Luck—the Review


Tamang (Danny Dengzopa): Ma Ka Cheeno

Ram (Imran Khan) [correcting him]: Mochachino……

And that my friends was the most entertaining moment of “Luck”, a firm reminder once again that a distributor’s strike, in today’s Bollywood, is a kiss of mercy even though it provides only a brief moment of respite before the floodgates once again open and we are assailed by a deluge of muck.

Like “Luck”.

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The H-Man


As able to change form and shape as Mystique (see above pictures), as able to manipulate metal and currency as Magneto, as unstoppable as the Juggernaut, as immortal and as surgically enhanced as Wolverine, as able to manipulate minds as Charles Francis Xavier (how else can you explain how pretty women all over the world swoon with O-Reshamia-sms whenever he is present), it was long known that Himesh was even more powerful than an Omega level mutant, making him the most awesome X-Man  in the history of the universe.

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In Front Of The Truth


You cannot handle the truth.

–A Few Good Men

Yes we cannot. I agree with the honorable MPs from Samajwadi Party and the BJP and the MLAs from Madhya Pradesh that “truth” is against Indian culture.

Indeed the very concept should be banned.

And so should “Sach Ka Samna” since it claims to be based on the truth.

This is why I so much love our politicians.  At a time when the nation is under attack from multiple agents ranging from Pakistan to Rakhi Sawant, they still remember to use their time in Parliament to do things that truly matter, insulating us  from influences that seek to corrupt and defile us.

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Some Cosmetic Changes


You may have noticed that “Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind” (RTDM) looks a little different today. Not as different hopefully as say Koena Mitra did after she had her disastrous nose job which in essence put a pakoda between her eyes.

But yes yahaan pe kuch to hua hain.

Well the news is that RTDM underwent a slight cosmetic enhancement over the weekend. This was necessitated by changes to WordPress, the software that I use to create and maintain my blog. In theory, WordPress is this marvelous bit of open-source community software which rules over all its competitors because of its extensive extensibility both in terms of functionality (through what are known as plug-ins) and in terms of visualization (through what are known as themes). In practice, it is riddled with security vulnerabilities and feature instabilities, requiring very frequent updates and releases (sometimes within weeks of the last) with the problem being that updates are prone to sometimes “break” your blog beyond repair. WordPress developers blame plug-in/theme developers for this state of affairs while they deflect the blame back and in the midst of all this passing the buck, the poor user as usual suffers.

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Urvashi Ka Swayamvar


Welcome to the Kalpana channel and today we are coming close to the finale of “Urvashi Ka Swayamvar” , which has garnered records viewership in all the three worlds. This is your host Narada and with me I have, as always, my trusty henchman Vidur.

For those, who like the Magna-mainaak (submerged Mainaak mountain) have been hiding underneath the ocean for thousands of years and have no idea of what I am talking about, a brief re-cap.

Urvashi is the most famous “item girl” in the universe (or as we call her round here “apsara”) who became supposedly “irresistible” after being granted several boons by the God of Plastic Surgery, Implanta-karma.  She initially made her name by doing provocative dance numbers like “Mohabbat Hain Chili” and managing numerous other small-time little-clothed appearances in several Indrasabha programs. However she catapulted into universal limelight only after being kissed by Mika-asura (famous for setting fire to the rains), in full view of Trinayana (television cameras). This was followed by another explosive appearance on a reality show “Bada Boss”. Since then Urvashi has been controversy’s child, forever in the media with her opinions being sought on cricket, terrorism and even on whether Mahishasura needs a deodorant.

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Another Day in Paradise


Aah the sheer joy of destroying public property. [Picture courtesy Telegraph and Sanjoy Chattopadhyaya]

Here are two Kangress supporters from Kolkata smashing windows of a public bus as the city faces yet another debilitating bandh.

Observe the heavenly bliss on their countenances. [The Telegraph calls it “gleefully picking up road dividers and attacking a state bus”]

This is what their entire lives have led up to, one moment when their ordinary useless existence, spent playing bridge on local trains, forcibly extorting subscriptions for the community Pujos, watching Rojgere Ginni, attending Didi rallies and in general doing dadagiri (and didigiri),  come to fruition.

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The Crisis Of Test Cricket—Really??


During one of his battles with the administration, Andrew Symonds put forward the possibility of retiring from Test cricket and just concentrating on playing T20 cricket in the IPL, to which Modi rightfully let it be known that Symonds had to keep playing Test cricket in order to be eligible for IPL. However since then Symonds, whether it be through design or through unhappy circumstance has effectively finished his international cricket career leaving him to do what he wanted to do—-play in IPL. Recently Chris Gayle kept playing IPL till the last minute before joining the Test squad and then talked about moving away from Test cricket in favor of T20s, a stance from which he subsequently backed down. And now Flintoff declares he wants to retire from Test cricket to concentrate on ODI and T20s, interestingly in the season following him being bought for top dollar.

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