikita,

    Follow below link for Suraksha, “Tum jo bhi ho di aaj do”
    Enjoy the song!

  156. Hi Greatbong,
    I found the copy of this post at!646EC1345AC5EC8C!287.entry

    Just wanted to let you know that people are copying your stuff.
    I appreciate your writing talent. Keep the good work up.

  157. I want CD or movie clips of Ramakrishna Movie, If anybody know link of the movie plzzzzzzzzzzz mail me on my id

  158. hey buddy….i am just like u a great fan of mithun can u please send me the song “mausam hai gaane ka” from the movie suraksha……i will be ever so greatfull to u… has loads of my childhood memories

  159. Mithun: A paradoxical Phenomenon
    By: Dr. Usman Khawaja

    India is a very mysterious land and it is also just as varied. You have more than 100 languages and as many racial equivalents. In a land so rich it is absolutely impossible to find any chance of agreement on any single issue.

    The query here is who would be crowned the best star actor in this culturally rich diversity. The names that spring to your mind are many. There is Sanjeev Kumar, Amitabh Bachchan, Rajesh Khanna, Kamal Hassan, Dilip Kumar and finally Mithun Chakraborty, not to exclude Uttam Kumar the predecessor king of Bengali cinema.

    Now no one can deny they need to see how the racial question divides India. The northern Indians have never accepted either Bengali or Southern male stars, whatever the persona or talent. While Hema Malini,`Vyjanti Mala and Sharmila Tagore have ruled the box office, no one other than Mithun from regional cinema has ever made into the top three coveted male star positions, as far as box office is concerned never mind the artistic merits of Pyar Jukhta Nahin and Disco Dancer, they were super hits.

    Mithun Chakraborty defies this so called bigotry as he was born of regional cinema and then despite his Bengali accent and looks, became one of the top most star in mainstream Bollywood without having to resort to the charity or support of Yash Chopra or Ramesh Sippy.

    Rajesh Khanna and Amitabh Bachchan made their super hits and all the quality movies with Sippy’s or Chopra’s. In this way Mithun is a paradox and enigma, as he was labelled a poor man’s Amitabh, despite Jaya Bachchan saying in 70s that he was more talented than Amitabh Bachchan and that is on record.

    Now looking at the resume no other actor has a movie like Mrigaya-The Royal Hunt, and no one ever will have the courage either in Hollywood or Bollywood to attempt that, in fact it seems to have inspired Apocalypto, it’s a tribute to Mrinal Sen, Mithun Chakraborty and Mamta Shanker, which is unique in the world of cinema, even if you disregard the three national awards he won on the basis of his talent, rather than by influencing the jury’s like Hum Tum and Black, which has become rife today, in fact national awards have become a joke in last few years, but he and Sanjeev Kumar won them when they were genuine.

    Hum Tum was a second rate version of Harry Met Sally done by a second rate Sharukh Khan copycat Saif Ali Khan, who landed a national award just as Amitabh Bachchan did in Black, a copy of Miracle Worker the great movie about Helen keller from the 60s, if anyone deserves an award in black it’s the child artist who some how managed a natural performance despite the pretentiousness which engulfed black. How this award was attained only god can answer that question or the jury.

    Mithun Chakraborty has proven himself in multi-starrers like Ghulami opposite Dharmendra and Naseer Uddin Shah and in Hum Paanch too, where he was the best again. But also he has the versatility to play a romantic hero as in Prem Pratigya one of the best romantic movie on Indian screen opposite Madhuri Dixit, and that is what deserves to be called a love story, not the designer monstrosities that the Chopra’s make in the name of love.

    I have yet to see Amitabh Bachchan play a romantic lead himself convincingly. In Kabhi Kabhie and Silsila all he did was frowning and brooding over lost love, in Bemisaal and Jurmana he was angry , name one love story like Aradhana or Amar Prem or Safar where any emotion of love has been ever been expressed by him convincingly in any movie.
    He was the angry young man of the 70s and had comic timing and his physique suited action roles, which were very popular in the 70s and 80s, but name any great love movies and you, come up with zilch; Kabhi Kabhie belongs to Rakhee, Shashi Kapoor, Sahir and Khayyam.

    There is no doubt whatever anybody says about Mithun Chakraborty’s dancing talent. He was the best and still is the best dancer Hindi screen has produced. Whether it is ethnic or disco dancing he has always been superb. Just watch him in Zeehale Muskin the song from Ghulaami or song from Disco Dancer. They are all done by him stylishly and flawlessly. Kamal Hassan can dance but Rajesh didn’t even try neither did Dilip sahib, as for Amitabh Bachchan he copied the steps from Albela and Mootilal in every movie, at least he has the grace to admit it, but look at it today, Hrithik is the best now and he can do about five steps which he repeats in every movie hilariously.

    Mithun chakraborty was never cast by big movie houses he had to content himself with the so called B- grade cinema, yet he made gems like Ghulaami, Prem Pratigya, Gudia and Jallad.

    His bilinguality is another asset, while no one can deny the richness of Bengali cinema and its diversity, no Hindi actor has contributed to that, but Mithun has to Hindi cinema, that’s a compliment to him and an asset for Hindi cinema.

