Mithun Impossible 3

Mithun-da’s “Agniputra” had a climactic scene in which Mithun-da’s mother rises from the funeral pyre and dispatches the gloating villains to kingdom come with amazing shaolin moves, then takes off her “mask” and reveals herself to be actually Mithun-da himself.

Thus was born the central thesis of the “Mission Impossible” series of movies where one can seamlessly transition from one person to another by just wearing a mask—Mithunda can become Mithun-da’s mother (everything other than the face is obviously the same), Tom Cruise can become Phillip Seymour Hoffman (an act of modification as sensational as the one from Mithun-da to his mother) and hopefully I can become Hrittik Roshan.

If any more proof of the inspiration of Mithunda in the MI series is needed, kindly sample these very similar expressions of undiluted rage—one from Mission Impossible and one from the M-classic: “Classic Dance of Love”:

From Mission Impossible:

Eugene Kittridge: I understand you’re very upset.
Ethan Hunt: Kittridge, you’ve never seen me very upset.

From Classic Dance of Love:

Dr. Acharya: Yeh mera khoon nahin, krodh ka rang hain. Chatega ise? (This is not my blood, but the color of my rage. Want to lick it?)

Having missed many Mithun classics sitting here in the US, I was determined not to let Mission Impossible 3 pass me by—it being the closest one can get to pure M-class in this country (with apologies to Chuck Norris and Steven Seagal).

MI3 opens like countless Mithun movies with Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), the Mithun-da surrogate, tied and bound up, whispering “Aiyeeee salaaaaaaa” in English while the villain threatens to khallas his love-interest unless he tells him the location of the “Khargosh Ka Pa”. (Rabbit’s Foot) as “Come on Come on o Kamachi”, the old Prabhu-deva classic from “Love Birds” plays in the background, specifically the lines: “Murgi ke pet se yahaan nikle khargosh dekhlo” (The rabbit comes out of the chicken’s belly)

Leaving the viewers on the precipice of suspense, “Mission Impossible 3” then flies into a flashback where we get to see the double life of Ethan Hunt: in front of his loving girl-friend and friends, he is truckdriver Sooraj who sings “Chilai Chun Chun” and dances with a bevy of overweight aunties in sylvan surroundings while to the shadowy denizens of the intelligence world, he is simply “Jallad” (the executioner): a force of nature who can crack missions impossible like no one else in the world. With the exception of Rajanikant and Balayya, the God from Guntur. (watch Ballaya rescue a rabbit MI2 style here). [Link courtesy: Joy Forever]

Coming back to the movie, Ethan Hunt is enjoying himself at a party when he is given an urgent mission: to rescue an operative he had trained who has fallen into the hands of the enemy. This operative is a “she”—-in a particularly emotional scene, Ethan Hunt calls her “his sister”. To all M-fans, that means one thing and one thing only. She will die—a horrible death. Which is exactly what happens as Ethan Hunt’s mission to rescue his “sister” fails as Hunt wails in anguish :” Munni meri munni tu mar gayee? Lamboo Atta ne tujhe lamba kar diya, maachis ki tili ko khamba kar diya?”

And as everyone knows, any movie amps up once the sister is dispensed off with. So does MI 3 as the hunt begins for an illusive villain (played with Mukesh Rishi-ian subtlety by Phillip Seymour Hoffman) and the super-secret “Rabbit’s Foot” (which despite never being defined in the movie is obviously the floppy disc that contains the names of all secret agents which was the subject of a Mithun movie whose name I have forgotten)—-a hunt that is completed not before the requisite twists (which you can see a mile away), double-cross–the Dhoka, face masks torn apart, breathtaking locales like the Vatican and Monarch Hotel in Ooty, spectacular action sequences and above all some amazing acting from Tom Cruise, particularly where with a bomb stuck up his cavity (cranial) he totters around like a man who has just eaten someone’s placenta (or jokes about it).