    The only other actor from India to rival him is possibly Kamal Hassan with Sadma and Ek Duje Ke Liye but his movies have never got the popular Bollywood appeal and he only appeared in a handful, unlike Mithun Chakraborty who is still working in Hindi mainstream like Elaan and Chingaari, despite Mani Ratnam and Amitabh Bachchan trying to discredit him in Guru he still managed too give the best performance in the fist half. The second half is comprehensible to only people who have no clue as to how a screenplay should be written as the journalist of Madhavan and Mithun chakraborty totally disappear in the second half which was a paradox in itself, as the script seemed to indicate the movie was a battle between the immoral industrialist Guru and the honest journalists Madhavan and Mithun Chakraborty.

    To glorify Abhishek Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan had to dub this incompetent actor very shabbily, in an awfully unrealistic speech from a stroke ridden man, Amitabh Bachchan didn’t even give any consideration to the fact that a man suffering from a stroke would be dysphasic or stutter or stammer, he went on his Baghban like sermonising while Mr Ratnam, the director has been left to be a laughing stock at the expense of the Bachchan’s, I wonder what Mr Ratnam’s got to say for himself as I believe Mithun Chakraborty has raised some serious accusations about his role being ripped off, which is obvious as he and Madhavan are absent from the court scenes all together, what an idiosyncrasy and how convenient for the Bachchan’s.

    I feel more sorry for people like them rather than Mithun who has a rich resume with movies like Gudia which were in competition in Cannes (not a single other stars has that merit,) and Titli which again won numerous international awards world over. While Gudia and Titli might not set the Indian box office on fire, their artistic merit like Mrigya-The Royal Hunt is unquestionable.

    Finally can I inform you that in 1987 a Russian magazine voted Mithun Chakraborty as one of the sexiest men on the planet, I think the only other actor is Dharmendra who was voted so by Italians in the 70s. So much for the North Indian bigotry as to Mithun as a second rate to Amitabh Bachchan, in fact I would think Mr Bachchan should take a bow to Mr Chakraborty and learn a few things from Mrigaya, Gudia and Titli rather then keep making second rate remakes of Hollywood classics like Miracle Worker and godfather as Sarkar and Black, after all it is originality which is immortal rather then even a master fake.

    I hope this is not taken as a racial or linguistic comparison. I am talking of the talent of an individual rather than creed or religion, language or age.

  160. no response regarding the article!!

  161. Anindya De Bhaumik March 17, 2007 — 8:54 am

    Very touchy article on Dada.May I request all fans around this world to read more about Dada and let others know more about him. Carry on dera fans of Dada and dear collegues of mine.Keep up the good work, I am with you.

  162. the article is really a hillarious one.. till date i thought that im the only person who notices such DETAILS about mithun da..but now i feel dat im not the only one… the content can really make you go into spills of laughter..
    good work…!

  163. Really True words for a humble human and honest actor who intializes with a drop and ends at an Ocean for his performance. No doubt that PrabhuJi is still a superstar and this can be witnessed in every 99 out of 100 CD-DVD parlours where Mithun Da’s movies contributes to allmost 60 % of the business.
    Hats Off to this legend….and thanks for the post and giving great information

  164. Mrigaya
    Mithun’s master act in Mrinal’s masterpiece
    Writer and Director: Mrinal Sen
    Cast: Mithun Chakraborty and Mamta Shanker
    Language: English, Hindi and Urdu [fascinating]
    Duration: Perfect
    Rating: A genuine masterpiece
    Awards: All the national awards plus a lot of international awards

    This is a testament to the great talent of Mrinal Sen and Mithun, who is the only actor in the history of Indian cinema to win the laurels [national and international awards] in his debut act.

    It is indeed a sheer pleasure to see him play a fearless young tribal man, proud and noble, exuding raw energy in every frame in a simple langooti [loincloth].
    He is the son of the local village headman, somewhere in the mountains of north-eastern India. In the last days of British Raaj, who loves a local young woman [Mamta], she happens to be abducted by a local money lender, in lieu for the debt of ten rupees owed by her father to the Mahajan, who is the local equivalent of shylock,
    except this man holds nothing sacred, whether a human life or a woman’s virtue, he violates every code of ethics, in one scene where a child is eaten by a tiger he consoles the bereaving family by telling them at least they have one less mouth to feed.

    So begins the Royal Hunt [Mrigaya], a proud warrior on a quest alone against a corrupt system, a solo young man in search of justice even if it has to be self acquired and a landmark in world cinema.

    I say so because the remarkable similarities between this movie and Apocalypto are too many to be coincidental, only Mel Gibson has not given any comments on his inspiration.

    The character of the hunter who is also the quarry is a unique portrayal by Mithun, his eyes glowing like fireballs set against his darkly handsome countenance with his superb physique, and he looks more like a jaguar on the hunt which is indeed royal by any comparison.

    The subplot of his brief friendship with the local Anglo administrator who befriends him and becomes his ardent admirer in respect of his unique hunting talent is a very relevant comet on the colonisation of India and the evils and benefits we derived from that experience. The sympathetic English woman who plays the wife of the commissioner is a symbol for the virtues the British brought to India along with the corruptions as well.

    The setting is natural, no sets are erected, and it’s the adivasi village and the colonial mansion and the forest which is the playground for this master class in how to direct an entertaining movie on a shoestring budget.