A must-see for all Prabhuji fans if only to see how the West is internalizing (in the words of Kaavya Vishwanathan) our best traditions.

69 thoughts on “Mithun Impossible 3

  1. Nice post. At this rate, I won’t be surprized if MI4 comes up with an item number on the lines of ‘ud gayaa upar re…’. 🙂

  2. ROFL!!

    Awesome review and awesome comparisons with prabhuji – Tch Tch! and we Indians complain if Mithunda or Rajnikanth or Vijaykanth do the same (on the same note, please, if you havent checked out Vijaykanth, you must!).

    This movie was well.. impossible – frankly, I dont even see why MI3 was made.. hopefully there is no MI4.

    Superb revu of the movie hehe!


  3. Perfecto !! The best review of MI-3 ever !! the dialogue on the ‘munni, does it happen to be from Gunda ??


  4. ROFL Arnabda… That review was too good. Thank God I wasn’t planning to see the movie. And the way you draw parallels and link up everything (including that rabbit video) is just amazing. Keep writing more such reviews.:D
    On an unrelated note, could we have more Satyajit Ray movie reviews from you in the future?

  5. Relief! Arnab da back to his true colours! ROTFL!!!
    Kasam se! I had an inkling that unless they equate Ethan Hunt to Truck driver Sooraj, no reviewer worth his mishti-dohi can do justice to MI:3! Lo…and behold!

    One of the funniest pieces ever da!

    Best bit – “Lambu Atta ne tujhe lamba kar diya….” 😀 😀
    Ah! the small pleasures of life!

  6. ROTFL.. amazing review.. and totally hilarious video clip… :))

  7. But GB, I really do wonder, do you want to look like Hrittik Hroshan or however it’s currently spelt? If you do, I’m afraid just a mask may not pull it off.

  8. You have forgotten the name of Prabhuji’s movie?! ; now run and run for ur life before you get ‘lamba’:-). I was still under the horrors of MI2 and now there is one more. How many do you have man?
    Superb writing!!!

  9. freaky connexion May 15, 2006 — 7:04 am



    your analysis should make you a faculty at NewYork film academy (considering the fact u live in the east coast)

    or reading ur blog could be a mandatory course in film appreciation #101 at Film and Television Institute of India and Subhash Ghai’s whistling woods .


  10. YOURFAN writes:
    @GB: “then takes off her “mask” and reveals herself to be actually Mithun-da himself.” This is amazing because then it means that Mithunda has feminine attributes in his anatomy – does he? The reason I am asking this is that I have not seen any of Mithunda’s movies although I am tempted to see them after reading your reviews. What amazes me the most is that in Indian movies just wearing dark eyeglasses a character becomes unrecognizable to all the characters in the movie!! Whereas we, the movie watchers can identify!! And this has been going on. Anyway, I immensely enjoyed reading the analogies although I have not watched MI3 or any Mithunda movies.

  11. Well…nicely written..

    Earlier I blindly used to say Bollywood movies are junk and not matching standard of hollyWood movies. But on an average if we analyse any top English movie scenes we will find its nothing but typical bollywood scene.

    e.g: TROY: when achillis yells at Hector standing in front of gate of troy city..’come fight with me’…doesn’t it sound like..’apani ma ka dudh piya hai to bahar nikal’ or our another great DharamPraji..’kutte kamine Hector tune mere bhai ko mara..mai tera khun pi jaunga’..

    Titanic: Kate winslet slips from the edge of ship and hero saves her..

    and many more…

  12. LOL!!
    “everything other than the face is obviously the same”
    Yes, the MI flims have been in constant decilne. The latest in the series doesnt even work as a half decent brainless action flick!

    Thank God, the rabbit’s foot remained a mystery. That could have been the final nail in the coffin. 😛 Perhaps, by that time the director realised what a hopeless enterprise it was anyway, and give up lol

    Aiyeeee salaaaaaaa..