    The symbolic white costumes reflect the purity of the two main characters, as does the rest of the simple yet totally relevant wardrobe used in the movie, the whites contrast brilliantly with the beautiful black Dravidians bodies of Mithun and Mamta, a tribute to the natives of the sub-continent.

    The cinematographer is superb in the manner he conveys the calm and quiet, yet the frenzy of the climax, the movie is shot in various techniques, maybe one of the first movies in India where the camera is being handheld to convey the feelings and experiences of the characters directly to the audience.

    The luscious greens of the tea estates and the rocky terrain alternatively help to build the mood of the movie from a soft core to a terrifying climax; the landscape plays a vital role in storytelling.

    The background musical score is authentically ethnic as is the movie with tribal women chanting in local dialect melodiously while reaping the harvest or the simple tabla playing in frenzy in the chase sequences culminating in a frantic mood.

    The director is brilliant, to say the least, every sequence is meticulously planned and the brilliant scene in the colonial compound where the triumvirate of the English, the old Muslim guardsman and Mithun talk about the remains of a human skull dig out from the grounds reflecting on the vanity of human existence is uniquely executed in English, Urdu and Hindi languages, symbolising the rich culture of the paradox that India is, and yet Mrinal Sen doesn’t betray his characters or the audience into sentimentality or unnecessary violent gore, a tribute to his aesthetic sense and to his cinematic genius.

    He succeeds in making a master thriller without any stuntmen or special effects, a lesson for today’s filmmakers who have turned our cinema into a circus, Mithun has done all his stunts from the archery and the bare hand fights by himself in an extraordinary manner, unique to this actor in an action thriller, the sequence where he chases and captures the deer is proof enough.

    But then the final accolade goes to Mithun in a role he was born to play, he symbolises India itself, raped, pillaged and exploited yet defiant and proud and eternal, blessed with the soul of a martyr yet humane enough to break the chains that try to bind it from time to time.

    They say every true artist is born to do one solo act that justifies their god given talent, Mithun is indeed blessed he found his dream come true in his debut role,
    he is a spontaneously natural actor and doesn’t need the help of Methodism, he was perfectly cast and delivered more then required in this Indian masterpiece, there aren’t enough adjectives in English language to praise this performance, in a simple loincloth, his eyes doing most of the talking and his superb body language expressed by his perfectly athletic frame, he is stunning.

    Mamta with her innocent looks and simple beauty devoid of any makeup matches him all the way; she too wears the same costume throughout the movie.

    The movie was made at a time when glamour was the order of the day in Hindi cinema, yet this artful but effortless simplicity was a slap in the face for the makers who were exploiting and still are the simple audience by cheap gimmicks and melodrama.
    If you take your cinema seriously and haven’t seen this movie you aren’t seen anything yet.

    Review writer: Usman Khawaja

  165. Forget Mani Ratnam’s Guru, I prefer Umesh Mehra’s Guru (1989). Mithun and Sridevi sizzled in it with Sridevi in a double-role. Shakti Kapoor looked too good as villain in light suit and shades. It had everything – action, romance, suspense, comedy, etc. The end scene where Shakti Kapoor shoots Sridevi in the chest with a pistol and she kills him with a granade is one heavy scene.

  166. Forget Mani Ratnam’s Guru, I prefer Umesh Mehra’s Guru (1989) which was a Sridevi double-role starer. Mithun and Sridevi sizzled in it. Shakti Kapoor looked too good as villain in light suit and shades. It had everything – action, romance, suspense, comedy, etc. The end scene where Shakti Kapoor shoots Sridevi in her chest with a pistol and she kills him with a granade is one heavy scene.

  167. A KIND OF ENGLISH-UK-written and directed Ruhul Amin-Channel 4 TV-1986

    Review by: Usman Khawaja


    It is a pleasure to see this soulful rendering of the plights of a Bengali family in the ghetto of London’s east end through the eyes of their nine year old
    (Jamil Ali) son who is witnessing the helplessness of his parents in the face of financial ruin and unemployment due to racial discrimination in late 80s.

    The focus is the child and his silent psychological trauma as he sees his mother (Lolita Ahmed) struggling to meet the ends while his unemployed father takes his frustration out at her and the rest of the family which comprise his uncle Tariq (Andrew Johnson) who is a minicab driver symbolising the heroic valour of Asian men who indulge in this hazardous profession worldwide from Chicago to Sydney when there is no other option available to financial stability.

    Yet add to this the heady wisdom of a withered old granny who relates the magical fables of the golden rivers of Bangladesh to her grandson and you have a delightful but thought provoking concoction which goes straight to your heart.

    The stage is set in the redbrick council states of hackney where we see the camera poetically sweep through the lanes and parks of east London like a gentle caressing breeze, yet this poignant story doesn’t treat its characters as Asian caricatures seen recently in Bollywood and Hollywood presentations but as individuals that we really are and how we as a community have established ourselves worldwide, not without a struggle but with absolute faith in our family structure.

    The little boy is the focus of this tale yet you care for every character from the mum who stitches for a local garment factory to the proud Muslim Bengali father who is ashamed of his wife supporting the family while he struggles ineptly to find a job, mean while the son builds a model toy house from his imagination which symbolises his domestic haven and the heartbreak intensifies as he sees his parents rowing for financial reasons.