  13. p.s. somehow I feel Miadad and Inzi need to switch places in your poster!

  14. yes, mithun’s movies are ridiculous and so are the MI movies (but the MI ones aren’t half as ‘entertaining’)… and i suppose it’s easy to make fun of mithun-da – only ganguly can’t be criticized. and if anyone does, he is just a disgruntled (and ugly) south indian. read your replies to some comments (by 3pinjoint) on the ‘Ganguly Hai Hai’ post (Dec 2005) – you probably don’t care since i’m ugly and stupid anyway, but it was disappointing.

  15. Dude, you’re relentless 🙂

  16. oh dear.
    you have made hindi fillum watching redundant.
    now, with you writing about hollywood, i wont have to watch star movies or the hbo either
    i’ll miss the tv ads

  17. never thought Balayya’s fame crosses language barriors… 🙂 one got to accept, talent refuses to be hidden…

  18. Funny as usual 🙂

    Still waiting for your take on the Himesh Reshammiya phenomenon..

  19. Exactly. Am aching for a post on Himesh Reshammiya. Oh by the way, (do I dare do this) I think you may have got the lyrics of the song, ummm (hands trembling, sweat on the brow) a tad incorrect. I think the correct lyrics are as follows – “murgi ke pet se yahan, nikla hans dekh lo” (phew)

  20. @Nandan: You mean “char gya upar re” as Ethan Hunt climbs the tallest skyscraper in the world…we already had the pigeons (kabootar) in MI2

    @Suyog: MI4—yes definitely. It will be in time for Tom Cruise’s next baby with “any arbit woman”—note how Suri (his offspring) is “timed” to coincide with the release of his home production.

    @GHE: Of course….Gunda…what else..!!!!

    @Joy Forever: Sure…Satyajit Ray reviews…have to think of which one to start with…

    @Anurag: Yes the small pleasures indeed.

    @Crucifire: Check out Ballaya’s other clips on Youtube.

    @Sue: Didnt quite understand the comment. The point I made was that “Yes it is NOT possible for me to look like H Roshan by just wearing a mask–simply because I dont have his physique.” Just like Mithun-da and his mother have some things that are not “compatible”.

    @Ritzy: 3 for now—but I am sure more are on the way.

    @Freaky Connexion: “Whistling Woods” surely. I shall begin the class by saying “Don’t fall but rise with love”….and all shall be well.

    @yourfan: No no. Mithunda has got nothing feminine about him—and we have seen “a lot of him” in movies like Mrigaya. My point was that even an uber macho man like Prabhuji can become his mother by wearing a mask….and we have to believe that. Just like as you pointed out, wearing a sunglass or a moustache makes a man unrecognizable.

    @Abhijit: Re Troy, despite the fact that the movie and the book had little in common, Achilles’ challenge was par for the course—this is a mythical epic with larger than life characters: I didnt find the “ma ka doodh piya” hain style inappropriate for the movie in question. As to “Titanic” lesser the said the better—-a total Hindi movie…heard they were planning to remake it in Hindi with Manisha doing Kate Winslett’s role (the word on the street was that instead of being hit by an iceberg, the Hindi Titanic would sink under Manisha’s weight)

    @jEDi: Constant decline ! Come on MI2 and MI3—it’s difficult to say which one is worse. And after the horrible “Chimera” in MI2, Tom Cruise ran out of horrible things that could be confined in a cylinder. Maybe it was placenta. Who knows.

    @ch@ry: Whoa. Where have I called anyone ugly in any of my comments? What bullshit. You are disappointing—just trying to start a fight arent you?

    @Noop: So I am.

    @Swati: There are still, thankfully, some good English movies being made. Some artistically—some good timepass. There are a few Hindi movies too like that….so dont give up on them yet.

    @Sriram: Talent will out.

    @Ali: I dont really know much about the guy since his rise was after I came to US.