    The movie is a true portrayal of Asians living abroad and not the erotic fairy tales I’ve seen recently from Hollywood and Bollywood, the inspiring finale has to be seen not revealed as the solid script and soulful but complete characters proceed with their everyday life and head into a chaotic crisis.

    The camera captures the narrow lanes and parks of east London in a poetic manner yet the colours reflect the grim subject in a natural manner with reds and blues predominating the lush green of Victoria park shown initially as a paradise in the midst of hackneys nightmarish reality, you will not see an inner city so truly explored anywhere else except in Italian cinema.

    I must pay homage to channel 4 for financing these wonderful ethnic projects, as my beautiful laundrette but this is from a total Asian perspective and no one can refute the sincerity of this project but laud its genuine emotion for its subjects.

    the director triumphs in gently and subtly evoking a painful discussion on racial discrimination and individuals rights in an ethnic community as well as social comment on the way Bengali Muslims live in a very constructive way without insulting women or men, but showing them as victims of circumstances which you will all agree we mortals are whether in luck now or London.

    Yet I felt like I was walking naked on a moonlit beach with a gentle breeze caressing my body though I knew there were sharks in the water but I was chilled by my experience with this enigmatic piece of Anglo -Bengali cinema which is neither exploitative nor sermonising but rather an observation of a slice of reality, as true cinema should be and that is where I will say
    Ruhul Amin reminds me of INGMAR BERGMAN.

    A must see. THANKS FOR READING , do leave some criticism please.

    This review writen by Usman Khawaja

    * Filmmaker Ruhul Amin is doing next film with Mithun Chakraborty. He is from UK. The he is doing with Mithunda is Hason Raja..

  168. Prabhu jo ki jai ho

  169. Prabhuji ki jai ho!!!

    hey buddy

    This is the best blog on Prabhuji…I have ever read..!!!
    Keep up the good work…btw where r u from…?

  170. I am also fan of Mithunda from childhood.
    Love to see, so much love and respect for him..

  171. Jesus tapdancing-theological-historian-and-greatest-solver-of-brownian-motion-riddles Christ Phd, MPhil, MTech, BTech (IIT),Class XII…………………..this has to be the funniest post I have ever read in my life.

    Very very awesome post. “Agar tujhe halwa khana hain, to tujhe likhna parega. Likh Likh”

  172. great mithunda is doing film hason raja!!!

  173. i need a little help here there is a movie that mithum made in that movie he act with an eliphant i want to know the name of that movie 2) he also made one i could remenber the song in the movie karatie some 1 had stole his mother necklist and he was also seperated for his family

  174. I have to admit your post on Mithunda has actually rekindled my love for him…it has brought back fond memories of going for “Dance Dance* with my family after school…time when the only aspiration I had was in my life was to be able to master the art of break dance…the hustle and bustle of this cprporate life has eradicated these beautiful thoughts from my mind but your mail has restored it all back!!
    Thank you!

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  176. I guess the most researched writing on Mithun Da’s achievements……Bravo!!!!


  178. Hello
    I’m Lasha kankava, profesional actor. 26 old

    please sed me the mail mithun chakroborti

    I wiil to mail him

    I see ewri hiz films and I wery love this actor

    I hope in u and wate ansver

    best regards


  179. Awesssum blog dude
    Jai Mithun da ..
    what a guy ..wha a guy ..
    he is a brand in himself

  180. great thing thank u verry much.

  181. Ther is no doubt mithun sir is a great and a versatile actor ,he is the hero of masses .
    His own story is a path pradarshak to those who struggle with their lives and went to the wrong path ,why not they follow the life of mithun and come into main stream of life ……
    message to those people who went on to the path of terror and never come back but there is a way like mithun did in his past .
    He is really a great hero.
    I think a book shoould be witten on the life of mihtun da rather than any other aaa…aaa.he…rroooo like shaa…rrr….kh..who did nothing,but buy filmfare awards underr the arms of karan johar,yash chopra who never make the films for masses but make the films for western followers and multiples viewers only.

  182. karan johar,yash chopra who never made fillms for massess but only for multiplex viewers.


    This is to update the latest position of the film production of Hason Raja.

    Filmmaker Ruhul Amin has just returned to London after spending about two months in Mumbai, Kolkata and Dhaka . Final mixing of the music was carried out at the Yesh Raj studio in Mumabai and the mastering has been completed at the Town House studio in London .

    Mithun Chakraborty has agreed on a shooting schedule starts from January 2008. Raima Sen is overwhelmed with the news of the shooting schedule and has signed contract in Mumbai.

    Ruhul has organised all the production personalities in Mumbai, Kolkata and Dhaka . Siladitya Sanyal of Kolkata has been appointed as executive producer.

    Ruhul also has travelled extensively in search of suitable locations in Kolkata and Dhaka . He will fly out of London towards end of September to organise pre-production which will take about 3 months.

  184. E L A A N
    An assertive Declaration and Proclamation

    This urban modern day reworking of the Sippy’s classic works primarily as it scours the prodigal body of law and order and questioning the effete judiciary as well as making some very relevant comments on the international extradition treaties, but it has a crisp script and a fine narrator as Vikram Bhatt who stylishly translates this dark but fast paced thriller onto the silver screen.