    @Karan: Forgive me for I always knew it was “khargosh”. Especially since there were rabbits all about in that song. Right? However the rabbit makes more sense in the context so lets keep it there—-after all a little modification of reality won’t hurt—would it?

  21. The Next MI involving our beloved Prabhuji is already here. Kalpana Lajmi screened “Chingaari” for the benefit of Cancer Patients:

  22. @Amit Pandeya: Inhuman cruelty in the name of “compassion”—that’s what this is.

  23. start a fight? no, no, not at all… but i still don’t see the point behind saying “at least the boy in the photograph is cute – which is more than i can say about you.” of course, i admit i may be wrong. anyway, it’s all right by me either way – i’m not trying to win a beauty contest. i just thought i’d mention it, that’s all.

  24. Great connexions! I simply freaked out after watching Balayya’s footage…it’s brilliant! Simply wanted to know what happened next! It was more entertaining than any of the MI clips…

  25. @cha@ry: That was sarcasm because his point was not much different from that of the cute boy with the poster. Its tough to explain sarcasm but what I meant was that his POV was about as well-developed as that boy. However that boy, being a small child, looked cute. I dont call people ugly or anything here: Oscar Wilde was ruined just because he called a boy ugly—I hope you know that.

    @carey: Indeed it is. Those expressions—kya acting hain.

  26. what you mean is

    All ‘bad’ movies resemble each other, every good movie is DIFFERENT.

  27. Dammit.. there I was all ready to go to watch it in the the cinema hall. I might as well settle down and watch Wardat again. At least the plot will be incomprehensible.

    I suggest ‘Gangster’ for your next viewing. Hindi melodrama at its inspired best.

  28. on the other hand

    what is bad for the medes may turn out to be passable for the persians, if not truly awesome for the hittites

    i suppose it is with this hope that people go on making thor-bori-khara fillums

    i am waiting to see some MI lover erupt on this blog, to afford us 270 comments of entertainment

    will you, wont you
    will you, wont you
    pass some ‘interesting’ comments about harry potter, narnia, the lord of the rings etc, where fantasy is taken seriously?

  29. Ahhhh, another tribute to Monarkwood!

    I saw the MI3 trailer a few months back…. guess how it opens? Philip Seymour Hoffman threatens Tom Cruise with Loin/Teja/Shakaal -esque wrath and malice!
    Just like the (alleged) Loin uvaacha “Veevyun Richaards, tumhare Maa aur Behen hamare kabse mein he”, PSH goes menacingly evil with something like ” You have a wife? A mother? A girlfriend? I’m going to find them! And I’m gonna killl them!” to the MI tune.
    That moment I was vindicated…. Indeed, Hollywood internalizes Bollywood!
    Take that, bloody Gringos!

    One thing I wanna do before I die; see a Matrix “inspired” Mithun-da flick…… I can almost picture Mukesh Rishi’s Agent Seth interrogating Jackie Shroff’s Mulundpheus while Mihun-da’s Misturrr Ander Sen and Nagma’s Tithlity ride a white Pawan-Hans helicopter to rescue Shroffbhai. (PS: See his Jack Sparrow inspired Bhoot Uncle makeup?). This tops my wish list….. right above “threesome with the Khan sisters, Mumait and Zabyn”! 😛

    PS: Balayya, the God from Guntur…. ROFL! See the clip where he plays a commando who parachutes onto a palace where the baddies have held his family?
    You know, John Rambo sucks donkey Richard!

  30. To der mat kar.
    Jaldi se mar jaa.

  31. Wonderful post as usual Arnabda. Heres something on similar lines.
    Mithunn impossible rocks

  32. shotti bolchhen? basmati chaal, halud-er porey (aagey?) mithun-da keo appropriate korchhe. kichu ekta korun. antoto petitiononline-e ekta chhotto korey?

  33. i love your writing style.

    coming back to Balayya’s footage, did you notice (i’m sure u must have!) how when he jumps and grabs the rabbit by the ears with his lightning fast reflexes, he actually smashes it into the mountain! i was surprised it’s guts didn’t spill out or something.
    oh and btw, i saw the clip while at work. and i was going to fall off my chair.
    next time can we please have relevant clips/posts marked with (NSFW) when necessary.

    thank you.

  34. oh? ok… yes, i definitely didn’t get all that sarcasm and logic when i read the post. didn’t know about oscar wilde either – remember reading a book where he obsessed about a beautiful portrait, though.

  35. MI3 seems to have lost its sheen now – I LOVED MI1, liked MI2 now I am wondering what adjective I can apply ti MI3!

  36. With all respects to the Great One (Mithunda), I must say that without Bappida’s music, he might not have attained the heights of glory that he has…Why not a post on Bappida then ?

  37. I gathered from earlier replies of yours that you think my IQ level is what can only be termed questionable. A lot of people share your opinion so we’ll not go into that. But I do get sarcasm, not to mention irony and I did know what you meant by the HR bit. Never mind what I said, because I was only being rude in a very childish sort of way.

    Not troll-rude, but friendly-rude. Just to clarify.

  38. hahaha…great bong…you are a riot! “chilaai chun chun”…hahahaha

  39. @Swati: Exactly. As for MI lovers erupting on this blog, that wont happen simply because MI had no “patriotic angle”—if a MI copy is made in India with Ethan Hunt having a tiranga on his chest and I had said this…boy oh boy.

    @SEV: Suggestion taken.

    @The Wanderer: As I pointed out in my Mithunism post, Matrix is inspired by a Mithun movie where Mithun-da beats up the baddies in super slow mo suspended in mid air–I kid you not.

    @Kiran More: I also hope your wish comes true.

    @Jhantu: 🙂

    @Hutumthumo: Maidan-e cholun.

    @Sang.Froid: That rabbit was obviously a bionic rabbit. And shall remember the NSFW warning…

    @ch@ry: Yes it got him prosecuted as “gay’ when he goofed up in court during the libel suit he brought against the Marquis of Queensbury and called a boy “ugly”—thus revealing his hidden side.

    @ichatteralot: I hated MI2….

    @Enigma: That was the deesco phase….Mithun-da’s initial ascent was because of “Jimmy jimmy”—however he went far far beyond that.

    @Sue: No I didnt underestimate your IQ. I just thought that you werent being rude. In all, its fine–as long as its friendly. 🙂
    @Aqua: Remember that song?

  40. YOURFAN writes:
    @Kiran More: You wrote “To der mat kar. Jaldi se mar jaa”. If it is your sense of humor then you are pathetically sick. If it is not your humor even then I won’t wish you the same just because you are somebody’s son. Besides, what is the point of this comment – what are you trying to say or prove?

  41. its actually *Double Cross – ek dhoka* not *the dhoka*

  42. Awesome ! Just awesome !

  43. Ahhh…

    Don’t stop unmasking these subliminal internalizations. It’s time the world knew. And knew it well 🙂

    Couldn’t resist putting up the below link Arnab. This is in response to the guy who had earnestly hoped for a Prabhuji Matrix flick. Just check this out to see that it’s not really as far fetched as it seems. Really.

    (thanks to the uncredited artist responsible for this. Had got this in an email forward….)

  44. ROTFL!! Brilliant reveiew..:) I find this in sync with the previous post. The message reveals the nature of the medium.

  45. Are the two guys in your banner (Prabhu-ji with that orgasmic face and that curiously gay guy) making lust-bhare faces looking at Sushma-ji ? LMAO ….

  46. evry post has one gr8 scene [ which i am tempted to ask if its true ]which makes my day. but some people God alone knows comment in wat context to spoil all the fun.
    ur opening scene is fantabulous
    thanx for giving me the vision to look at certain incredible things

  47. awesome! and that video is just tooo good!!!

  48. i am addicted to prabhu ji

  49. @Anon: Sorry.