    The modern tale of a menacing, cold, calculating mastermind criminal is played by a highly charged Mithun who looks every bit the international criminal who publicly announces the assassination of a billionaire for ransom and then executes it while making a mockery of the law and order, his malignant smile, mean sneer and panther like posture are enough to make this a truly dark character as evil as Hannibal Lecter, this is a stellar act and he walks away with the highest plaudits, but Rahul Khanna as the bereaving son who must reap justice for his fathers soul is superb too as the quiet and shy but extremely intelligent youth who recruits a brilliant ex army mastermind to plan the vendetta, played with Elan by Arjun Rampal as the single parent with a young daughter and they are accompanied by John Abraham, a conniving, but cunning criminal who joins the group for lust and greed.

    The weakest link are the 2 female leads, while Lara Dutta as Abraham’s femme fatale Mata Hari lookalike girlfriend as a dancing diva injects the movie with a lethal dose of glamour, Amisha as the investigative journalist posing to be Rahul khanna’s lover is very ineffective as are the romantic production numbers which mar and hamper the narrative.

    But the visual splendours are enough to make up for these shortcoming as the thriller progress from Mumbai to a gondola chase in venetian canals and a motorbike-lorry sequence caught on an alpine freeway against a panorama which puts bond to shame.

    The movie is darkly yet atmospherically shot from Italy to the Bavarian heartland and the gunfights are breathtakingly staged on the snow capped alpine slopes with a technical finesse rarely seen in Hindi cinema, it is here that the soul of this erstwhile classic is imbued with its urban metaphysical form as the style and content come together with a brilliant director and an ensemble cast.

    This is one of the most alluring products from the Bhatt stable and despite somewhat hurried and makeshift finales; it is a worthy successor to its classic predecessor.

    The socio political comments on the Indian judiciary and the establishments impotency to protect a victim or punish the aggressor are chillingly narrated in a highly affective manner and this makes an effective declaration of a great proclamation an eye for an eye and while some may argue that can make the whole world blind, I would rather live in a blind world rather then an unjust world.

    This is how you execute a criminal and an erstwhile classic when you are remaking Sholay’s and Dons, the only other Hindi thriller made by the talented Farhan Akhtar which was even better then this fine product in totally overshadowing its predecessor even though the original products are just as credible as the remakes, but they have to be executed with a vision and finesse and not just technical wizardry which while exciting can lead to a damp squid like recent remakes.

    Usman Khawaja

  185. mithunda is great

  186. he is certainly!!!


  188. I enjoyed this one post too much. Can’t really make out if you were mock-worshipping Mithunda or not, but I personally don’t think too highly of him as an actor. I know of his exploits as a humanitarian (and that’s quite appreciable); but as an actor and dancer I guess most of his movies are crap (I can’t stand the melodrama and unrealistic plots in the 80’s and 90’s school Bollywood movies– though they are food for good-hearted humour!). Except for those three national-award winning ones.

  189. “I think these people should rot in Hell with 72 virgins. 40 year old male virgins that is.”
    Smart line, except that if the person being cursed is a woman, it does look to favour her.

    “In the morning I realized that He also may have meant that all He did was touch silicon (ie sand) and not Sushmita Sen, the creature of flesh and bone.”

  190. The tale of Mithunism was well told bbut not complete:(.
    If people talk about in great lenght about the rejuvination of Amitabh Bachan(after KBC) or the rebirth of Saif Ali Khan …. then the recent rise of statesman Mininster Fatakeshto and his impact on the mainstream Tollywood(which unfortunately the modern trendy Kolkata generation disowns) deserve acclaim.
    “Marbo Ekhane Lash Porbe Sashane” 🙂

  191. to all fans of mithunda.. make a visit to his tribute site…

  192. Rocky was made in 1976, while Boxer is 1982-84 sometime. Nevertheless, I am a big fan of Mithun/Bappi songs. Sure, Bappida stole all of them, but still, I love those songs.

    I also like many of Mithunda’s movies (Pasand Apni Apni, Mrigaya, Tahader Katha, Kasam Paida Karnewale Ki, Dance Dance…..the list goes on). I met Russian people who know of Disco Dancer (actually, every Russian I met as colleague or coworker mentioned Disco Dancer).

    Kasam meter down ki, Lage Raho Mithunda!

  193. anybody know where to get that mithun movie karate with english subtitles??? or gunda for that matter?? i guess the gunda dialogue may be too complex and rhyming to subtitle well, but there has to be a karate vcd somewhere with subtitles.

    please help a puerto rican mithun fan!!

  194. visit mithunda’s new film site…

  195. Arnab,

    I have been a long time reader of this awesome blog, but never commented. I couldn’t stop myself when I saw this article on Jai Prabhuji.

  196. Another puja to Prabhuji’s shrine happens – a comic book about a character called Jimmy Zhingchak, Agent of D.I.S.C.O. There’s a rediff article about it here.

    Did you have anything to do with this?


  197. Dude,

    You should cover Mithun=da’s bong movies… They are from a totally different planet….. some examples of the dialogues are:

    Maarbo ekhaane laash porbe shoshane

    All in the bhog of maa (Shob maayer bhoge)

    etc etc etc…

  198. Jai ho Prabhuji Ki

    I think rajnikant copies him

    I think he brought a new style, started a new era in film industry of India

  199. i want to dedicate website to mithun… need a designer…

    pleaae contact me;;

  200. ultra cool dude:)

  201. Mithun da are my dreem are only actor in Indian cenama creating his immage with out any big baner.

  202. To all anyone here who knows website desiging.. i want to design website….. on mithunda..

  203. I am the greate fan of mithunda , almost all the film i have seen of dada.dada you are the greate actor in the bollywood.
    i want you flourish in very aspect of your life

  204. Mithun da’s acting without Bappi Lahiri’s Golden Voice is about as effective as Ron Jeremy performing without his Golden Rod.