    @Dhaval: Thank you.

    @Tapan: Mithun’s head needs to fit a bit better on Neo’s but otherwise: a worthy and totally believable concept.

    @Abhijit: And so it does.

    @PaddyK: The other person is the great Parnab. Now they are just in the throes of a big O and Sushma is telling them “No no not in India..”

    @Varsha: 🙂

    @Manasi: So it is.

    @Sapphire: Welcome to the club.

  50. Good one..have sent it on its email journey to forwards land.

    Musings that Amuse

  51. Arnab,

    Slightly off topic this request of mine.

    Your Media mentions section mentions about an Anandabazar Patrika article dated May 6,2006.

    Since the link does not work, let me know as to which section it appeared under so that we could get a glimpse of the “Demented Mind” in our beloved ABP.


    Aniruddha Dutta

  52. Arnab,

    You will like this one..

    AT A time when films have been regularly crashing at the box office, the success of “Bindiya aur Bandook-II” has not come as a surprise to Joginder, the actor-producer-director of the movie, popularly known as Ranga Khush, who boldly ventured to release his film against “LOC-Kargil”. While “LOC” was released with much hype and publicity, Joginder dared to release his film without any publicity. The film may be small – two hours and 20 minutes – compared to the four-hour-plus duration of “LOC” but all the shows of “Bindiya aur Bandook” in the initial days were houseful. And the fans literally began dancing when the song of this movie, `Mein Hoon Botal Band Sharab’ came on the screen.

    Although Joginder has been making films for over 30 years now, not many people know about him the reason being, the movies that he made were not part of the `mainstream’ cinema and his kind of films generally catered to a particular section of people. But Joginder has no plans to come into the mainstream cinema yet, his first priority, according to him, are the “audiences of jhuggie-jhopdy”. After all he has gained success and fame because of them only.

    Joginder has to his credit many a hit film including “Chattane”, “Fauji” and “Ranga Khush”. The first part of “Bindiya aur Bandook” was released way back in 1973 alongside Raj Khosla’s “Kacche Dhaage”, and his movie was a huge hit compared to “Kacche Dhaage”. And now with the success of “Bindiya aur Bandook-II”, Joginder feels it is a case of history repeating itself.

    His forthcoming movies include “Son of Dracula”, “Khoon Do Azadi Lo”, and “Mr. and Mrs. Dracula”.

    Joginder along with Yash Ahuja and Pradeep Kapil have established JPS Films and Academy and according to them it will be the very such academy of its kind in India, which will hone the skills and talents of the trainees. The deserving candidates will be a provided an opportunity to act in their movies. Joginder plans to make make three or four movies per year to entertain the masses.

    He has ambitions beyond movies too. He might try his hand in politics. With elections round the corner perhaps it is the right time now for him to strike big.

  53. Aieeee Saalaaaaaaa, nice one! I came to the site half expecting a post on “The Da Vinci Code” and the so called controversy on its release in India. Found this, so have put a post on my blog “The Das Munshi Code”. Would love if you had a look and posted some comment.

  54. have read all your blogs religiously, and i think you by far are the best. studying in an elitest school and college sometimes i felt ashamed to admit to people that i lovced watching some of mithun da”s movies( only some mind you), however have discovered this entire community that loves mithundas movies( some mind you again). we mithun da lovers have a legal sanction now.
    after the oprah show i am suprised any one actually did go to watch MI III

  55. Psychiatry was developed for Tom cruise .wats with no screaming , placenta eating.can there b a joke abt it ?
    sorry for the ignorance but who is Balayya?

  56. (everything other than the face is obviously the same).. Liked the line a lot. Glad to see harmony restored at your site after the RDB and WB posts.

  57. What? You are gonna post only on weekends or what?

  58. This is by far the best review of MI3 i’ve read thus far….:-)

    And the balayya link was great….but that’s just one of many. He’s a legend………see if you can find the clip of him punching a moving train (that’s coming at him), and the train goes right back (in the reverse direction) the way it came….