    Try imagining Prabhuji grooving instead to Mohammad Aziz’s boring voice or Sudesh Bhonsle’s deep-throated yells of “Yaar bina chain kahaan re”… and you get the picture.

  205. @ibcd

    “The tale of Mithunism was well told bbut not complete:(.
    If people talk about in great lenght about the rejuvination of Amitabh Bachan(after KBC) or the rebirth of Saif Ali Khan …. then the recent rise of statesman Mininster Fatakeshto and his impact on the mainstream Tollywood(which unfortunately the modern trendy Kolkata generation disowns) deserve acclaim.
    “Marbo Ekhane Lash Porbe Sashane” ”

    I completely agree wid u dude……….. dunno y da so-called ‘hip’, ‘trendy’ guys disowns Mithunda………..i think dey r actually ‘tnash’

  206. We all have to admit miithunda is a legend of bollywood…

  207. Utsab Brata Dhar July 19, 2008 — 8:38 am



  208. Zero to Infinity July 24, 2008 — 8:21 am

    You are brilliant! Evokes new interest in our Bong Mithunda.

  209. Yaiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Sala
    I m v Big fan of DADA, i met him few times.
    He is really great down to earth person just like great God.
    I am completely agree with the statements in the blog.

    Om Jai Yaiii.

    -Mithun Dilipkumar Shah

  210. Regarding acting, Amitabh & many others like Kay Kay Menon are far more superior – honest view. Regarding dance, Jeetendra & Javed Jaffri stands much better. Regarding time, Mithun’s overall performance suited the most in 1980’s.

  211. “In a similar situation, I once remember Mithun-da running when a villain fires a bullet. What follows is a breathless chase—bullet flying, Mithun-da running, bullet flying, Mithun running.”-Which film is this?Looks like the best action sequence ever filmed on Indian celluloid.

  212. looking forward to mithun heroes….

  213. Mithun concert interview in dubai!!

  214. iam very happy with your life
    my phon no 9211882144

    plzzzzzzzzz contect me and give me your phon no

    i am big fan on my childran life
    – ———————————————-

    isliye maine apna naam bhi siraj mithun rakh
    liya hai

    wait for your reply

    your fan
    (siraj mithun)

  215. This was the funniest, and the funnest write up ever! Mithun-da rules! I remember one film in which he got rid of his brain tumor because someone shot him in the head. He deserves an Oscar, if nothing else!


    Produced/Directed by: Subhash GhaiLyrics By: GulzarMusic: AR RehmanCast: Salman Khan, Anil Kapoor, Katrina Kaif, Zayed Khan, Sp App:Mithun Chakraborty and Boman Irani

    Reviewed By: Dr Usman Khawaja

    If it was any consolation for the team that made Drona then let them celebrate as another contender for the worst movie of the year has arrived in the form of the worst movie ever by Ghai and the worst appearance and performance by Salman Khan in solid competition with Abhishek Bachchan of the Drona fame.

    It will suffice to say this is a charade where the erstwhile showman has concocted a vile rotten omelette from the yolk of Taal and mixed it with a ludicrous tale of family greed and sibling rivalry where three brothers fight along with a train of relatives over the inheritance which poor mister Yoginder leaves to his dim-witted eldest son (unwittingly played by Anil Kapoor).

    Salman Khan plays the middle brother and Zayed Khan the youngest, who are presumably not on good terms with their father and are left out of the will, I am sure the daddy saw Salman Khan with his golden highlights and the blonde wig which alternate paradoxically in the movie with huge silver ear-rings which make Katrina Kaifs jewellery look inconspicuous while he must have witnessed Zayed Khan doing the worst disco ever composed by A. R Rehman with the extremely original lyrics get on the dance floor with 50 half naked white men and women, that will be enough grounds to disqualify any one from my inheritance.

    But that is just the beginning wait till Salman Khan starts shouting in irritation at Kaif while cooking in a kitchen, Mr. Ghai is so inept he shows them standing opposite each other for 5 minutes where Kaif stands 6 inches taller than mini Khan.

    Boman Irani plays dad to Kaif like a Donald duck caricature and he is a super rich cardiologist in Innsbruck Austria where Salman Khan is a great singer and musician who romances Katrina Kaif in his spare time.

    After singing some songs ripped off from Mozart and Beethoven symphonies they decide not to get married till Salman Khan has gained his inheritance and self respect, Mr. Boman Irani immediately decides to marry Kaif off to a mister Daniel but of course he is deceived by Salman Khan who destroys his plans.

    There are loopholes and flaws in virtually every frame and the script is reminiscent of GHAR GHAR KI KAHANI-SUBHASH GHAI KI ZUBAANI-the only extra is the actors all look like cartoons.

    The sole exception is Mr. Chakraborty who plays Sikander Mirza the lawyer appointed by the father to execute his will and make Anil Kapoor his Yuvraaj, but Mithun Chakraborty is wasted in a totally misconceived and miss directed project, he has to be cautious not to act in this trash in future as this is the worst cinema possible and though he looks dignified and acts well, that is no achievement as all the rest look like burlesque caricatures.