    Superman go home.

  59. Awesome review. 🙂 …

    I did happen to see MI3 a while back and something kept nagging away at me – that the plot seemed so familiar you could almost tell what happens next. After I read your post, I realized what it was – a copy of a bollywood movie. 🙂

    Love your blog…. Keep writing reviews like these…


  60. btw, I don’t know whether you know this, that after promoting his some Mimoh in his debut film, Prabhu-ji is now launching his newphew. His name – DAEBUU Banerji … how do u like that?

  61. :-)) I have a copy of the same on my laptop… Now I don’t have to watch it … That ballya thing is awesome… Rolly Polly climbing mountains

  62. Arre Dada,

    Just wondering if MI3 has any scenes inspired from the Gunmaster G9 series? I hear that the Craig David was recently in Ooty holed up in Hotel Monarch taking acting classes from Mithun Da. Bappi Da was also spotted there from what I hear …..

  63. How come you are aware of all the latest (or maybe not so latest) developments here … ?
    I’m in Chennai for the past couple of years and recently came to know about Ballaya (granted he’s a Telegu soooperstar ..still AP is nearer to Chennai than the US of A) You’ve got to follow up on the Ballaya videos …man, they are something …
    And you missed out one other sooperstar (note the one less ‘o’) – Vijaykant, known to his friends and enemies as Captain …he contested the Assembly elections this time in TN.

  64. Hi Arnab,
    Seems like a typical Bollywood movie.But then quite a lot of Hollywood stuff were typical Bollywood movies
    Mask of Zorro-The climax when Anthony Hopkins battles the villian reminded me of Pran fighting Prem Chopra/Ranjeet/Amrish Puri/Danny/Amjad Khan in many of the 70’s and 80’s movies.
    Titanic- Typical Bollywood movie. No wonder every person in India liked it.
    But gimme a Hollywood movie any day, at least i wont have to spend 3 hours watching wedding videos, dada dadi stuff, tons of glycerine.
    I wouldnt mind watching an MI3 again and again, though i never was a great admirer of Tom Cruise.
    Much better than wasting 3 hours over Mohabbattein or Veer Zara listening to endless sermons about Pyaar, Ishq, Dosti, blah, blah.
    My verdict
    Bollywood-100% in hype and marketing, 1% in quality.
    Hollywood-100% in hype and marketing, 60% in quality.

  65. he he for a mithun fan i hope u’ve heard his lates dialogue from a pathbreaking tollywood movie named “MLA PhataKeshto”
    it comes when mithunDa is bashin up a poor villain:
    “Maarbo ekhane…. porbi Shoshane”

  66. Hey GB, U have to tell us the source of “Munni meri munni tu mar gayee? Lamboo Atta ne tujhe lamba kar diya, maachis ki tili ko khamba kar diya?”. I really wanna watch that movie now 😀

  67. Hi GB, well its a very late post i think. i recently came to know about RTDM. from then i’m a regular visitor to this blog. ur Blogs on Mithunda are really amazing (ofcourse , others are also amazing). i’m from Andhra, so i saw very few Mithunda movies.

    when ever u mention about Rajini kanth, every time it Reminded me about Bala krishna(Balayya). i thought u dont know about him..nd i felt, it will be gr8 if u know him. i wanted to tell u about him. but i’m really surprised and very happy coz u mentioned about Balayya here. god!!!! his stunts are more amazing than Rajinikanth’s stunts.

    Thnx for such a gr8 post.

  68. It aint just Rajni, Balayya or Vijaykanth, who can pull off such incredible stunts. We have a whole pantheon of demigods (though Balayya is the only God) down here in AP and South can do amazing stuff. The pantheon includes ‘Prince’ Mahesh Babu, Jr. NTR and even our Megastar Chiru.

    Never miss out a chance to watch any of their recent movies…..
    Go enjoy…..

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