    To top the mess Gulzar and A.R Rehman show how Bollywood can turn even intellectuals into creative bankruptcy as the lyrics are a chaotic jumble with cello and violins screaming cacophonously, the days of Taal and guru are gone with the wind and as for Dil Se do not even mention that classic. Gulzar actually comes up with deliriously comic lyric, which is almost the creations of an infantile mind and goes as; “Transgression is aggression” which almost makes you retarding in contempt that arrogance is ignorance.

    Ghai demonstrates he is totally incompetent and the maker of Taal and Pardes needs to retire as he indulges into a shoddy murder conspiracy to kill Anil Kapoor with a ventolin inhaler who is playing the role of an retarded asthmatic man. Anil Kapoor and Mithun Chakraborty need to now boycott Mr Ghai movies for next 7 reincarnations.

    The finale is so silly it had the audience laughing while Salman Khan was weeping and this was the rule rather than exception.

    Allegedly Mithun was signed after the shoot completed in October 2008, and Ghai had known he had a huge turkey on hand, it is immoral to use and let yourself be used for any sum of money whatever be the amount to try to rescue one of the worst movies ever made and I hope we will not have to endure more blunders from Mithun like this in future.

    As for Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan they are devoid o f any acting capacity whatsoever and while Salman Khan retires to become an anchor for TV, Kaif should stick to just doing dance items in miniskirts and Anil Kapoor should pray that he will get a decent script like race once in a while-there is no hope anywhere for Boman Irani and Zayed Khan as they make the audience yelp in pain and anguish just as Yuvraaj does with its yawning and woeful narrative and execution.

    Watch it if you like to yawn sleep and yelp in the theatre as for me I am not going near a Salman or Ghai movie for eternity.

  217. This post shud be dedicated to ever Mithun fan worth his shiny disco shoes. It was a very funny post on ur obsession with mithunda.

    I am sure Mithun will be highly pleased to learn abt ur idolizing him so much. BTW his 80’s films are all classics in
    err..bad acting
    The best part is that I was watching the other Mithun movie u mentioned Disco dancer and I found it so interesting. The dances-the disco moves-the pelvic thrusts-Pure entertainment 🙂

  218. It is really great to reat this about Mithun-da or my Prabhu. I am one of the great fan of the Mithun-da.

    I ws feeling proudy after reading this post. I am fully agree with you. Lot of technics big banners of people have learnt of lift from Mithun-da but they dont accept this.

    Mithun-da, my Prabhu, is great. Any Amitabh or Sharukh or Salman or Aamir or Akshya can’t compet with Prabhu.

  219. After scouring the whole of Kolkata … I managed to seize my hands upon his classic “Gunda”…. Surreal experience!!!!

    Worth the wait!!!

  220. Very well written indeed.For me, Gunda captures everything that is innately original in Bollywood. Ibu Hatela eclipses Ledger’s Joker.

  221. Absolutely Hilarious!!!!

  222. hi my friend

    i am ali khan an i m very nice actor just like akshay kumar and i am looking just like shahruk khan.please give me one chance only small roll then if i m good actor then can more otherwise nothing.i can do good job trust me.this time i am dubai.
    ali khan

  223. Too much man … just bloody too much …. :)))))))))))))
    I am happy that i have my own room in office … which is why my guffaws have not been notice by any one else other than my roommate….. it would been a sorry situation otherwise :))))))

    SERIOUSLY … please mention NSFW on posts like this….. will save a lot of jobs, you will be saved by Prabhuji as well as The Mithunda FanClub 😀 😀

  224. Though I thoroughly enjoyed the whole flow, being a true fan of “Prabhu Ji”, I would have liked the story end by some true positive notes on him.
    He has helped almost all the people who have approached him. Many poor people have got their operation funded by this gentleman. Anyway, thanks for the nice laughter dosage. Enjoyed it.

  225. Probhu tumi ke

    I chanced upon your site few days back. After a long time i would say someone has touched my funny bone in the tuest sene – keep it going – best wishes


  227. btw, on Apr 12, I met the GOD- MithunDa himself at Coimbatore airport.Initially i thought it was a lookalike since he had no security and nobody mobbed him.I took the courage to talk to him- 10 mts one on one conversation with the God. Talked ICL, Prabhujhi slammed BCCI, bhakth concurred.
    I asked GOD: Why not switch from ICL to IPL
    Mithunda: anyone can fish in calm waters. I am a fighter !
    me: (stunned by punchline) tat is why i m ur fan.

    God calls me to his side and snaps a photo Himself .WOW !
    actually i am reading this post for the 2nd time..
    this time too absolutely ROFLMAO..

    esp the
    Then when the bullet is gaining on Him, Mithun-da suddenly steps aside and the bullet passes Him by a whisker. Only then does He realize the bullet is going to hit His widowed mother. Now it is Mithun running, bullet flying, Mithun running, bullet flying. And at the last moment, He grabs the bullet and saves His mother. Divine..

    U rock Arnab..

  228. My blogging experience will be incomplete if I don’t comment on this post.
    That silicon Mithun dream was the best part of the read.
    Long Live Gouranga Mahaprabhu.

  229. BIg B, Mithun together after 19 years
    Thursday, May 14, 2009 (New Delhi)

    After having created their magic almost two decades ago in Agneepath, Big B and Mithun Chakraborty will once again be sharing screen space.

    According to reports, director Vivek Sharma has signed the two legendary actors together for his next film, Buddham Sharanam Ghachammi.

    There were reports of friction between the two during the making of Jaadugar, as a result both were not on talking terms.

    The film is expected to go on the floors later this year. The duo will be seen in lead roles in the film, which is believed to be an emotional drama.

  230. subhadeep ghose June 21, 2009 — 10:23 am

    mithun chakraborty is our legand

  231. simply awesome…a truly funny post…I really appreciate the thinking and research you put behind your posts…that is the best thing about them…

  232. Rom wrote: “According to reports, director Vivek Sharma has signed the two legendary actors together for his next film, Buddham Sharanam Ghachammi.”

    Awesome.. Amitabh will turn 67 this October and Prabhuji (Mithun-da) will only turn 60 next year.

    Instead of renaming the new Mithun-Amitabh starrer as “Buddham Sharanam Ghachammi” (I Seek Refuge in the Buddha), this movie should be aptly renamed “Buddey Sharmaa Gaye” (The Old Men Were Embarassed).

  233. Your post was interesting and that is saying the least. However, if anything needs to be clarified is the Hollywood issue of stealing film concepts from Mithun’s films. The films you listed were Rocky, Star Wars, Matrix, MI2 & Bourne Identity.

    For one thing, Rocky & Star Wars were made well before the movies that you are comparing them to. Rocky is from 79 & Star Wars from 77. Boxer came out in the 80s and I don’t know how old Ajgar is. So, if you are going to compare anything, then you should say that the movies Mithun acted in have been copied from Hollywood classics. Please get your facts straight before posting nonsense.

    I was looking for a nice website on more info on Mithun since Disco Dancer was the first film that I ever saw and it made me fall in love not just with Mithun but Hindi films in general. I’ve been a mad fan of Hindi films since then and whenever today’s films get me pissed off, I just need to see Disco Dancer again to get back into the love of the cinema. However, this is a disappointment and your misinformation on the films that he has done cause others, that are not fans, to doubt his talent even further.

  234. One of the funniest blogs I’ve ever read !!!
    Great post ! Extremely Hilarious — The great Mithun da !!!

    Mithun da rocks !!

  235. mithunda is the greatest actor of all time.the motherfuckin he act skill better than amitabh bachan. honestly amitabh bachan act skill is scream,loud and noise. amitabh is very very overrated.

  236. mithun all movie upload in you tube

  237. Mithun new film shukno Lanka website. I urge all fans of Mithunda to visit..

    some trailors of the movie:

  238. Most of the shadows of this life are caused by our standing in our own sunshine. Ralph Waldo Emerson

  239. Me too a great fan of dada… Guruji ki jai ho…

  240. does anyone thank you for this? too lazy to scroll thru comments and check but here is mine – THANK YOU! this was a gr8 read 🙂

  241. Another Prabhu bhakt August 29, 2011 — 12:34 pm

    Tadipaar is one the great acts by prabhuji.

  242. mithun is world best actor & dancer

  243. Nobel Chor is a 2011 Bengali-language Indian feature film directed by Suman Ghosh, starring Mithun Chakraborty, Soumitra Chatterjee, Roopa Ganguly and Saswata Chatterjee. The film has been officially selected for BFI London Film Festival.

    First Asian Nobel Laureate Rabindranath Tagore, is still revered as an Icon in India. On 24th March 2004 his Nobel medal was stolen from Shantiniketan in Bengal, where it was housed in his residence turned museum. Subsequently a nationwide furor started and a massive search operation was put in place to find the guilty. Ultimately the medal was not found and the Central Bureau of Investigations (CBI) dropped the case in 2010. With this in the backdrop “Nobel Chor” ( The Nobel Thief ) is a fictional account of a poor farmer, Bhanu, who circumstantially gets involved in the theft. He decides to embark on a journey to the City of Joy- Kolkata, to return/sell the prize with a view to improve his own quality of life as well as that of his improverished village.

    He becomes the hope of the entire village. On arrival in the city, Bhanu encounters myriad experiences with crooks, strange memorabilla collectors, entrepreneurs who want to exploit the poor man who just has a simple of dream of being able to give his son a better future and uplift the state of his improverished village. Nobel Chor is the story of this journey through which the film explores contemporary India at its fullest- the encroach of globalization, the rural-urban divide and the state of India’s villages. More importantly it is a trenchant exploration of the relevance of Tagore’s philosophy in modern India.

  244. one of the finest actor of our country…….desi james bond, desi disco dancer, desi rambo,desi bruce lee, desi robin williams and tom hanks……….star with multiple attributes of impeccable quality……please vote him on the ranking

  245. Arnab Da, can you plz recall in which movie you watched the scene “Mithun-da running when a villain fires a bullet. What follows is a breathless chase—bullet flying, Mithun-da running, bullet flying….” I’m eager to see it. Thanks.

  246. Prabhu may be the best thing to have happened to this country. Unfortunately, too few are able to see his greatness. Thank you for this lovely and beautiful piece. Here’s a link to my humble attempt at trying to review Gunda. Hope you enjoy it :

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